Funeral Home Records
Madison County TN

Griffin Funeral Home
December 31, 1889 - May 28, 1911
Family Findings - Jackson, Madison TN APril 1973
The book was faint -- hard to read .. verify all information
Some information came from Jonathan Smith

1. LOYD TOLSON, b. 1883 Ala. d. Dec. 31, 1889, 6 yrs. Accident, was killed by caving in of sand bank on College st.; Stoddart St. residence; Tolson, responsible party; buried at Riverside. .

2. JIMMIE GROGAN, b. 1883 Tenn. d. Dec. 30, 1889, 6 yrs. Accident, was killed by caving in of sand bank on College St.; Stoddart St. residence; James Grogan responsible party; buried Catholic Cem.

3. JIMMIE HARKINS, b. 1883 Ky. d. Dec. 30, 1889, 6 yrs. Accident, was killed by caving in of sand bank on College St.; Stoddart St. residence; Harkins & Ernshaw, responsible party; buried Riverside

4. EDDIE HARKINS, b. 1881 Ky. d. Jan. 1, 1890, 8 yrs. Accident, caught under sand bank on College St. Dec. 30, 1889 & died from injuries sustained; St. Stoddart St. residence; Harkins & Allison, responsible party, buried Riverside.

6. MAGGIE STOCKTON, S. Liberty St., b. 1872 Memphis, d. Jan. 2, 1890, Malarial fever, Sallie Stockton, responsible party, buried Riverside.

7. THOMAS COCK, 17th District b. 1820 N. C., d. Jan. 3, 1890, 70 yr General debility, T. H. Cock, Res. Party, buried Pleasant Hill Cemetery

15. INFANT MALE, Chester st., d. Jan. 19, 1890, age 2, Mrs. D. Mason, Res. party, buried Catholic Cem.

18. DR. PENN, West Jackson, b. 1803 Tenn., d. Jan. 27, 1890, Debility, H. L. Penn, Res. party, buried Riverside

19. MRS. MARGARET BUMPASS, d. Jan. 30, 1890, 50 yrs., Pneumonia, Mrs. John Bumpass, Res. Party, buried Cotton Grove

21. WILL ROLLINS, d. Feb. 1, 1890, 33 yrs., Pneumonia, Residence Stoddart St. Mrs. J. T. Rollins, Res. Party.

22. INFANT FEMALE, Orleans St., d. Feb. 3, 1890, 2 yrs.

26. MRS. ROACH, Royal st., d. Feb. 8, 1890 , 55 yrs. Consumption, R.H. Hammerly Res. Party.

27. MISS LOVE GRIYARD, College st., d.. Feb. 8, 1890, R. H.Hammerly, Res. Party.

28. ALICE BUMPASS, 14th District, d. Feb. 8, 1890, 30 yrs., Pneumonia, Mrs. John D. Bumpass, Res. Party, buried Cotton Grove

30. INFANT MALE, Lafayette St., d. Feb. 12, 1890, N.H. Brown, Res Party.

31. MRS. MAHALIA ANDERSON, Cumberland st., b. 1806, d. 15 Feb. 1890 84 yrs. Gen. Debility, H. C. Anderson, Res. Party buried Riverside.

32. INFANT FEMALE, Shannon St.1 d Feb. 15 1890, 3 mos. bronchitis, W.L. Bencini, responsible party.

35. JOHN LEONARD, Orleans St., d. Feb. 17, 1890 16 yrs. Minagetus Dr. J. W. Leonard, responsible party.

37. J. G. CARVER d. Feb. 17, 1890, 60 yrs. Paralysis, buried Hollywood Cemetery J. G. Carver Est.

38. JOHN HARDIN, d. Feo. 17 1890, 35 yrs., pneumonia, John Hardin Est.

40. JOHN BUMPASS d. Feb. 20 1890 15 yrs., pneumonia, buried Cotton Grove Cemetery, Mrs. J. D. Bumpass responsible party.

41. INFANT FEMALE, Deadrick Ave. d. Feb. 21, 1890, 2 yrs. bronchitis, buried Hollywood Cem., Mrs. W. B. Wilic, responsible party.

43. MRS. M. (C or E.) WILSON, Main St., d. Feb. 24, 1890, 58 yrs., gen. debility, buried Hollywood Cem., Rev. A. R. Wilson, responsible party.

46. MRS. JOHN OUTLAND, 13th Dist., d.. Mar. 5, 1890, 73 yrs., gen. debility, buried Pleasant Hill Cemetery, John Outland, responsible party.

52. MRS. JENNIE BARD Main St., d. Mar. 15, 1890, 27 yrs., pneumonia, buried Fulton, Ky Mr. Bard, responsible party.

54. MRS. MARY EMMONS, Lee St., d. Mar. 18, 1890, 63 yrs., gen. debility, buried Riverside Cemetery.

55. T. H. PAYNE, Jr., Main St., d. Mar. 21 1890, 23 yrs., consumption, buried Riverside Cemetery, Thos. H. Payne, responsible party

58. EDNA HOLMES, Stoddart St., d. Mar. 24, 1890, 12 yrs., pneumonia, buried Hollywood Cemetery, J. T. Holmes, responsible party.

