Marshall County,

Lewisburg Tribune News

– Tibet's and Obits –
Collected by Martha Smotherman Mendez

January 3, 1911

W.C. Jarnigan a former citizen of this place who was seriously hurt about two weeks ago in a gas explosion in a cotton seed oil factory at Wichita Falls, Tex, died Saturday and the remains were broght here yesterday for interment in Lynwood Cemetery. The unfortunate man's brother Ernest Jarnigan left immediately on news of the accident for Wichita Falls and brought the body back. He reports that his brother was horribly scalded and suffered intensely until the end. Deceased was a brother of Mrs. E.L. Moffitt of this city and has many friends here who deeply deplore his untimely death.

Mr Ed Jordan age 30 years died at his home near Yell on Thursday. Buried in the Cochran cemetery. Leaves an aged father and mother, Mr and Mrs.William Jordan, tow sisters, Mrs. Maggie Ham and Miss Fannie Jordan who have the deepest sympathy of a host of friends and relatives.

Mr Jeff King of near Mooresville died Sunday of pneumonia, aged 75 years. He was a highly respected citizen, an ex-Confederate soldier and a member of the C.P. Church. After funeral services conducted at Bear Creek Tuesday by Rev. C.D. Calvert the remains were laid to rest in the Bryant cemetery at Mooresville. Several children survive him.

Mrs. Fradonie Haywood Marsh, widow of the late Shelby Marsh, died yesterday at her home at Dr. K.L. Jones. Aged 80 years. She is survived by one brother Dr. E.P.C. Haywood, of this place and three sisters, Mrs. Jas. S. Perry of this place, Mrs. J.W. McClarren of Lynnville, and Mrs. John T. Blair of Humboldt.

January 10, 1911

The 16th month old child of Mr and Mrs Thos. Hill of near Duncanville die Saturday fo membraneous croup. The funeral was conducted by Eld C.M. Pullias Sunday after which the interment occurred at Pleasant Hill.

January 13, 1911

Large Band of Bootleggers – All those found guilty – John Williams who made bond, Alma Headerson in two cases, John Williams in two cases, Alex Floyd in two cases, Chas Jackson in two cases, Wes Taylor, Sam Lowe in aiding in getting whiskey, Jim Crower in aiding in liquor, Burney Collins, Cleve Whooten, Sam Lowe and James Crowder were not found guilty of selling but where fined for aiding in such unlawful transaction.

John L. Harris has qualified as administrator of the estate of Conrad Harris, who was drowned in the Tennessee river at Decatur some time ago. Although the river was searched repeatedly for some trace of the body, nothing to indicate that he was still in the river was ever found. Mr. Harris lives in the South part of the county, near Glendale – Columbia Herald.

Mr William Montogmery who had been connected with the Lewisburg post office for over five years retired this week.

The death of Mrs. Susie J. Moore occurred Monday at her residence in Nashville. Buried at Spring Hill. Deceased was a sister of Rev. D.C. Scott of this city and was formerly a resident of this county. Several children and a host of friends survive her to mourn her death.

January 17, 1911

In Memory of Lizzie Holly who died Aug 11, 1910 – A beautiful poem written by her grandmother Mrs. S.M. Holly age 83 years.

Marshall County is proud of Mr Horace Merritt, of Joplin, Mo. Who is here attending the bedside of his father Mr W.H. Merritt. Mr. Merritt enjoys the honor of being the Grand Chancellor of the Knights of Pythias order in Missouri. He is thus at the head of many thousands of a fine selection of men. He was for a number of years a member of Ingomar lodge. The Tribune joins Mr. Merritt in his profession of the practice of law, and we expect for him in the future still higher honors.

Mr Robert E Fields died Thursday night at his home in Berlin, aged 86 years. Buried in the Cunningham graveyard. Deceased was a member of the Christian Church, an ex-Confederate soldier and was for several years a member of the County Court. He was postmaster at Berlin for several terms. He is survived by his wife.

Shelbyville Tenn., Jan 16 – A cutting affray occurred last night between Gillie Martin and his father-in-law, Dock Helton, resulting in the wounding of Martin, from the effects of which he died this evening at 3 o'clock.

The two year old son of Mr and Mrs Jodie McKinney died Tuesday of diphtheria. Buried at Head Springs.

Mr J.H. Inman an old Confederate soldier dropped dead at his home near Culleoka Sunday night. He was a member of the Fifth Mississippi regiment, was wounded in the battle of Corinth, Miss. And captured in the battle of Franklin. The remains were laid to rest at Cuileoka Monday. Survived by a wife and ten children, two of which are Meadames James Wells of Mooresville and W.L. Massey of near here.

Mr S.P. Boren aged50 years, who has been ill for several months, died Wednesday evening. He is survived by his widow and two children, being the father of Mr Stanley Boren, a member of the Tribune force. Buried at Lone Oak.

January 24, 1911

A five year old girl the daughter of James Dennis, col. On Snake Creek this county was burned to death at tis home Thursday. The child was standing near the fire causing its dress to catch aflame which soon enveloped its body and burning it to unconsciousness before help could be had.

Mr W.H. Merritt, aged 70 years died at his home in this city Saturday. Mr Merritt was born and reared in Lincoln County and has resided in Lewisburg for about 40 years. He was a valiant soldier in the Confederate army. During his life he was a stone cutter and an artist in this line. Buried in Lone Oak cemetery.

