Marshall County,

Lewisburg Tribune News

Contributed by Martha Smotherman Mendez

Jan 2, 1903 – Vol 43

Nancy Harris Freeman, 101, of Shelbyville died.  Father; Capt James Harris who served under General Jackson.  Grandson; Mr. E. M. Miller of this place.

J.M. Garrett a successful farmer in the Tribune's Farmers Contest.  Born in Alabama in 1846 but spent his boyhood days in Giles County.  In 1876 he married Hazie Garrett, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E.C. Garrett of this county. 

Bruce Meadows another farmer who received a handsome vote in the Farmers Contest.  Born 27 years ago.  Parents; Mr and Mrs. J.A. Meadows.  Wife is Miss Berdie Gambill who is a daughter of Mr and Mrs. John. B. Gambill of the 17th district.  Two children; Jno Clayborn Meadows and Clifford Lee Meadows.

Mattie Compton died, age 18.  Buried in the Short burying ground.  (At Archer)

Little daughter of Mr and Mrs Taylor Short is dead. (At Archer) (no family information)

Jan 9, 1903 – Vol 45

Thirty masked men released W.P. Hopwood and W.H. Johnson, the alleged lynchers of John Davis, the murderer of Robt. Adair.

Jan 13,  1903 – Vol 46

Rev Joe Ramsey, the blind evangelist who is well known and very popular with the people of Middle Tennessee, is the guest of Rev and Mrs. W.S. Taylor.

Lone Oak Cemetery has been enlarged by the addition of three acres of land South of and adjoining it, purchased by the trustees from M. Wilkes.

Wilkie Emerson arrested in Nashville.  Dr. E.L. Sugg sold to Abram & Company of Montgomery,
Ala last week, three horses for 320.  The horses were sent though the county by Wilkie Emerson who  had been recently employed by Sugg at his stable on Depot Street.  Wilkie did not return on the train and it was discovered he had cashed the check made to Dr. Sugg.  Mr. J.C. Emerson, Wilkie Emerson's father and Dr. Suggs went to Nashville to collect Wilkie Emerson from jail where he only had 257.00 and had been drinking.  The father made good the amount which had been spent by his son, also paying the cost of the case, and the young man was released.  Mr and Mrs. J.C. Emerson are highly respected residents of Lewisburg and have the sympathy of many friends


J.D. Estes died at his home on Farmington Pike.  Died from Kidney trouble.  Remains taken to Chapel Hill for interment.  Leaves wife and three children (not named).  Age 50 years old. 

Jan 16, 1903 – Vol 47

Maymie Bradford died.  Six year old daughter of Mr and Mrs Jno Bradford Jr.  Buried at Short Graveyard.

Jan 20, 1903 – Vol 48

A Prolific Family.  Capt. W.G. Loyd was the oldest of 13 children, three of whom are now lving at advanced ages.  His wife, who was the daughter of Soloman Meadows, the first Sheriff of Marshall County is the youngest of 13 children, three of whom are living. 

Jan 27, 1903 – Vol 49

Robt. A. Adams died at his home in Mooresville.  Age 74.  Buried in Wilson Hill Cemetery.  Leaves eight children.  W.H. Adams, R.A. Adams, Jr., L.M. Adams, Mrs Mollie Davis, Mrs. A.C. Brents, Mrs. Sallie Stoles, Eulas Adams and Miss Laura Adams.

Jan 27, 1903 -  Vol 50

John C. Helton killed by his horse.  A widely known horse and mule trader of the Eighteenth District of Bedford County, met a shocking death Friday night.  He had gone only a mile on the Lewisburg pike and it was at this distance that his dead body was found by Dr. J.H. Peebles.  The body was under the buggy with life extinct.  It is supposed he fell from the front of his buggy under his horse's feet and that he was kicked and trampled to death.  (no family information).  (Also in Palmetto News.  Jan 30, 1903 – Vol 51.   Leaves invalid wife and family.  Was moving to West Tennessee having sold his property)

J.R. Lunn, merchant.  Fire at Berlin Esq. J.R. Looses his home to fire. 

Ora Bowden died.  Age 4, parents Mr and Mrs J.N. Bowden of near Holly Grove.  Buried at Sharp graveyard.  (also inHolly Grove news – Jan 30, 1903 – Vol  51)

Maggie May Cummings died.  Parents; Mr. William Cummings.  Buried in Head Springs Cemetery. 

Jan 30, 1903 – Vol 51

Mrs. Trible died in Eagleville.  Son; Henry Trible.  (Bryant Station News).

John Wright died at his home.  Age 56 years.  Buried in Bell graveyard.  (Archer News)

Dora Willis died.  Two small children.  Husband died about 5 years ago.  Both are buried at the New Hope graveyard near Tally Station.

Mary J. Eschman died after an illness of three weeks, Mother of Mrs. J.G. Marshall of this place.  Leaves three daughters and five sons (not named).  Buried in Delina.

Feb 3, 1903 – Vol 52

Mrs Rosa Wilson died.  Resided in Pleasant  Valley,Giles County, she was burned to death.  Her apron caught fire and running to the water bucket, she attempted to pour water on her clothes but she was so severly burned that she died within a few hours.

Miss Emma Beasley died Dec 16, 1902.  Father: Comrade A. Beasley  (Resolution)

Mothers of Confederate Soldiers still alive.  Mrs. Mary Hardin of Belfast, mother to E.A. Hunter; Mrs. Judy Twitty of Belfast, Mother to Messrs. T.W. Twitty and L.H. Twitty and Mrs. Mary Pearson, now of Lincoln County, mother to Messrs. J.B. Pearson and  Thos Pearson; Mrs. Sallie Darnell, Fourth Distirct, mother to Messrs. Adrian Darnell and Thomas Darnell; Mrs. Thos Brooks, Fourth District mother to  Jas. Brooks; Mrs. Nancy Leonard, Fourth District; Mother to S.J. Leonard.  Mrs. Wm. Harris, Palmetto, mother to Mr. David Harris;Mrs. Felix Dyer Globe, mother to Lieut. “Bony” Dyer.   

Major General George Moorman, Adjt. General and Chief of Staff of the United Confederate Veterans died recently.  Born at Owensboro, KY June 1, 1841.  Was in the Calvery Branch of the Confederate Army and fought with it under such heroes as Wirt Adams, W.H. Jackson and N.B. Forrest until the close of that bloody struggle.

Feb 6, 1903 – Vol 53

Joe Dryden died Jan 30, 1903 of consumption.  Born in Bedford County, near Wheel, but moved to his present home about a year ago.  Married about two years ago to Miss Inie Barnett and to this union one child was born.  Buried in Bethel cemetery.  (Belfast news)

Jim Robertson died Wed and was buried here Thursday. (no family information).

Erskin Welch infant son of Mr and Mrs. R.E. Welch died.  Buried at Welch graveyard.

Robin Montgomery died at his home near this place.  Age 93 years  (Palmetto news Feb 4th).

Cliff Minton and Fred Ward died in a boiler explosion near Trimble.

Feb 10, 1903 – Vol 54

John Neely died Friday morning at Spring hill.  Died at Small Pox.   Buried at Spring Hill.  25 years old.  Former Marshall Countian.  Wife Nora Rainey who is a daughter of Mr and Mrs T.J. Rainey of Caney Spring.  His parents are Mr and Mrs Thomas Neely of the Tenth District.  

Thomas Lemons died.  Age 73.  Dropped dead from his horse after buying hogs.

Jake Harbor died at his home in Bedford County Feb 2, 1903.  Age 70 years.

Robert Montgomery (familiarly called Uncle Robin).  Born Sept 5, 1810.  Age 93.Lived with Mr and Mrs J.B. Mount (Good Man Gone – Palmetto news)

Mrs. John Henry Cochran died at her home.  Buried in the Cochran Cemetery.  

Feb 13, 1903 – Vol 55

Robert Neathery died.  Age 50.  Leaves wife and seven children.   Buried at the Ring graveyard.

