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Maple/Mabel Grove School

Maple Grove School
One-Teacher School in 1917 - In 1979 used by the Maple Grove Baptist church
Excerpt from the History of Henderson by G. Tillman Stewart 1979

Maple/Mabel Grove was not a separate community until the school house was built. Before this time it was a part of Hinson Springs Community. The first settlers, known by anyone now living, were a Mr. and Mrs. Hinson. No one knows when the oldest house was built, or by whom, but it is now occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Woods. There is no church in the community. The school building has always been used as a church.

The County Farm is located in this community, with Mr. and Mrs. Earl Martin as caretakers. The only store ever to be located here was at the County House some 30 years ago and operated by Mr. J. Frank Martin who was Sheriff from 1912 - 1918. The first mail carrier was Mr. John Wilkerson. The present one is Mr. Connie Sullivan. From 1909 - 1911 Mr. Jesse Peterson was U.S. Deputy Marshal.

In 1914 Mr. Jesse Peterson gave to the county a tract of land upon which to erect a school building. Mabel Grove School was built upon this land in the same year. The first teacher who taught in this building was Miss Mabel Davis. The school received its name from this first teacher. The present teacher is Miss Mary Katherine Webb. The average daily attendance is 22.

From the "History of Henderson County Schools" by Louise Oakley (County Fair Project 1940)

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