Miss Colburn's Female School

Miss Colburn's Female School will commence on Monday the 19th instance. — The Trustees more than confident that they do not say too much, when they inform parents and guardians that this school will present all necessary facilities for a perfect English, Latin and French education. The location is healthy, the morals of the citizens good, and the female society as intelligent and refined as that of any other village in the State of its size; in addition our little village is free from all unnecessary extravagance and show. Miss Colburn is from Burlington, Vermont, and was educated at the Female Seminary of that place, which is in charge of the Rev. J. H. Converse. She comes to this community recommended as every way qualified to discharge all the duties of a highly accomplished Female Teacher, by Judge McLain, of the U.S. Federal Court, Governors Morrow of Ohio, and Shade of Vermont, and the Rev. Mesers. Converse, of Vermont; Maltby?, Vellvain ?, Elliott, Stowe and Vanlandingham—all of Ohio; of Albany, N.Y., Bishop Hopkins, of the Episcopal Church, Burlington, Vt., together with the names of many other distinguished individuals. The Trustees, through the aid of the Board for selecting teachers for national popular education at Hartford, Con., at the head of which stands the name of Judge McLain, and Governors Morrow and Slade, have procured the services of Miss Colburn at a stated salary, which enables them to reduce the price of tuition that every individual in this community can give their Daughters and Wards a finished education for a very small sum of money.

Terms of Tuition
Orthography, Reading, Writing and Arithmetic comm. Need . . . $4.00
Arithmetic, English Grammar and Geography . . . 6.00
Rhetoric, Logic, Chemistry, Natural Philosophy, Botany, Astronomy, and History . . . 9.00
Algebra, Geometry, Mental and Moral Philosophy, Physiology, Geology, Mythology, and Drawing . . . 10.00
Latin and French Languages 15.00
Boarding in the best of families including fuel, ____, washing &c., can be procured for 25 to 30 dollars per session.

John Brooks
W. H. Warren
M. L. Hapin
K. W. Hall
Jesse Taylor
Trustees - Nov. 16, 1849

West Tennessee Whig January 18, 1850

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