59. INFANT FEMALE, Royal St., d. Mar. 27, 1890, 3 mos., whooping cough, F.W. Earnshaw.

60. MRS. MAMIE BOND, College St., d. Mar 28, 1890, 22 yrs., congestion of brain, buried Riverside Cem., E. V. Bond, responsible party

61. MRS. NANNIE FLEMING, West Jackson, d. Mar. 29, 1890, 26 yrs. consumption, buried in a country cemetery Ben Flemning, responsible party

62. W. L. ANDERSON Main st., d. Mar. 1, 1890,64 Yrs., heart disease, buried Riverside Cem., Estate.

67. INFANT FEMALE, d. Apr. 8, 1890, 6 mos., whooping cough F. W. Earnshaw, responsible party.

68. MISS ROARK, Country, d. Apr. 12, 1890, 22 yrs., pneumonia, J. U. Roard, responsible party.

69. WASH GOODIN, d.Apr. 12, 1890, 45 yrs., Wash Goodin Estate.

71. MISS MINNIE ANDERSON, Church St., d. Apr. 21, 1890, 22 yrs., childbirth, buried Riverside Cemetery, W. T. Anderson, Responsible party.

74. W. H. BRIGGS, Gates Ave., d. Apr. 22, 1890, 56 yrs., appolexy, buried Riverside Cemetery, W. H. Briggs Estate

76. H. D. ANDERSON, Market St., d. Apr. 24, 1890, 62 yrs., pneumonia buried Riverside Cemetery, Estate.

78. INFANT MALE, Johnston St., b. Michigan, d. May 2, 1890, 2 yrs., measles buried Hollywood Cem., W. A. Rice, responsible party.

79. Wm. McLAUGHLIN, Second St., d. May 3, 1890, 49 yrs., Riverside Cem., Wm. McLaughlin Est.

81. MRS. JESSIE LANGFORD, West Jackson, d.May13, 1890, 54 yrs., buried Riverside Cem., Jessie Langford, responsible party.

84. MRS. MOLLIE PIERCE, Mobile Ave., d. May 23, 1890, 26 yrs., measles, S. S. Pierce, responsible party.

85. MRS. MARY HENDERSON, East Jackson, d. May 24, 1890, 96 yrs., old age, W. H. Henderson, responsible party

87. JESSIE LANGFORD, West Jackson, d. May 28, 1890, 64 yrs., disease throat & heart, buried Riverside Cem., Estate.

88. BRUCE LONG, d. May 31, 1890, 2 yrs., malarial fever, T.C.Long

90. MATHEW LANE b. 1814 N.C., d. Mar. 6,1892, 78 yrs., gen., debility, buried country cemetery, John Carpenter & Syke & Britt Lane, res. parties.

92. JOHN COLLIlNS SYKES, 7th Dist., b. Tenn., d. Mar. 8, 1892, 5 yrs., buried Andrews Chapel, Cyrus Sykes, responsible party.

93. INFANT FEMALE, Stoddart St., d. Mar. 10, 1892, 1 yr., membranus croup, Mrs. Sam Winston, responsible party.

94. MRS. CAROLINE BARNHILL, Shannon St., d. Mar. 9, 1892, 62 yrs., congestion buried Riverside Cemetery, Mrs. .W. A. Barnhill, responsible party.

95. MRS. MARGARET HANMOND, b. 1830 Tenn., d. Mar. 24, 1892, 62 yrs., buried Riverside Cemetery, M. M. Hammond, responsible party.

96. MRS. E. ANDERSON, b. Miss., d. Mar. 24, 1892, 33 yrs.; fever, buried Riverside Cemetery, H. C. Anderson, responsible party.

97. JAMES DEMPSTER, 619 Baltimore, b. Florence, Ala., d. Apr. 8, 1892, 17 yrs., congestion, Gilbert Dempster, responsible party.

98. W.M. WOLF, Stoddart St., b. MO., d. Apr. 28, 1892 23yrs pneumonia

99. W. J. ROSE, d. Sept. 5, 1893, 22 yrs., malarial fever, buried Pleasant Hill, W. R. Rose, responsible party

102. MRS. L. A. THEUS, b. 1834, d. Sept. 13, 1893, cancer of leg, buried Riverside Cemetery, Mrs. Frank Campbell.

103. MRS. ELIZA ROLLINS, N. Royal, b. Miss., d. Sept. 13, 1893, fever, buried Hollwood Cemetery, E. K. Hayley, responsible party.

104. MR. SHELTON, b. Tenn., d. Sept. 14, 1893, buried country cemetery, J. R. Estis, responsible party.

106. INFANT FEMALE, b. 1893 Tenn., d. Sept. 20, 1893, colora inf., buried Riverside Cemetery, W. R. Noore, responsible party.

107. CLAUD NEELY, Deaderick Ave., b. 1878 Ky., d. Sept. 21, 1893, 15 yrs., heart failure, buried Mt. Calvery, J. H. NeeJy, responsible party. He moved to Jackson the evening before his death from Bardwell, Ky., with his parents apparently well. Arose from breakfast, next morning and as his father was helping him to a piece of steak he fell over dead.

111. DAVE YARBROUGH, b. 1835, d. Sept. 28, 1893, 58 yrs., cancer of face, 9th Dist., buried Bascom Cemetery, Mrs. Dave Yarbrough, responsible party.

113. INFANT of John Hughes, Deaderick Ave., b. 1893 Tenn., d. Sept. 29, 1893, 2 1/2 mos., buried Mt. Calvery, Jas. Frazier, responsible party.