Judge Cantrell died at his home in Lebanon.  Age 85 years.  He was the Circuit Judge of this circuit. 

Feb 20, 1903 – Vol 57

Eugene Davis died age 31, so of Mr and Mrs. Jno W. Davis from consumption.  Leaves a wife.  Buried at Head Springs Cemetery.

Feb 24, 1903 – Vol 58

Kenneth Calahan is killed while cutting Wood near Tally Station.  Age 22 years.  Son of Mr and Mrs. J.H. Calahan.  

Charles Waddle convicted of murder in the first degree of P.O. Nevil a policeman of Fayetteville who was killed with a walking stick last May.

J.G. Miller died at the post office at Forney Texas on Monday of last week.  Formally from this county.

Fannie McAdams died at her home near this place.  Buried at Mt. Zion graveyard.

Leila McKinney Morris died Sunday at her home in Chattanooga.  Husband Marvin Morris.  Buried here tomorrow afternoon.

Feb 27, 1903 – Vol 59

William A. Montgomery died at his home in the sixth district.  Buried in the Palmetto cemetery.  Wife and five children.  Claud Montgomery of Greenville, Miss., Peter Montgomery, Mrs. E.W. Phillips, Miss Sudie Montgomery and Will Montgomery, Jr., Mr. Montgomery was an Elder of the Bethbirei Presbyterian Church.

March 3, 1903 – Vol 60

Albert Davidson of Clarksville is dead.  Shot by his brother Charles Davidson.  Albert attemped to attack Charles and was stopped by six bullets.  The action of the jury is said to be due to the attitude assumed by Walter Davidson, another brother.

Alfred Knapp's Bloody Career Brought to a Close.  Arrested at Hamilton Ohio.  Charged with the murder of his wife, then he confessed to the murder of five women.  Ida Gebhardt a West Indianapolis girl in a stable, July 3, 1885.  Emma Littleman in a lumber yard in Cincinnati January 21, 1894.  May Eckert on August 1, 1894 in Cincinnati.  His wife Jennie Conners Knapp under the canal bridge on Liberty street in Cincinati and threw her into the canal.  Wife Annie Knapp in Hamilton on Dec22, 1902 in Hamilton and threw her into the river.  On last Thursday Knapp would have been killed by a mob had he not been placed under a strong police guard.

The body of a negro man was found tied up in a sack in the Duck River near Shelbyville.  The body had been severed just above the hips.  It was the opinion of the jury that the body had been in some medical institution and had been thrown into the river and had been washed by the high water to where it was found.

March 6, 1903 – Number 61

William A. Montgomery died - Another Good Man Called from the Walks of Earth. -

Palmetto, March 4. - Another good man taken from the walks of earth life.  William A. Montgomery, the fifth son of our father, Thomas Montgomery, was suddenly called away last Monday evening, the 23rd, by that fell destroyer of human life – heart failure.  He had been in feeble health since last spring from a spell of the grippe, but since the beginning of the winter he began to recuperate and his friends were in hopes he would regain his former health and strength.  He was buried at Palmetto Cemetery where lies the remains of his mother, a brother ans sister.   His mother had 9 children, six boys and three girls.  The six older were born in South Carolina and the the three younger in Tennessee.  The first to die was Henry Clay Montgomery, the youngest at the age of 26; the second was Maggie Montgomery Ramsey, who was next to the youngest; the last is William Andrew Montgomery, in his 57th year and the last of the children born in Tennessee.  The South Carolina born are yet all alive, among whom the writer is the “Elder Brother”.

March 10, 1903 – Vol 62

John McLean died.  One of the best colored citizens of this district.  His death was due to a stroke fo paralysis.

March 13, 1903 – Vol 63

Wilhelmina Weiler Ingle died.  Wife of E.P. Ingle and daughter of Mr and Mrs J.W. Weiler of West Lewisburg.  Buried at Lone Oak.  Age 33.

John Henry Glasscock died March 11.  Over 50 years old.  Leaves wife and five children.  Buried in Mt. Lebanon Cemetery.

Clark Glenn died.  Age 60 years.  Buried in Old Bethel Graveyard.  Leaves wife and nine children. 

March 17, 1903 – Vol 64

Will Helton and Miss Myrtle Bradford of this vicinity were recently united in marriage.  A week after the performance of the ceremony Helton deserted his bride, giving as his reason, that he had ceased to lover her.  Miss Bradford is a young lady whose character is above reproach.  Later the whitcaps were reported to be in pursuit of the deserter.

Lemiza Drake died yesterday.  Mother of Mrs. G.C. Appleby and Walter Drake of Verona. 

Little son of Mr and Mrs. Pat Tate died age sixteen months. 

March 20, 1903 – Vol 65

Bose Tally died age 43.  Buried Pleasant Hill Cemetery.  Leaves a wife.

March 24, 1903 – Vol 66

Mrs S.J. Turner died at her ome on the Belfast road Sunday morning at 7 o'clock.  Father; Capt Henry Armstrong of Due West, S.C.   Brother;  John Armstrong of Texas.  She was age 26.  (Card of Thanks in March 31, 1903 – Vol 68 – by Sidney Turner)

W.H. Johnson Goes Free, Verdict, “Not Guilty”.  W.H. Johnson indicted for the murder of the negro John Davis who was hanged in November by a mob.  It was thought that John Davis killed Mr. Adair by mutilating him. 

March 27, 1903 – Vol 67

Evalitha Elizabeth Gregg died at her home age 86 years and four months.  Buried at Irwin Cemetery.

March 31, 1903 – Vol 68

J.G. Fox died at his home near Cochran.  Age 47 years.  Buried at the Fox graveyard.

April 3, 1903 – Vol 69

Gen. Jackson Passes Away.  Gen William H. Jackson the gallant Confederate soldier a valuable and one of Tennesssee's best known men, died at his home in Belle Meade, near Nashville on Monday evening. 

Mrs W.E. Arthur Talley died at the home of her parents Mr and Mrs. J.W. Arthur.  Husband and infant daughter (not named)  Buried Lone Oak Cemetery.

April 7, 1903 – Vol 70

Joe E Head died April 3.  Aged 44 years.  Buried at Wilson Hill.  Wife and three children.

April 10, 1903 – Vol 71

Motion made to move Marshall County Jail. 

April 10, 1903 – Vol 71

Cyclone kills fifteen people in Birmingham Ala.  Among the dead are Henry McCoy, a prominent farmer, his wife and five children.  John Griffin a farmer and his son were also killed.

April 14, 1903

Marshal Steve Dark died.  He was seriously shot while returning from Hardison's Mills to Lewisburg.  A band of three to six mask men shot him.  Mr M.F. Purdom who runs the toll-gate was aroused by the groans of the suffering man and hurried to his assistance.   Dark was taken to Stillwell House.  A pistol was later found opposite the residence of Mr. J.C. Snell.

April 17, 1903 – Vol 72

Mary Jane Royster died at her home on Franklin Ave.  Age 70.  Brother and two sisters, John S. Gibson of Corsicana, Tex., Mrs. Alex. Walker of Kern Tex., and Mrs. J.E. Halbert of Cyruston, Tenn.  Buried at Lone Oak.  Miss Lizzie Purdom lived with Mrs. Royster for about ten years.

Edmond Franklin Larwood (Character Sketch) – Born Jan 14, 1827 in Madison County Ala.  His parents emigrated to Lincoln County TN locating near Archer, where Mr. Larwood yet resides.  Married to Miss Louiza Murdock, Jan 25, 1849.  Seven children were born to them, tow girls and five boys all of whom are living and married except Amanda Larwood, who died Oct 24, 1877.  Mr. Larwood's grand-father was born in France and come to this county during the Revolutionary war and tought under Gen. Marion.  Edmond Larwood, his father was born in South Carolina in 1782.  The subject of this sketch joined the Seceder Church in 1852.  He was a captain of a confederate company during the Civil War.  Shortly after the war he taught school at what is now known as Larwood school-house.  He said, in those days a pedagogue's compensation was very small.  He only received $16.00 a month for his service.