January 31, 1911

Mrs Phillip Chunn age 66 years died Friday. She is survived by her husband and several children. Buried at the Boyett graveyard.

February 3, 1911

Mrs Dink Luna aged about 60 years died at her home near Farmington on Wednesday. Survived by her husband and several children.

Miss Eliza Richardson aged about 17 died at her home near Globe on Wednesday. She was the daughter of Mr. W.L. Richardson.

William Fox, aged 18 years, died at the home of his grandmother Mrs. T.H. Pyles near yell on Wednesday. Buried at the Yell graveyard.

Mrs. H.M. Head died Sunday morning at her home two miles from Cornersville. She was 77 years old. She leaves two daughters and three sons. Buried in Beechwood Cemetery.

Mr I.A. Thomas of Lewisburg celeberated his 79th birthday Tuesday Jan 31.

February 7, 1911

Mrs Grace Milton died near Chapel Hill of old age and general disability.

Mr R.H. Young of Wheel formerly of Marshall County died Thursday after a brief illness from pneumonia. He was 42 years of age.

Mrs. Nancy L. Cochran, aged 82 years, died yesterday. She is survived by several grown children and grandchildren. She was the widow of Hugh T. Cochran.

Deila, McAdams the little five year old daughter of Mr. Hugh McAdams died Sunday at the home of her grandfather, Mr Bill Woods. Buried at Round Hill Church.

February 10, 1911

Family reunion at the home of Mr and Mrs Geo Turner of Verona Avenue. It was a reunion of the children. Those present to enjoy the occasion were, Mr and Mrs. Otha Turner, Messrs. Ollie Turner of Oila, Neil Turner, who has recently resided in the West, Allie Turner and Messrs. John Beard and S.J. Turner. Mrs. Virgil is the only one not present. She now resides in Smithfield, TX.

Mrs Harriett Hardison, aged about 78 years, died at his home on Tuesday. Buried in the Morton graveyard.

Mr Robert Secrest died at his home in Memphis on Sunday. The remains reached her at noon and were laid to rest in Lone Oak.

In Memory of Roy Pruitt who died December 18, 1910 age 12 years.

February 14, 1911

In Loving Memory of Sadie Whitsett – Trimble Tenn, Jan 30 – Died Saturday morning December 3.

February 21, 1911

John May Taylor member of the court of civil, died at his home here tonight, in the seventy third year of his age. His death had been expected for some time. He was born at Lexington, Tenn May 18, 1838. His father, Jesse Taylor was a Virginian by birth and his mother, Mary May was of North Carolina parentage. Jesse Taylor served in the war of 1812, seeing action in the battle of New Orleans under Gen. Jackson. Three of his sons were confederate soldiers, the elder of whom, Capt Jesse Taylor commanded the heavy artillery at Fort Henry during the bombardment in February, 1862, and was surrendered at that place. C.C. Taylor another brother, served with General Forrest. - Lexington, Tenn, Feb 17.

Mrs Emaline Thompson aged 81 years died at her ome near Ostella Sunday, senility being the main cause of her death, but paralysis the proximate cause. Buried in the Spring Place graveyard.

Mr Robert Sanders aged 54 a prominent citizen of the Talley Station died very suddenly last Friday. One son W.T. Sanders survives him. Buried in the N—l Sanders graveyard.

Dr. J.M. Patterson who died on Tuesday afternoon. He was 82 years old at the time of his death. He served in the Confederacy. Survived by his widow and several children one of which is Mr. F.L. Patterson of this city. Buried at the Hardison Cemetery.

Mr. Joel Dyer one of the best citizens of the southern end of Marshall County died Saturday morning. He was about 49 years of age. Buried in the Talley graveyard.

A death of interest to many of his acquaintances here was that of Mr. W.H. Timmons of Nashville which occurred last Friday.

February 24, 1911

William Conrad, son of J.S. Conrad of Talley Station died Tuesday. The remains were buried at the New Hope cemetery.

Mr. Sam Davis aged 21 years died Wednesday of typhoid fever in Seattle, Washington, where he had gone only six weeks ago. He is the son of Mr and Mr. Henry Davis of Lillards Mill. The remains will be brought home for burial and will reach here some time next week. Rev. T.M Hendrix will conduct the funeral services after which the remains will be buried in Bethlehem.

February 28, 1911

Columbia, Tenn, Feb 24 – Mrs Jas Troop, a bride of the week, is waiting patiently at the home of her parents at Groveland for the return of her husband. They were married Tuesday – Miss Audra May Brown and Jas. Troop – and in less than half an hour after the ceremony was over the groom excused himself. He had driven over he said in a carriage that was his mother's . He wanted to take the horse and buggy back home and to return in one of his own. Troop turned out in the road in front of the house and drove out of sight of the waving handkerchiefs of the bride and her many friends. That was the last that any of the party there have seen of Troop. Until yesterday afternoon not a trace of the missing man had been discovered.

Mrs Frances E. Thompson better known “Aunt Emmeline” died at her home thar this place last Saturday morning at 5 o'clock of old age and general debility, aged 81 years. Buried at the Short Cemetery. - Archer News

Mrs M.E. Taylor who left Marshall County 18 years ago and located at Isobel, Okla. Returned to her old home last week and is now the guest of her brother, Mr. J.A. Coggins of the Duncanville road. She was accompanied by her son Mr. Robert Taylor and his wife.