114. JNO. T. BOTTS, College St., b. Ky., d. Oct. 2, 1893, 49 yrs., dysentery, buried Riverside Cemetery, Estate.

115. W. H. POLK, Clarksville, Tenn., b. Fla., d. Oct. 3, 1893, 27 yrs., belius fever, buried Riverside Cemetery, Mrs. DeCosey, Responsible party.

116. AMANDA, dau. of J. A. HUTSON, Madison St., b. 1893 Tenn., d. Oct. 3, 1893, 4 mos., fever, buried Mt. Calvery, J. A. Hutson, responsible party.

117. INFANT MALE, b. 1892 Tenn., d. Oct. 4, 1893, 18 mos., buried Meridian,. Miss., D. C. McLaurin, responsible party.

118. INFANT of JOHN NICHOLS, b. 1893 Tenn., d. Oct. 6, 1893, 3 wks., buried Riverside Cemetery, Jas. Nichols, responsible party.

119. HAL C. THOMPSON, N. Jackson 4th Ward, b. 1856, d. Oct. 11, 1893, 37 yrs., consumption, buried Riverside Cemetery, H. C.Thompson, responsible party.

120. MISS CORA MOORE, Whiteville, Tenn., d. Oct. 16, 1893, G.T.Webb, res. party.

121. JAS. W. TURNEY, Memphis:, Tenn., b. Tenn., d. Oct. 16, 1893, buried Riversicle Cem., Thos. Quinn, responsible party, Was killed while coupling cars.

122. MAJOR E. S. HOSFORD, Royal St., d. Oct. 19, 1893, 59 yrs., apoplexy, buried Riverside Cem., Estate.

123. , HISS SHORTELL, Carson St., b. Ireland 1868, d. Oct. 20, 1893, 25 yrs., typhoid fever, buried Mt. Calvary, J. P. Rogers, responsible party.

124. W.H. NEWELL, E. Chester, b. 1815, d. Oct. 24, 1$93, 78 yrs., buried Riverside Cemetery, Travis Newell, responsible party.

125. MRS. ELIZA M. MASON, Media PA d. Oct. 1893, in Media., Pa. and was shipped here for burial in Riverside Cem. (66y 9m) Clifton Dancy, responsible party.

126. MISS LOUISE SPRATT, Preston St., b. Miss d. Nov. 14 1893, buried Riverside Cem. J. N. Seales Responsible party.

127. ... MENZIE (female), N. Royal, b. 1889, d. Nov 23, 1893, 4 yrs. burned. buried Riverside Cem. W.B. Menzie responsible party.

129. JNO. McCOREY KING, b. 1893, d Dec. 3, 1893, 3 yrs., pnemnonia, Riverside Cemetery, J. D. King, responsible party.

130. GRIEF (male), Highland Ave., d. Dec. 1893, scarlet fever, A. J, Grief responsible party

133. MRS. HAMILTON; Stoddard St. d Dec. 20, 1893, consumption. Hollywood Cem. Mr. Hamilton responsible.

135. NELLIE C. SEVIER, Lexington St b. 1875 Tenn., d. Dec. 25, 1893, consumption, buried Hollywood Cern., V. B. Sevier, responsible party.

136. Wm. HENRY CHAPPELLE , Royal St., b. 1869 Tenn d. Dec. 25, 1893 18 yrs. pneumonia, at Desota, Mo., buried Riverside, R. H. Hamerly, res. party.

137. MRS. GREGORY, Homa TN d Dec 28, 1894 , 34 yrs. childbirth. Riverside Cem., F. P. McCullum responsible party.

138. MRS. J. C. PARKER, N. Royal b Ky. d. Dec. 28, 1893, 26 yrs, typhoid fever T. C . Parker, res party.

139. MISS ELLEN McCORRY Cor. Main & Bolivar, d. Jan. 8, 1894, 65 yrs buried Riverside J.W. Vanden, responsible party

140. MRS. RED SPENCER, Foot of College.. d, Jan 9, 1894 35yrs , fever, Mt. Calvarv, Red Spencer, responsible party

143. MRS. JERRE CONNERS, b. Ohio, d. Jan. 21, 1894, 55 yrs. remains shipped from Ohio & buried Mt. Calvary, Jerre Connors, res. party.

144. ALFRED OLIVER, Royal St., b. Tenn. d. Jan. 28, 1894, buried Gibson Co.

145. JOE FOGG, Oak Ave. d. Jan. 28, 1894 8 yrs., rheumatism, buried Riverside Cem. J. H. Fogg, res. party.

146. ANDY TAYLOR Denmark, Tenn b. Tenn d. Jan. 30, 1894, 55 yrs., buried Old Taylor Cem., Abner Tayler, res. party.

147. ED HILLOUSE Highland Ave., b., Tenn. d. Feb. 2, 1894 32 yrs RR accident, had foot crushed so as amputation was necessary and died of the affects. buried Toone, Tenn., Brotherhood RR Trainmen res. party.

148. INFANT of Lawson White Highland Ave., b Jackson Tenn. d Feb 23 1894 6mon. buried Hollywood Cem. Lawson White Res. Party

149. TEDDY JAMES, E. Baltimore, b. Tenn., d. Mar. 2, 1894, buried Riverside Cemetery, Ted James, responsible party.

150. ISREAL HUDDLESTON, Church St., b. Tenn., d. Mar. 5, 1894, 70 yrs., buried Bethel Tenn., J. L. Wisdom responsible party.

