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Taylor Cemetery

Campbell Street

TaylorDonahue cem
Photo by David Donahue August 2003

Taylor Cemetery is a very well maintained cemetery on the east side of Campbell Street a few hundred yards south of I-40. The earliest burials here date to the 1860s. Cedars were planted at several of the early graves; three storm-damaged cedars remain. The cemetery has a cast iron fence. Perhaps two dozen spaces for burials remain, mostly along the rear/east fence. There appear to be no unmarked graves; nine graves are unidentified. David Donahue recorded Taylor Cemetery August 24, 2003. The late William B. Elam recorded the cemetery circa. Mr. Elam's record appeared in Family Findings, Vol. VI, No. 4, October 1974. This is referred to as "Elam" in notes below. An unattributed circa 1995 record of the cemetery appears in Cemetery Records of Madison County, Tennessee Volume II The Northern Half of County and probably was a simple update of the 1974 Elam record as both records have the same date mistakes. This latter record is referred to as "1995 record" in two notes below.






ABERNATHY, Mary (Yandell)06 Feb 190621 Nov 1979..
ADCOCK, Chester15 Jul 189430 Dec 1925..WW I
ADCOCK, Kelley Smythe27 Jul 191019 Mar 1970..
ADCOCK, Ladoskie (Holland)24 Mar 187512 Sep 1935Thomas Jefferson Adcock.
ADCOCK, Louie Bell10 May 189208 May 1907..
ADCOCK, Mary Jessie07 Jun 190213 Dec 1950..
ADCOCK, Theo Gordon16 Jan 191304 Feb 1913..
ADCOCK, Thomas Jefferson06 Jun 186216 Oct 1936Ladoskie Holland.
BAKER, C.M.18431927..
BAKER, Calie14 Sep 187404 Dec 1948..
BAKER, H.T.27 Mar 184519 Dec 1907..
BAKER, Infant19 Oct 190319 Oct 1903.J.F. and L.m. Baker
BAKER, Virginia T.22 Mar 188527 Oct 1918.Henry Thomas and Sarah C. (Edwards) Baker
CAMPBELL, E.J. 08 Feb 183209 Jun1912..
CAMPBELL, Henry R.29 Apr 181813 Jun 1903..
CAMPBELL, Mamie H.22 Jan 187005 Sep 1873.R.R. and E.J. Campbell
CASE, Annie Lee18941960Joe P. Case.
CASE, Joe P.18921969Annie Lee.
CASE, John18611936..
CASE, Mary Ellen18571927W.M. Case.
CASE, Rufus M.19 Oct 188618 Jun 1905..
CASE, W.M.18491927Mary Ellen.
CATHEY, Maggie B.18661941Walter J. Cathey.
CATHEY, Mary B.07 Dec 180711 Mar 1874..
CATHEY, Rebecca A.29 Mar 182616 Mar 1883Rober A. Cathey
m 12 Nov 1856
CATHEY, Robert A.26 Feb 183221 Mar 1874Rebecca A..
CATHEY, Walter J.18581943Maggie B..
CHERRY, Cherry Ann08 Oct 183501 Jul 1884D.B. Cherry.
CLEMENT, C.R.12 Sep 181205 Nov 1883..
COTTONGIM?, Claude C.18941940..
CUPPLES, Bettie C.18881966Charles H. Cupples.
CUPPLES, Charles H.18821956Bettie C..
CUPPLES, Charles Jr.28 Jan 191822 May 1922.C. H. and M.E. Cupples
GARRISON, Lucille (Hicks) 22 Apr 189605 Dec 1975..
GILLIAM, Martha Louise (Hicks)18 Aug 191126 Sep 1978..
HENDERSON, Catherine 18471972..
HENDERSON, Claude Hugh 07 May 188513 May 1970Trula G.
Lola H.
HENDERSON, Clyde....
HENDERSON, Edgar18681869..
HENDERSON, Elwood 23 Jan 188416 Nov 1892.J.N. and T. J. Henderson
HENDERSON, Hugh C.180015 Dec 1862Mary S..
HENDERSON, Ida18601988W.T. Henderson.
HENDERSON, James W. 04 Aug 184812 Apr 1912Annie C. .
HENDERSON, Lola (Hooper)06 Dec 189226 Oct 1981..
HENDERSON, Lynn 06 Feb 187215 Jun 1915..
HENDERSON, Mary S. Jun 182415 Jan 1910Hugh C. Henderson.
HENDERSON, Mary E. 18641932T.J. Henderson.
HENDERSON, Mark W.14 Nov 190223 Apr 1981Ruby W. Henderson.