March 3, 1911

Dr. G.H. Lowe was shot and killed instantly in an encounter with Esq. W.W. Collins of Diana, fifteen miles north of Pulaski. Mr Collins received a painful wound in the left shoulder. Collins is a local merchant, a justice of the peace and one of the most prominent citizens, being a son of R.B. Collins. Dr. Lowe was a young man who came from Mt. Juliet, Tenn so me six months ago. It is difficult to get details of the tragedy, as the people of that neighborhood do not like to discuss the matter by telephone being on party lines, so that conversations may be heard. It is said that bitter feelings had existed for some them between Dr. Lowe and Mr. Collins on account of a remark which Collins is reported to have made to the effect that he suspected Dr. Lowe was using dope. Dr. Lowe shot first. This shot was followed almost immediately by one from Collins pistol which took effect in Lowe's forehead, entering the brain and causing instant death.

Resolutions of the Death of Willie Fox; Whereas, God in his infinite wisdom has seen fit to take from us our friend and school mate, Willie Fox. These resolutions be read to the school and a copy went to the family – W.B. Alexander Jr., Lewis Collins, Robert E. Lee, Ruth Haywood and Lura T. Bridges.

Card of Thanks for the many friend for the kindness shown during the sickness and death of our beloved son and brother. J.S. Conrad and family.

Mrs Fio Sharp, aged about 30 years died in Bedford County Tuesday of pneumonia. She was a former resident of Marshall County.

The remains of Samuel Davis who died in Seattle, Wash., last week arrived her Wednesday. He was the son of Mr. Henry Davis of Lillards Mill and only left here a few months ago. Buried in the Bethlehem Cemetery

March 10, 1911

The remains of Mr Robert Stewart whose death was mentioned in our last issue arried her Tuesday afternoon and were buried at the Aldridge graveyard Wednesday. Mr. Stewart was a confederate veteran.

March 17, 1911

Mr John B. Wilhoite died Wednesday morning. He was a little over 80 years old. Mr. Wilhoite was a valiant Confederate soldier serving for four years in the Fourth Tennessee Cavalry under Gen. Forrest. Buried in the Smyrna graveyard. Leaves three children, Mr Jake R. Wilhoite of Wilhoite, Mrs. Walter Phillips of Nashville and Mrs. Henry H. Horton of Winchester.

March 21, 1911

Miss Delia McCormack age 45 died Saturday. Buried at Rose Hill Cemetery. She was a sister of Mrs. W.P. Hastings of this city.

March 24, 1911

J.B. Wilhoite's Will Probated – The testator to nominate his son Jake R. Wilhoite as his executor. The will divides most of this large estate among his children.

March 31, 1911

Mrs Ann Caldwell died at her home at Delina. She was about 76 years old. She leaves two sons, Messrs. Sheilds Caldwell and Marshal March and one sister, Mrs. Lou Wilson of Nashville.

Mrs. Mary Gant, aged 52 and wife of Esq. W.E. Gant died at her home in Shelbyville. She was a sister of Mrs. S.T. Hardison of this city.

Mr J.G. Gillespi, aged 60 years died Monday night. Buried at the Greer graveyard. He leaves 3 children; Messrs, G.R. Gillespi of Nashville, J.W. Gillespi of Oklahoma City and Mrs. L.J. Nance of Lewisburg

Mrs. A.M. Carlton, age 30 years died at her home at Rich Creek Tuesday. She leaves a husband and two sons. Buried at the Clay Hill graveyard. She was the sister of Mrs. H.C. Gates of this city.

April 5, 1911

Mr Tom Pigg went to Bunker Hill to attend the burial of his brother John Pigg who died at that place – Archer News.

Mr. R.B. Compton has just received a letter from his brother Fayette Compton of Greenville, Tex, stating that his daughter Bessie Compton died at that place a few days ago. She was about 18 years old and never spoke a word or walked a step in her life. - Archer News

Mrs. Dovie Ann Wakefield has died. She was 78 years old. She leaves two children, Mrs. Sam Wakefield of this place and Mrs. McKinney, with who she lived. Also one sister, Miss Sallie Rhodes.

Mrs. Ritha Fonville, age 71 years, died at her home, the residence of Mr. J.H. Welch near Yell. The remains were buried near Yell

Mr. W.F. Smith aged about 50 years died at his home at Chapel Hill Thursday. He was afficted with a complication of diseases from which he suffered intensely. He leaves a wife and two children. Buried at the Fisher graveyard at Verona. He was a relative of Mr. Roone Marshall of this place.

Mrs. Fannie McGrew, aged 70 years died Wednesday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Lee Clark near Brick Church. She leaves two children; Mr. James Emerson and Mrs. Lee Clark. The remains were interred at Diana.

April 7, 1911

Mr A.E. Bivins of the Diana community dropped dead Monday evening. He was about 50 years old. Buried at the Spring Place graveyard. - Archer news said “Mr El Bivins” was buried at the Short Cemetery.

Mrs Amelia B. Stephens the devoted wife of Rev. J. Bunyan Stephens of this city died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Robt. M. Dudley. She was 75 years of age. Her parents were John F and Amelia B. Ferguson of Marshall County. Surviving are her husband, he only daughter, six grandchildren and two great grand children of this city; two brothers; John Ferguson and James Ferguson and one sister Mrs. Dorothy Brim of Marshall County.

April 11, 1911

Luther Craig a well known young citizen, met with a fatal accident yesterday afternoon. While cutting timber on his fathers farm near Bivins a large tree in falling struck Mr. Craig crushing his skull and breaking his neck. He was about 23 years old and leaves a young wife and one daughter. He was a son of Mr and Mrs. S.L. Craig.

