Marshall County,

Lewisburg Tribune News

– Tibet's and Obits –
Collected by Martha Smotherman Mendez

January 4, 1910

Miss Overlee Corbin Meets Death By Fire – The home of Roy Polly near Blanche was destroyed by fire and his sister-in-law Miss Overlee Corbin, was burned to death, her clothing catching fire from an open fireplace. She rushed to the bedside of her sister, Mrs. Polly who has a baby two days old, begged her to put out the fire. This her sister attempted to do, but her efforts were in vain and her hands badly burned. Mrs. Polly with her baby in her arms ran out of the house and screamed for help. Neighbors hurried to the scene and succeeded in extinguishing the flames the enveloped the unfortunate young lady, but she died within a few minutes. The house and the contents were destroyed.

Davis – Madison
Mr Joe H. Davis and Miss Maude Madison two popular young people of the Verona community were married at Esq. J.G. Liggett's Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock, Esq. Liggett officiating. Geo. Andrews and Carrie Madison and Otis Spencer and Gertie Reed were in attendants. The bridal party went to the home of the groom's parents Mr and Mrs W.B. Davis where a reception was tendered.

J.C. Clark and his son Walter Clark were landed in jail today on charges of assault with intent to kill. The parties lived at Rally Hill and were arrested on a warrant sworn out by member of J.B. Johnson's family, who it is charged they had cut to pieces. Johnson was disemboweled by a knife in the hands of the parties and is not expected to live, and both the Clarks are being held awaiting developments in his condition. It is reported that a son of Johnson had married a daughter of Clark and at the time trouble had occurred between the two families. Young Clark is reported to have imbibed too freely, and went to the home of young Johnson and found him absent. (It was reported later Johnson died Friday and both Clark's are still in jail awaiting indictment for murder in the first degree.)- Columbia – December 27.

Mr Geo. W. Ewing, the senior member of the firm of Ewing & Kercheval, publishers of the Marshall Gazette has retired as an associate and sold his interest to J.N. McCord. After 37 years Mr Ewing said he was “tired out”.

Card of thanks to the dear friends who were kind to us in our recent bereavement. From Mrs. Clara L. Devins and daughter.

Mrs Susan Gentry McLean on December 28, 1909 at the home of W.W. McLean, went home to live with the angles and the savior she had followed for so long. Aunt Sue was born Jan 25th, 1824 and was age 84. Her native county was Williamson but her parents moved to Marshall County, near Caney Spring. The old home still remains in the Gentry family and in connection with this home they treasure the sacred memory of their mother and grandmother, Mrs. Virginia Campbell Gentry. Sometime in her mature womanhood aunt Sue was married to W.M. McLean, she came as a joy and benediction to his home. He being a widower with two small children, she filed the place of mother with perfect satisfaction to both father and children. Three more children were added to their family, the late W.W. McLean, Mrs. John Bryant and M.G. McLean of Lewisburg. She was a niece of Merideth P. Gentry of the long ago. She was buried at Bethlehem her old church. Written by Mrs. J.M. McLean.

Miss Lena Crowder, daughter of Mr and Mrs John Crowder died. Buried at the Sharp graveyard.

January 11, 1910

Mr and Mrs Chalmers Kennedy celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on December 31, 1909.

Mrs Thompson the widow of Andy Thompson died at her home near Archer. She was 80 years old.

Geo. W. Collins died from pneumonia and jaundice. He was about 59 years of age. Buried in Lone Oak Cemetery.

Mr. Winston Wakefield, one of Marshall County's best citizens died Saturday. His brother in law is A.S. Cunningham, editor of the Confederate Veteran. Mr Wakefield was 60 years old and had lived in Marshall County all his life. His wife was Miss M. Addie Cunningham. There are four sons; Mr H.U. Wakefield of Cornersville, T. Hoyte Wakefield of Tracy City, Paul C. Wakefield of White Pine, and Winston Wakefield of Cornersville. There are three daughters; Mrs. John B. Wilkes of Pulaski, Misses Annie Lou Wakefield and Razenna Wakefield of Cornersville.

January 14, 1910

In Memoriam of Humphrey Moffitt, who had been feeble and in bad health for more than a year died Jan 2, 1910 at his mothers home. He was born May 11, 1880, was a good and obedient child from his birth and joined the Church at Gills Chapel at the age of 14 years. He live a consistent Christian life and was devoted to his church. His funeral was conducted by Rev. Farris at this mothers home on Monday Jan 3rd. He was laid to rest in the Cochran Cemetery to sleep “till they that are in his grave shall hear his voice and come forth”. To the resurrection of life. He leaves a wife and three small children to mourn for him. May God's grace be sufficient for them in this hour of gloom. - by Mrs. Ruth Holly, Lula Holly and Maggie Shaw.

Card of Thanks – Jo Edwards thanks my many friends for the kindness shown in the great loss of loosing his house and contents due to fire.

Mrs. John F. Beasley died on Wednesday, January 6, 1910. Mr Beasley was the former pastor and neighbor of Gills Chapel. Leaves husband and one son. - Gill's Chapel

January 18, 1910

Capt. O'Neals Company G – left Belfast, Marshall County, Tennessee on Oct 15, 1861 and went to Camp Trousdale, Ky., Those who went in the 32nd Tennessee Infantry with Ed Cook, Colonel; W.P. O'Neal, Lieutenant Colonel. Then F.P. Wade was made Captian of Company G., but he did not live long, when B.F. Hall was made Captain of Company G. who remained Captain to the end of the war. This roll was made out by me near Greensburgh N.C., April 24, 1865 where Company G. surrendered. I think I have all the names of Company G, but may have missed some. I may have made some mistakes as to the living and if I have I wold like to be corrected.
According to J.C. Lenonard The O.S. Of Company G, 82 nd Tenn;

The infant son of Mr and Mrs Rufus Endsley age 3 years, died at its home near Belfast Sunday of pneumonia. Buried at Round Hill.

Mrs. Mattie Russell, aged about 75 years died at her home near Farmington last Friday after a lingering illness. She was a sister to the late Samuel D. Russell and is survived by a sister Miss Gemima Russell. Buried at Bethbirei.

Mrs Sarah McLean aged about 90 years died at the home of her son, Mr. J.M. McLean, near Lillards Mills Saturday evening from old age, though grippe was a contributing cause. Mrs McLean was one of the most devoted Christian and most lover woman in the county, being a member of the C.P. Church. She was the mother of Merdames James Williamson of Eagleville, Margaret McCollough of Rich Creek, Harry Mallard of Ft. Worth Tex., T.M. Porter of McKensie and Ella Powell of Ft. Worth Tex., and Mr. J.M. McLean of Lillards Mills. Buried at Bethlehem.

January 21, 1910

Miss Georgia Beamer of North Lewisburg, aged about 35 years, died Tuesday afternoon as the result of an overdose of iron quine and strychnine. She was living with her mother. Buried at the Reed graveyard.

Mrs L.P. Bills, aged 70, died Tuesday at her home two miles south of Palmetto. Buried at Fleaburg.

January 25, 1910

Lucy Barnes , aged 37 years, wife of James Barnes of Route 3 died Saturday after a brief illness from a lung affection. She was an estimable woman and a consistent She was an estimable woman and a consistent member of the Christian Church. Funeral services were conducted by Dr. S.T. Hardison.

Mrs. Julia Acuff, aged 86 years, died at the home of her niece, Mrs. O.M. Connelly, at Cornersville Saturday. Death was caused from general debility incident from old age. She was a faithful member of the Methodist Church and a much esteemed woman. Funeral services were conducted by Rev J.W. Farris and Rev S.L Fain.

Mrs S.S. Craig aged about 70 years died at her home near South Berlin Thursday after a brief illness from pneumonia. Mrs Craig was a highly esteemed woman and a consistent member of the Baptist Church.

Resolutions on the Death of Wilson G. Loyd – Whereas death has taken from us our worthy and esteemed comrade, Wilson G. Loyd who died on the 18th day of December, 1909 in Lewisburg, Tenn, after a long and lingering sickness, being then over 71 years of age. He was born in Lewisburg on the 26th day of April 1838. He was soon left an orphan, being then reared and educated by his uncle, and spent some of his early childhood days in Tennessee, but was finally taken to the State of Louisiana, where he grew to manhood, and was there at the breaking out of the war. Early in that war he espoused the cause of the South land and volunteered the 26th of April 1861 in a company of infantry, which after wards was incorporated in the Second Louisiana Infantry, Company B and was immediately ordered to Virginia the then storm center of that bloody war. He married Miss Victoria Meadows. Of this union 13 children were born, all of whom survive him with his life companion. He was elected Circuit Court Clerk in 1878, after a fierce contest, which office he held for four years and in 1882 he was re-elected without opposition. He was then appointed the Clerk and Master of the Chancery Court by his old classmate Hon. Walter S. Bearden, which position he held until his death.

January 28, 1910

Tribute of Respect in Cornersville in memory of Sarah Beasley, wife of our much loved and former pastor Rev J.F. Beasley, by the New Hope and Cornersville Ladies Missionary Society.

Mr R.A. Vinning an engineer on one of the passengers trains on this branch of the N.C. & St. Louis Railroad died while on the train between here and Belfast Tuesday.

Mr W.C. McGregor, a prominent and highly esteemed citizen of Cornersville died Tuesday, and the remains were buried at the village graveyard on Wednesday. Mr McGregor was about 72 years old at the time of his death. He was a member of the County Court and for two terms the chairman of the court.

February 1, 1910

Miss Laura Nobtin age 40 died at her home near Palmetto. She is survived by a brother, sister and mother.

February 4, 1910

Will Knox Endsley the 12 year old son of Mr George Endsley of Farmington was instantly killed Wednesday as the result of a kick by a young horse. W.M. Endsley was Will Knox Endsley's uncle. Buried at Bethbirel.

