Lexington High School

Established in 1912 - This Photo 1925

Since its establishment in 1912, Lexington High School has made steady and rapid progress and the marked development along every line in the county can be read in the story of education in this major institution in Henderson County. To J.O. Brown, through whose guidance and unflagging interest the school was nurtured and brought to great heights should be accorded unstinted praise. Patiently, carefully, anticipating growth and preparing for it - he has been pioneer and overseer for more than a decade and a half. Over 600 young men and women have been graduated in these years and their influence is being felt in the county, state and nation. Numerous and varied professions have received their services - teachers, lawyers, doctors, business men, farmers, preachers and so on. At present, some 275 students, representing in about equal proportions the town and county, are housed in a large, one-story , modern brick building, on the north side of Lexington. In addition to a large and well lighted auditorium, there are ample class rooms and departments for the more technical branches of study. The building is steam headed and equipped with the very latest conveniences. Five buses come in daily from Wildersville, Middleburg, Poplar Springs, Middlefork and Bargerton, bringing choice youths from these sections.

Nine classroom teachers and music and expression teachers work untiringly in an effort to give the pupils the latest and best in instruction. 42 classes are taught daily. These teachers have all taken years of training in their particular fields and each classroom teacher holds a bachelor's degree. Many of them go each summer to the best colleges available in order to keep up with current educational trends. The broad curriculum is arranged so that the student may get definite and intensive work along any line he may chose to follow, English, Latin, History, Science (including Biology, Chemistry and the rudiments of Science), Mathematics, Modern Languages, Home Economics, Commercial Work and Vocational Agriculture, are offered. Classes are arranged so that the student will have balanced programs, giving them time in which to prepare much of their work at school. A splendid library is at the disposal of the entire student body at all times. Several accepted sets of encyclopedias, reference books on all branches of study, classics required in English courses, recreational books - every need is met adequately.

In order that the young men and women may become well rounded individuals, a galaxy of extra curricular activities are open to them. Literary societies in which their oratorical, musical, debating, dramatic, executive and social tendencies are given a chance to develop. The Future Farmer club, Home Economics Club, Dramatic Art Clung, Commercial Club, and Music Club, from the students in their immediate scope. The Girl Reserve Club, a junior Y.W.C.A. group, draws its members from the third and fourth years and follows in a limited way the policies of the senior ... and the rest was not copied.

Henderson County School December 1934

Members of the Lexington High School class of 1925 - Reunion August 1970
Lexinigton Progress August 13, 1970

First row: Josephine Alexander Butler, Olivia Sullivan Youngerman,
Elizabeth Summers Caywood, Lucille Brooks Leftwich, Louise Essary Gayle,
Carrie Halters Park, Mary Elizabeth Ball Holmes, Jewell Reed Tinker.

Second row: Erby Lindsey, Lyman Armstrong, Ernest Neisler, Wyatt Threadgill,
Eva Lee Derryberry, the late Connie Sullivan, Obi Moore, Jessie Oakley Fisher,
Thoburn Holmes, Claude Fesmire.

Back row: W.L. Bobbitt, Louise Kirby Powers, Ray Herndon, Joe Arnold, Ada Edwards Barry,
Edward Barry, Lloyd Montgomery, Hulon Deere, the late Robert Powers

Lexington High School 1927 The Annual Staff

Mason Conger Editor in Chief
Coby Threadgill Assistant Editor
N.F. LaGrange Business Manager
Edith White Asst. Business Manager
Louise Oakley Accountant
Mary Hancock Photograph Editor
Jewel Amis Senior Class Editor
Grant Sisson Advertising Manager
Orene Threadgill Organization Editor
Leroy Ozment Athletic Editor

Pierce Holmes Junior Class
Ruth Threadgill Sophomore Class
Alfred Armstrong Freshman Class
Guy Amis Eighth Grade

Lexington High School - Commencement 21 April 1940

Processional-Pomp and Circumstance - Mrs. John Hinson
God of our Fathers - Men's Ensemble
Invocation - Rev. Simpson Daniel
Lift Up Your Head On Ye Gates - Choir
Announcements - Principal W.L. Bobbitt
One Fleeting Hour - Ladies Ensemble
Offertory - To Spring - Grieg - Mrs. John Hinson
The Plains of Peace - John D. Wyatt
Sermon - Rev. C.H. Hastings
Lead on, Oh King Eternal - Choir and Congregation
Recessional-Selected - Mrs. John Hinson