151. MRS. G. W. STOVALL, E. Chester Str., b. Tenn., d. Mar. 5, 1894, childbirth, buried Bethel, Tenn., G. J. Stovall, responsible party.

152. THOS. D. CLARK, Jarman St., d. Mar. 7, 1894, buried Hollywood Cemetery, Ed Curtis, responsible party.

153. JNO. D. BOND, E. Main St., d. Mar. 9, 1894, 70yrs. rheumatism, buried Riverside Cemetery, Hugh Anderson, responsible party.

154. MRS. J. R. CAMPBELL, Neely Station, b. Tenn., d. Mar. 12, 1894, buried Denmark Cem., Ted. James, responsible party.

155. M. SHULL (male), Orleans St.; b. Tenn., d. Mar. 13, 1894, buried Bethel, Tenn., J. L. Wisdom, responsible party.

156. MISS NEWMAN, Deadrick St., d. Mar. 14, 1894, 30 yrs., invalid for life, buried Riverside Cem., T. D. Newman, responsible party.

157. TUCHFIELD, b. Jackson, Tenn., d. Mar. 15, 1894, Congestion, buried Jewish Cem., Dau. of Sol Tuchfield, Robt. Keelan, res. party.

158. MRS. NORA ANDREWS, Spring Creek, b. Miss., d. Mar'. 16, 1894, 20 yrs. abscess, buried Hollywood Cem., Dr. N.M.Williams, res. party.

159. JACOB ALBRICHT, Middle.Ave., d. Mar. 25, 1894, 50 yrs., heart disease, buried Riverside Cem., Mr. Schaab, res. party

160. MRS. J. G. CISCO, N. Highland, d. Apr. 1, 1894, consumption, buried Riverside Cem., J. G. Cisco, res. party. 161. MRS. I. G. HARRIS, N. Royal Extd., d. Apr. 4, 1894, 50 yrs. consumption buried Hollywood Cem., Isham G. Harris, responsible party.

162. INFANT MALE of HOMER ROBINSON, S. Royal, d. ApriL. 10, 1894, 2 y 6 m burned to death, buried Riverside Cem., (Ham?) Robinson, res. party.

163. SON of MARK TAYLOR, E. Main St., d. Apr. 26, 1894, 4 yrs., dropsey, buried Hollywood Cern., Mark Taylor, responsible party.

164. MARI LOU HOFFMAN, 15 Dist. 2 mi N of Jackson, b. Tenn., d. Apr. 25, 1894, 19 yrs., child bed fever, buried Riverside Cern., C. P. Hoffman

165. MRS. H. RAGAN, Middleton St. Ext., d. May 6, 1894, dropsey, buried Hollywood Cem., M. Ragan, responsible party

166. DAUGHTER, 9th Dist., d May 8, 1894, 26 yrs., consumption, buried Pleasant Plains Cem., Capt. W. H. Brown, responsible party.

167. MISS LIZZIE BR0WN, Chattanooga, Tenn., b. Tenn., d. May 8, 1894, 23 yrs., consumption, buried Riverside Cem., Milton Brown, responsible party

168. INFANT MALE Stoddart St., b. Tenn., d. May 9, 1894, 2 yrs., buried Hollywood Cem., Turner Holmes, Res. Party.

169. INFANT of J. J. GRIMES, Jr., b. Tenn.; d. May 23, 1894, 2 yrs., buried .Riverside Cem., J.J. Grimes, res. party.

170. EVANS MALE, S. Royal, d May 27, 1894, 70 yrs., heart failure, shipped body, H. B. Evans, responsible party.

171. MRS. PARKER, d. May 31, 1894, consumption, buried Hollywood Cem., Proff Brooks, res. party.

172. J. H. SMITH, E. Chester, d. June 9, 1894, brights disease, buried Hollywood; Thos. Gates, res. party.

173. BABY of W. WYLEY, E. Deadrick, b. Tenn., d. June 11, 1894, 2 yrs., buried Hollywood Cem., Will Wyley, res. party.

174. JAS. GIVENS, W. Chester, b. Tenn., d. June 19, 1894, 50 yrs., buried Country 5 miles, D. T. Pope, res. party.

175. MRS. STEGALL, Pinson, d. June 22, 1894, 45 yrs., change of life, buried Hollywood Cem., Jno. Cockrel, responsible party.

176. INFANT MALE of D. D. ELLIOTT, Fairground St., b. Tenn., d. June 2, 1894 8 mos., buried Wickliffe, Ky., D. D. Elliott, responsible party.

177. MRS. R. R. DASHIELDS, E. Main St., d. June 23, 1894, rheumatism, buried. Riverside Cem., Dr. R. R. Dashields, res. party

178. TEAGUE MALE E. Lafayette, d. June 25, 1894, 21 yrs., consumption, R. L. Teague, res. party, buried Hollyvwod Cem.

179. WILL C. NOURSE, Gas St., b. Tenn., d. July 1, 1894, 2 yrs., 6 m., fever buried Riverside Cem., W. H. Nourse, res. party.

180. MALE, W. Chester, d. July 1, 1894, 2 yrs., fever, buried Riverside Cem J. M. Thornborg, responsible party.

181. INFANT MALE of J. M. CLARK, d. July 2, 1894,9 mos., buried Riverside Cem., J. M. Clark, responsible party.

182. MISS GARRISON, Stodart St., d. July 4, 1894, 60 yrs., buried RIverside E.S. Mallory responsible party.

183. INFANT MALE of A. P. M00RE, Gates Ave., d. July 1894, age 2, buried Riverside Cern., A. P. Moore, responsible party.