In Memoriam of Sarah McLean on January 15, 1910 the angles came to visit earth, they gathered around the home of Mr. J.M. McLean. If Aunt Sarah had of lived to May she would have been 90 years old. She was so child like, so sweet, submissive. She lived with cousin Jimmie and cousin Alice who loved and cared for her.

W. Haywood Liggett, aged nearly 78 years died at his home one mile east of town Wednesday after almost three months illness from asthma. He was a member of the Christian Church, a Confederate veteran and a well known and in his younger days an active citizen. After funeral services by Eld S.T. Sewell the remains were buried in Lone Oak Cemetery.

Mrs. Jesse Whorley, aged about 49 years, died while in Fort's Infirmary Tuesday and the remains were taken to her home near Rich Creek Wednesday and buried Thursday. Funeral services were conducted at Clay Hill Church by her pastor, Rev, S.D. Kendall. She is survived by her husband.

Miss Mary Roberts aged about 80 years died Saturday night at the home of her only daughter Mrs Freanie Taylor near Yell. Buried at the Arthur graveyard.

February 8, 1910

Esq Jas L. Bryant, a member of the County Court of this county died Saturday night at his home near Luna after an illness of several weeks from pneumonia fever. He was 61 years of age and was for many years a resident of this county. He was a Confederate soldier entering the army at 15, and he was a consistent member of the Methodist Church. After funeral services by Rev. J.W. Farris the remains were laid to rest at the Spring Place burying ground. - February 11th - Archer news – He was a Mason in good standing leaves wife and several children to deplore his departure. Buried at the Short Cemetery. Mr Lawrence Bryant came home from Oklahoma to attend the bedside of his father and mother, Mr and Mrs J.L. Bryant.

February 11, 1910

Resolutions of W.G. Loyd; The Chancery Court passed in its deliberations Wednesday to pay respects to the memory of the late Clerk & Master, Capt W.G. Loyd.

Three blacks shot to death – Chattanooga Tenn, Feb 8 – In a pitched battle between whites and Negroes at Hale's Bar, on the Tennessee River, twenty miles below Chattanooga, this morning three Negroes were shot to death. Leo Sloan, a mulatto laborer; “Daddy Bader” , a preacher, ringleader of the black rioters and one unidentified.

The nine month old infant son of Mr and Mrs Luther Baxter died at his home near Farmington..

The remains of Mr John Dysart whose death was reported in the Tribune Tuesday arrived here from Fresno California Wednesday. He was killed on February 2nd while driving a laundry wagon across a railroad track, the engine striking him and killing him instantly. The funeral will take place today at the family burying ground, the services to be conducted by Rev. Kennedy.

February 15, 2010

Virgil McCullough, the 14 year old son of Mr and Mrs Allen McCullough of Verona died Saturday Buried at the Temple graveyard.

Mrs. Virginia Phillips age 66, the relic of the late D.B. Phillips died Sunday at her home near Cornersville from pneumonia. She is survived by a daughter; Mrs. S.P. Jones. Buried in Beechwood Cemetery.

Mrs Mollie McCrory aged about 50, wife of Mr. J.M. McCrory of this city died Friday night of pneumonia and pleurisy. She was a daughter of the late Willis Hoewood. Buried in Lone Oak Cemetery.

February 18, 1910

Miss Etta Dozier captures wood thief at the dormitory at Mooresville. Hold colored boy with shot gun till morning. Miss Dozier, has since the capture been recognized at the heroine of the school and entire community.

One of the most active figures in Marshall County's history was Esq. W.M. Swaim who died last Friday at his home near Holt's Corner. Esq. Swaim was for a number of years a member of the County Court here was fearless and conscientious in his dealings.

Mrs Sallie Logan, aged 83 formerly of this county, mother of Rev. S.D. Logan and aunt of Dr. T.R. Logan of this city died on Feb 6, 1910 at Tyler, Tex from the frailties incident to old age. She has many friends and relatives here who sorrow at her death.

Mr William Freeman, aged about 40 years, a highly esteemed citizen of this county died at his home on the Cornersville road Tuesday. The remains were interred in the Cochran Cemetery.

February 22, 1910

Mrs. Dock O'Neal died at her home near Blakeville, Lincoln Co last Saturday of lung trouble and was buried at the Horton graveyard. She was a daughter of Mr David Ellison. - Archer News.

Virgil McCullough the son of Mr and Mrs. Allen McCullough died at his home near Verona. He was the joy and light of his home, so when February 12, 1910 the death angel passed through the garden of human souls and plucked this beautiful bud to transplant in the Garden of God, sorrow and distress fel as a gloom over loved ones and friends. - Verona News. - age 15 in Plum Orchard News February 25, 1910.

February 25, 1910

William Freeman died from lung trouble at his home 2 miles south of this place Tuedsay morning Buried at the Cochran graveyard. - Cochran news – February 18th, 1910

Knox Endsley who departed this life February 2, 1910. He was a faithful member of our Sunday school for some time and was always cheerful. - Farmington, Feb 24.

An infant of a few days of age, the daughter of Mr and Mrs Dick Barrett who resided a few miles south of town died yesterday.

Mr Colmer Gregg age 19 died Wednesday at the home of his father near Belfast after an illness of several weeks from lung affection.

March 1, 1910

Officer Shot From Ambush – Fayetteville Tenn., Feb 25, 1910 – Another bloody tragedy was added to Lincoln County's history yesterday afternoon. The lifeless body of Edward Denton, a special revenue officer was found three miles from Lincoln this afternoon. Denton leaves a wife and eight chldren.

Aunt Fishie Ring died last Friday. She had been sick with Dropsy and heart disease for just a few months. - Caney Spring News

James L. Bryant – Whereas, we hear with much regret and sorrow of the death of our worthy comrade and friend James L. Bryant. He died on the 6th day of February 1910 at his home in the old second district of Marshall County, Tennessee. Our comrade Bryant was born in said county on the 16th day of July 1848. He was therefore 61 years and 6 months and 20 days old at his death. He was therefore, we think the youngest Confederate soldier in Marshall County living at the time. He enlisted in the army in December 1863 making him at that time only 15 years and 5 months of age, at the time of enlistment. He was therefore under the age for military duty. He was paroled the 5th day of May 1865, at Gainesville, Ala. He served under General N.B. Forrest, probably the most dangerous position he could have enlisted in. He was also the son of that gallant old Mexican veteran and Confederate soldier, Capt. Lafayette Bryant which shows that he was of fighting stock. Be it therefore resolved, that we tender to his deceased wife and family our sincere sympathy and condolences. That a copy of these resolutions be sent to them and that the papers of the town be requested to copy them and that the Bivouac be requested to wear the usual badge of mourning. Drawn and offered by W.W. Walker, J.R. Freeman and W.F. Finley.

The eight month old daughter of Mrs. Humphrey Moffitt died Sunday after a brief illness at her home near Verona. The remains were buried in the Cochran graveyard.

Little Harriett, the three year old daughter of Mr and Mrs J.N. Bowden died Saturday after an illness of short duration from diphtheria. Dr. S.D. Hardison conduced the funeral services.

Robert Orr died Feb 25, 1910 at his home near Mooresville at the age of 91. Buried at Bear Creek. Survived by his widow and 5 sons; Jas H. Orr, Mooresville; W.S. Orr of Fayetteville: W.D. Orr of Lewisburg, L.S. Orr and Robt Orr of Mooresville, and two daughters; Mrs. Woodson Orr of McCain's and Mrs. Fayette Orr of Mooresvile.

March 4, 1910

Mr A.B. Winford has returned from Shelbyville where he attended the funeral of his mother Mrs. Mary Frances Winford who died Monday. She was 73 years of age and an estimable woman.

Harold Gillespie, the little two and one-half year old son of Mr and Mrs Geo R. Gillespie of Nashville, died Wednesday after a lingering illness from menigitis. Buried in Lone Oak cemetery after funeral services at her grandmother, Mrs. Mary Gill.

March 8, 1910

Mrs. E.H. Boyle writes an article about their move from Marshall County to Missouri on May 10th, 1909.

Letter from J.W. Hunter from Ohio although he is native of Marshall County TN.

Mrs Gratlin McCollum aged about 21 years died at her home near Ostelia Saturday after a brief illness. She was an estimable young woman and her death was peculiarly sad.

Mrs. Jose Wilson, aged about 55 years died after an illness of several months from a lung affection. She leaves her husband and five children.

March 11, 1910

Mr Marsh Purdom aged about 50 years old, a highly esteemed citizen of the Bluff Springs community, died Wednesday after a linger illness from lung affection. The remains were laid to rest in the Cochran graveyard.

A telephone message to relatives here states that Mr “Esquire Pickle” aged about 35 years, died Wednesday of Pneumonia at his home near Lawrenceburg. He is a good citizen and a former Marshall Countian, leaving here last fail to make his home in Lawrence County.

Mrs Nat Shires aged about 27 years died at her home near Lillards Mill Tuedsay. Her husband and a small infant survive her. Only a short while ago her sister Mrs. Oscar Shires died.

March 15, 1910

Thomas Darnel, aged 73 years died at the home of his son in law, William Roberson. Remains were buried at Wheel.

Mrs Betsy Lee died at the age of 81 years. Buried at Gill's Chapel.

March 18, 1910

John A Burrow – The Auld Lang Syne – Tells of being 63 years old. For 30 years he lived in old Lauderdale Ala, except for the 4 years with the 7th Ala Calvary, including a year in Fort Delaware as a prisoner. For 33 years he has lived in Tennessee. Mr Burrow goes back to Ala for a visit. His first wife was Annie Allen. He spent time on his old farm whom he sold to Luke Allen and Luke Allen's 13 children. He spent time with John Green on the old Petus farm. He stopped by the home of Mrs J.H. McPeters who was his first wife's sister. - Cornersville news.

Humphry C Moffitt the sweet little infant of May Moffiett died Feb ?? Only 8 months and 6 days old. - Verona News

A card of thanks from Mr Grantton McCollum and Mr and Mrs. RC. Parks and Miss Alline Parks. We wish to express our thanks to the many friends who so kindly aided us in caring for our dear Maibelle during her last sickness, May God's richest blessings be showered on each and everyone of them.