Esq Will Collins sued for Damages. E.M. Lowe of Nashville were here this week in connection with the killing of Dr. George Lowe of Diana by Squire Will Collins on February 28. Mr. Lowe qualified as administrator and has instituted two suits in the Circuit Court against Squire Collins, one for 10,000 and one for 5.000.

Mr T.M. Smith, aged 76 years died at his hoem at Holts Corner Saturday. He was a confederate veteran, having been a member of Company A, Fourth Tennessee Cavalry Smith's. Buried at the family graveyard Sunday. Among the attendants at his burial were twenty five Confederate soldiers who left here with him on the 17th of June, 1861. Three of there are J.F. Ferguson, of Chapel Hill, R.S. Walker of the Farmington road and S.D. Davis of this city.

April 14, 1911

Mrs. Bobbie McCree died at her home near Belfast Monday, of Rheumatism, aged 48 years. She leaves a husband and 10 children. Buried in the Head Springs graveyard.

Mrs. Sarah P. Kimbrough, wife of Duke L. Kimbrough died at the home of her daughter; Mrs. G.H. Crutcher of Jackson, Tenn. Of heart trouble, aged 66. She had many friends in this county having been reared and lived here several years after her marriage.

Mr. Thos Hopwood, formerly of this city, now of Shelbyville died Monday. He was about 48 years of age. Buried at the Patton graveyard.

Mr. Wealey Griffis, age 82 years died at his home at Roberson Fork Wednesday. He was a brave Confederat soldier a member of the 3rd Tennessee Regiment. He is an uncle of Mr. D.J. Griffis of this city and leaves a wife and six children. Buried at Mars Hill.

Miss Eliza Bishop, aged 40 years died at Fayetteville Wednesday at the home of her brother, Mr. Chas Bishop. She formerly lived at Springplace and was a member of the C.P. Church. Buried at the Short graveyard.

April 18, 1911

Miss Mary E Bishop died at her home at Fayetteville last Wednesday. She was 58 years old. She was laid to rest in the Short Cemetery. The grief stricken sister and brother have the deepest sympathy of the entire community. - Archer news.

April 21, 1911

Robert Wright of Petersburg died April 17. He was about 56 years of age. Leaves a sister.

The little eight week old daughter of Mr and Mrs Chas Thomas of Rich Creek died Wednesday.

April 25, 1911

Mr Walter Darnell, son of Mr. Joseph Darnell Sr. of near Brick Church died at the asylum near Nashville last Wednesday, aged 35 years. Buried in the Short Cemetery.

Mrs. Kate E. Head, wife of A.L Head died at her home three mile on the Lynnville road early this moring aged about 29 years. She is survived by her husband and two small children. She is also survived by her father, John Burrow and four brothers, Ed A Burrow of Lewisburg, Joe M. Burrow of route 10, J.H. Burrow of St. Louis and Robert Burrow of Dallas Tex.

Mr Gad Castleman, aged 82 years, who died yesterday at his home was buried at Mt. Olivet. Survived by his wife, Mrs. Lavinia Castleman and the following sons; J.O. Castleman, J.W. Castleman, R.E. Castleman and P.D. Castleman, all of this city – Nashville Banner (Mr Castleman was formerly a resident of this city).

May 2, 1911

Mr W.H. Green, aged 34 years died at his home near Berlin Sunday. His widow and one child survive him. Buried at Bethlehem.

The little two year old son of Mr and Mrs Archer Geasley Jr. died Sunday at their home in Nashville.

May 12, 1911

News reaches Lewisburg reporting the death of Mr. Roy Hawkins, aged 20 which occurred at his home in Atlanta Tuesday. He is a brother to Miss Mollie Hawkins of this city.

Mr. John R. Bryant, aged about 65 years died at his home near Mooresville Wednesday. Buried in the Bryant graveyard.

May 16, 1911

Mrs Nannie Hopkins, aged 72 years died Thursday at her home near Belfast. She leaves four children, Mr Sam Hopkins, Robert Hopkins and Rollie Hopkins and Miss Betty Hopkins. Buried at Round Hill Cemetery.

May 23, 1911

On Sunday afternoon R.J. Orr the 12 year old son of Mr and Mrs. Ollie Orr of this city died after a lingering illness. Buried at the Head Springs graveyard.

Clyde Stewart the eight year old son of Mr and Mrs. James Stewart of the Berlin vicinity died at his home.

May 26, 1911

Robert Davidson, son of Mr and Mrs George Davidson, has died of pneumonia after only a few days. He was only 26 years of age and leaves a father, mother, three brothers and one sister.

Mr. C. “Pink” Dyer, who lived three miles east of town did suddenly this morning. He leaves a wife, a daughter, Mrs. Ollie Barham and a son, Mr. Gus Dyer of Gill Tenn. He will be buried at the Old Orchard Cemetery.

Mrs. Elizabeth Cathey age 64 died at her home near Verona. Eight children survive her. Buried in the McCurdy graveyard.

May 30, 1911

Mrs John Faulkenberry formerly of Palmetto and Farmington died this week at her home in Huntsville Ala.

The infant child of Mr and Mrs. Virgil Tankersley of Verona was buried Saturday in the Verona graveyard.

The body of the 18 month old child of Mr and Mrs. John Beamer of Nashville was brought in Saturday at noon. Death was caused by teething. The remains were laid to rest in the Reed grave yard.