184. DR. DE COSEY, Whitehall Ave., b. Gerrnany, d. July 17, 1894, 50 yrs. brights disease, buried Riverside Cem., Estate.

185. WALKER MALE, Hayes Ave., d. July 1894, 20 yrs., typhoid fever, buried Brown's Church Cem.

186. MRS. PEGUES, E. Main St., d. July 20, 1894, buried Riverside cem. Will Gates, responsible party.

187. INFANT MALE OF LUTHER PARHAM E. Deadrick, b. Tenn., d. July 1894, buried Riverside Cem., Luther Parham, responsible party.

188. JNO. GAFFANY, Stoddart St., b. Tenn., d. July 29, 1894, 26 yrs, drowned while bathing in the river at Wynn Ark., buried Mt. Calvery, Martin Gaffaney, responsible party.

189. HUNTER GATES, W. Main St., b. 1871 Tenn., d. Aug. 1, 1894, 23 yrs., typhoid fever, buried Riverside Cem., Murray McMillan, responsible party.

190. MRS. BAKER, 2nd St. near Mobile Ave., d. Aug;. 5, 1894, 50 yrs, tumor of stomach, buried Riverside Cern., Chas. Jones, responsible party.

191. S. H. McALEXANDER, Cor. Walch St. &. Hayes Ave., d. Aug;. 8. 1894, 60 yrs., supresion of urine, buried Riverside Cem., S. H. McAlexander Est.

192. MRS. J.W. MARTIN, E. Chester, d., Aug. 18, 1894, 29 yrs., child bed fever, buried Toone, Tenn., J. W. Martin, responsible party.

193. JACK POLK, N. Highland, b. Tenn., d. Aug. 25, 1894, 19 yrs. typhoid fever, buried Riverside Cem., Thos. Polk, responsible party.

194. JNO. S.MILLER, N. Highland, d. Aug. 26, 1894, 78 yrs. old buried Riverside Cern., Jule Vanden, responsible party.

195. MRS> J.R. EXUM Cor. Deadrick & Clay St., d. Aug. 1, 1894, 22yrs., typhoid fever, buried Riverside Cem., J. R. Exum, responsible party.

196. BROWNIE CARADIN, Johnson St., d. Sept. 6, 1894, 32 yrs., fever, buried Hollywood Cem., Drew Caradin, responsible party.

197 SISTER of J. N. Williams, N. Highland, d. Sept. 10, 1894, 45 yrs., fluex, buried Wildersville, Tenn., J. N. Williams, responsible party.

198. MRS. LAUA BURK, E. Baltimore, d. Oct. 12, 1894, 24 yrs., child bed fever, buried Mt. Calvery Cem., Chas. Willey, responsible party.

199. INFANT DAU. of Ed Moffitt, E. Main St., b. Sept. 12, 1894, d.Sept. 20, 1B94, buried Riverside Cern., Ed Moffitt, responsible party.

200.WILL FLETCHER, Cumberland St., d. Sept. 26, 1894, 19 yr. typhoid fever, buried Providence Ch. Cem., R. S. Fletcher, responsible party.

201. TWINS (male & female) of W. D. Keiroff, Long St., b. Sept. 24, 1894, d.(#l) Sept. 25, 1894, buried Riverside Cem., (#2) Oct. 4, 1894, buried Hollwood Cern., W. D. Keiroff, responsible party.

202. INFANT of Avery Hutson, E. Madison, b. Tenn., d. Oct. 3, 1894, 1 yr., buried Mt.. Calvery Cem. Avery Hutson responsible party.

203. GENIE BAYLEY, Lawler St, b. 1892 Tenn., d. Oct. 5, 1894, 2 y 8 m, croup, buried Mt. Calvery, Gene Bayley, responsible party.

204. MRS. ATKINSON, N., Royal, d. Oct. 6, 1894, 80 yrs., old age, buried Franklin, Tenn., Mr. Bond, responsible party.

205. FRANCIS CHILTON, E. Chester St., b. Tenn., d. Oct. 8, 1894, 5 y. 6 m., blood disease, Mt. Calvery Cem., W. B. Chilton, responsible party.

206. JNO. HICKS, Hale St., d.. Oct. 11, 1894 55 yrs., fluex, buried Taylor Cem., 4 mi. north, J. H. Hirsch, responsible party.

207. INFANT SON of Ed Williamson, S. Hayes Ave., b. Tenn., d. Oct. 24, 1894, 7 mos. fever, buried Hollywood Cem., Ed Williamson, responsible party.

208. J. P. JOHNSTON, Oak Ave., b. Tenn., d. Oct. 27, 1894, 34 yrs., consumption - shipped on I. C. train to Huntingdon, Tenn., for burial, Rev.Mr. Penick res. party

209. TOM KIRBY, Texarkana, Ark., b. Tenn., d. Nov. 1894._pneumonia, body shipped from Texarkana, buried Hollywood Cem. J. D. Kirby, responsible party

210. JNO. C. ROBINSON, near Anderson, Chappell, b. Tenn., d. Nov. 4, 1894, 60 yrs., kidney disease, buried Riverside, F. E. Bond, responsible party.