Mr. Robert McAteer died at his home in cornersville Tuesday.  Uncle Robin as he was called was born August 8th, 1841, near McLinburg, N.C.  He came to Tennesee in 1819.  Married Miss Hannah McCorkle Oct 3, 1843.  Nine children were born of this union, only two are living, W.W. McAteer and Mrs. Wm. Glenn.  Buried at the Fox graveyard.

Death of City Marshal Steve Dark which took place about 1 o'clock Tuesday morning or about twelve hours after he was shot.  Rumored he shot himself because the pistol found with three shots missing was his although Dark stated he was shot by masked menn and repeated the statement on his death bed.     He was 28 years old.  Member of the Christian Church, a Pythian and an Odd Fellow.  He was a Deputy Sheriff under M.W. Fowler and two terms as city Marshall of Lewisburg.  His brothers are coming from Texas, Wilson Dark and Cowden Dark.  They will meet at the Bethlahem Cemetery.  (May 22, 1903 – Quick Settlement – Father – James Dark)

Names for Confederate Monument – This is a partial list of Confederate soldies from Marshall County, Tennessee, who were killed in battle or died in the service in the War of 1861 – 1865.

First Distirct:

N.C. McGaugh

J. Oliver

Warren Sweeny

W.R. Alexander

Gus Fowler

Berry Burgess

Henry Collins

Andrew Haislip

Leas Kelley

T.J. Park

Jerome Park

M.A. Fue

Geo Rainey

Second District:

B.L. Brown

L.H. Brown

D.H. Beasley

W.S. Beasley

J.N. McRee

J.S. McGaugh

W.W. McGaugh

Wm. Robinson

L.H. Shaw

Wilson Thomas

L.W. Williams

Green Holly

W.J Bagley

Third District:

Ferd Downing

J.J. Wells

Boone Cathey

Wm Hammond

Robt. Rainey

Saml Wakefield

J.L. D. Finley

John Finley

J.N. Davis

Frank Finley

Saml. Finley

James Ruth

Wm Finley

Jesse Franklin

Mitchell Dodd

R.H. Luna

Wm. Luna

J.C. Talley

Wm. Welch

W.L. Hunter

S.H. Watson

J.B. Watson

Fourth District

W.A. Biggers

R. Biggrs

J.H. Biggers

R.H Hogan

A.H. Talley

J.D. Dyer

J.C. Sanders

Hard Gulley

Jackson Gulley

Riley Butler

D.E. Talley

J.C. Talley

T.E. Russell

G.W. Russell

Eilas Rambo

J.C. Weaver

Wm. Bills

J.O. Driver


Fifth District

F.M. Orr

R.H Twitty

Jas Beckham

W. Bethune


John Bethune


G.W. Oneal

Martin Glenn

J.T. Davis

Geo. Stockton

W.M. Endsley

Dallas Bethune

Jame L. Baker

M.H. Oneal

Jas Allen

W.P. Neeley

Jas Greer.

Sixth District

A.A. Dysart

J.W. Houston

T.H. Hunter

J.K Dryden

Warren Sweeney

Newt Hooper

G.W. Hunter

John Anderson

Esp. Reynolds

D Jones

J.H. Ellison

J.K.P. Thomas

J. Thomas

James Thomas

J.A. McCurdy

A.M. Robinson

A.M. Stewart

A.T. Wilson

William Sweeney

Eilas Brown

Jas Johnson

Tim Tilman


Ninth District

M.J. Lunn

Robt Lunn

A.J. Ring

Wm Bruce

M Hinson

James Smithson

A. Derryberry

Jas Derryberry

W.S. Riggs

Wm. White

Tobe Ford

K. Hinson

Twelfth District

D.M. Bryant

W.J. Bryant

Will Beckett


John Birmingham

Elias Birmingham

Tom Birmingham

W.J. Anderson


S. Anderson

T.J. Dillehay

John Dillehay

Bony Dyer

John Finley

Gid Harris

J.A. London

J. London

Sid Long

I.L. McKeechan.

David McCord

Will Morris

W.M. Patterson

Martin Scott

Lee Talley

Reef Yarbrough

Thomas Wilson

Thirteenth District

G.H. Moore

Andrew McKnight

Wash McKnight

John Rutledge

Fourteenth District

GW Edwards

Tom Cochran

Green London

W.M. Phifer

P.H. Collins

W.M. Collins

B.G.  Tillman

B.W. Duncan

W.A. Phillips

John McCorkle

Willis Jones

J.H. Talley

M. Talley

TJ. Wilson

A. Osborne

Fifteenth District

E.B. Bryant

Jo Devin

F. Brecheen


Geo Wilson

J.F. Paxton

T.D. Bryant

W.H. Bradley

Jo P. Davis

J.C. Davis

W.M. Davis

Tom Gold

J.M. Glenn

W.M. Henry

H. Houston

T.W. Harwell

James B. McCrory

R.C. Cox

Milton Henry

W.H. Collins

R.J. Webster

J.K. P. Hopper

W.E. McKnight

A.M. Smith

W.C. Giles

Wm. Green

J.W. Osborne

John Green

John Helton

Wm. Morgan

Wm Osborne

P Sawyer

Saml Beard

Seventeenth District

J. Rodgers

John Griffis

A.J. Williams

Russell Brown

John Brown

J.R. McCullum

J.M. Jordan

Tom Jordan

Wm Jordan

A. Compton

Tom Roberts

Monroe Roberts

Mac Roberts

A. Duggers

Wm. V. Vancleave

B. Glenn

M. Mathews

Joseph McMahon


Eighteenth District

A Cochran

W.C. James

Alex Fowler

Stephen Johe

W.J. Coleman

Newt Green

Ben Gant

Wm Gant

G.W. Daughtery

H. Cochran

Tecumseh Rosson

Mitchell Fowler

J.H. Emerson

Our readers are requested to report to Capt. W.G. Loyd any error or omission that may be found in the above list.  These names at to be recorded on the Confederate Monument to be erected at this place and it is desired that the list be corrected.

Marshall Dark's Successors.  G.M. Taylor and J.T. Tillman, Constables of the Fiftenth District to fill out the unexpired term of City Marshal Dark. 

April 21,  1903

Mrs. Louiza Larwood of this place died Thursday morning.  Born Dec 25, 1829 and was married to  E.F. Larwood, Jan 25, 1849.  Buried in the family burying ground. 

April 21, 1903 – Vol 74

Miss Annie Hardison, died, daughter of Dr and Mrs. S.T. Hardison died at her home on East Hill.  Age 17.  Buried at Lone Oak Cemetery.

April 24, 1903 – Vol 75

Henry Scruggs col was arreseted  in Williamson County for murdering Simon Jones col.

Mrs. Jesse McCurdy died this morning.  Born July 26, 1851.  Leaves husband and six children.  Buried at the McCurdy Cemetery.

James Short Esq. (Biographical Sketch) born Nov 15, 1824 in the Second District of Marshall County and has lived in the same up to the present time.  At the age of six his father died.  His mother worked the farm.  His mother was a Miss Campbell and was born in 1800 and was wedded to Freeman Short about 1820.  Esq Short's grandfather, Jas Campbell, was born in Ireland and his grand-mother Campbell was born and educated in England.  James Short was married to Miss Parthena Francis Atkisson July 1844.  Twelve children were born of this union, six of whom are living.  Mr. Short operated the first cotton gin in this section of the county.  It was put up by his cousin, Jno Short, in 1843 and was located where Richland Cumberland Presbyterian Church now stands.   He said the first grist and saw mill was operated by Mr. Sammy Davis about seventy years ago.  Mr. Short joined the Jim McAfee Company in 1862, and just stayed in the army eighteen months.  Mr. Short was elected Magistrate in 1865 and served two terms. 