Death visited our community Monday at 11 a.m. And took from Mr and Mrs. Will Neil their little son, Paul Neil. Buried in the Collins graveyard. - Elk Ridge News

June 2, 1911

Mrs Mary Green, aged 84 years died at her home here Wednesday of old age. Buried in the Taylor graveyard near Yell.

Mr. William Stallings of Whitaker died Tuesday after a lingering illness from what seemed a cancer of the tongue, supposed to be the results of smoking.

Mr Henry Pickle received a telegram from Aberdeen, Miss. Announcing the death of his brotehr Murrey Pickle.

June 6, 1911

Mr James Thomas aged about 51 years, died at his home near Unionville last week, from indigestion. He was a member of the Methodist Church and a good citizen and formerly lived near Salem Church in this county. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. S.A. Kendall after which the remains were buried in the Elliott graveyard.

Miss Camille Wallace, aged 18 years who died at the home of her uncle Mr. W.S. Hardison at Lebanon Friday. Miss Wallace when a child lived in Lewisburg being the only daughter of Mr. W.F. Wallace, ex-County Court Clerk of this County. She leaves an only brother, Calvin Wallace. Buried in the Hardison graveyard at Hardison Mills.

June 9, 1911

Mr John T. Hill reported an unusual find in his community near Duncanville this week. It was a gold watch found by Hooper Fitzpatrick, while plowing. The watch was lost 49 years ago while Mr. Henry Burt, a confederate soldier was visiting his sister. Parts of the watch were in good shape.

Mrs. Catherine Elizabeth Murrey died at the home of her son, W.N. Murrey. She was in her 93rd year. She leaves five children. Mrs. Murrey is the mother of Mr. J.M. Murrey of this city – The Tennessean.

Petersburg, Tenn, June 5 – A most enjoyable reunion was at the home of Mr and Mrs Theo F. Harris on May 3rd. The old soldiers gathered in the afternoon and spent the night with him. They had a nice supper and all felt themselves at home and had a good time. The night will long be rememberedd. Those present were Theo. F. Harris age 66, C.M. Pearson age 71, G.W. Crabtree age 80, W.B. Moore age 71, G.W. Foster age 68, Fred Foster age 71, G.W. Cansby age 67, Jo S. Hines age 68, J.E. Broadway age 66. Six of the number received wounds during the war. May the dear old men live to enjoy many more such reunions as this one was. (another article was written in the June 16th Lewisburg Tribune on the May 31 reunion. This article is a bad copy and parts cannot be read)

June 13, 1911

Old Uncle Jonathan George, col. Of Chapel Hill died a few days ago at the advanced age of 104 years. He was one of the old time darkeys and was well known in Marshall County and highly respected.

Miss Camille Wallace of Lebanon who had been sick for several months was buried Saturday at the Harddiosn graveyard. Camille was a sweet christian girl and was loved by all who knew her. - Watch News.

Mrs. Twitty, the wife of Mr. Leo Twitty of the Snake Creek community died Sunday. She was 66 years of age. Funeral services were conducted at Head Springs church yesterday.

June 16, 1911

The 10 months old infant of Mr and Mrs Frank Hunter died Tuesday and was buried Wednesday afternoon at the McCurdy graveyard. Rev. T.. Hendrix conducting the funeral services.

Cecil Bowden the small son of Mr and Mrs Jake Bowden died Tuesday morning of lockjaw which was caused by a nail which he stuck in his foot on last Wednesday. The remains were buried Wednesday at the family graveyard.

Mr Roach the father of Mrs. A.V. McLane of this city died Tuesday at Memphis as the result of an operation which he compelled to undergo a few days ago. He resided in Mississippi a short distance from Memphis where the remains were interred Wednesday, Mr. Roach was 66 years old. Mr and Mrs. McLane and little daughter Elizabeth McLane were in attendance at the funeral.

June 20, 1911

Mrs Sallie Purdom, age 73 years died at her home in Chapel Hill Saturday of flux. She was and estimable woman. The remains were buried near Berlin

Mrs. J.F. Darnell aged 72 yers died Sunday afternoon after an illness of several weeks at her home in West Lewisburg. Buried at Lone Oak

June 23, 1911

Two young children of Morris Cathey, resided about five miles east of here near the Cheatham county line died a week ago with what the attending physician pronounced hookworm. The children were aged two and five years respectively. Within the past four years six young children of this family have died of what seemed to be the same disease. Dr. J.B. Chapman who attended the last two children states that Mr Cathey and his wife and the three surviving children are afflicted with the same malady. One child, four years old is at present in a dying condition.

Company “A” of 4th Tennessee
Mr. S.D. Davis has furnished the tribune with the following list of names which represents the complete roll of the members of Company A, Forest's Tennessee Cavalry (Smith's) as it was when it left here fifty years ago last Saturday. The stars “*” show those who are living and Mr. Davis would be glad to have any correction or addition. This is the first Cavalry Company to leave the county and the first company to be in Tennessee. It surrendered in North Carolina under Gen. Joseph E. Johnson on April 26, 1861. The following are the names which shows how few now survive.;

Commissioned Officers
D.W. Alexander – Captain
W.H. McLean - 1st Lieutenant
W.C. Green - 2nd Lieutenant
R.O. McLean - 3rd Lieutenant*