Mr B.H. Hayes age 58 years died from pneumonia. He was the father of Mr John Hayes of this city. The remains were taken to Chapel Hill for burial.

March 22, 1910

Ernest Barber a young man 24 years of age had committed suicide. He hung himself in a tree in the woods near his home. Several years ago he had been in an inmate in the insane asylum.

Bryant – Vestal – Cookville, Tenn, March 19 – The news of the marriage of Mr. Sadie Vesteal and W.S. Bryant was received in this county with intrest, although most people of this county have all the while believed they would marry after the excitement incident to the death of Chalmers Vestal and the indictment of Bryant and Mrs. Vestal, charging them with his murder, and the trial of Bryant had subsided. It is understood that Bryant and his wife are now living in New Orleans. The death of Chalmers Vestal and the subsequent trial of Bryant and Mrs. Vestal constituted probably the most sensational feature in the entire history of the criminal court of this county.

March 25, 1910

Mr J.W. Wells dropped dead at his home at Archer from heart trouble. Aged 55 years. Buried at the Spring Place graveyard. Leaves a wife and several children.

News has been received here of the death of Frank M. Erwin which took place in Memphis last Friday. Mr Erwin will be remembered by many Marshall Countians as a photographer here for several years. The remains were buried at Livingston Saturday.

Mr J.M Faulkenberry, aged 48 died. Buried at the Garrett graveyard. Leaves a wife and two daughters.

Mrs Bam Murdock, who died at her home hear Hazel Green, Ala was brought here and buried yesterday at the Talley graveyard. She was about 60 years old and a consistent member of the Church of Christ. She leaves a husband and five children, and is also survived by her father, Mr Nat Talley who lives hear here and three brothers.

March 29, 1910

Nancy White of Rally Hill died from old age. According to the best accounts she was 108 years old. She came to Maury County from North Carolina the year the county was organized and at that time she was 5 years old. She lived under every President of the United States but two, and saw General Jackson and his army come through here en route to New Orleans to engage in the battle with the British in the war of 1812.

Col. J.H. Holman, a prominent citizen of Fayetteville, died Saturday night. He is favorably and well known in this county and has many friends among the Confederate veterans. Rev. C.H. Baily of this city preached the funeral yesterday at 2:30.

Tribute of Respect – Holly Grove, March 28, 1910 – Tis with a sad and aching heart that we try to write the death of our friend Mr. J.M. Faulkenberry, who passed away yesterday eve. His remains were placed in the silent city of the dead at the Garrett place today. He is survived by a wife and two daughter, one brother and one sister. He was 47 years, 6 months and 30 days old.

Josh Wall, one of our most highly esteemed citizens died suddenly at his home near this place of heart disease, aged 59 years. He leaves a wife, two children and two nephews that were under his care and many friends. Buried at the Short cemetery.

April 5, 1910

Miss Ila McBride aged 20 years, daughter of Mr William McBride died at her home in Nashville. The remains will arrive here today and will be buried this afternoon.

Memorial Service At Petersburg – Whereas, we have been notified of the recent and sudden death of Mr W.S. Porter of Nashville, Tenn., who was born and reared in this community spending all of his life here except about 1 ½ years spent in Nashville.

April 8, 1910

Tink Williams, colored, well known in Lewisburg died one day this week in Nashville. Tink was at the time of his death a servant of the family of Mr P.D. Houston.

Miss Ilie McBride whose death was reported in Tuesday's Tribune, took place at the Cumberland Church Tuesday afternoon, Eld C.M. Pullias conducting the services. Buried at Lone Oak Cemetery.

Family reunion – At the home of Mr. J.H. Word at Cornersville last week a family reunion was had of the Word family. Those of the family and their ages were; F.E. Word age 80; W.H. Word, age 75, J.H. Word age 71, J.E. Word age 65, S.B. Word age 57 and Mrs S.E. Buchanan.

April 12, 1910

Mrs Fletcher Phillips age 30 years died at her mone hear Leftwich Sunday of lung affection.

Mr John R. Freeman, aged 73 years died at his home here Sunday morning. Mr Freeman was a consistent member of the Methodist Church and a citizen of a high order for honest and integrity. He was a brave Confederate soldier. An unusual thing connected with his funeral was that at his request several years ago he was buried in his wedding suit, a very fine fabric costing when he married $85.00. He leaves two daughters and one son, only one being here however, was his daughter Miss Alice Freeman.

April 15, 1910

Census Enumerators -
1st and 18 Claib Pigg
2 Luther Fowler
3 Chas Duckworth
4 Ed Watson
5 R.J. Orr
6 Ross Wood
7 Miles Purdy
8 Thomas Sheffield
9 Ed Wallace
10 Herbert Brown
11 Walter Ownby
12 W.E. Coleman
13 and 14 H.W. Emerson
15 N.S. Hopwood
16 Henry Hendrix
17 Oscar Word
Lewisburg Corporation G.W. Ewing

April 19, 1910

An interesting social event occurred on April 5th, 1910, when Mr Gorden Crick delightfully entertained in celebration of his father, Mr John W. Crick's, 80th birthday at his lovely county home near Shelbyville, Tenn. At noon all were invited into the spacious dining room where an elaborate menu was served. The table was beautifully decorated with candles, eighty being used effectively forming the date 1830 the year of Mr Cricks birth and 1910.
The guest list included nine children, thirty four grand children and eight great grand children. The nine children are Mrs. Susan Lambert of Huntsville, Ala, Mrs E.S. Crick of Tullahoma, Tenn, Mrs C.C. Crick of Ostella, Tenn., Mr J.N. Crick of Dechard Tenn., Mr J.T. Crick of Tracy City, Tenn., Mr J.M. Crick of Petersburg, Tenn., Mrs. Myrtle Green of Knoxville, Tenn., Mr. F.G. Crick and R.M. Crick of Shelbyville. Numerous and valuable presents were received.

Mrs Elizabeth Moses, aged 75, wife of Joseph Moses died. Laid to rest in the family graveyard. Leaves a husband, one son and two daughters.

April 22, 1910

Richard Pickle, age 69 years died at his home. Buried at the Reed graveyard.

Nancy Leonard, aged 92 years died at the home of her son, Mr. W.S. Leonard. “Granny” Leonard was one of the best loved and most widely known women in the county. Buried in the Leonard graveyard.

April 26, 1910

Mrs H.D McAteer, aged 67 years died at her home here Friday, the remains being buried Sunday. Mrs. McAteer resided near Silver Creek.

Mr. J.M. Murrey received the news Sunday night of the death of his brother, Mr. J.E. Murrey of Fort Worth Tex. Death was caused by Brights disease. He is well known here and a most exemplary citizen.

April 29, 1910

The infant of Mr and Mrs Richard Barnett of near Belfast died yesterday and was buried at Head Springs.

Bonnie Lee Rankins, the infant daughter of Mr and Mrs J.O. Rankins near Belfast died Tuesday aged 1 year. Buried in the Round Hill Cemetery.

William Vest, aged about 80 years died at his home in Birmingham, Ala. He formerly lived near Chapel Hill in this county. The remains were brought there yesterday for burial.

News reached here Wednesday of the death of Mrs E.L. Suggs aged 52 years, formerly of this city. She died at her home at Waco, Tex., after a few days suffering from poisoning resulting from a cut on one of her fingers. She leaves a husband and five children. Her brothers, Mr. W.H. Powell of Farmington and R.O. Powell of Nashville attended the funeral at Waco.

Jack Davis died at his home near this place last Sunday of tuberculous, age, near 50 years. “Uncle Joe” was an honest hard working man and had many friends. He leaves a wife and several children to mourn his departure. After funeral services, his remains were interred at the Short Cemetery. The community extended condolence to the grief stricken family.

James Ashley, age 64 years, died at his home in Cornersville. Death ws caused by a bladder trouble. Heaves a widow and one son, the later being Hon V.B. Ashley the present Representative of Marshall County. The funeral will take place at the Cornersville C.P. Church today at 10 o'clock.

May 3, 1910

On Sunday, April 24 at the home of Mr and Mrs. W.H. Reynolds of Farmington, the children and grand- children of Mrs. Cassie Reynolds gave a basket dinner in honor of her 70th anniversary. Those who enjoyed the occasion were; Mr and Mrs. W.R. Reynolds and children, Mr and Mrs J.M. Reynolds, Mr and Mrs. D.A. Lamb and children, Mr and Mrs. R.M. Gold, Mr and Mrs B.J Adair, Mrs Joe T. Lamb and children, Mrs. R.J. Bigger and daughter, Mr and Mrs Charlie Reynolds, Mrs. Mollie Adair and children, Mr and Mrs. Scott McCurdy, Mr and Mrs A.E. Reynolds, Miss Nellie McCurdy, Mrs. Mollie Cathey; Merssers. Tom Cathy, Isaac Cathy and Frank Cathy, Earl Epperson, J.F. Cook, Linzie Hall, Sam Hughey and father. All went away wishing that her remaining days be the happiest of her life.

Mr Ben Haskins age 60 years died at his home north of Palmetto. His wife and daughter survive him. The remains were buried in the family graveyard.

May 6, 1910

Mrs Thomas Jones of Leftwich, died Sunday after an illness of many weeks from lung trouble. Buried in Morton graveyard.

Mr Sam Warner of the Rich Creek community, died yesterday morning about 10 o'clock from a complication of diseases incident to old age. He was 76 years old and a old Confederate soldier; he was a brother to Hon. J.P. Warner and Ex-congressman Richard Warner. Funeral services today at 10 o'clock a.m. After which the remains will be interred in the Clay Hill Cemetery.

Mr Albert Hicks, died at his home near Rich Creek. Buried in the Laws graveyard.

