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Maness School House

The Maness Schoolhouse stood on the site of the Altom Cemetery in Natchez Trace State Park. The cemetery has been since restored. The school was built in the 1920s and Cova or Donna Lewis may have taught there at one time. It is not known how long the school stood, but it may have been destroyed when construction on the park began.

In the 1976 County Cemetery Inscriptions Book, Cova Lewis (possible teacher at Maness Schoolhouse) said that the school was built over Altom Cemetery in the 1920's. The school probably did not stand for long, because that area became the Natchez Trace State Park, and work began on the park around 1935. The location is near Browns Creek Lake, which was built around that time. In 1991, members of the Altom family, using Cova Lewis's information, contacted the park rangers and they found and restored the cemetery. The site is on Brown's Creek Lake Road at the enterance to the George Trail. Another bit of infomation is that some family records of the Altoms that are undated mention Jim Altom being buried under Maness Schoolhouse. He is the only person known to be buried in the Altom Cemetery.

If anyone has any information on this school please let us know know about it.. Christine Walters or Jacob Everett

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