HENDERSON, Mattie (Gilbert)18711936W.T. Henderson.
HENDERSON, Ruby Katherny 14 Apr 191113 Oct 1929..
HENDERSON, Ruby S.26 Apr 190919 Dec 1985Mark W. Henderson.
HENDERSON, T.J. 18551930Mary E..
HENDERSON, Thomas J.08 Sep 190316 Jan 1958..
HENDERSON, Trula Glynn07 Jul 188703 Jun 1942Claude H. Henderson.
HENDERSON, W.T.18441919Ida.
HENDERSON, William Frank 18791952..
HICKS, Adele01 Sep 189808 May 1899..
HICKS, Anna Sue22 Sep 190120 May 1976.James Edgar and Eunice Rebecca (Garrett) Hicks
HICKS, Annie C.18 Apr 189029 Apr 1895.W.A. and M.P. Hicks
HICKS, Annie S.05 Jan 184111 Aug 1911Jas. W. Hicks.
HICKS, Elizabeth E.18 Mar 183628 Feb 1860John R. hicks.
HICKS, Eunice (Garrett)03 Feb 18751962James Edgar HicksThomas Henry and Susan Rebecca (Henderson) Garrett
HICKS, Fannie (Jones)13 Nov 186624 Oct 1898Robert B. Hicks.
HICKS, Infant04 Feb 189704 Feb 1897.W.A. and M.p. hicks
HICKS, James Edgar13 Jul 186919 Apr 1915Eunie Garrett.
HICKS, James Edgar Jr.10 Dec 191513 Aug 1995..
HICKS, James Thomas03 Mar 185614 Sep 1858.J.R. adn E.E. Hicks
HICKS, James Thomas17 Oct 190228 Nov 1902.James Edgar and Eunice (Garrett) Hicks
HICKS, Jas. W.28 Jun 183416 Jun1916Annie S..
HICKS, Jimmie B.29 Jul 188716 May 1891.R.B. and Lula J. Hicks
HICKS, John R.18301900..
HICKS, Lula J.24y 2m 14d01 Oct 1888R.B. Hicks.
HICKS, Maggie C.13 May 187017 Nov 1927..
HICKS, Mark Franklin22 Oct 187125 Oct 1885.J.W. and N.A. S. Hicks
HICKS, Willie A. 25 May 186618 Feb 1911..
HOLLAND, Anna Belle (Pate)29 Mar 189211 Feb 1984James Jefferson Holland.
HOLLAND, Brucie18941910..
HOLLAND, James Jefferson 16 Feb 188628 Nov 1971Anna Belle Pate.
HOLLAND, M.L.18431917Mary D..
HOLLAND,Mary D.18591915M.L. Holland.
HOLLAND, Mary Ellen30 Sep 184903 Oct 1902S.L. Holland.
HOLLAND, Mary05 Mar 181227 Jul 1880G. Holland.
HOLLAND, Mollie J.04 Jan 188027 Oct 1913..
HOLLAND, Parlee06 Mar 186103 Feb 1953S.L. Holland.
HOLLAND, S.L.02 Dec 185406 May 1924Parlee .
HOLLAND, Theodosia15 Feb 185707 Jul 1880Mary.
JOHNSEY, Clarence H. 20 Jul 190719 Sep 1979Maibelle A..
JOHNSEY, Maibelle A.31 Dec 191322 Jun 1902Clarence H. Johnsey.
JOHNSON, Emma Allen5y 9m 26d07 Sep 1882..
LAMB, Anna Eliza18741911..
LAMB, Clifford04 Oct 190205 May 1907..
LAMB, Newman24 Jun 190526 Sep 1907..
LAMB, William Thomas07 Jan 187808 Jan 1912..
LAWRENCE, Claude H.30 Nov 187706 Mar 1878.S.B. and E.W. Lawrence
LAWRENCE, Eugenia W.13 Jun 185227 May 1888S.B. Lawrence.
LAWRENCE, Sallie Matthews 18611944..
LAWRENCE, Swanie Burrus 18431920..
LAWRENCE, Zilphy L. 06 Jan 184619 Jun 1871S.B. Lawrence.
LIFSEY, Marguerite (Hicks)19071934..
LONGMIRE, Anna 06 Jan 181722 Dec 1899Joseph Longmire.
LOVE, Albert S. 11 Dec 188521 Oct 1963Maude H..
LOVE, Maude H. 21 Feb 189806 May 1965..
McKNIGHT, Sallie Ann18591911..
MOORE, Infant 26 Jul 189326 Jul 1893.W. and M.T. Moore
MOORE, Mattie T. 18661919W.M. Moore.
MOORE, Minnie L. 18741964..
MOORE, Rebecca18421870S.P. Moore.
MOORE, S.P.18401919Rebecca.
MOORE, William M. 18681934..
MOORE, William T.28 Dec 190211 Jan 1903.W.A. and Zula Z. (McCann) Moore
MYERS, Josie R. Price10 Apr 185719 Nov 1880W.R. Myers.
NEWTON, Martha J. 29 Oct 182131 Jan 1886..
OUTLAN, John 10 Dec 188325 Jul 1884.J.F. and W.E. Outlan
PAYNE, Lula (Trice)27 Jan 186216 Mar 1910..
PEARCY, Everett G.27 Feb 181930 Apr 1897..
PRICE, Lula May15 Feb 188708 Jan 1888.W.S. and M.L Piercey
