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Chesterfield School

Chesterfield School 1908 - Principal, Arthur L. Dennison
Source: Eula Essary Scatterday - History of Chesterfield

1st Row: Paul Walker, Irby Lindsey, Guy Lindsey, Rex Frizzell
2nd Row: Len Parsons, Belton Robinson, Press Dennison, Orvie Dennison, Ray Johnson, Guy Frizzell, Ralph Davis
3rd Row: Ruth Frizzell Park, Georgia Wallace Blakey, Jewel Dennison, Goff Tiny Parsons, Etta Duke
4th Row: Kathleen Moore Simmons, Hallie Parsons, Patty More Long, Curtis Milam, Murry Robinson, Sallie Eads
5th Row: Eula Essary, Mabel Davis Houston, Myrtle Wise Reed, Verd Parsons, Julia Knearman, Walker, Lovie Dennison Derryberry, Ora Dennison Owens, Gertha Dennison, Odie Wills

Chesterfield school received its name from the little town of Chesterfield. It is located six and one half miles east of Lexington about 400 yards south of Highway No. 20, amidst one of the richest farming sections of the county.

The present building is one of the most modern type in the county. It was erected in 1927. The community is due a vote of thanks to Mr. E.M. Evans, Chairman of the Board of Education for this comfortable building.

The first building was located at Lone Elm. The Hon. E.W. Essary attended this school. When the railroad was built, the school was moved to Chesterfield. A large frame building was erected in 1890, about where Highway 20 runs through our village. The first teachers were John Moore and Hilliard from Westport. Mr. Authur Dennison taught many years and it is said by many, that he did much for the moral upbuilding of the community.

The present teachers are E.E. Reed and Mrs. Cora Evans. The average daily attendance for the past ten years has been about 60 pupils.

From the works of Louise Oakley - Henderson County Supervisor of Schools (Fair Project 1940)

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