Medon, Madison Co TN


Medon, comprising about 300 souls, is situated ten miles south of Jackson on the Illinois Central Railroad. It is surrounded by a rich farming community. Medon has a good brick school building and a Masonic Hall. The Medon High School was incorporated in 1881 by W. H. Harrison, J. A. Haynes, J. P. Cobb, Wm. Pope, G. E. McDaniel and John McDaniel. Claybrook, fourteen miles east of Jackson; Carroll Station, six miles north on the Mobile & Ohio Railroad; Norwood, eight miles north on the Illinois Central, and Malesus, four miles south on the same road, are stations, and have postoffices and business houses. There is also a postoffice at Andrews’ Chapel, in District No. 7.

Source: Goodspeed 1886

Established in 1825, the community of Medon had several early names. Frozen Oak was the first name, somewhat colorful, commemorating a hunter who crawled into a hollow tree during a blizzard and froze to death. By 1834 it was called Clover Creek. Finally changed to Medon. Tradition tells the story of an early Irishman who lived there. When he returned home from a job, he would thump his chest and say "Me Done," so the names stuck. Medon was incorporated in 1852. The first mayor was Dr. Joseph Stewart. Soon the stagecoach began running through the main street, stopping at the Stage Tavern operated by Peter Swink. Little Jackson, Medon plotted a center district and sold thirty-nine lots at auction. By 1880 the town had about 175 people.

In 1875 the Medon Academy opened in the Masonic building. Stores and churches were built to accommodate its citizens. Today Medon has only a few stores. Its small - but it still remains.

Excerpt from Harbert Alexander ( Sketches of Jackson and Madison County TN