May 10, 1910

News has reached here reporting the death of Mrs. Bettie Fowlkes at her home at Dickson. She was a former Marshall Countian and an estimable woman. She was a sister to Mr W.A. Sharp.

Mrs Mary A. Webster, aged 87 years, died at her home near Yell Saturday night of a compliction of diseases due to old age. She was a highly respected and christian woman. Her remains were laid at rest in McAteer graveyard.

May 13, 1910

The infant of Mr and Mrs Jesse Cunningham, died near farmington and was buried yesterday.

Miss Ethel Lowry, daughter of Mr and Mrs. J.T. Lowry, died Tuesday night at 10:30 o'clock after eight weeks of intense suffering. She leaves a father, mother, one sister and four brothers. Buried at the Lynnwood Cemetery at Lynnwood.

Mr John N. Blackwell, familiarly known as “uncle Johnny” died at his home near Palmetto and was buried Saturday at the Wheel Cemetery. - Palmetto News.

May 20, 1910

Mrs. Sallie Leonard of Salem age 47 years died Monday night after an illness of several months duration from stomach trouble. Buried at the Elliott graveyard. Leaves a husband, three daughters and a host of friends to mourn her departure.

May 24, 1910

R.V. Haggard and family are now permanent citizens of Longview, Texas, they having moved here from Hallville. Mr Haggard, who is a first class druggist, has purchased an interest in the Algie Perry Drug Company store. We heartily welcome these good people to our city – (Texas News)

Chas. Campbell, aged 64 years died Saturday at his home near Holts Corner, after a lingering illness from Brights disease. Funeral services were conducted in ritualistic form by the Odd Fellows, at the Patterson graveyard. He is survived by his widow and one daughter.

Mr. Andrew Bryant of Bryant's Station died Saturday morning at the age of 85 years. A stroke of paralysis Thursday was the direct cause of his death and he was never conscious after the stroke. He was a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and one among the most public spirited men in his neighborhood, having been one of the factors in building the railroad through this country. He gave the ground and paid for the building of the depot at Bryant's Station. Buried at the Mooresville cemetery. A wife, three sons, two daughters and numerous friends and relatives are left to mourn his departure.

May 27, 1910

Terrible Railroad Wreck took place about 8:30 Wednesday morning when the train from Columbia was ditched at a mile north of this city. The derailment was caused by the breaking of the flange, or rim, of one of the small wheels on the engine, the dame being No. 91. After this broke the engine left the trct taking with it five heavily loaded cars which ran along the cross ties for more than the length of the train of eight cars, on engine and a caboose. The caboose and two cars remained on the track. The saddest and infinitely worst feature of the wreck was the killing of the young man and head brakeman, Mr. Claud Pylant of Elora, who was the only man seriously hurt. Claud Pylant was found buried under a larg log except his left cheek and eye. He was moving his hands and feet in unconscious movements. He died in a short time. His body was taken to Richardson & Sewell where the body was dressed. It was then removed to the residence of Mr John L. Sanders, the deceased being a brother to Mrs. Sanders. Mr Pylant was a young man of sobriety and integrity and had been working for the railroad for 5 years. He was a single man 23 years of age. In addition to the man who was killed the train crew consisted of W.H. Smith, engineer; J.W. Denham, fireman; W.N Garrett and D.B. McLeod brakeman and W.D. Broughton conductor. Mr Everette Harris, watchman was also in the caboose. The witnesses include Mr. A.J. Green and his son Ben Green and Mr Monroe King.

Resolutions on the death of comrade John R. Freeman who was born in Bedford county, Tenn, on May 21, 1887 and was reared and educated and spent his early manhood there. He enlisted in the Confederate army July, 1861, from there joining Co. B of the 41st Tennessee Infantry, and did service with that command the early part of the war. He was in the battle of Fort Donaldson and was captured with the regiment at the fall of the fort, Feb 15, 1862 and sent to prison. He was some seven months afterward exchanged, but his health having become impaired by privations and hardships in the army and in prison, he was discharged from the army August, 1862 and from continued ill health, did not again join the army. Those who served with him in the army testify that he was a good soldier while he did serve – serving as a private. He lived in Bedford county for many years after the war, engaging in the mercantile and other pursuits at Richmond and Shelbyville. He being still a citizen of Bedford County, joined the Association of Confederate Veterans in the early nineties – the Frierson Bivoac, Shelbyville Tenn., but afterward, about 1892 removing his citizenship to Marshall County Tenn., and finally to Lewisburg Tenn., he joined Dibrell Bivouac, No. 12 and Camp 55 by demit, October 1899 and since been a consistent member of the same until his death. He died April 10, 1910, at his home in Lewisburg, Tenn. His wife having died many years ago. He left surviving him only a son and two daughters to mourn his loss. He was a good father and husband and citizen. He was buried at Shelbyville Tenn with beautiful and touching honors by the members of the Frierson Bivouac.

May 31, 1910

Mr A.M. Downing, one of Marshall County's best known citizens and farmers died. Buried at Medium

Dr. R.T. Long age 71 died suddenly at his home in Columbia. He was a brother of Mr. B.W. Long of Verona, Mrs. J.M. Ledbetter of near here and Mr. Polk Long of Tally. He was formerly a resident of this county, living at Farmington. The remains were buried in Columbia.

Mrs Martha Wood, wife of John Wood of Liberty Valley died on Monday of last week. She was 68 years of age at the time of her death. Leaves a husband, three daughters and two sons. Buried in the family burying ground.

June 3, 1910

Sam Crowder, aged 17 died of tuberculosis. He was a son of Mr and Mrs John Crowder of Roberson Fork and formerly lived here. Buried at the Sharp graveyard.

Mr Jake Ring, aged 75 years died at his home three miles north of Caney Spring Monday of a complication of diseases due to old age. Buried in the Ring graveyard. He leaves two sons and three daughters to mourn his departure, his wife having preceded him by two years.

June 7, 1910

Mr Chas Campbell, aged 64 years was claimed by Gim Death on May 21. Buried at Swanson Cemetery at Chapel Hill. – Holt Corner news.

June 10, 1910

Mr James Wallace, aged 83 years died at his home at Caney Spring. Leaves one daughter Mrs. Sam Whitaker. During the Civil War he served as a private under Capt. J.C. Cundiff in Col. P.C. Haynes regiment in the Confederate army. He was Constable and Duputy Sheriff of Maury County and Magistrate of his home district, the old 10th in Marshall County during his younger days, and was otherwise a highly respected and esteemed citizen. Funeral services were conducted at the residence by Rev. Gilbert, after which his remains were buried with Masonic honors Tuesday at the Wallace graveyard near his home.

June 21, 1910

Mrs James Harris, aged 35 years died at her home near Hardison Mill. She is survived by her husband who is also seriously ill.

June 24, 1910

A telegram was received Monday morning by Mrs. T.E. Garrett, stating that her brother, George Brandon of Bryan Tex, was dead and would be buried there. Mr Brandon was reared in Marshall County, living here until some 15 years ago he went West. Deceased was about 52 years of age. We could not learn the cause of his death. He had many friends here who sympathize with the bereaved ones.

Mattie E Nix, aged 13 years, died Tuesday at the home of her foster parents, Mr and Mrs Dave Colbert, near Cornersville, of stomach trouble. Her remains were laid to rest at the Fowler graveyard, after funeral services conducted by Dr. S.T. Hardison. She was survived, besides her foster parents, by her father, Mr Milton Nix, one brother, two sisters and a host of friends to mourn her departure.

Mr. William Grissom, aged 88 years, died at his home near Bryant's Station Monday, of frailties due to old age. Burial at friendship graveyard, Tuesday, after funeral services by Eld. S.T. Sewell. Deceased leaves several children.

June 28, 1910

Liggett Woodward, the infant son of Mr and Mrs Jessee Woodward of near Palmetto, died Thursday and was buried Friday at the Liggett graveyard.

John J. Whitesell, little son of Mr and Mrs G.O. Whitesell of Lillards Mills, died Friday morning, aged 19 months. Buried in the Bethlehem cemetery.

Mrs. Susan Smith died at her home in Cornersville, Saturday morning age 73 years. Besides her daughter, Mrs. J.T. Young, with whom she lived, she is survived by one son, O.E. Smith of Pisgah; three sisters, Mrs. Nannie Smith, of Brick Church; Mrs. Hick Cheatham and Mrs. Sam Harwell of Forreston, Tex., and Mrs. Tom Smith of Waco, Tex. Her remains were laid to rest in Beech Hill cemetery, Sunday.

Mrs M.P. Kirkland, relict of the late Rev. James Kirkland died at her home near Mooresville of Pneumonia, aged 75 years. Buried in Bear Creek cemetery. Survived by three daughters and one son.

Mrs. Martin of Eagleville, was killed by an automobile driven by Mr. William H. Johnson. Mrs. Martin is about 40 years of age and the mother of seven children. Johnson was arrested at Murfreesboro and charged with murder.

July 1, 1910

Richard W. Woodward, a prominent grocer of Oklahoma City was brought her yesterday by his brothers, John Woodward of Lewisburg, James Woodward of Ostella and Fletcher Woodward of Pulaski, in a critical condition from paralysis. - Banner news.

Card of Thanks for their dear mother in her recent sickness and death – Mr and Mrs. J.A. Kirland.

Card of Thanks to friends and neighbors for their kindness during the recent illness and death of their foster daughter, Mattie Nix – Mr and Mrs D.H. Colvert.

George Shepperson Jr the 6 month old son of Mr and Mrs. George Shepperson of Tuscumbia, Ala, died Tuesday and his remains were brought to Petersburg yesterday for burial.

Dr. S.A. Moffitt of Mooresville, received a telegram, Wednesday, stating that his brother, Dr. Charles D. Moffit of Alpine, Tex., was dead. The remains are expected to arrive here not later than Saturday and will be buried immediately after funeral services at the Cochran graveyard. Deceased was 24 years of age. He leaves besides his mother, five brothers, three sisters and a host of friends to mour his departure.

