Union Cross School

The first school was a boxed school house built about 1876 and was called Gravel College. The first teacher was Lafayette Douglas. In 1895 Gravel College was done away with and a new one room building was built near the Union Cross Church. The school took its name from the church. Miss Emma Kimbro was the first teacher in the new school. In 1914 the school had grown so much a new room was added and building is in use at the present time. The present teachers are C.F. Lee and Mrs. Opal Parker, with average attendance of 50.

The first settlers of Union Cross were Bill Douglas, Pat Douglas, Mat Bartholomew and Dutch Douglas. The oldest house now standing is that of Mrs. Betty Douglas, built about 100 years ago, now occupied by John Bartholomew. Union Cross Methodist Church is the oldest church built about 1884. There is a Pentecostal Church known as Poplar Corner that was built about 18 years ago. The oldest store was known as "Possum Trott" and operated by John Taylor. The present stores are owned by Mr. J.N. Douglas and Mrs. Susie Douglas. The community is served by two mail routes. One out of Lexington carried by Bob Smith and one out of Wildersville carried by B.E. Todd.

From the works of Louise Oakley - Henderson County Supervisor of Schools (Fair Project 1940)

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