Non-Commissioned Officers
S.J. Allen – Orderly Sergeant
Jno. W. Champ - 2nd Sergeant
M.M. Swaim - 3rd Sergeant
R.E. Cocke - 4th Sergeant
Ed J. Neil – 5th Sergeant *
A.R. McLean - 1st Corporal
F.A. Allen - 2nd Corporal *
David Watts - 3rd Corporal
J.J. Finney - 4th Corporal
Charlie E.B. Woods – Bugler
W.R. Wynn – Bugler *
Zach Wallace – Farrier
W.S. Lamb – Blacksmith

J.G. Aydelotte
R.H. Alexander
Gid Alexander
Chas A. Baird *
W.J. Brown
L.M. Byrd
Robt. Brown *
J.C. Bell
Doc Byrd
B.F. Chapman
John Clinton
A.W. Corlett
G.J. Clark *
G.W. Claiborn
F.M. Crockett
N.J. Cocke
James Davis
Scott D. Davis *
Minor W. Eakin
J.H. Ellison
R.E. Fields
N.W. Farrow
John Ferguson *
W.D. Fraley
J.G. Fields
J.R. Fisher
Watt Gentry *
J.M. Gentry
Tom Giles *
John Galloway
G.W. Hargrove *
Ed Hamilton
David Harmon
N. Hargrove
Timothy Hare
W.F. Hooker
G.W. Leonard
Humphrey N. Liggett
Jesse Marlin
John R. Mallard *
J.T. McCrory
J.B. Montgomery *
W.C. Maxwell
Wm. J. Neil
J.L. Orr
M.T. O'Neal
Nick Ogilvie
J.M. Parsley *
Stephen A. Porter
John W. Reavis
William Riggs
Granville Ransom
Charles Ransom
James Reid
G.W. Reynolds *
John Ring
Jake Ring
James Rhodes
W. Thomas Shearin *
J.A. Sheffield
Elijah Stedge
Thomas Smith
J.N. Stanley
D.D. Stanley
G.W. Slaughter
Hugh Slaughter
Green Smithson
Sylvester Smithson
E.A. Shipps
Mitch Tankesley
E.D. Thompson
W.F. Thompson
J.P. Thompson *
James Thompson
J.K.P. Thomas
J.C. Thomas
W.F. Tucker
M.J. Turner
Lee Terry
W.J. Williams
William Wade
Fletcher Wade
William Wilson
J.B. Warren
Ed W. Woodward *
B.F. Woodward
R.S. Walker *
Bud Woodall
Thos W. Yancy
June 17th exactly 50 years ago was a great day at Caney Springs, the point from which they started. There was probably in Caney the largest assembled there, all the friends and relatives of the members of the company for miles around being present. They formed line in the Hartwell Baker lot. Mr. Zach Williams was the oldest man and Mr. Gideon Alexander, the 14 year old son of Captain Alexander, was the youngest.

Mrs. J.H. “Doc” Armstrong, age 69 died at her home Wednesday of old age. The remains were buried at Head Springs.

Mr James Pigg died of heart trouble at the home of his sister, Mrs. John Prosser at Chestnut Ridge Sunday morning. He was about 73 years old. He leaves three sisters; Miss Lizzie Pigg, Mrs. John Prosser and Mrs. Patterson of Illinois. Buried at the Pigg graveyard near Blakeville.

A telegram has been received here by Mr. F.L. Patterson announcing the death Saturday morning of Mrs Mattie Stanley Patterson wife of Mr. W.H. Patterson at her home in Dallas, Tex. Besides her husband, one son survives. Mr. Stanley W. Patterson, is a prominent young business man of Dallas.

June 27, 1911

Picture of the Big Five – Five boys from Marshall County making a “walk” to Kansas. Paul A. Jones, Scott W. Holden, Albert B. Crutcher, Doc Loin and J. Herbert Orr. (Boys from Tennessee Arrive – Five young men who started on a long walk from Nashville Tenn., to Clay center, reached here Saturday, having discontinued their walk after covering 300 miles and taking the railroad the balance of the way, owing to the fact that the harvest commenced earlier than usual this year and it was necessary for them to get here in order to procure work. They are likely looking young men and will no doubt be efficient workers for anyone who may need their services.

In a letter to relatives here Mr. W.H. Patterson of Dallas Tex, says the death of his wife, formerly Miss Mattie Stanley was caused by heart trouble and was very sudden. She was well in the morning but her heat action continued to grow weaker till death which came at 5 o'clock.

Mrs Margaret Warren of Petersburg died Sunday of old age, aged 78 years. After funeral services the remains were laid to rest in the cemetery there.

June 30, 1911

Old Soldiers Entertained - The home of Mr A.J. Bartlett on the Lynnville road was the scene of much joy and mirth and most cordial hospitality on June 22. The honored guest of the occasion were confederate veterans, who aside from their ties of friendship were drawn very close to the host by a bond of love which was formed amidst common perils and hardships of four years daily association which forms a brotherly love. Those present and their respective ages were; Capt. W.M. Robinson, Aug 30, 1831, Mr. W.R. Phillips July 5, 1830, Mr Scott Davis June 14, 1844, Mr. John Wallace June 28, 1846, Mr Jim McLean May 1, 1847, Mr A.J. Bartlett Nov 2, 1834.

Mrs. Breechen died at the home of her sister Mrs. Tabitha Ledbetter, yesterday of old age, aged 90 years. She will be buried at the Welch graveyard today. (July 4, 1911 - Card of thanks – for the kindness shown the children through the illness and death of our mother Mrs. Levi Brecheen.)