July 5, 1910

Mrs. M.E. Craig, aged 66 years a well known and estimable woman of this city, died at her home in West Lewisburg Sunday after an illness of several months from cancer of the bladder. She was the youngest of a family of nineteen children and was the last one living. Buried at Head Springs.

Mr. Thos. L. McAdams, aged 42 years died at his home in Belfast. For several years he was a member of the well known firm of McAdams & Tate at Belfast, and at the time of his death was Vice-President of the First National Bank, of Lewisburg. He leaves a wife and five children. The remains were buried in the Smiley graveyard.

July 8, 1910

Harvey Whitesell of Lillards Mills was drowned in a poind near their home. Age 3 years. Buried at the Rone graveyard.

Mrs Matilda Woods of near Whitaker, aged 73 years, died Wednesday from frailties. Buried at Round Hill cemetery.

Mrs. James S. Garrett, aged 53 years died at her home near Cochran. Leaves a husband, four children and a host of friends. Buried at the Garrett burying ground.

Mr. Pinkney Rone of South Berlin aged about 30 years died while leaving his work on account of rain, from heart failure near the home of his mother, Mrs. Mollie Rone of Rocky Bluff. Burial has been postponed indefinitely on account of the absence of his father, who left a few hours before Mr. Rone's death for Texas and has not yet been located. Deceased leaves a wife, three children and a host of friends to mourn his departure.

July 12, 1910

Mr J.H. Duncan, of this city, received a wire reporting that his nephew, Mr. Jack Woods, aged 24 years, formerly of this county and recently of Nashville, was killed as an engineer in a train wreck in Birmingham. Nothing is known of the details.

Mrs. Mary Barrett of near Belfast died Saturday of diseases due to old age. She was a highly respected lady and had passed the three score and ten years allotted to her. Buried in Round Hill Cemetery.

Mrs. Masten Moser of near parks Station, aged 40 years, died Thursday from the result of an operation and was buried in the Aldridge graveyard.

The little five months old infant of Mrs. Zana Tharp died at the home of its great grand-parents Mr and Mrs. Jones V. Richardson. Until recently Mrs. Tharp resided in Memphis.

July 15, 1910

Mr. J.H. Pigg died at his home near this place, aged 68 years. Leaves a wife and six children. His remains were entered at the family graveyard. - Archer News

Little Harvey Whitesell is dead. Just as the sun was beginning to sink behind the west July 6th, 1910, and everything was quiet, the little fellow wondered off down in the grove near a pond and perhaps was playing around in his usual way, and got beyond his depth, and was drowned. John Harvey Whitesell was the son of Justice Whitesell and Jennie Mai Whitesell and the idol of their hearts. He was 3 years and 2 months old. Just two weeks before Harvey's death, God in his wisdom took home his little playmate and cousin, John J. Whitesell.

Howard McAdams, aged about 17 years, son of John T. McAdams of Oklahoma City, Okla died Saturday. Cause of death was lock jaw. He was at the home of his brother Mr. Paul McAdams at Belfast. Buried at Head Springs Tuesday.

A telephone message has been received by Mrs. J.M. Ledbetter, stating that her aunt, Mrs. Mary Allison, aged 82 years, died at her home in Shelbyville, from a paralytic stroke.

July 19, 1910

Mrs Mary Talley age 33 years died at her home at Enterprise Friday of Tuberculosis. Survived by her husband and one child. Buried at the Bethel graveyard.

Mr. J.P. Doggett died Friday at the age of 64 years, of a stomach trouble. Buried in the Wilson Hill cemetery. Leaves one son, Thos Doggett, with whom he was making his home.

Mr. Hiram Tennison of Farmington died at his home last Wednesday of pneumonia, age 67 years. He had been in feeble health for some time, but was not dangerously ill until overtaken with pneumonia. Funeral services were conducted Thursday afternoon, by Rev. Stem of Shelbyville, after which his remains were laid to rest in the Tennison graveyard. He was an old Confederate soldier and was a highly respected citizen and one whom will be missed in his community.

July 22, 1910

Mrs Mary Barnett died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Lettie McAdams on July 2, 1910. - Talley News.

Howard McAdams died July 11 age 18 years, 3 months and 2 days. - Talley News

Mr John Wait Darnald, a highly respected and christian gentleman aged 39 years. Leaves a wife, three children to mourn his death. Buried in Lone Oak cemetery.

July 26, 1910

The body of Dr. W.E. Wilson who was drowned in a small brach, tributary to Richland creek, Sunday evening were rewarded this afternoon. The body was found floating in Richland creek about a mile below the mouth of the small branch in which he was drown.

Mrs Tennie Fowler, aged 37 years died at the home of her mother, Mrs. John Thompson on Murray Hill, Friday evening from Tuberculosis. Buried in the Fowler graveyard. Survived by her husband and one child.

Mr. A.M. Bearden was called to Shelbyville, Saturday, on account of the death of his sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Smiley which occurred at that place on Friday evening of pneumonia. She was aged 55 years. The burial took place at Flat Creek Saturday. Her husband is Mr. William Smiley.

July 29, 1910

Mrs Julia Gillam, aged 86 years, died Saturday of last week at her home on the Bear Creek, at her home on the Bear Creek pike near Sharps in Mury county, from old age. Buried at the Sharps Cemetery. Mrs. Gilliam is survived by three daughters; Mrs. Nannie Sharp, whith whom she made her home, Mrs. Bettie Moses of the 9th district of this county and Mrs. Sallie McAfee of this place.

Card of thanks in appreciation for taking care of her husband – Mrs Mattie Tennison and children.

August 2, 1910

Card of thanks to friends on the death of is wife – Jas. S. Garrett and children.

Mrs. H.J. Sarcey of the Haley neighborhood, Bedford County had the misfortune to have two children to die within three weeks of each other. About four weeks ago an infant boy died, then one week ago last Saturday Everette Marshall Sarcey, a year old boy died. Mrs. Searcy has many friends in this county who will regret to hear of the death of her children.

August 5, 1910

Esq John F. Hill, aged about 64 years died at his home near Verona. For a number of years he served his district in the capacity of Justice of the Peace. Buried in the Berea burying grounds.

August 12, 1910

Mr. Ozro Daniels aged about 32 years from tuberculosis. Leaves a father and three brothers.

August 16, 1910

An infant of Mr and Mrs Ed Cochran of Elk Ridge, aged 16 months died and was buried at the Cochran graveyard.

Mr. W.A. Hayes of Columbia, aged about 45 years died while undergoing an operation in Nashville for congestied bowels. He was until sevenor eight years ago a resident of this city and was a brother of Mrs.Eva Reavis. Deceased leaves a wife and a host of relatives to mourn his death.

August 19, 1910

Mrs William Darnell age 21 years, died at a local hospital in Nashville, Tuesday and was buried Wednesday, in Shlebyville. Deceased was a daughter-in-law of Mr and Mrs Monroe Darnell of this city, and was a daughter of Mr and Mrs John Cathey formerly of this county.

August 23, 1910

The two year old son of Mr and Mrs. John H. Word, who reside near Palmetto, got hold of a bottle of carbolic acid last Saturday and drank a portion of it, from the effects of which the child died a few hours after-wards. It was a sad and shocking affair, and the grief stricken parents have the sympathy of many friends in their bereavement – Bedford County Times.

A sad accident occurred at the home of Mr and Mrs Cassie Fox when their baby the only daughter, Hattie Lou aged 16 months, was burned Tuesday afternoon, from spilling a glass of jelly on its face. The child was thought to be doing well until Thursday when it was seized with convulsions and died. This was more appalling from the fact that this was the first death of 22 grand-children of Mr and Mrs D.C. Hardison. Buried in Morton graveyard.

August 26, 1910

Mr Joseph A. Coggin showed us an interesting picture last week. It was the likeness of five generations in his family. They are Mrs. Susan J. Brecheen and daughter Mrs. J.A. Coggins, and her daughter Mrs. John Gibson, and her daughter, Mrs. Max Irvine and her little daughter Miss Grace Irvine.

Washington DC – Richard R. Landy, the Tennessee midshipman who died aboard the battleship Iowa, yesterday was from Lewisburg, Marshall County. The remains will be shipped to Lewisburg for burial tomorrow when the ship docks.

Mrs J.H. Word age 58 years died at her home at Cornersville Wednesday.

The remains of Richard R. Landy who died at sea reached here yesterday and will be intered at Bethberia today. He was the son of Mrs. Jennie Landy of Nashville.

“Uncle” Charlie Royster a well known and highly esteemed citizen of this city died here Thursday night after a spell of intense suffereing for several weeks from a complication of diseases, the most prominent one being an affection of the kidneys. Mr. Royster was about 84 years of age at the time of his death. He has no near relatives in this part of the county but he had a host of staunch friends who ministered to him in his declining days. Buried next to his wife in Lone Oak Cemetery.

August 30, 1910

Mr. T.H. Pyles aged 61 years died Friday at his home near Yell. Buried in the Taylor graveyard. Survived by his widow and three daughters.

September 6, 1910

Mrs Amanda A. Hart of Anna, Ill died Monday Aug 29 and was buried the following day. Mrs. Hart was a sister of Mrs. L.J. Lowrance of this city.

Mrs. M.K. Abernathy died Friday night at her home in Culleoka of a complicatio of diseases, after a protracted illness. She leaves one daughter Miss Neely Abernathy and was a sister of Mr. H.B. King of this city.

Mrs. Fannie Mai Whitehead wife of B.W. Whitehead of Columbia aged 29 years, died yesterday morning about 5 o'clock at the home of her father Mr. John Gillespie near Berlin. Her remains were laid to rest in the Bethlehem cemetery. She leaves a husband, father and five brothers.

September 9, 1910

W.S. Edwards, proprietor of the Salida Bottling Works was stabbed almost unto death Tuesday evening by Eli Cobb, a ranchman of this vicinity married but a year. (Salida is in Colorado)

News reached here reporting the death of Mrs. Jane Sowell of Columbia age 82 at the home of her son Eld W.J. Sowell in Nashville Tuesday. Funeral services were held at the Sowell Bend graveyard near Leftwich.

