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Thomas School

Contributed by Lucille (Tuck) Jones from a newspaper article of Thomas School House about 1909. The photo was very faded and would not scan, but perhaps you will recognize the names they see to be listed youngest to oldest.

Charlie Beecham, Bob Little, Jess Grissom, Roy Little, McKenely Beecham, Lloyd Gilliam

Troy Gilliam, Will Joyce, Hobert Beecham, Lena (Thomas) Petty, Merda May (Grissom) Johnson, Mary Joyce, Exie Joyce, Peyton Veteto, Frank Hodgin

Teacher, Luther Stanfill, Winston Little, Bertha (Gilliam) Esteste, Lillie McCormick, Ebbie Hodgin, Cora (Middleton) Stagleton, Ebbie (Beecham) Gurley, Mary (Middleton) Powers, Mandellon Thomas, Dora (Beecham) Petty, Harm Joyce, Mint (Joyner) Veteto, Clarence McCormick

Delver Hodgin, Ollie (Veteto) Jones, Lular (Joyce) Johnson, Maxie (Middleton) Davison

Johnny McCormick, Harrison Richardson, Silas Little, Lee McCormick, Jess Veteto, Will Veteto, Willie Ross.

Photo was furnished by Delton Richardson, his father, Harrison Richardson is in the photo

The school building (1940) received its name from Mart Thomas and was built in 1935. This makes two buildings that have been used. The first teacher of Thomas School was Thomas Richman. The first teacher of the last building was Mildred Wallace. The present teacher is Thomas Stewart. The average daily attendance is 17. At one time there were as many as 60 pupils attending this school.

Mart Thomas is believed to be the first settler, coming to this area as a farmer. The house in which he lived is not now standing. There are two home in the community still standing that were built a few years before the civil war. Houston Richerson owns one of them in which Euther Veteto is now living. R.T. Bailey lives in the other one. The nearest church is Liberty Hill. It is about one and one half miles northeast of the Thomas school. Latter Day Saints is the belief of this church. The present mail carrier is C.F. Goff.

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