May 1, 1903 – Vol 77

Mrs. S.L. Littleton, wife of City Marshal Littleton, died at her home in Cornersville on April 30.  Aged 59 years.  Buried at the Old New Hope graveyard.

Jesse A. Sissom died from injuries when he attempted to jump from a moving buggy.  Mr Sissom was riding with John Ramsey and though the horse was running away and jumped out the buggy.  He died some twelve hours later.  Age about 42.  Leaves a wife and seven children.  Body was shipped back to Manchester. 

Mr Jno Collins has a hammer and foot adze that his grand-father, Wm McGregor, brought from Virginia about 100 years ago.  (Archer notes – Farmington)

May 5, 1903 – Vol 78

Lizzie Thompson died May 1, 1903.  Husband Mr. W.S. Thompson .  Aged about 48.  Five children.  Buried at Shiloh graveyard.

Mrs. Sam Crowder died from Typhoid fever.  Leaves a husband and two daughter.  Buried at the Roberts graveyard. 

Frank Welker was shot in the face with a double barrel shot gun in the Tenth District of Montgomery County by Esq. Jas Williams.   Welker was steathly approaching Williams house for the purpose of eloping with Williams daughter.  Welker is now one-eyed, still single, and owes his life to the fact that his gun was loaded with small shot.

Miles Barnett (Character Sketch) was born April 29, 1829 in Warren County.  He with his parents came to Marshall County in 1830.  Married to Sarah Amanda Caneer on Aug 31, 1847.   One son and four daughters.  When war broke out he joined Company A. J.L. Bryant was Captain of this company.  He enlisted May 16, 1861 at old New Hope and was discharged Oct 1, 1862, but was soon called back.  He fought at Buford's Island, S.C. And at Murfreesboro.   

May 8, 1903 – Vol 79

Geo. Henderson Shoots Andrew Winters, Bad Character.  Andrew J. Winters, a noted criminal of Davidson County, was shot and killed Monday afternoon six miles from Nashville, on the Lebanon pike, by Geo A. Henderson a prominent farmer and business man.  Henderson claims self-defense.  He had prosecuted Winters.

C.C. Miller died at his home near Lillards Mills Thursday afternoon.  Buried at the Thompson graveyard. 

May 12, 1903 – Vol 80

Capt. J.S. Beatty died at the Confederate Soldier's Home near Nashville.  His remains were brought to Cornersville Friday for interment.  Age 70 years.

The remains of the little daughter of Mr and Mrs. J.W. Thompson were brought out from Nashville Saturday night and interred at the Hill graveyard Sunday afternoon.

May 19, 1903 – Vol 82

John Clayton Cowden died at his home near Ostella Saturday mornking.  Age 57.  Buried at New Hope Cemetery.  Wife and one son and two daughters.  Director of the Peoples Bank. (May 22, 1903)

City's Tax Books Cannot Be Found.  It is reported they are not in the office at the Stilwell House or in the office of the Recorder.  As surrounded by the death of Sheriff Dark there are mysteries about this and various opinions are expressed as to the whereabouts and disposition of the books. 

Mr L. Dahney died.  Well known railroad man.  Brother in law Mr. Lawson White.  Buried at Columbia Cemetery.  Leaves a wife.

May 22, 1903 – Vol 83

Oscar Harwell assassinated by his son-in-law Henry Foster age 21. 

Mary E Adams died.  Age 55.  Her brother Denny Adams.  Buried at Round Hill Cemetery. 

Mrs. B.F. Agnew aged 27 died from typhoid-pneumonia.  Leaves a husband and two children.  Buried at Flowers Cemetery.

Mrs. Lou McKee died.  Sister, Mrs. W.M. Robinson.  Died at her home in Dallas Tex on Thursday, May 14th. 

Mrs. Emma Hardison died.   Widow of the late Wm Hardison.  Buried at Tankersley graveyard.  Leaves son ten years old.

May 29, 1903 – Vol 84

Home of W.T. Osborne of Bell Buckle burned.  Wife was at her fathers, B.W. Long of this place.

Mrs. Wm Parks died.  Age 56.  Widow of the late Wm. Anderson Park.  Buried at the Taylor graveyard.

Mrs. F.A. Richardson celebrated her 70th birthday.  She has in her possession an oval shaped white pearl button, known to be 150 years old.  It was her great-grandmother.

Willie Hankins died last week.  Resided in Knox County.  Age 3 years from a honey bee.  Parents; N.J. Hankins.

Theluga Montgomery died.  Two year old daughter of Mr and Mrs. Frank Montgomery who reside a few miles from Newbern.   Child caught her closes on fire and died because of the injuries.

June 2, 1903 – vol 86

W.M. Glenn was murdered by Bill Prosser near Belfast.  Bill Prosser is thought to be in the Lincoln County area. 

Thomas Little, son of Thomas Little who resides near this place is reported to have taken an over dose of morphine last Thursday evening near Petersburg.  It is said that the drug was taken with suicidal intent, but the timely arrival of a physician  saved the young man's life.  He is badly crippled in his lower lims and it is supposed that his unfortunate condition prompted him to take the drug.

Esq. A.P. Hill had fallen dead at his home near this place.  His death was due to heart failure.  Buried at Kennedy graveyard.  Leaves family (not named)

Mrs. Elizabeth Glenn. (Archer).  Mrs. Elizabeth Lowry Glenn was born near Beech Hill church, this county, Feb 28, 1818.  She was married to John F. Glenn, a very prominent farmer of this section.  Mr. Glenn died Dec 7, 1854.  With the exception of a few years spent in Lawrence County, Mrs. glee has resided in this section of the county.  Mrs. Glenn's mother Isabella Cummings, was born in Gilford County, N.C. May 17, 1781.  She was married in that state and came to Tennessee with her husband, settling in a cane thicket near Beech Hill.  Mrs. Glenn states that they had to keep log heaps burning to keep the wolves away.  They were among the first settles of this county.  Her father owned an immense tract of land in that section of the county.  Seven children were born to that union, three boys and four girls.  Only two are living, Mrs. Glenn and Mrs. Polly Fuller.   Mrs. Glenn's grandmother Cummings, nee Miss Isabella Blair, was born on board a ship which was bearing her father, mother and tree sisters from Ireland to North Carolina.  Later they came from Tennessee, located near Belfast where they all died and were buried at Round Tree Cemetery.  Mrs. Glenn's grandmother Lowry, was born in Pennsylvania and came to South Carolina and then to Tennessee.  Mrs. Lowry was the mother of six children.  Mrs. Jane Caldwell, Mrs. Mary Endsley, Mrs. Sallie Smiley and Mrs Isabella Cummings, David Lowry and Miss Elizabeth Lowry who never married.  Mrs. Glenn professed religion at the Adams Campground, near Farmington, in September of 1836.   She is one of the most respected old ladies of Marshall County.  She is noted for her piety and honesty.  You can always rely upon what “Aunt Betsy” tells you.  If she makes a mistake it is of the head and not of the heart.

Frank James and Cole Younger to be here on the 9th of June.  It is a great wild west show.  (not in the article.  These men were part of the James Gang).

William Thompson 2 year old son of J.W. Thompson died Friday night near Duncanville.

June 5, 1903 – Vol 87

Four 1 year old mules killed by lightning.  Valued at Five Hundred Dollars.  Jno. H. Meadows and son Bruce C. Meadows who resides 3 miles out on the Spring Place road lost four 1 year old mules to lightning last Sunday afternoon.

June 9, 1903 – Vol 87

Mrs. Elvira Allison died at her home near Caney Springs.  Age 76.  Funeral services were conducted by Rev C.S. Gabard.  At Unionville this procession met another on the way to the burial of the remains of Mr. Isom Joyce who also died on Thursday.