Mr Andrew W. Wysong whose illness has been chronicled in the “Tribune” died Monday night about 8 in a Nashville infirmary. His sons Earl Wysong and Roy Wysong did not reach his bedside before he died, but Dr. Homar Wynsong was present all the while. Buried at Lone Oak Cemetery. He was 51 years old. For two terms he was County Court Clerk of this county dying the very day on which his last term expired.

Mr Alf McConnell celebrated his 81st birthday.

September 13, 1910

Mrs Patri Adams of Whitaker, wife of Mr. James S. Adams died Sunday, aged about 65 years. Husband James S. Adams. Buried in the Old Bethel graveyard. Survived by husband and two daughters.

Mrs. Robert M. Orr the late widow of R.M.Orr died at the home of her daughter Mrs. C.L. Orr near Bear Creek Church, aged 82 years and 6 months. She was the daughter of W.H. Pickens and Hannah Pickens. She leaves 5 sons; J.H. Orr, R.R. Orr, L.S. Orr of Mooresville, W.D. Orr of this city, W.S. Orr of Fayetteville, and two daughters Mrs. C.L. Orr of Bear Creek and J.W. Orr of McCains Creek. Buried at Bear Creek cemetery.

September 20, 1910

A tribute to the Memory of A.W. Wysong which occurred in a hospital at Nashville, Tenn on Sept 5, 1910.

The little six year old daughter of Mrs. Dora Short died at her home near Archer

Mr. Wm Mauldin of Delina died Thursday aged about 50 years. Buried Friday at the family burying grounds near his home.

Miss Maxie Hobby aged about 20 died at the home of her mother Nettie Hobby near Ostella.

Mrs Mary Bradley celebrated her 69th birthday.

September 27, 1910

John Lynn Parks aged 10 years, son of Mr and Mrs. William Parks of near McCullough school house, died Wednesday. Buried at Temple graveyard.

Mrs. A.J. Hardison of Leftwich died Monday of last week, aged 55 years. She leaves a husband and several children. Buried in the Tindell graveyard.

Mr J.B. Woods of Belfast aged 68 years died from the effect of a cancer. Burial occurred at Round Hill cemetery. Leaves a wife and eight children.

Local News – Mr J.H. Orr in speaking of the battle of Murfreesboro said he ws wearing a watch his brother Frederick M. Orr had in his pocket when he was killed in the great battle on Dec 31, 1862. Hew fell about 3 o'clock.

September 30, 1910

News was received here Tuesday of the death of Mr. L.A. Harwell, of Corsicana, Tex. Mr Harwell is a brother of Lee Harwell and Geo Harwell of this city.

Mr. Horatio Coop of Bell Buckle died Saturday at a Nashville infirmary. Mr. Coop is not very well known here, but his wife nee Miss Lillian Kittrell was well known here and highly connected in this county. Mr. Coop had been operated on a week prior to his death for appendicitis and peritonitis set in later causing his death. He is survived by his widow and two children.

Columbia, Sept 28 – Miss Dorothy Ewing a member of one the oldest and most prominent families of Middle Tennessee, died at her hoe on the Pulaski pike. She was about 36 years of age. She was buried in the Rose Hill cemetery.

The Dysart Reunion took place at the home of Mr John H. Dysart one mile south of Farmington on September 20, 1910 which was selected because it is the site of the oldest Dysart mansion, now in use. By noon nearly 200 people who claim relationship to John Dysart (the first) were gathered. Mr. W.A. Bills in his own pleasing manner, telling first that the meeting had been suggested by the decline in health of so many of the Dysart family who with them would die our knowledge of the Dysart family if we did not get together and learn from them what they remember of the once populous name. Dr. Sam D. Logan of Athen Ala, whose paternal grandmother was a Dysart, gave us the invocation and then addressed the waiting audience. The descendants of John Dysart Sr. Who migrated to America from Ireland in the early part of the 18th century. A son of whom came to Wilson County in the later part of the century and then to Marshall County in the year 1800.

October 4, 1910

Sept 25 - The children and grandchildren of Mrs. Elizabeth Adair celebrated her 78th birthday last Thursday in a quite a pleasant and enjoyable manner.

October 7, 1910

Mrs Mattie Vancleave died about four weeks ago after many months of suffering – Holt Corner new.

We extend our sympathy to those who lost their mother, aunt Mary Orr about three weeks ago. He remains were laid to rest by those of her husband who proceeded her to the better land in February. - Holt Corner news.

We have just read of the death of Mr Hoyt Goldman, who died about two weeks ago in Oklahoma City of that dread disease typhoid fever. - Holt Corner news.

Mr J.H. Gillespie, aged about 65 years died Tuesday evening. Buried in the Aldridge graveyard.

October 11, 1910

In Memorandum – The Grim Reaper has again laid his icy hands upon the brow of a loving wife and wafted her pure soul to the God who gave it. About three weeks ago Mrs. Lena Reed Davis, wife of J.H. Davis was stricken upon a bed of affliction with an attack of typhoid fever. When she died at 2:20 o'clock Thursday afternoon, aged 24 years and 27 days God in his infinite wisdom saw fit to call her to her last long home. (A poem follows)

Mrs Lena Reed Davis died which occurred last Thursday afternoon. She was a young woman in the prime of young womanhood only 24 years of age, and was well known in Marshall County especially in this city where she resided for several years. She has many friends and acquaintances who deplore her untimely departure. Mrs. Davis was well and hearty when she and her husband Mr. J.H. Davis left home and went for a stay at the home of the latter's father Mr. W.B. Davis near Verona for a few days visit. There she contracted typhoid fever which caused her death after a few days illness. Mrs. Davis was a consistent member of the Christian Church. A short funeral service was conducted at the Davis home by Eld E.M. Derryberry and at the grave in the Reed graveyard by Eld C.M. Pullias. Following were the honorary pall bearers; Mrs. George Andrews. Misses Eva Stewart, Annie Barron, Ora Thompson, Karleen Reed and Gertie Reed.

October 14, 1910

The three year old son of Mr and Mrs. William Toseland of Holly Grove died Tuesday evening and was buried Wednesday afternoon at Head Springs.

Mr A.J. Moore of Rally Hill aged about 85 years died last week from the effects of a fall from his buggy while returning from Columbia, Tenn. Buried on the family burial grounds on the farm Friday.

Mr. Harden Mayberry aged 85 years died at his home near Leftwich Monday morning. He leaves a widow and five children; Mesdames John McLean of Berlin and M.G. McLean of this city besides two sons and one daughter in Maury County. Buried in Bethlehem Cemetery.

Mr James B. Weaver of the South Berlin, died Wednesday at the home of Mr. A.T. Wallace. Aged 63 years. Buried at Talley graveyard. Leaves three children, a son and two daughters.

October 18, 1910

Mildred Davis the 9 year old daughter of Mr and Mrs. P. Davis of Yell, died yesterday morning. Burial today at the Cochran graveyard.

Mrs. Emmett Allen died, aged about 38 years. She is survived by her husband and three children and father and mother, Mr and Mrs. P.C. Hall

Miss Mattie Morris, aged about 30 years died at the home of Mr and Mrs Joe Derryberry near Lunn's Store. Buried in the Derryberry burying ground.

Miss Annie Ring age 36 died at her home near Lunn's store. She leaves two brothers and two sisters. Buried in the Ring graveyard.

October 25, 1910

Miss Mildred Davis, aged 15 years daughter of Mr and Mrs. P. Davis of Yell died Monday of last week of organic heart disease. She was an unusually bright child and the idol of her parents. Funeral services were conducted by Dr. S.T. Hardison after which the remains were laid to rest Tuesday at Cochran. Our sympathy is extended to the bereaved parents in this dark hour.

Mr Jerre Ownby, died at his home near Berlin yesterday morning. He was in his 86th year. Buried at the Ownby burying ground. Deceased leaves 7 children, 4 daughters and 3 sons.

The sad intelligence has been received here that Mr. Thomas C. Woods of Purcell, Okla, was dead. Mr. Woods was born Feb 20, 1860 near Jackson Tenn. While he was young the family moved to Marshall County. In addition to the widow and children a number of relatives are left with saddest hearts, among them being his half sister, Mrs. Nannie Hunter of this city. Buried in Hillside Cemetery.

November 1, 1910

Mr James Reed, aged 45 years, died Saturday at his home near Lillards Mill of Brights disease. Deceased leaves a wife and three children. Buried at Bethany Cemetery Sunday.

Wendall Orr, the 18 month old son of Mr and Mrs Bright Orr, of Bluff Springs, died Saturday. Buried in the Wilson Hill Cemetery.

Mr. N.W. Cowden of Petersburg died very suddenly Saturday afternoon. He was about 60 years old. He will be laid to rest in the local cemetery. No man stood higher in the community in which he lived than did Mr. Worth Cowden. Four children survive him; Mrs Emmett Cowden, Mrs. Robt. McKnight, both of Petersburg; Mrs. Otie Fox of Texas and Mrs. Geo Riley of Oklahoma, besides a number of relatives over the county, many of which live in this city.

Malcolm Turner the 19 month old son of Mr and Mrs. Thos Turner died last Monday of meningitis and was buried at the Short cemetery. - Archer News

November 4, 1910

Mr. C. Ernest Bartlett, aged 33 years died at the home of his mother, Mrs. Cordella Bartlett at Nashville Tuesday of Bright's disease. The remains arrived here at noon Wednesday and were conveyed to Head Springs Cemetery. Mr Bartlett leaves a young wife, besides a mother, three brothers and one sister to mourn his departure.

November 8, 1910

Capt. D.W. Alexander of Rutherford County aged 80 years died Oct. 28. Mr Alexander was formerly of this county and was an old Confederate soldier, having been Captain of Company a. 4th Tennessee Cavalry (Smith's). This will be received with much regret to the older residents of this county.