Era Davis was born April 5, 1909 died June 20, 1911. Last Tuesday evening an angel came from heaven and took our precious littla Era from our arms, there is a place in our home that is vaccant and still can never be filled.

July 4, 1911

Card of thanks – for the kindness shown the children through the illness and death of our mother Mrs. Levi Brecheen.

Mrs. R.A. Endsley of the Yell community received a sad message last Thursday stating the death of her sister Mrs. Robert Whitsett who died on Thursday of last week at her home in West Tennessee age 58 years.

July 11, 1911

I desire to notify the people generally that since my daughter, Estelle Edwards, has left my home and supervision, I will not be responsible for any bills or accounts of any kind that she may make. My reasons for doing this is that she joined the Campbellitte Church – L. Jo Edwards.

The one year old child of Mr and Mrs. Henry Burrow died Friday with brain fever. Buried in Lone Oak Cemetery.

Little Willie Forest Gault, the year old son of Mr and Mrs. W.F. Gault died at his home near Cornersville. Buried at Springplace.

Professor Douglas Allen, for a number of years connected with the public schools of Birmingham, died at his residence at Williamson Station, Thursday morning. He was principal of Wylam school. He leaves a widow – The Herald, Birmingham, Ala.

The little three year old daughter of Mr and Mrs. William Gault of Cornersville was buried here the first Sunday of this month. - Archer News.

July 14, 1911

Death visited our neighborhood Friday and claimed for its victim Jinnie Lunn age 35 years. She leaves a husband, brothers and sisters. - Caney Springs news

A little son of Mr and Mrs Ed Johnson of Nashville, died at his home in that city Tuesday and the remains were buried at Head Springs Church.

Death visited the home of Mr. Nick Wilson and claimed for its victim his dear wife, Bettie Wilson. She was 42 years old. Leaves a husband and three children.

Mr. Dave Divins, age 81 years, died at the home of his son, Mr. John Divins on the Farmington road Wednesday of yellow jaundice. Mr. Divins was an old Confederate soldier and a highly esteemed citizen. After funeral services conducted by Rev. E.M. Steele and A.S. Venable the remains were interred in the family burying ground yesterday.

Mrs Oscar Lunn of this place passed from life unto deah last Friday. She leaves a husband, three brothers and one sister to mour her loss. Buried in the family burial ground to await the resurrection morn.

July 25, 1911

Vernon Gower died at his home on Blue Creek about 6 miles from her last night aged about 20 years. He is survived by his parents Mr and Mrs Robert Gower.

Shelbyville Tenn., July 22 – Hon. Edmund Cooper died yesterday evening at 6 o'clock yesterday evening at 6 o'clock at his residence on Main Street after a linger illness of several weeks, from the effects of a stroke of paralysis. Mr Cooper was born in Maury County, Sept 15, 1821 and lacked only fifty-two days of being 90 years old.

Mr. Jarmie Gambrick aged 30 years died Sunday at his home at Cornersville of typhoid fever. Buried in the cemetery at Cornersville.

Mr. Rate Grissom a citizen of Park Station dropped dead Friday at 2 o'clock while working in the woods. Only a negro man with whom he was at work was present. Death was due to heart failure. Mr Grissom was 71 years of age. Funeral services were conducted by Dr. A.G. Dinwiddie of Columbia. The remains were buried yesterday at Bryant Station.

On Tuesday Mrs. Dysart Philllips entertained with a dinner in honor of her grandmother, Mrs. Margaret Powell. The oldest person present was Mrs. Cynthia Hunter aged 85. Other guests were; Mrs Margaret Powell 79, Mr. Wm Phillips 75, Mrs. Nannie Chapman 71, Mrs. Luvenia Noblin 71, Mrs. Tish Morris 64, Mrs Sallie Montgomery 64, Mrs. Mollie Fisher 64, Mrs. Mollie Phillips 59.

July 28, 1911

Murfreesboro, July 24 – At a late hour Saturday night burglars entered the store of E.T. Smotherman & Co. at Christiana, and secured about twenty five watches valued at $500. Sheriff McKnight and Deputy Hall were notified and took the blood hounds. The dogs took up the trail and immediately took them to the house of Neal McCrory and Ed McCrory, brothers, who had been at work in the pencil factory at that place and resided only a short distance from the robbed store. The two men were placed under arrest and landed in jail in this city. It is said that both men have served time in the state penitentiary having been sent up from Marshall County on similar charge as is now resting against them. LATER – A later report says that the boys were acquitted after a commital trial, there being no evidence to show them guilty of the offense.

Hardison Family Reunion of Mr and Mrs. D.M. Hardison was held last Thursday at the Hardison home of Leftwich. The occasion was one of the most enjoyable held in years, all the children and grandchildren being present. Mr Hardison is 81 years old and Mrs. Hardison, 71, both are enjoying the best of health. A bountiful dinner was served to the fifty or more relatives, including the immediate family which numbered six, which are; Mrs. W.S. Morton of Columbia, Mrs Gartie Shires and Payne Hardison of Lewisburg, Mrs Cassie Fox of Leftwich, Mrs and Loyd Hardison and Norris Hardison who reside with their family.

Wm Morton has died of cancer at his home. He was about 70 years old. He leaves one son Pet Morton and one daughter, Miss Mary Morton.

Grady Young, the 13 year old son of Mr and Mrs. D.A. Young of Cornersville did of fever Wednesday afternoon. The remains were buried yesterday at Beech Hill graveyard near Friendship in Giles County.