Jos.  T. Thomas was assassinated near Burton.  Thomas was on his way to testify abourt the existence of wildcat distilleries in that section fo the county and the officers are certain that the deed was committed by the wildcatters or their friends. 

Two children of W.A. Stewart living near Stegall, in Henderson county, started to a neighbors last week and disappeared.  Later they were found buried under the earth of an embankment, under which they had apparently stopped to play, when the earth caved in, crushing out their young lives. 

June 12, 1903 – Vol 88

Miss Irma Meadows died at the home of Mr. Fount Barnett and her sister Miss Zora Meadows.  Father is A.M. Meadows.  Buried at Lone Oak Cemetery.  Age 17.

Breach of promise lawsuit.  Miss Maggie Lyle daughter of Henry Lyle, a prominent farmer of Montgomery county, has sued Dr. R.B. Ussery, a well known practicing physician of Shiloh, in the same county, for $10,000 damages, claiming breach of a promise.  The case is sensational and great interest is being taken all over this section in the affair.  Cards were out for the marriage of Miss Lyle to Dr. Ussery and the wedding was to be a swell church affair.  On May 21 Dr. Ussery went to Clarksville and was quietly married to Miss Buyde Allen, daughter of W.C.Allen a prominent merchant of Shiloh.  Hench the breach of promise suit as above. 

Sam Davis was killed near Tazewell last week, Fale Minton chopping his head off and burying an ax several times in his body.  Minton was put in Tazewell jail.

James Sims, Traveling salesman for a St. Louis house fell dead last week on the street in Nashville while on his way home during a terrific storm.  It is thought he was hit by lightening.  Age 58.

J.W. Hendricks a flagman on the Mobile & Ohio railroad was ran over and killed by a passenger train.

June 16, 1903 – Vol 89

George Morgan of Fayetteville committed suicide this morning.  Leaves wife and two children. 

M.M. Malone age 68 died.  Buried at the Cochran graveyard. 

June 19, 1903 – Vol 90

John Evans, Aged 92 Years, Makes a Death Bed Confession to the Murder of William Cannon.   About 42 years ago Wm. Cannon was shot down at his yard gate.  He and his wife had disagreed and while they were in an altercation over the possession of their children, the fatal shot was fired by Evans.  Mrs. Cannon was a sister to Evans. 

June 23, 1903 – Vol 91


Mrs. J.E. Hammonds died.  Age 35.  Buried at Spring Place cemetery.  Husband and six children.

Wm Stegall murdered by crazy woman a colored woman called “Crazy Mag”. 

Lebanon News:  Mrs Eduora Hill is very ill. 

June 26, 1903 – Vol 92

Maj. James Gizzard Aydelott of Tullahoma died. 

William H. Hobby of Yell died at his home.  Age 62 years.  Buried Arthur graveyard.   Was an ex-confederate soldier, a member of Gordon's Cavalry.  Leaves five children and a wife.

Mrs. Van Allen died at her home near Ostella on June 24.  Age 33years.  Buried at New Hope cemetery.  Leaves husband and four children.  (could be Dan Allen.. see below)

June 20, 1903 – Vol 93

The little 3 – year old son of Mr and Mrs Thos. Turner died Thursday.

The infant of Mr. J.E. Harmond was buried Friday.

A condolence to Mr. Dan Allen on the loss of his wife. 

July 3, 1903 – Vol 94

West side of the Lewisburg square burned  Wednesday morning (July 1).   W.E. Purdom store is where it started.  Mr. Purdom was interviewed.  Thos. Cunningham store house which was occupied by Thos Tillman.  Dr. S.T. Hardison lost a two story building used by the Cumberland Telephone Company.   Mrs Cook and son Tom Cook  lost all their household goods.  John Lawrence a colored tailor also lost his business who's building was owned by P Fox and W.D. Fox.   The Presbyterian Church also burned by the good citizens removed most of the pews and the organ. 

Harvey Logan rides away.  Lassoes the Guard at the Knoxville jail, Secures Revolver and disappers on the Sheriff's Mare. 

Mrs. Maggie Dean died..  Formerly of Robertson Fork.  Age 36 years.  Died in St. Louis from cancer. 

Andy Diggs killed by a mob at Scottsboro.  He was in jail for assulting a 19 year old daughter of Dr. R.B. Smith.  He was hung and then shot!  Sheriff Austin was shot while trying to protect his prisoner.  

Card of Thanks from Wm McBride and Family for his little darling daughter Mildred McBride.

July 7, 1903 – Vol 95

Mrs Elvira Allison, mother of our former president R.D. Allison.  The members of the Caney Spring Literary Society Resolutions of Sympathy.

Mrs Miles Barrett age 74 years died near Archer on Friday. 

Ike M. Abernathy ends his life with a double barreled shot guy near Wilhoite.  No word left.  Aged about 40 years.  Single man.  Brother in law to J.W.E. Floyd of Caney Springs.  Will be buried in Caney Springs tomorrow.

Jimmie Edwards age 2 years died.  Parents; Mr and Mrs. Joe Edwards.  Buried at the Thomas graveyard. 

July 10, 1903  - Vol 96

Mrs. Miles Barrett died at her home.  Aged 73 years. 

Mr W.A. Johnson age 65 died on Friday morning of last Week at his home in North Lewisburg.  Bruied at the Reed graveyard.  Leaves a wife and six children.  Two in Texas, two in Rutherford County and two in Marshall.

Mr. Frank Hewey age 70 died at his home four miles south of Ostella.   Buried at New Hope cemetery.

July 24, 1903 – Vol 100

86 AND 78 – Dr. and Mrs. S.T. Hardison had the pleasure of spending a day this week with the Doctor's uncle, Mr. J.Y. Hardison of Maury County, who was the guest of Mr and Mrs. Zach Brown near Berlin.  Mr. Hardison was a member of the firm of King & Hardison, merchants at Berlin, in 1840.  In that year he was married to Miss Dorothy Fonville of Bedford County.  This this union fourteen children were born, seven of whom are living.  Mr. Hardison had eleven brothers and sisters.  His wife is one of six children.  Mr and Mrs. Hardison are the only surviving members of their families.  On Mrs. Hardison's  85th birthday, his oldest daughter Mrs. Sowell, died at her home in Columbia, aged 62.  Mr. Hardison is now 86 years old and his wife is 78.  Both are well preserved. 

Mrs. G.W. Fisher died at her home near this place Monday night, aged 73 years.  She was carried to Rover for interment. 

Mr. Floyd B.Ewing died at his home on Franklin Road Tuesday afternoon, aged 70 years.  He leaves a wife and six children, four daughters and three sons.  His remains were interred at Bethbirei Wednesday. 

July 28, 1903 – Vol 103

Miss Estelle Johnson died in Lawrenceburg.  (Cochran news).  Mr. J.T. Davis and sister, Mrs. Emma Moore went to Lawrenceburg to attend the burial of their cousin. 

Mrs. Jno. Heath, aged 38 years died at her house.  She leaves a little daughter Annie Heath and a husband.  Buried in Murfreesboro.

July 31, 1903 – Vol 104

Wilson Jones died.  Age 5 years.  Little son of Mr and Mrs. R.L. Jones.   Buried at Lone Oak.

Mrs Fannie Glenn, wife of W.N. Glenn died near Roberson Fork Wednesday.  Leaves husband and one child.

Mrs. W.M. Hammond of Silver Creek died at the home of her son-in-law, Mr. W.T. Richardson at Lynnville Sunday afternoon.  Aged 70 years.

Rev J.L. Alsworth, formerly Pastor of Lewisburg Church drown.  Mrs. C.A. Armstrong was notified by telegram by Mrs. J.L. Alsworth.

Aug 4, 1903 – Vol 1__

Rev. J.L Alsworth – Up to the tiem we go to press no detailed report of the drowning of Rev. J.L. Alsworth has been received in Lewisburg.  He was drowned in the Mississippi River and the latest report stated his body had not been recovered.

