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Central School

Central School was named such because it was located near the center of the community. The present building was erected in 1923. The first teachers were Eunice Wood and Ida Halter. The school soon after its erection, offered two years of High School work with an average daily attendance of 85 in both Elementary and High School.

The present teacher is Mrs. Lilliard S. White. The average daily attendance is 26. The school building contains four rooms, is served by two buses. One is driven by Tommie Lewis and the other by Dayton Reeves.

Central community was named for the school. The first settler was Presley Moore, who settled in the community for the purpose of farming. The oldest house now standing was built by Elliott Maxwell and is now occupied by G.W. McCay and family. The oldest church is Pleasant Grove Baptist Church and is the only church in the community. The first store was owned by Martin Derryberry. At present there is only one store owned and operated by M.A. Tolley. There are three mail routes through the community. The carriers are Carl Burton from Parsons, Murray Austin of Darden and Bedford Todd from Wildersville.

From the works of Louise Oakley - Henderson County Supervisor of Schools (Fair Project 1940)

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