211. PROF. WESTBROOK, Hatton St. b Tenn. d Nov. 15 1894 32 y 3m typhoid fever, buried near Cloverport, estate

212. STOKELY D. HAYES, JR., W. Baltimore, b. Tenn., d. Nov. 18, 1894 1y 6m congestion, S. D. Hayes, responsible party

213. INFANT MALE of Mr. Ogden, d. Nov. 17 1894 1 day, buried Hollywood Cem. Mr. Ogden esponsib1e party.

214. MRS. SUSAN B. HUDSON, South Madison,. d. Nov. 19, 1894 101 yrs. 5 mos 14 days, old age, C. W. Hudson, responsible party.

215. HOWEL A. HUNT Poplar St., b. Tenn., d.. Nov. 21, 1894, 23 yrs., kidney, trouble (whiskey) , buried Riverside Cem., Mrs. O.T. Jackson, responsible party

216. MRS. J. D. ASKEW, Spring Creek, Tenn., d. Nov. 21, 1894, 45 yrs., consumption, burled family cem. J. D. Askew, responsible party.

217. MRS, SUTTON, Gas St. b Gibson Co Tenn., d. Nov. 22, 1894, 23 yrs. burned to death, buried Riverside. Mr. Morgan Sutton, responsible party

218. BURTON W. DUNLAP, Mobile Ave., d Nov. 24, 1894, 3 yrs, fever, buried Riverside. W.W. Dunlap respon. party

219. KATIE MAY ESTIS Extension St., b .Tenn., d. conssumption, buried Riverside Cem.., J. C. Estis, resp.

220. MRS. LIZZIE BROOKS" Fulton, KY b Oct. 2, 1846 Tenn. d Dec 5, 1894 48 y 2 m 3 d, consumption, Rev G. K. Brooks, responsible party Hollywood Cem.

221. MRiS. RUSHING, Bolivar St., d. Dec. 7, 1894, about 45 yrs. buried in county, 4 miles, Joel Rushing, responsible party

222. DUNLAP HALE, 109 Mobile, b. 1893, d. Dec. 9, 1894 1 y 6 m, Riversicle Cern. W.M. Dunlap, responsible party.

223. OWEN CHEEK, Jackson & Highland St., b. Tenn., d. Dec. 22, 1894, 23 yrs., crushed to death, buried NcIG,.nsey, Tenn., I.C.R.R., responsible party. 224. SAM BROWN, N. Highland, d. Dec. 26, 1894 45y, disentary, buried Hollywood Cem., estate

225. MRS. NORA BENCINI, W. Main St., d. Dec. 24, 1894, 35 yrs., paralysis, buried Hollywood Cem., S. Bencini, responsible party.

226. ROBERT WIILKERSON, N. Highland, b. Tenn., d. Dec. 27, 1894, 19 yrs., run over by engine, J. R. Hilkerson, responsible party.

227. MRS. M. F. TERRELL, Poplar Corner Rd., d. Jan. 2, 1895, 40y., consumption, buried Hill Cem. 5 mi. south, Mr. Terrell, responsihle party.

228. MRS. LUCY E. HOSFORD, S. Royal, b. Miss. d. Jan. 8 1895, cancer of womb, buried Riverside Cem. Hosford Bros.responsible party.

229. J. D.NEWTON, JR., Chester St., b. Tenn., d. Jan. 12, 1895, 2 y 6 m fever, buried Riverside Cem., J. D. Newton, responsible Party.

230. INFANT SON of Jas. & Laura Burk, . N. Royal, d. Jan. 16, 1895, 3m., buried Mt. Calvery, Edward Burk, responsible party.

231. MRS. M. RUFFIN, Whitehall Ave., d. Jan. 16, 1895, 58 yrs., cancer, buried Riverside Cem.,Thomas Ruffin, responsible party.

232. JOE ROARK, JR., S. Royal, b. Tenn., d. Jan. 22, 1895, 22 yrs. consumption, Ebernezer Cem., Joe Roark, responsible party. ,

233. GEO. B. HALL, E. Deadrick, d. Jan. 22, 1895, 40 yr. pneumonia, buried Hollywood Cem., I.O.O.F.

234. ELLIS. FEMALE, Cor. Cumberland & Orleans, d. Jan. 25, 1895, 24 yrs., childbirth, buried Hollywood Cem., Burkhead & Barker.

235. L, W. SIMMONS, Preston St., d. Jan. 28, 1895,50 yrs., R.R, accident, buried Hollyirmod Cem., Estate.

236. E. D. MOORE, Clay Center, Kansas, b. Kansas, d. Jan. 29, 1895, about 40 yrs perforation of stomach, died here at New Arlington, body shipped, I.O.O.F.

237. A, H. STEGALL, Jackson, b. Tenn.:, d. Dec. 31, 1899, 65 yrs. consumption, buried Hollywood Cem.

238. MISS EDNA SHARP, b. MS d Jan. 21, 1900 20yrs. Congestion, Cold Water MS, residence, body shipped to Coldwater MS, Isom Medlin res. party.

239. MR. J.T. BORINE, b. Brownsville TN d July 3, 1900 65 yrs., pneumonia, body shipped to Brownsville for burial, Dr. Gillipie res. party.

240. HORACE TOMLIN, b Jackson TN d Jan. 8, 1900, 51 yrs. consumption, buried Riverside Cem. Jno. Tomlin res. party.

241. MISS MYRA GLASS b TN d Jan. 10, 1900 13y 6m infurmation of brain, buried Martin TN, Mrs. R.W> Haynes res. party.

242. CHAS HENRY HOWARD b TN d Jan. 11, 1900, 29 Yrs, pneumonia, residence 3 mil SW ofJackson buried RIverside, W.P. Howard res. party.