Miss Emma Jones, who was thrown from her hourse near Park's Station several weeks ago, remains in a very critical condition, and very little hope is entertained for her recovery.  One side of her face is said to be paralized.

Devin Bros saw mill is a financial failure.  The firms liabilities will amount to about 8,000.  It is alleged that eight head of work mules, some wagons, cattle and young mules were sold and the money amounting to 3,400 was not used toward paying their indebtedness.   Jno. Devin, the junior member of the firm is reported to of left the country.  The senior member of the firm is an invalid.

William Allison age 15 died by accidentally shot himself through the heart at his uncle's, Richard Allison home.  Buried in Chapel Hill.

George Smith died  Saturday night at the home of his mother Mrs. Mary Smith.  Age 33 years.   Buried at the Collins graveyard. 

Aug 7, 1903

Rev. J.L. Alsworth drown.  His body has not been found.  Rev Alsworth ask Mr. Young a friend to go with him to swim in the Mississippi to go swimming with him.  Mr. Young could not go.  At the grocery Rev Alsworth bought a cake of soap.  He went down past McBride's Stove factory where he stopped to get a drink of water.  That was the last he was seen.  Mrs. Alsworth thought he was just running late.  When Mr. Young learned he was missing a group of friends went to the place he usually swims and found his clothes.   Mrs. Alsworth's mother, Mrs. Bryan and her brother in law, Mr. B.A. Elliott both of Kosciusko, Miss are with her now. 

Aug 11, 1903 – Vol 3

John L. Hunter, who was shot in the back by the mob Monday night of last week, died of his wound Friday. 

Reward for Whitecaps – Gov. Frazier has offered a reward for the murders of the negroes, John Milligan and John Hunter who were shot to death by a part of Whitecaps at Needmore, a negro settlement in Marshall County.

Aug 15, 1903 – Vol 4

Simon Booker who resided seven miles from Winchester was shot down in potato patch and fatally wounded.  The murders then went into his home, killed his wife and burned the building, cremating Mrs. Booker's body.  Simon Booker made a statement after he was found by the neighbors.  The arrest of Henry Judge, Joe Delp and John Evans followed.  They were placed in the Winchester jail.

Picture of Lewisburg Methodist Church which was dedicated Sunday by Bishop E.E. Hoss of Nashville.

Archer News (Aug 12)  Mrs. Nora Helton is visiting her mother, Mrs. Sarah Gragg near Palmetto. 

Aug 18, 1903 – Vol 5

Alabama Veteran visits Lewisburg Relatives.  Mr  David Jones of Florence, Ala.  Accompanied by his little son and daughter, Clyde and pearl visited Mr. Wm Davis and family on Verona Avenue last week.  Mr. Jones entered the Confederate army when 15 years of age and went through the four years of service.  While returning from Tscumbia to Florence after the surrender, he was shot down by “bush wackers” and left for dead.  His brother, who accompanied him was killed.   Mr Jones is a brother to Mrs. Davis.

Mrs. Mollie Tankersley, wife of F.P. Tankersley,  died near Verona.   Buried at the Verona graveyard.  Leaves husband and seven children. 

Miss Laila Hardin, the only daughter of Mr and Mrs. Wm Hardin died at their home, near Leonard's school house from Typhoid fever, aged 17 years.  Buried at New Hope Cemetery near Tally station.

Aug 21, 1903 – Vol 6

Thomas Bryant formerly of this place, recently of Huntsville met with an accident Monday evening which resulted in his death.  He was on his way home to visit the bedside of his wife who is seriously ill at the home of her father Dr. J.C. Crunk of Luna.  As he stepped from the moving trin his head stuck a lumber pile which threw him under the train in such a manner as to throw his right leg under the wheels of the car.  It was so bruised as to require its amputation at once.  His father Mrs. James Bryant and Dr. Crunk accompanied the remains to Archer where they were interred.  Mrs. Bryant is so ill she has not been told yet.

August 25, 1903 – Vol 7

Skull of Negro Murdered Twenty-seven years ago found near Caney Spring – Bears make of the deadly bullet.  Bob Hogue was shot and killed by a man named Akin at Joyce's Mill on Duck river.  The remains were buried by the bank of the river.  The March flood of last year unearthed the skull, carrying it down the river below Carney Springs.  The ghastly relic was brought to Caney Spring. 

Rev. B.A. Cherry and Brother R.E. Cherry was arrested at Winchester.  The alleged offense grew out a deposition that was given by R.E. Cherry.  R.E. Cherry is charged with perjury and his brother Rev B.A. Cherry charged with subornation of perjury.  Rev. B.A. Cherry was trying to recover from the insurance company for some losses that he had sustained by fire. 

Iva Alma Edwards died.  Daughter of Mr and Mrs. W.V. Edwards of North Lewisburg.  Buried at Lone Oak Cemetery. 

August 28, 1903 – Vol 8

Mrs. Elizabeth Sowell died at the home of her parents, Mr and Mrs. J.T. Finley.  Age 31.  Leaves 12 year old daughter  Tommie Sowell.  Buried at Lone Oak.

Rev B.A. Cherry pleads not guilty to Charges of fraud in Land Deal. 

Sept 1, 1903 – Vol 9

Caleb Powers Must Hang for murder of Governor Goebel of Kentucky. 

Sept 4, 1903 – Vol 10

Mr Curren Bligh died last Saturday morning (Shepherd's Branch news)  He was the baby boy and leaves a mother and father, six brothers and two sisters to morn his loss.   Buried at Cornersville Cemetery. 

Dern Bligh died at the home of his parents Mr and Mrs Thomas Bligh near Cornersville.   Buried at Beechwood Cemetery at Cornersville.  Age 21

Sept 8, 1903 -  Vol 11

Delp and Evans, Murders will Hang October 9th.  Judge likely to Meet the same fate for the murders of old man Bucher and wife in Franklin County last month. 

Hon Thos N. Greer of Bedford County is the Candidate to succeed Hon James D. Richardson.  Tom Greer is a self made man and has been a successful lawyer and a business man and has had experience in the Government Department at Washington.

Rev S.M. Cherry of Nashville has been visiting.  He is 77 years old.  Forty five years have passed since he was in Lewisburg. 

Mrs. Eliza Edwards died near Globe Sunday morning at 9.  Husband Thos Edwards .  Age 45.  Buried at the Marsh graveyard.  Sister; Mrs. H.H. Edwards and Mrs. Josie Duncan of this place.  Leaves husband and seven children. 

Sept 11, 1903 – Vol 12 (Newspaper miss print... Sept 8, 1903 – Vol 11 marked through with pen)

Henry Judge will also hang on Oct 9.  An appeal has been filed for the murder of Bucher and wife in Franklin County. 

Mr William Ryson McAdams died at his home near Belfast.  Leaves a widow. 

Confederate Reunion at Shelbyville on October 6, 1903.  This is by order of Frierson Camp. 

Sept 14, 1903 – Vol 13

Mrs. S.E. Bostic, Formerly of Lewisburg, Shoots and Kills Her Husband at Carouthersville, Mo., Now in Jail With Her Two Sons.  Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Bostic shot and killed her husband, Thos A. Bostic at 12 o'clock.  Her first husband was Jasper A. Yarbrough who was for many  years the Register of this county.  After his death, his widow marred Thos Bostie and soon after their marriage they left this county living for a few years at Decaturville, TN where Bostie was engaged in a saw mill.  They later moved to Caroutherville, Mo., where they have been for about three years.  It is said that Bostic and his wife never got along well and that he was very cruel to her.

Miss Dovie Beaver an attractive young lady of Fayetteville has disappeared from her home.  She left a note to her mother and said she had quarreled with her sweetheart and he did not love her and she was going away and that no search need be made for her as she could never be found. 

W.L. Welch died at his home on Depot St.  Age 32 years.  Buried at Lone Oak Cemetery.  He was a book-keeper for the Bank of Lewisburg.  Leaves wife and two children. 