Mrs. J.M. Dickson, nee Miss Dee Cowden, died at her home at Memphis Tex., Sunday, Oct 30, aged 30 years. The burial was made in Memphis Monday. Deceased was formerly of this county and has many relatives and friends here who receive our sympathy in her death.

Mrs. Martha Finley, aged 64 years, died Saturday at her home near Berlin of a stomach trouble. The remains were laid to rest at the Welch graveyard. Leaves a husband, two daughters and four sons.

November 11, 1910

Mr. F.M. Hamblin age 64 years, died at his home in West Lewisburg Monday night. Buried in Giles County.

Mr. D.S. Jones died Saturday and was buried at the Sharp Cemetery. Deceased was 76 years old and is survived by two sons and four daughters.

Lynching of Wm. Barnes and John Walker who were in the Montezuma Ga. Jail for the murder of Night Policeman Bush of Montezuma. Both men were removed from Ogelthorpe by a mob and hanged.

In Memory of Edward Ward Carmack. Members of the WCTU and a large concourse of friends and admires of the dead stateman jouneyed to Rose Hill Cemetery this afternoon where they placed many handsome flowers upon the grave of Edward Ward Carmack who was assassinated. - Columbia TN, November 9, 1910.

November 15, 1910

Card of Thanks by Mrs Ellie Bartlett to friends who comforted and assisted us during the illness and death of her dear husband.

Mr Ben Green aged 96 years died Friday morning at 11 0'clock at his home at Hornbeak, West Tennessee of old age. Buried Saturday near his home. Mr. Green was formerly of this county, but left her about 49 years ago and spent the remainder of his life in Obion County. Deceased leaves a wife and several children. Amoung them are Mr. Andrew J. Green of this city, Mesdames Dave Hill, a step daughter of Verona, and J.B. Ring of Center Star Maury County.

November 18, 1910

Mrs John Kinnard, formerly Miss Ethel Smith died in Maury County and was brought here for burial at Round Hill Tuesday – Belfast News – Nov 16.

Mrs Sallie Throneberry of Cornersville, died yesterday at her home of tuberculosis of the kidney, aged 49 years. Will be buried at a local cemetery. Leaves one son and one daughter.

Mrs. John Kinnard of New Lases, Maury County died of tuberculosis, age 35 years. Her remains were carried to Belfast Tuesday. Buried at Round Hill. Deceased was formerly Miss Ethel Smith.

A death of unusual sadness was that of Mrs. Hatton Long, of Birmingham, Ala., which occurred Monday of typhoid fever. She was a bride of less than two months. The burial was made in Chattanooga Wednesday. Mrs. Long's husband was a brother of Mrs. C.E. Craig of this city whom they were guest soon after their marriage at Endsley, Ala. A message was received by Mrs. Craig and Mr. Polk Long of Talley Station stating the illness of their daughter and sister, but death overtook her before they arrived. Deceased was only 21 years of age and was one of the most lovable young ladies of her native city, Endelsey, Ala.

Mrs Belle Cowden of Cornersville Avenue died. She was the widow of the late John Cowden of Ostella and she leaves two children, Mr. Walter Cowden and Mrs. Geo E. Hawkins of this city. Funeral services will take place today near Ostella.

November 22, 1910

A telegram was received Sunday evening late by Mr. John Harris of Culleoka that his son Conrad Harris was drowned at Decatur while crossing the Tennessee River in a canoe. Deceased is a nephew of Mr. R.C. Harris. The body has not been recovered as we go to press.

Card of Thanks from Mrs. B.W. King and Children on the death of her dear husband and father.

Mr B.W. King died Sunday, November 6th. Buried in the King Cemetery – Caney Spring news – Nov 15.

Mr John Secrest age 76 years died at his home near Watch. Buried in the Liggett graveyard. A widow and many friends are left to mourn his death.

Mr William Hardison of Leftwich died Thursday night, aged 35 years. Buried in the Morton Cemetery. One child and a host of friends are left to mourn his departure.

The remains of Mr. Edgar Massey who was killed at Memphis in a railroad wreck were brought to Culleoka Wednesday for interment. At the time of his death he was living with his mother Mrs. Martha Massey at Memphis. He is a brother to Mr. W.L. Massey who resides on Mr. R.L Phillips place on Mooresville Road.

Mr A.X. Steele, aged 96 years, one of the oldest men in Marshall County died Saturday at his home on Roberson Fork.

November 29, 1910

The Tribune force extends sympathy to Editor L.J. Burgdorf, of the Murfreesboro Home Journal in his great bereavement of account of the death of his esteemed wife. Mrs. Burgdorf died last week after a lingering illness.

Miss Angie Gillespie, daughter of Mr and Mrs George Gilliespie, died Wednesday at their home in Atlanta, Ga. They formerly lived here, and her remains were brought here for burial. She leaves a father, mother, three brothers and two sisters, one being Mrs. Joplin of this place.

Mrs. Cordella Martin, aged 43 years died Thursday at her home in West Lewisburg of tuberculosis and pneumonia. Deceased leaves a husband and one daughter. Buried at Head Springs.

Mr. J.E. McLain, age 52 years formerly of the Belfast neighborhood, burt for several years a resident of Lawrenceburg, died at his home on Tuesday of last week. He is survived by four children one of whom is Mrs. John Thompson of this county.

Mrs. Clarice Richardson, wife of Mr. J.V. Richardson died at her home one mile south of town Friday morning. She was over 70 years of age. A husband, one daughter and four sons survive her. Buried at Lone Oak.

December 2, 1910

Letters to Santa by
Harold Green Landers – a little tiney baby boy
Bob Floyd, 8 years old

The little 2 year old son of Mr and Mrs Ed Clay fell from a wagon on Saturday and caused his death on Sunday.

December 6, 1910

Letters to Santa
Alice Irene Lawrence age 9 years
Ira Lawrence age 5 years old
Louella Bigham age nearly 8 years old
Annie Lee Bigham age nearly 4 years old
Helen Wheatley age 3
Homer Lee Edwards age 4 years old
Annette Lancaster , Ruby and Kitty Gold

The six year old child of Mr and Mrs Dolphus Whitsett died at its home in Trimble yesterday and was buried in the Cochran cemetery.

Mrs. William Hillard of South berlin died Friday at her home of tuberculosis, aged 38 years. A husband and one child survive here. Buried in the Liggett graveyard.

Mr Wm. H. Pyles of Yell died Saturday. Aged 64 years. Buried at the Cochran cemetery. A wife and several children survive him.

Mrs. Thomas Jones of Leftwich died at her home, aged 48 years. Buried at the Fox cemetery. Leaves a husband and three children.

December 9, 1910

Letters to Santa;
Thomas Cunningham age 7
Ada Evans age 10
Opal Cunningham
Mable Barmond age 9
Willie Walls Nix and Claude Fox Nix age 8 and 10
Ida Pearl Thomason age 9
Ruth, Grace and Mildred Ledbetter
Friel Hastings
Louise Rainey age 6
Mary Jane Rainey age 9
Oliver, Benjamin, Nona and Thomas
Willie Stephenson age 11
Mary Stephenson age 4
James A. Wagner age 8
Bonnie Mai Garrett age 3
Edward Garrett age 6

Dear old Santa, I am a little boy thirty eight years old and weigh 290 pounds. It has been a long time since you have put anything in my stocking. I commence asking you to bring me a half dozen hogs head, 100 pounds of sugar, one barrel of White Roll flour, one pair of boots and a cob pipe, a pack of firecrackers and prescription to grow hairs on a ball head, if you please send me these few articles. Santa if you have anything else to spare send Allen Wise 20 bales of shucks to feed his cows on X-mas night and send Uncle Tom Elliott a teddy bear. Your little friend Jasper Smith.

Anna R. Plattenburg, a relict of the late Wesley Plattenburg, died Tuesday morning, aged 86 years. Buried at Beechwood Cemetery. Survived by three children, Mrs. Sallie McConnell with who she had her home, Mr. W.W. Plattenburg of Cornersville and Mrs. McCelland of St. Louis.

Judge William Dwight Beard of the Tennessee Supreme Court died suddenly in his room at the Hotel Hermitage from heart trouble.

December 13, 1910

Letters to Santa
John Smiley
Alice Mildred Nix age almost 4
Gladis Inez Burlason age 3
Brown Cathey age 5
Willis Yowell age 5
Herman Glenn age 8
Franklin Glenn age 6
Mary Lee Barron age 3
Hazel Lee Thomas age 4
Mildred Arthur and Charles Arthur age 7 and age 4
Thomas Arthur and Jim Loyd Arthur
Bob Taylor Evans age 6
Willie Evans age 8
Farris Velma Park age 7
Johnnie Marshal Park age 6
Annie Mary Burlason age 2
J. William Davis age 2
Herman Freeman
Harold Dean Sharp age 6
John Halley age 16
Inez Richardson
Elmer Freeman and Maple Freeman
Sallie Bettie Jennings age 6
Grover Wade Jennings age 18 months
Willie Loyd Trammel
Sallie Lou McGaugh
Sarah Bradly age 10
Annie Ruth Brisby age 8
Bessie Thomas
Leeana Wright
Edna Sue Jennigs age 3 ½
Joe Richardson age 9
Ellis Richardson age 4
Jackson Wheatley
Mary Hardison age 8
Dora Vaughn age 14

The most frightful wreck in the history of the Memphis division of the Southern Railway occurred Friday morning. Sam J. Porter an engineer of a west bound freight was killed and H.L. Smiley engineer of an eastbound freight was injured so badly that he died at 8 o'clock at his home in Tuscumbia. All of the dead reside in Tuscumbia. Porter was unmarried. Mr Smiley has a wife and a beautiful home in that city. A telegram was received by his sisters, Mrs. Amango and Mrs McAdams of Belfast Friday, and they left on the afternoon train for that city. Mrs. Smiley was formerly of Belfast and is well known in this county. Mrs. Smiley has also from this county, being Miss Annie Robbins of Cornersville. The funeral and burial occurred at Tuscumbia Sunday.

