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Truett School

Truett School was named for Mr. Jim Truett. The present building was built by J.R. Reid in 1923. The first building called Truett was also built by Mr. Reid in 1906. The first school building built in the community was known as the Beaver School and was built about 1860. It was then moved to Mr. Gillard, then to Amos McDaniel's place and from there to the public road leading to Middlefork Church and named Truett. The first teacher of the Beaver School during the Civil War was probably Charlie Scott. Some of the teachers at Mt. Gillard were Major Taylor, Ross Crook, Eva Watlington, Nannie Crook, Edward Barhma. Several teachers of the McDaniel School were Fayette Dodds, Fred Tucker, J.R. Reid, Tom Crook, Mr. Shirley and John Haggard. The teachers at the present Truett school have been John Haggard, Myrtle Adcox, Mr. Stewart, Ester Blankenship, J.R. Reid, David Grissom, Effie West, Romie Hamlett, Berthal Johnson, Angeline King, Carmon Duck, Pauline McAdams and Mildred Wallace.

The first settlers of Truett Community were probably Carol Beaver and John A. Brown. They came from North Carolina about 1818 to find new homes with better land. The old Carol Beaver house, built before the Civil War is now occupied by E. Maness and probably the oldest home in the community. The oldest present church is Middlefork Primitive Baptist, having been chartered about 135 years ago with Charlie Riddle as one of its first pastors. The oldest store was built by J.R. Reid in 1905. The present store is owned and operated by Edward Tignor. The postoffice is Luray and the mail carrier is Clifford Priddy.

From the works of Louise Oakley - Henderson County Supervisor of Schools (Fair Project 1940)

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