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Scotts Hill College

Educational activity began to flourish at Scotts Hill before the 1890's. Gordon Turner, a nationally known orator, educator, and religious leader, is nor retired and living at his native home at Scotts Hill. In his excellent history of that community, he described its early schools as follows -

A frame building was erected in 1880 that contained two large classrooms that were also used as an auditorium. The first teacher at this school was Henri Heuterburg. He was followed by Ben Davis, W. Ben and John H. Duck, Frank and Alfred Austin, John H. and Jim C. Duck, Ben A. Tucker and Myra Turner.

By 1895 public interest forced the construction of a larger, two-story frame building, frequently referred to as the "college." Early teachers there were Jim Duck, C. Perry Patterson, Mintie and Myra Turner and Minnie Woodward, B.A. Tucker headed the college until his death on March 10, 1903. The faculty attempted to continue classes under the leadership of Tucker's brother, Festus, but interest waned. Some teachers who taught after Tucker's death were Herbert Bagley, Granville and Alfred Bartholomew, G.G. Butler, J.A. Bobbitt, John Duck, Perry Murphy, Mable Terry and George L. Wortham and wife. By 1915 the old building had fallen into disrepair and by 1917 a new brick building, containing three classrooms with movable partitions, was completed on the old campus site. Among those who taught in this building were James M. Austin, A.C. Tarlton, Jim Duck, Maida Austin, Walt White, Ruby and Gertrude Roberts, Myrtle Johnson, Jimmy Rains and Roxie Kelly.

Excerpt from the Tennesee County History Series by G. Tillman Stewart

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