Town of Medon

Madison Co TN

Medon was established about 1825 and was known as Clover Creek in 1834. It was incorporated in 1852, and for awhile was a prosperous farming community. In the 1880's there was about 150 people living here.

Medon had a school called Medon Academy, a two room school operated by Williams and Cradle in 1875. There were a couple of stores and a Harness shop owned by George Brown. Settlers in the early days was William and George Brown, Tom and Neil Anderson, Durham, Cradle, Cason, John Burton and others.

Peter and Malinda Swink operated the Stage Coach. Peter J. Swink, the son of John Leonard and Mary E. (Smith) Swink, was born 11 May 1796 in Salisbury, Rowan Co NC and he died 7 October 1851 in Medon. Peter was first married to Polly Pinkston in Rowan NC 11 November 1818. They had several children - Jesse, Maria, David, William, James, Turner, Mary and Burrell. After the death of Polly, Peter married Malinda Booe and together they had 7 children - Sarah, Henry, George, Peter (called Toby), Darius and Lavina.

Little Peter Swink, whom his parents called Toby, was but three years old when by a tragic twist of fate he was gored by a cow and died as a result.
This event was announced in the WEST TENNESSEE WHIG, Jackson, August 31, 1849: Fatal Occurrence. - A small son of Mr. Swink, at Medon, in this county, was gored by a cow a few days since and died in a short time. (some descendants have determined that it was Peter (SR) who was gored by the cow but the little article above and the fact that the young child's death was listed in the Mortality Schedule, 1850 U.S. Census, Madison County, page 50: Peter Swink, age 3, born in Tennessee, died August 1849 from "violence verifies that it was in fact Young Peter Swink who died.

When Captain Swink executed his last will, dated September 15, 1851, two years after his little son's demise, he began it with, "I P. J. Swink being in a low state of health but of sound mind, knowing the uncertainty of all human things, do hereby publish and declare this to be my last will and testament. . . ." (Madison County Will Book 5, pages 104). See the rest of the story of the Swink Family

The population of Medon today (2010) is about 200 - 250 people.

Medon Post (1862), Medon
A Union garrison was posted here. Attacked by Confederates in September 1862.