243. Male d Jan.17, 1900, 45 yrs., suicide, residence Jackson, buried Riverside, Dr. J.I. Taylor res. party.

245. Miss Ripsy Shivers, d Mar. 4, 1900 54 yrs. buried Middleburg TN estate res. party.

246. W.L. Harris, d Mar. 6, 1900 51yrs Pneumonia, residence 8 mi east of city Estate, res. party.

247. Mrs. Johnson d Mar. 5, 1900 79yrs buried Riverside, Joe Johnson res. party.

248. Jno Witherspoon, d Mar. 5, 1900 54 yrs. buried Andews Chapel, Ross-Witherspoon res. party.

249. Sarah Garrett d Mar. 8 1900 69 yrs. residence Jackson 4 mi N. ofcity at Pleasant Hill, A>T. Garrett res. party.

250. Mr. Laughman b PA d. Mar 15, 1900 54 yrs buried Mt. Calvary Rev. Wm. Walch res. party.

251. Male b Michigan, d Mar 15, 1900 26y fever H. Hagleford res. party.

252. E.D. Cherry, b Jackson TN d Mar 15, 1900 28 yrs. consumption, Turne Holman res. party.

253. Sarah Greer b. Madison Co TN d Mar. 16, 1900 64 yrs. Pneumonia. buried Riverside Cem., Jno. A. Greer, res. party.

254. Dr. G.S. Pearcy b Jackson TN d Mar 21, 1900 35 yrs. Pneumonia buried Hollywood Cem. Capt. Gooch res. party.

255. Jno. P. Muse d Mar. 30, 1900 39 yrs. heart failure, buried Riverside Cem. Estate res. party.

256. R.O. Hicks d March 30 1900 38y pneumonia, residence 4 mi N ofCity, buried Riverside, Jim Biggs res. party.

257. Mrs. Hartmus, mother of Tom Hartmus Jr., d Apr. 3, 1900 45y pneumonia buried Claybrook Cem. T.H. Hartmus res. party.

258. Mr. Juluis Beck d Apr 6, 1900 69y Jackson residence (keeping remains), Miss Beck, res. party.

259. T.H. Garrett d Apr 11, 1900 74y complications, buried 3 mi E of city, James Will & Char Garrett res. party.

260. Infant son of R.W> McKinley d Apr 20, 1900 8m R.W. McKinley res party.

261. W.S. Tacker d Apr. 20, 1900 60yrs. Congestion W.N. Maroney res. party.

262. Mar Stockton d Apr 24, 1900 65y L.C. Stockton & sister res. party.

265. Mos Murphy d May 28, 1900 Mrs. Mose Murphy res party.

267. Mrs. S.H. Chester d Jun 10, 1900 buried Riverside. A.H. Chester res. party.

268. Bill Ross d Jun 12, 1900 Bradford TN residence Bradford Stock Co., res. party.

269. Infant of Reed Wilson d Jun 18, 1900

272. Male d Jun 20, 1900 Miss Lizzie McLemor res. party.

273. W.W. Polk d Jun 27, 1900 buried Riverside J.D. Newton res party.

274. W.A> Sanford d Jun 30, 1900 Beech Bluff TN, residence, body shipped Capt. Sanford res. party.

275. Tim Murphy d Jul 2, 1900 Estate res. party

276. John Alexander Greer b Feb. 25, 1827 d Feb. 7, 1903 75y 11m 9d complication, buried Riverside.

277. Rev. A.L. Pritchett b TN d Feb. 27, 1903 68y cancer of face, residence 2 1/2 m. NE of city, buried Hollywood Cem.

278. James S. Swayne, b VA d Mar 5, 1903 67 years heart -- residence No. Royal St., buried Riverside Cem.

279. Dr. W.H. Baird, b. MS d Mar 11, 1903 59y complications, residence Oxford MS body shipped to Oxford MS

280. Mrs. Mariah Parham, d Jan. 4, 1906 62 years appredicitis, residence 2 m e ofcity at P. Phillips, buried in cou try, Luther Parham res party.

281. Infant of Claud (Hunt or Hurt) d Jan. 8, 1906 residence Highland Ave. Buried Riverside Cem. Claud Hunt/Hurt res. party.

320. CHARLIE PRINGLE, d. Nov. 5, 1909, 34 yrs, RR wreck, residence E. Baltimore, burned Hollywood Cem. Injured in wreck on M & O RR close to Trenton, Tenn. Nov 3, 1909, 3 A.M. Charles Pringle, Res, party.

321. H. D. MASON, b. in Tenn., d. Nov. 3, 1909, 39 yrs, Operated on for appendicitis, d. at county residence, buried Gibson County, Mrs. H. D. Mason res. party.

322. W. I. NEFF, d. Nov. 5, 1909, 39 years old, d at residence on Whitehall Ave., Tubercolosis, b. Hollywood Cem. Mrs. W. I. Neff, res. party.