PEARCEY, Mary L.11 Oct 185830 Dec 1932William S. Pearcey.
PEARCEY, William S.09 Sep 185113 Jan 1931Mary L..
PHILIP, Annie R. 18921960..
PHILIP, Charles M.18751947..
PIERCEY, Arthur19 Apr 188116 Feb 1909..
PRICE, Infant30 Oct 189630 Jun 1897.W.S. and M.L. Pearcey
PRICE, Jimmie F.02 Feb 188928 Sep 1892.W.S. and M.L. Piercey
PIERCEY, Robert Lee 04 Sep 188518 Feb 1920..
PRICE, Mary E. 26 Apr 185504 Jun 1874..
PRICE, Rebecca H. (Taylor)25 Jan 183816 Jun 1877J.W. Price.
ROWLETT, Cora (Holland)04 Jan 187808 Oct 1894..
ROWLETT, Freeda Alline 20 Nov 190114 Jan 1904.J.H. and Linnie Rowlett;
ROWLETT, Infant 10 May 190210 May 1902.J.H. and Linnie Rowlett
ROWLETT, Infant17 Oct 190917 Oct 1909.W.O. and E.F. Rowlett
ROWLETT, Trula Orine12 Jan 190604 Jul 1906.J.H. and Linnie Rowlett
SMITH, Alice (Longmire)22 Dec 185622 Nov 1897B.R. Smith.
SMITH, B.R.29 Sep 1855.Alice Longmire.
TAYLOR, Cliff W.2y 7m 26d13 Mar 1879.W.A. and E.E. Taylor
TAYLOR, Elizabeth ..Henry Taylor.
TAYLOR, Ella05 Aug 186218 May 1863.W.A. and T.V. Taylor
TAYLOR, Elvira12 Dec 184127 Jul 1877W.A. Taylor.
TAYLOR, Fannie 18531909J.H. Taylor.
TAYLOR, Hollie (Wilson) 18821912..
TAYLOR, J.H.1850.Fannie.
TAYLOR, Josephine H. 27 Jan 184319 Apr 1857.M. and N. Taylor
TAYLOR, Mark17 Jan 179503 Jul 1862..
TAYLOR, Matilda Anderson15 May 185923 Jul 1860.W.A. and T.V. Taylor
TAYLOR, Mary Emma 04 Mar 184618 Jun 1918Myatt Adam Taylor.
TAYLOR, Nancy A. 181528 Feb 1876Mark Taylor.
TAYLOR, Richard H. 11 May 185608 Mar 1877..
TAYLOR, Tennessee 08 Mar 183827 Jul 1873Wyatt A. Taylor
m 20 Jul 1858
TAYLOR, William Anderson 18661914..
TAYLOR, Wyatt Adam 18 Nov 183420 Nov 1905Mary Emma.
TEAGUE, Grove C.18881939..
TEAGUE, Laura Jane18861970Grover C. Teague.
TEAGUE, Maggie 18541940..
TOMLIN, NancyJ. (Osborne)20 Jul 193702 Apr 2001..
TRICE, Edward J. 07 Aug 181719 Jan 1885..
TRICE, Jane07 Apr 182616 Oct 1888..
TRICE, Laura Virginia07 May 185220 Nov 1872.E.J. and M.J. Trice
TRICE, Martha Jane07 Apr 182613 Oct 1868E.J. Trice.
TRICE, Mary E.08 Mar 185510 Mar ????.E.J. and M.J. Trice
TRICE, Nancy J.19 Jan 185707 Apr 1877.E.J. and M.J. Trice
TRICE, Thomas G.11 Feb 186521 Sep 1889..
VANDIVER, DeEtta18741934John Vandiver.
VANDIVER, Emma Leone05 Apr 188122 Nov 1933..
VANDIVER, J.A. 18301923Martha E..
VANDIVER, John18741912DeEtta.
VANDIVER, Martha E.18401919J.A. Vandiver.
VANTRESSE, V.C.27 Jun 185115 Apr 1935..
VANTRESSE, Virginia T.25 Oct 185209 Jul 1937V.C. Vantreese.
WOOTEN, Annie D. 23 Nov 187919 Jun 1880.W.S. and M.A. Wooten
WYATT, Nelia A.25 Oct 186128 Feb 1883J.W. Wyatt.
YANDELL, Bessie S.18981998..
YANDELL, Clyde H.18811955..
YANDELL, Edgar Lawrence03 Aug 189418 Jan 1918..
YANDELL, Fannie Ella (Alexander)18 Oct 188802 Sep 1978George Sidney Yandell
m 27 Nov 1919
Harman Kelsey and Liona Elizabeth (Chamberlain) Alexander
YANDELL, George Sidney25 Jun 188428 Jul 1955Fanny Ella AlexanderGeorge Thomas and Maude H. (Prico) Yandell
YANDELL, George Thomas18551942Maud H. Price.
YANDELL, Harry Joe 07 Oct 192730 Dec 1964Nancy A. GillespieGeorge Sidney and Fannie Ella (Alexander) Yandell
YANDELL, Jerry S.13 Sep 192925 May 1957..
YANDELL, LeAnn10 Jun 196410 Jun 1964?.Thomas Richard Yandell
YANDELL, Mamie W.18701927..
YANDELL, Maud H. (Price)09 Oct 185905 Apr 1899George Thomas Yandell.
YANDELL, Maud P.18591898..


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