The trustees of this Institution would announce to the citizens of this county, and to the public generally, that the first session of this school will commence on Tuesday the 1st day of January next. Ample arrangements are made to give instruction in all the branches of English Literature and the Latin and Greek Languages. The Trustees will spare no efforts to afford every advantage that can be enjoyed in any school of a similar character to the South or West. Mrs. Covey, who is an experienced teacher, and who is distinguished for her devotion to the interests and progress of her pupils, will be aided by an efficient and competent assistant. The Trustees will be happy to render any attention and assistance for the accommodation of those pupils who are sent from a distance.

The scholastic year will consist of two sessions—five months each. The first session will commence of the 1st Tuesday in January and end the last week of May. The second session will commence the 1st Monday in July and end the last week in November.

Classes and Rates of Tuition

Elementary Class--Orthography, Reading and Writing $7.50

Primary Class PRIMARY CLASS.--Orthography, Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Geography, English Grammar and U.S. History $8.00(?)

Funior Class--Ancient and Modern History, _____ on the ____, Botany, Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, Algebra, Geometry, _____ (Heathen?) Mythology and Astronomy. $13.00(?)

Senior Class--Logic, Rhetoric, Elements of Criticism, Intellectual and Moral Philosophy, Practical Economy, Geology, Evidences of Christianity, Latin and Greek Languages $15.00

Ornamental Needle Work _________ $4.00

Lessons on ___ (two unreadable lines)

Accordion, with the use of Instrument, 20 lessons $3.00

Lessons will be delivered by Mr. Covey, at stated periods, on Philosophy and other branches, with the use of App____. Each student will be charged from the time of entering until the close of the session. There will be an additional charge of 50 cents, for each, to defray contingent expenses. Young Ladies who pursue a regular and systematic course of studies will be entitled to a Diploma. There will be an examination at the close of the second session, when a _______ that parents and guardians will be present. Boarding can be obtained_______________________. For further particulars apply to the Principal.

Richard Timberlake
W. W. Gordon
Jno. West
F. W. Henry, Secretary
J. D. Smith
W. M. C. McHaney
Trustees - Lexington, Nov. 23, 1849

* * *

In addition to the girls' school, the Reverend J. V. E. Covey, a Methodist minister, supervised a boys' school in Lexington whose trustees were W. C. McHaney, Felix W. Henry, William D. Gelespie, William J. McHaney and Christopher H. Williams. The boys' school had been in existence for about a year but the girls' school was scheduled to begin its first session on January 1, 1850.

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