323. Malone female, 9 mo., of bowel trouble at residence l08 Deaderick, b. Hollywood Cem. D. C. Malone, res. party.

324. Mrs. Howard, 78 yrs., d. Nov. 11, 1909, General debility, Campbell St. Res., b. Hollywood Cem. B. J. Howard (mother)

325. T. B. Hart, d. Nov. 11, 1909 at La. residence. b. E. Laurel Cem. Estate.

326. Mrs. Robertson, d. Nov. 1909, body shipped from Memphis, b. Hollywood Cem. Ham Robertson (rnother)

327. Edgar Cardwell, d. Nov. 15, 1909, 23 yrs., Killed in Memphis by gun shot wound on Nov. 15. Shipped to Jackson. b. Hollywood Cem. Cardwell Sisters.

329. S. T. Beare, d. Nov. 19, 1929, 47 years, Dropsy, d. at res. N. Highland, b. Humboldt, Tenn. Mrs. S. T. Beare

33J. E. R. McCabe, d. Dec. 4, ]909 of Brights Disease, age 43 yrs., d. at resident N. Liberty St., b. Riverside Cem. Mrs. F. R. McCabe (mother)

331. Mrs. Cardwell, d. Dec. 9, 1909 of Fat. deg. Heart, at res. E. Baltimore. Age 65 yrs, b. County. Dr. J. K. P. Cardwell (mother)

332. Thomas R. McCowat, d. Dec. 15, 1909, Res. Cedar St., age 44 yrs., b. Riverside Cem. John Stark, Jr. Res. Party

333. Mrs. Crenshaw, d. Dec. 15, 1909 of pneumonia, Res. W. Deaderick, 69 yrs., b. Hollywood Cem. Artie Crenshaw (Mother)

334. F. W. Adarnson, b. Tenn., d. Dec. 15, 1909, Res. N. Highland, Age 47, Sarosis of liver, b. Riverside Cem. Mrs. F. W. Adamson, Res. Party.

335. Mrs. W. B. Ballard, b. Miss. d. Dec. 15, 1909, of Tubercolosis. Age 31 yrs, Res. Middle Ave., b. Hollywood Cem.

336. Mrs. Smith, age 60, at res. 1 Division Ave., d. Dec. 20, 1909, b. Medon, Tenn. R. B. Smith (mother)

337. Miss Eleanor Hays, age 20 yrs, d. Dec. 21, 1909 at res. W. Baltimore St., b. Riverside Cem. Capt. Mid Hays (daughter)

338. Mrs. C. B. Wray, d. Dec. 21, 1909 of Cancer stomach, at Hays Ave. res., Age 33 yrs., b. Hollywood Cem. W. B. Frances (daughter)

340. Layton Russell, d. Dec. 23, 1919 of Tiibercolosis, Age 31 years, b. Riverside Cem. Estate

341. Mrs. J. T. McKniqht, d. Dec. 25, 1909 at Malesus residence, age 60 yrs, Malesus Cem. J. T. McKnight

342. Mrs. W. E. Parr, d. Dec. 1909 in Memphis Tenn., age 26, b. Hollywood Cem. W. E. Parr, Res. Party.

343. Miss. Alred, d. Dec. 24, 1909 of Fever, at residence on Campbell St., age 15 yrs., b. Hollywood Cem. W. D. Alred- E. L. (Daughter)

344. Lucille Moore, age 17 yrs., d. January 21, 1910 of Typhoid pneumonia at res. W. Deaderick St., b. Hollywood Cem. Hal. R. Moore (daughter)

345. Miss. Arnold, d. Jan 3, 1910, age 16, at res. Mobile Ave. of Pneumonia, b. Hollywood Cem. L. R. Arnold (sister)

346. Mrs. Little, d. Jan 12, 1910 of Pneumonia at res. Oak Ave., age 67, Body shipped, S. R. Enochs, Res. Party

350. Mrs. Thomas Burke, d. Jan. 19, 1910 at res. 3 miles west of city, Pneumonia, age 66 yrs., Bad rainy day, stuck in mud for 5 hours, Thos Burke, Res. Party

351. Claude Moore, d. Jan 23, 1910, 22 yrs., Killed in wreck on M & O RR mile North of Carroll, Tenn. Res. Vildo, Tenn. Bud Moore (Son)

352. Mr. Rooks, d. Jan 24, 1910 at Madison St. res. of Pneumonia, age 43, b. County. Miss. Maggie Rooks (father)

353. Mrs. Wilkes Taylor, d. Jan 30, 1910 of Tubercolosis, Age 39, E. Grand St. b. Hollywood Cm. Wilkes Taylor (Wife)

354. J. W. Yarbrough, d. Feb. 2, 1910 at Madison res., 68 yrs., Abdominal, b. Riverside Cem. Estate

355. E. V. Exum, d. Feb. 4, 1910 of Sarosis of liver & Brights, 45 yrs old, Res. County-Trenton Rd., B. Hollywood Cem. Mrs. E. V. Exum, Res. Party

356. Mrs. Riddings, d. Feb. 4, 1910, 71 yrs. at W. Deaderick res., General debility, b. Hollywood Cem. Oscar Ridings (Mother)

357. J. W. Tyson, d. Feb. 6, 1910 of Pneumonia at W. Lafayette Res., Age 41 years, Riverside Cem. Mrs. J. W. Tyson, Res. Party.

358. Mrs. Nagle, d. Feb. 7, 1910 of Pneumonia at Neely St. res., Age 66 yrs., Riverside Cemetery, Mrs. Thomas Nagle (Mother)

359. Old Lady, d. Feb. 1910, age 70, Heart trouble (found dead in bed) at home 5 miles NW of city. b. Pleasant Hill R. T. Rice.