Program For the Week

Monday Nights - Annual Debate and Contata
Tuesday Night - Music and Stage Arts Recital
Thursday Night - Senior Play - "Spring Fever"
Friday Night - Graduating Exercise
Saturday Night -

Student Program
Resolved: That the United States Government Should Own and Operate The Railroads
AFFIRMATIVE - Lora Taylor / Paul Blankenship
NEGATIVE - Therman Wallace / Emma Deere
Piane Solo - Carol Jane McCall

Under the Direction of Miss Ivy Holland nad Mrs. J.T. Holmes Present:
The Frost-King's Daughter
Three part Treble Cantata with Music arranged from Edward Grieg
First Sopranos - Mary Ellen Summer, Ruth Bonner, Louella Threadgill, Louise Council, Nora Grey, Iva Nelle Trousdale, Joy Arnold.
Second Sophranos - Gerldeen Sullivan, Sara Flako, Martha Evelyn Pearson, Emma Deere, Lucille Bunch, Carol Jane McCall, Eva Louise Pafford, Marie Goff, Maurine Hilliard, Mary V. Austin, Gay Stanfill, Bennie Sue Azbill, Nina Lou Deere, Marcillo Duko, Inez Conger, Mildred Owens, Reba Stokes, Elizabeth Smith, Christine Powers, Maurice Threadgill
Altos - Evelyn Bobbitt, Mary Jo Sogerson, Elizabeth Lewis, Katherine Moffitt, Ramelle Seatos
"Spring Fever - Class Play
By Ray Hodges directed by John D. Wyatt
Jacky Howard - who has "spring Fever" all the year round - Elmer Overman
Price - his married brother - Billie Bob Austin
Ray Butler - his chum - Eugene Brooks
Mr. Knight - an athletic coach - Thomas Washam
Peggy - Jackys kid sister - Louise Council
Bertha - their mother - Mary Ella Gibson
Eulalie Barnes - her sister - Jo Stewart Brooks
Donna Howard - Price's wife - Nita Threadgill
Spring Byington - Jacky's weakness - Martha Evelyn Pearson

Tessie - the general help - Christine Powers
Produced by special arrangement with "The Northwestern Press, Minnesota MN


Ann R. Austin
Irene Anderson
Billie Bob Austin
Clatie Sue Arendall
Ruth Arendall
Eugene Brooks
Joe Stewart Brooks
James Baker
Evelyn Bobbitt
Lonnie Barker
Robert Cary
Mary Louise Council
Maxine Duke
Mina Lou Deere
Jack Deere
Paul Davis
Marcille Duko
Enos Evans
Carroll Finch
Edward Fiddler

Thomas Gibson
Mary Ella Gibson
Jane Gilliam
Ruth Helen Hardin
John H. Hurt
Irene Hayes
Obie Jowers
Juno Little
Leonard Lawler
Roy Lewis
Howard McPeake
Inez Milam
Rachel Moody
Camdron Melton
Dorothy Millner
Katherine Moffitt
J.T. Moore
Howard Oliver
Elmer Overman
Trula Owens

Martha Evelyn Pearson
Christine Powers
Harold Reed
Edna Rhodes
James Roberts
Richard Rushing
Jimmy Summers
Ramelle Seates
Nita Threadgill
J.W. Todd
Morris Tate
Grace Tolley
Edward Washburn
Ruel White
Clifton Wilkinson
Willard Wadley
Aleno Williams
Lois Wise
Thomas Washam
Mary Nell Yates

Lexington High School 1949

Lexington High School Summer 1949 - Photos contributed by David Walker

Photos contributed by David Walker

Lexington High School 1949-50 Big Red Football Team
From the Lexington Progress January 11, 1995 - Photo contributed by H.L. Segerson
Front Row: Paul A. Armstrong, Caral Trammel, Joe Reeves, Billy Powers, Fleetwood Stanfill, Billy Bobbitt, Ben Douglass Jr., Jerry Byrd, Eddie Holmes-equipment manager
Middle Row: Bobby Deere-equipment manager, Charles Adcock, James Roy Williams, Johnny Pearson, Billy Kelley, John Luther Roberts, Wayne Hinson, Billy Joe Havener, Harold Segerson, Ray Frizzell, Ben Hay, Tony Adams, Coach Claude Hill
Back Row: Coach Gill Gideon Jr., Waynard Carey, Gen Ray Essary, Royal Woods, T. Dailey, Joe Allen Arnold, David Wheeler, Carl Dickerson, Billy Dennison, Charles Duck, Pete Meadows, Douglass Lewis

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