In Memorandum – Died on Tuesday morning at the home of her granddaughter, Mrs. Max Jones, near Cornersville, Mrs. Anna Maples Plattenburg after a beautiful life of more than eighty-six years. Mrs. Plattenburg was born in Alabama, her girlhood and early married life being spent in Selma where she lived in a typical antebellum home of luxury. Loyal to the Confederacy she fed, clothed and ministered to the Confederate soldiers and excelled in every good work. In 1870 Mr. Plattenburg having bought a large farm in Marshall county his family moved to Tennessee and it was in this home the last years of her life were spent. She is survived by a son Mr. Wm. Plattenburg and two daughters, Mrs. Sallie McConnell and Mrs. Mary McCleliand of St. Louis who was to prostrated by a recent great sorrow in her own family to be able to attend her mothers bedside. Buried at Beechwood Cemetery.

December 16, 1910

Letters to Santa;
Robert Warden age 4
Brownie Lee Warden age 6
Julious Brents age 7
Marvilline Moffitt age 7
Lester Hightower age 7
Reeves Derryberry
Aubrey Williams
Elien Elliott
Ada Pearl Hill age 3
Willie Hill age 7
Bennie Hill age 8
Dellar Mai Hill age 18 months
Raymond Hill age 4
Roy Cochran age 4
Mary Allen age 3
Mary Osteen age 14
Fannie Mai Duncan age 11
Charlie Thomas Duncan age 4
Mary Lottie Cochran age 9
Herbert Whitehead age 4
Herman Reynolds
Luna Derreberry
Cheslie Whitehead age 12
Willie Maud Pickens
Annie Weiler age 3
Geo F. Weiler Jr
Leonard D. Park
Selma McGaugh
Eva Ray age 8
Bessie Ray age 5
Emma Ray age 10
Johnie Liza Acree age 8
Homer Malcolm Riner age 2
Laura Acree
Georgie May Riner
Julia Smiley age 9
Minnie Lee Thomas age 9
Ruby Richardson
Maxie Mai Trammel
Ouiqa Sanders
J.L. Sanders Jr.
Thelma Sanders
Anna Lacy Orr
Claude Harrison (from Corinth, Miss., Dec 6, 1910)
Harvey Canady age 8
Martha Noblett
Grace Rainey age 14
Robert McBride Jr
Elizabeth Hendrix age 10

Ernest Pruitt, the 12 year old son of Mr and Mrs. James Pruitt of yell died Tuesday. Buried at the Cochran cemetery.

Henry G. McCord of Chapel Hill died at his home Monday night of cancer age 63 years. Buried at the family burying grounds. He was an ex confederate soldier. He is survived by a wif eand several children besides a number of brothers and sisters. Mr. R.A. McCord, Mrs. Nannie Woods of this city and Mrs. D.S. Clayton of the Cornersville road are among them.

December 20, 1910

Clifford Alexander Corzort age 5 months
Annie Lucy Ramsey age 9
Parlee Kennedy age 12
Johnie May Canady
Frank Liggett age 8
Beuna Turner age 8
Mable Turner
Leota Evans
John Hiza Aree age 8
Laura Acree age 10
Georgie Mai Riner age 9
Homer Mallone Riner age 2
Theron S. Reed age 6
Mary Wash Reed age 4
Katie Hicks, Eulas Hicks and Mable Hicks
Sallie May Dowd age9
Lee Faris age 6
Virgie Rice age 12
Manda Lee Rice age 10
Estell Pickle age 7
Mary Lucy Devin age 10
Dorthy Lee Devin
Lucile Cook age 11
Mary Emma Cook age 5
Grace Gibson Erwin
Moss Green
Bonnie Park
Charlie Thomas Floyd age 4
Mabel Jett age 7
Susie Mai Coggins age 5
Seaggal V. Whestley age 3
Louise Chun
Robbie May and Wilma Wheatley age 6 and 8
Manie Loving age 15
Jodie Jett age 5
Katherine Yates age 8
Ellen Grace Hopwood
Leola Eshman age 7
Willis Scott Hopwood
Nellie Andrews age 11
Everette Andrews age 18 months
Sammie Harris age 6
Herman and Elliehugh and Own
Lucy Pickle
Elizabeth Turner age 8
Mary Lee Hooten age 4
Jim T. Chapman age 6
Earlene Chapman
George Thomas Hillard age 2
Johnie Clifford age 6
Bessie Endsley age 14
Franklin Lafayette Bush
Lucille Webb age 2
Maple Vollena Ealy age 1
Ulna Rainey age 19
Julia Henson age 14
Emma Hughes Hopwood age 1
Gladys Smith Mouldin age 5
Mary Mauldin age 12
Ossie Caldwell age 18
Ester Mouldin age 15
Felix Massey Mouldin age 8
Robert Barnes age 4
Claudy James Stewart age 3
George Maddin age 10
J Howard Orr age 7
Ruth Orr
Herbert H. Ealy age 8
Henretta Clifford age 8 months
Charlie Shepserson
Vernon Redd age 4
Gladys Gibson age 5
Berdie McAdams age 7
Annie S. Broadaway age 8
Thomas Clifford
Ethel Jett age 11
Maud Jett age 9
Mary Charlotte Louis age 12
Clayborne Jett age 4
Eloise Ilson Broadaway
Gladys P. Grissom – New Decatur Ala, living with her cousin Mr and Mrs. E.L. Orr
Jim Compton
Hazel Park age 11
Lizzie Morton Floyd age 12
Tally Collins
Lurline Aldreidge age 14
Ralph Aldridge age 4
Ida Sue Walker age 4
Richard and Joseph Brodley
Edward Bradley age 7
Hettie Sue Edwards age 4
Willie Smith Hurt age 6
Sara Ruth Hurt age 5
Ernest Dozier age 15 months
Gertie McMurrey age 10
Thomas Shaw age 8
Rerry Epperson and Lenzil Hill ages 4 and age 5
Myra Lee Mcrory age 6

Dear Old Santa Clause;
Hear we come four little Okla children formerly of Tennessee, we have been very good children this year, we are going to school and we like our teacher fine, Mr. Wilbur is his name, well Santa after you have visited all the little Tennessee children and have got anything left and you don't think it to far, we would be glad for you to come and bring us something nice to eat just anything you have will please us, Santa you want haft to clime hills and rocks to get to our house this year and please don't forget to go to see little Aunt Lillie White Church and carry her something nice to and while you there please give our poor old dog Tot some candy for he sure loves candy and if you can get him to follow you, just bring him with you, we would be prouder of him than anything else, for he sure did love us, well we will close for fear our letter will be to large, thanking you for what you brought us last year, you little boys and girls. - Louise, Cliff, Oliff and Maple McConnell. - Altus, Okla.

Mitchell Carpenter a well known young citizen died Sunday. On his way home from this place Saturday after he drank a small quantity of whiskey and soon afterward became ill and stopped at the home of his brother where he died. A physician pronounced death due to congestion.

Miss Hindman, daughter of Mr and Mrs Frank Hindman of the Buford Community is dead aged 16 years

The death of Mrs. George Melton occurred at her home near Delina Sunday. She was about 40 years of age. She leaves a husband and several chldren.

Mr. Green Bowden, aged 79 years, died Sunday of old age, at the home of his brother, Mr. Lush Bowden. Buried at the family burial ground. He was an ex-confederate soldier and was a highly respected citizen. Several brothers and sisters besides a host of friends survive.

The remains of Mr Blair Hobson who died of pneumonia Thursday in St. Louis arrived here Saturday afternoon and was laid to rest in Lone Oak Cemetery. He was 35 years of age and was a resident of this city until 17 years ago when he went West. He leaves one brother and two sisters to mourn his departure.

December 23, 1910

Letters to Santa:
Thomas Reynolds age 11
Clarence Reynolds age 10
Hubert McCrory age 8
Carrie L. Collins age 4
Enloe Walker age 6
Rubie Walker age 4
Clarence Hammond age 8
Dewey Bell Jett age 9
Ida May Jet age 5
Hazel Harwell age 2
Fedia Foster age 11
Margaret Cheek
Marylin Ewing
Mary Ruth Aldridge age 7
Clarice Bearden
Tom Canady age 4
Lula Canady age 5
A.J. Calahan (ask for a mother-in-law and for Santa to fill the prescription for Jasper Smith bald head)
Edna May Reece age 5
Herman Pickle
Margaret Louise Osborne
Everette Hardison age 4
Sara May Wilson age 7
Arrene Hardison
Ommie Francis Hardison
Harold Wise age 6
Mary Hurt age 9
Robbie Hurt age 11
Everett Redd age 7
Maggie, Lilla, Lola and Blanch Pearson ages 20, 25 and 30 and they all want a fellow to match their ages!
Lucil Lamb age 5
Bessie Janie McAdams age 4
Sallie, Will and Brown Reed
Jasper Moses age 76
Malcolm Patterson Harris age 4
Willi Lee Chun age 3
Andrew Martin
Elgin Chum age one month.
Bessie Martin
Fred Collins age 8
Clarramai Reynolds age 8

Mr J.B. Foster died of tuberculosis of the liver at his home a few miles east of here Friday morning. He was 74 years old. He leaves a wife and four children, two boys and two girls.

News has been received here of the death of Mrs. Charlie Sowell, which occurred Saturday at their home in De Reno, Tex. She was 28 years old. She leaves a husband, one little son, a father, Dr. John Cowden of this place, three sisters and three brothers, one of whom is Dr. C.N. Cowden of Nashville. One of her sisters was Mrs. Sain Pierce of Nashville. Her remains arrived Tuesday and was buried Wednesday.

Mr. S.M. Giles, aged 77 years died at his home at Wilhoit, Monday night. Buried at Swanson cemetery at Chapel Hill. He was an ex-confederate soldier. Leaves a wife and several children.