Mrs. Mollie Cunningham died.  Age 49 years.  Wife of City Marshal C.J. Cunningham.  Buried in Cunningham Cemetery near Verona.  Leaves husband and three children.

Sept 18, 1903 – Vol 14

Mrs. Amon Griffin was found dead in bed.  Age 79.

Mrs Sarah J. Pickens, aged 64 years, died at the home of her son, J.W. Pickens.

Mrs. Bostic claims “self defense”.  In the killing of her husband Thomas Bostic.  Her invalid crippled son is Eutie Yarbrough and he bought the gun. (Sept 22, 1903 – Vol 15)

Sept 22, 1903 – Vol 15

Mr. J.R. Kirkpatrick a local machine agent at Columbia was killed by a locomotive last week.  Age about 35.   Formerly lived in Shelbyville.

James Marcus Kennedy, died Friday of diphtheria.  Age 10 years.  Mother; Mrs. Mamie Kennedy, relict of Rev. Marcus Kennedy, of Brick Church.  (Buried at Beechwood Cemetery – Sept 25, 1903)

Oct 2, 1903 – Vol 18

Samuel King died near Brick Church from brain fever.  Age 30 years.  Parents Mr and Mrs. Drew King.  Buried Marsh graveyard

Oct 6, 1903 – Vol 19

George Reavis died at his home near Farmington Sunday morning.  Buried at Rich Creek Cemetery by the Masons.  Leaves wife and four children.

Body of J.L. Alsworth has never been recovered.  Hi wife is now living in Kascuisko, Miss with her married sister, Mrs. Elliott.

J. Frank Freeman died age 64 years from heart failure.  Buried at Spring Place cemetery with a Masonic fraternity.  Was an X-confederate soldier.   Wife and eight children.  (Archer News)  Born March 26, 1841.  Joined the confederate army in 1861.  Wife; Miss Lizzie Roberson in 1866 and ten children were born to this union, eight girls and two boys.  All but two little girls are still living.  Buried in the Short Cemetery. 

Little daughter of Mr and Mrs Dock Brown died.  Age 18 months. 

Oct 9, 1903 – Vol 20

J.W. Tanksley, one of the men shot while participating in the lynching of Allen Small at Lynchburg has had to have his leg amputated.  He is said to be in a serious condition.

Benjamin S. Thomas of Glendale, Maury County died at the Columbia Fair last Friday. 

Wallace E. Hardison arrested at Glendale and charged with forging Marshall County warrants. 

Oct 13, 1903 – Vol 21

Eliza J. Daniel died.  Born May 9, 1848.  Married G.W. Daniel on July 11, 1865.  Eleven children with five of them surviving. 

Esq. Pleas L. Damron died (Cochran news).  Moved to this county about 18 months ago.  Member of the 41st regiment, Company B.  Father of Mrs. J.B. Campbill of Cornersville.  His remains were interred at the Russel graveyard. 

Dr. Irwin suspended for six months for the charge of immorality in the excessive use of spiritous liquors.

Wallace E Hardison pleads guilty.  This all stems from a bank note two years ago when he was in desperate means.  When he paid back the money he got caught. 

Mrs. Will Jones died in Flordia.  Her brother Thomas Tyndell went to bring the body home to Columbia. 

Mrs. Susan Smith died at her home on Franklin Ave.  Buried at Lone Oak.  Age 71.  Three children; Mrs Delia Ray and Mrs. Nettie Smith of Lewisburg and Mrs. W.J. Hayes of Chattanooga.

Oct 16, 1903 – Vol 22

Mrs. Gregg died last Saturday (Belfast News)

Oct 20, 1903 – Vol 23

Thos Burgess age 18 died.  Son of Mrs. Bride Burgess of Verona.  Died of typhoid fever.  Buried at Bethberel Cemetery.

Mrs. Charlotte Miller, aged 87 years, died near Belfast.  Widow of Andrew Miller.  Buried at Head Springs. 

Oct 23, 1903 – Vol 24

Ex governer Peter Turney of Winchester is dead.   He died and was buried in a graveyard near his home in Winchester.

Wm Alexander has returned to prison in Texas.  Wm is a son of Fred Alexander of Lewisburg.  Wm was charged and found guilty of hitting his brother in law and his father in law pressed charges.

Oct 27, 1903 – Vol 25

Percy Smith Commits sucide at Clarksville.   Wife was Miss Myrtle Moore daughter of Col William Moore of Nashville. 

Miss Jane Glasscock, aged 80 years died near Farmington, Wednesday from old age.  Buried at Rich Creek. 

Mrs Helen Brooks, aged 85 died at her home near Talley Station.   Wife of Thomas F. Brooks.  She leaves a husband and four children; Mrs. D.C. Sanders of Lewisburg, Mrs. Wm Gilliam, Mrs. Amanda Crunk and Robert Brooks of Talley Station.  Buried at the family graveyard.  Her husband Thos Brooks, who is now eighty seven years old, was elected Sheriff in 1854, and conducted the only legal hanging ever held in this county.  He is at present in very feeble health.

Four Generations were recently represented at a dinner given by Mr and Mrs. Newt Hill.  Mrs. E.S. Thomas of Dresden age 65 years; her daughter Mrs. J.A. Steward, aged 46; Mrs. Una Lawrence, daughter of Mrs. Stewart, aged 25 and Guy Lawrence, son of Mrs. Lawrence, aged 4 years.

A memorial service in behalf of the late Chas. Dysart will be held next Sunday at Bethberal.

Oct 30, 1903 – Vol 26

A memorial service in behalf of the late Charles Thompson Dysart will be held next Sunday at Bethberal Church.

Calvin Liggett died.  Son of Mr and Mrs. Humhrey Liggett of here.  Died in Summertown of billious fever.  Age 28.  Will be brought to this place for interment.

Nov 3, 1903 – Vol 27

Ed Jordon and Frank Hibbet farmers residing near LaVergne, Rutherford County, between whom there had been a grudge of long standing, met on the highway on horseback, when Jordon drew is pistol and fired three shots, killing Hibbett.  Jordan claims self defense, but witnesses to the shooting say that it was cold blooded.  Ribbett was unarmed.

Miss Virginia Reed died from typhoid fever.  Age 21.  Parents; Dr and Mrs. T.E. Reed.  Buried in Lone Oak Cemetery.

Nov 6, 1903 – Vol 28

Mrs. Mary F. Nance age 72 years died at her home on Verona Ave.  Widow of the late Jas. W. Nance.  Buried at Beechwood Cemetery, Cornerville.  Children are Mr. L.J. Nance,  Rev Walter Nance who just returned from the Mission fields of China and Miss Ruth Nance.  She was a sister to Rev. L.R. Amis, Secretary of the Tennessee Conference.

Nov 10, 1903 – Vol 29

Joe Killingsworth, son of Mr J.T. Killingsworth of the Ducanville vicinity, who was arrested several months ago near Cullman Ala, undder the charge of shooting into a school house near that place, killing a 12 year old boy, was fined $500 dollars and sentenced to serve six months imprisonment in jail.  This was a compromise entered into by his attorney under the advisement of the young man's Marshall County friends.  Rather than run the risk of a trial under indictment, in a strange land, they accepted the compromise. 

Mrs. Rachel Adams died last week at her home near Lillard's Mills and was buried at Head Springs.  (Belfast news).

Mrs. N. B. Walker, died at the home of her parents; Mr and Mrs. Joe Ewing on the Franklin Road.  She was the formerly Miss Lula Ewing.  Buried at Lone Oak Cemetery.  Age 33. 

Chancellor Walter S. Bearden who is engaged in holding court here, is a man of remarkable memory. 

Nov 14, 1903 – Vol 30

Rachel Adams died at the home of her son-in-law, Jas Thompson.  Age 79 She was born in McLenburg County, M.C. On 1829, moved to Marshall County in 1841.  Married Joseph McLean 1851.  Married Joseph Adams in 1885.  Leaves 3 children.  F.M. McLean of Little Mudy, Ky, Mrs. W.C. Whitesell of Cochran and Mrs. Jas Thompson of this vicinity.  Mrs. Adams was a sister to S.W. Preslar, deceased of Farmington.  Buried at Head Springs cemetery.

