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Darden School

Photo by Jewell Reeves

Darden school takes it name from the town. It now occupies a brick building erected in 1928. This is the second building. The first was torn down after the construction of the present. The old building at first had but one room, but later a petition was added. The first teacher was Professor Denver. Some of the early teachers were Professors Cole, Fagg and Spence.

The new building was "built according to a state plan." It was considered to be the best school in the county. It has four rooms, three cloakrooms, a hall and a stage. The school ground contains 5 acres with 1/2 acre in pines. Darden school has $885 worth of school materials. The present teachers are Ewing Powers and Willene Neely. The average daily attendance last year was 62. For the first two months this year it was 68.

From the works of Louise Oakley - Henderson County Supervisor of Schools (Fair Project 1940)

As of today (2009) the old school building is owned by Edward Reeves. He has turned it into a wonderful restrauant. The food is wonderful, (my husband and I both enjoyed the "Valentine Special" sirloin steaks). It has now become my newest "favorite" restaurant.

It still "feels" like a school, with the same tall ceilings and walls with the original beadboard, the floors are beautiful - and original. On the walls of the restaurant are "days of old" with other antiques displayed in the various dining rooms. Two of the two teachers in 1923 are Gertrude Powers and Clarence Kolwyck mentioned in one of the photos.

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