Nov 17, 1903 – Vol 31

Esquire Samuel Davis, Nearly Ninety Years Old

            One of the oldest and best known citizens of Marshall County is Squire Samuel Davis, who resides about four miles south of Lewisburg, on the Lewisburg and Cornersville Turnpike.  Mr.
Davis only lacks six months being ninety years old, and is remarkably well preserved for one of the extreme age.

            Mr Davis was born in North Carolina in 1814, and came to Marshall County in 1814, and came to Marshall County in 1816 with his parents, Mr and Mrs. W.M. Davis.  They located near the present home of Mr. Davis, which was then in Bedford County.  The subject of this sketch was united in marriage to Miss Sarah Cochran in the year 1841.   This union resulted in five children, four sons and one daughter, one of the sons dying in infancy.  His oldest son, W.M. Davis, was killed in the Civil War and Alfred Davis, another son died a natural death some years ago.  He now has only two children living – Mrs Emma Moore and Mr. J.T. Davis of this county.

            Mr Davis has been a life long Democrat, is a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and a kind-hearted, genial gentleman.  His wife died last year, and he is now left alone to live out the remainder of his days.

Mr. C.C. Pierce died at the home of his son Mr. T.S. Pierce.  Buried in Petersburg. 

Mrs. Lavina Brown died at her home.  Widow of the late Byrd Brown.  Age 75.  Leaves a large family of children all grown, to mourn her loss.

Dec 11, 1903 – Vol 37 (missing issues and parts of the paper)

Jim T. Wilson was brought home to North Lewisburg.  Dangerously wounded by a freight train at Columbia.  Parents, Mr and Mrs. G.W. Wilson.  He is still in serious condition.

Pencil sketches of J.C. Adam who was elected Mayor, Jno. L. Marshal who was elected as city recorder and Geo. W. Ewing who was elected sheriff.

Mrs Alonzo Barnes died at her home in the 16th district.  Buried at Bethberel Cemetery.

Mrs Chas. Darnell died at her home near Wheel on Friday afternoon.

Letters to Santa Claus from:

Maude Lee Craig who use to live in West Tennessee, but now lives in Middle Tennessee close to Columbia at a little saw mill.  Her papa is a great saw mill man.  She wants a little doll, bedstead, and little stove, a doll that goes to sleep and lots of nice things to eat.  Maude has a small sister Gladys Craig who wants Santa to come see her.

Hallie Beasley with her sister and brother wants an air gun, a little wagon and some candy, oranges, bananas and wax.

Carl Orr wants a little wagon with gray horses, candy, oranges, figs, raisins and bananas.  He has one little brother and two little sisters.  His little sister Vesta Grace Orr wants a doll and stove and lots of candy.  “My little brother wants oranges and candy and my little baby sister is to little to eat so Santa cn bring her what ever he thinks best for her.”

Claborn Meadows – Dec 1 - “ Dear Old Santa; I am a little boy 5 years old and I will be at Grandpa Gambill Xmas eve, and I would like for you to bring me some chocolate candy, oranges, bananas, and some little horses and wagons and a little gun and I would like for you to bring me a wagon like Vance Davis's.  I will be proud of anything you bring and be sure and bring papa and mama something and brother too.  Your little friend.”

Corinne Hayes: “Dear Santa please bring me a nice school satchel, a ring , a new dress, a doll, an automobile and lots of nice things to eat.  Your little friend.”

Sarah Hayes: She wants a doll with green silk dress on and electric car, a set of furs, a cook stove big enough to cook on, candy, nuts and lots of good things to eat.

Birdie M. Ray; 12 years old.  Wants a little set of dishes some chairs, a cup and sarcer and album, some candy, oranges, apples, nuts and wax.

Virgie Wagoner –  “I want candy, bananas, oranges, peanuts and wax. And please bring me a wagon and a little stove and a lot of other nice things.”

Robert Edward Lee:  who wants a story book about giants and roman candles and some fire crackers.

John Harden; He is 11 years old.  He wants nuts, raisins, candy, toys and a gun.  He has 3 sisters and one brother. “bring them something”.  He want a jumpinjack and a train and a horse and wagon.

Gertrude Gibson; “I am a little girl 13 years old.  I have two brothers Johnny Gibson and Joe Gibson

Bertram McKinney; He wants a gun to kill some rabbits.

Gaston London;  He wants a toy automobile and a story book, “Robinson Crusoe”. 

Paul Haggard: He wants a knife and a box of candy and some oranges and a drum and a little hammer and hatchett.  He is 10 years old. 

Sadie Davis Moore; “Dear Santa Claus; I am nearly six years old I have a little brother going on 3 years, he has been so sick please bring him a nice suit pants and coat, some nice apples, oranges, some nice toys to suit a boy and anything else you please to bring him.  Please bring me a nice doll not to small a  nice book to read, a good book, some candy, oranges, nuuts and all the nice things ou can think you can spare.”

Willie T. Moore; He wants a saddle if Santa has one that will fit a 7 year old boy.  He wants Santa to bring Brother Garrett something.  He mentions his sister Emma.  They live one mile from Cornersville. 

Mary Harden; “I want you to bring me a doll and a buggy and candy, nuts, raisins and a rocking chair and lots of other things and Joe wants a soldier and a hammer, hatchett, and Lizzie wants a doll and a buggy and Zunmma wants a doll and a set of dishes.”

Gurly S. Tally; He is 10 years old.  His little sister is Peggy Lee and she wants a doll

Clifford Meadows; He is 3 years old and he want a little cart and Jennett.  You will find him at grandpa Gambill's Xmas eve. 

Ellen Ann Taylor; She wants a ring, bracelet and a doll.   Lives in Cornersville. 

Novella Harris; She is 8 years old.  She has a little sister, Dennie.  She ask for the same things for her sister. 

Robbie Lynne Holland; “I am a very small girl just sixteen months old and have never hung up my stockings, but will expect you to visit me this time.  I's like to have a french harp, a bugie, a rocking chair, a lot of good things to eat and anything else you can spare will be appreciated..   Don't forget my little cousin Annie Guy Rives at Commerce, Texas, she's just one day older than me.  Give her something nice. 

Mrs. James Niceols wife of a prominent  Montgomery County planter met a horrible fate last week.  She fell into the fire and was so badly burned that it resulted in her death.  She had been married but eleven months

Jim Shofner of Bedford County is the owner of a Poland China pig which took the first prize, $1000, at the National Stock Show at Chicago last week.   The pig is 6 months old and weighs 700 pounds.

Dec 15, 1903 – Vol 38

Mrs. J.D. Hanaway died at her home.  The remains were taken to Columbia for burial.

Mrs Mary J. Willis died at the home of Mr. B.M. Cook from heart failure.  Buried at the Taylor graveyard.

Letters to Santa;

Josie May Wilson,

Ellen Hopwood; sisters Zana, Zela and Lazelle.

Odell McKinney:  8 years old.  Three brothers.  Jimmy is in Culman Ala.

Bessie Thomas; 8 years old

Charley Lee;  Wants a gun from Mr. Claytons Hardware Store.

Marguerite Cunningham; 3 brothers.

Wista Braly:

Robbie Lee Gault; 7 years old

Herbert Wayne Gault:  Almost 6 years old

Mary Dora Houston; Has smaller brother

Flossie Ketchum; Has 3 little sisters and one brother.  Little sister is Clara Belle.

Lella Mophis; Sister Elsie Mophis

Tommie Estes.

Katie Estes

Fannie Holden;

Guy Estes:

Samuel Davis; age 3 years.  Brother Tom Davis. 

Mary Emma Moore; Don't forget cousin Sadie