Dr. John Leonard age 36 died of cancer of the liver at the home of his father at Petersburg Wednesday. He formerly lived at Cornersville but has been making his home at Troy until a short time ago, his health failed and he returned to Petersburg.

August 1, 1911

Mr Gus Farmer aged about fifty died last week at his home n Blue Creek. He is survived by his wife and four children. Buried in the Morris Hill cemetery.

Miss Gurthie Duncan, aged 21 died at the home of her mother, Mrs. Josie Duncan. Buried at Lone Oak

August 4, 1911

Miss Laura Brown, a daughter of Mr Doc Brown died at her home near Springplace. Buried in the Spingplace burying grounds.

August 7, 1911

Miss Laura Brown, daughter of Mr and Mrs Dock Brown died. Age 18 buried at Short Cemetery. - Archer News

Bishop O.P. Fitzgerald of the Methodist Episcopal Church died Sunday at Monteagle. - The Tennessean

Mr James Follis, age 58 years died at his home on Blue Creek Saturday. Survived by a wife and four children and is a brother of Mr. Ben F. Follis of this city.

August 11, 1911

Atlanta - Georgia Woman is 111 years old. - Atlanta, July 23 – Mrs Mary Trawick Proctor, aged 111 years a real daughter of the American Revolution, a woman who has lived in three centuries. Mrs. Proctor was born in Wake County, North Carolina. She is the daughter of Wiley Trawick, who left North Carolina about 1800 and moved to Alabama when that state was in its pioneer days and where Mary ws married to Hiram Proctor when she was 19 years of age. . She was Mr. Proctor's third wife. Her husband was a veteran of two wars. Her daughter and sole companions are Miss Mary Proctor, aged 90 and two great great grand-children, descendants of another daughter, all who are all left of six generation of the family she has known.

Memphis Tenn, Aug 9 – George W. Gordon, soldier, lawyer and statesman is dead. The last General of the Confederacy.

Card of thanks from Mrs. Dennie C. Noblin, Mrs. Josie Duncan and Walter Duncan, The mother, sister and brother (Guthie Duncan)

The three year old son of Mr and Mrs Neil C. Capley died at his home in West Lewisburg Wednesday night after a brief illness. Buried in Maury County yesterday.

Mrs. Maud Ownby, aged 23 years wife of Mr Jerry Ownby of Berlin died Wednesday from heart trouble. Buried in the family graveyard.

Mrs. F.L. Patterson recently had as guest her three brothers and sisters which is as far as they know all the children now living out of a family of ten, two having died and their brother Ollie Patterson having left home 25 years ago, and has not been home in a number of years. Their mother Mrs. J.M. Patterson was present but having been confined to her bed for the past four weeks was too feeble to occupy the place left for her at the table. While talking of these four brothers and three sisters it was remarked that mother also was one of a family of ten children of whom there was also now living the same number, that is four brothers and three sisters, the youngest being 62 and the oldest 78, her maiden name was Harrison. The Patterson children's ages only run from 29 to 51. Following are their names; W.H. Patterson, Dallas, Tex; F.L. Patterson, Lewisburg; J.W. Patterson, Park Station; Thos A. Patterson, Verona; Mrs. W.G. Matheney, Meridian, Miss; Mrs. J.O. Jenkins, Verona; Mrs. W.T. Cathey, Verona.

August 15, 1911

Mrs Elizabeth Adair aged 79 years, wife of Mr. S.B.Aldridge of Caney Spring died Thursday after a long illness from organic heart trouble.

Mrs. Elizabeth Adair aged 79 years died of dropsy at the home of her son-in-law, Mr. Will Thomas on the Verona Pike Sunday morning. Buried in the Verona graveyard.

Peter Melson has died at his home near Poorgrab. He was about 80 years of age. He leaves one son and daughter and one brother, Reveh Melson of Fayetteville; also two sisters, Mrs. Mary Hall Barham and Mrs. Ann Foster, who live near his home.

Mrs. Sallie Orr, aged 69 years, died at her home at Belfast yesterday. She leaves several children. Buried in the Bethel graveyard.

August 18, 1911

Prof G.A. Rogers has the deepest sympathy of the entire community in the death of his father, who died at his home in Giles County last week. - Archer News

August 25, 1911

A little infant child of Mr and Mrs. Nat Tankersley died last Thursday at their home near Duck River. It was only seven days old

Mrs. Mary Jones age 54 and the wife of Jack Jones died Wednesday.

James W. Brown of this place age 82 years died yesterday. Mr. Brown was born in 1828 in Culpepper County, Va and in Oct 1835 his father removed to this community and he had been living here ever since. His son is J. Ed Brown of Courtland, Ala. He is survived by one sister, Mrs. Frank Smith of Texas and Mrs. Lou Smith Lock and Mr. P.B. Smith niece and nephew of Lawrenceburg were present. Buried in Beech Wood Cemetery.

September 5, 1911

Dr Mark W. Allison aged about 75 years died at his home near Whittaker Sunday. He was a worthy citizen and prominent practicing physician in early days. The remains were buried at Round Hill.

September 12, 1911

Mr Fordie McRee, aged 45, a prominent and highly esteemed citizen of the Belfast community died Saturday after a severe illness from lung trouble.

Miss Tim Bowden a young lady died at her home on the Belfast road yesterday.

Mrs Madison, the widow of the William Madison died at her home near Verona Sunday. She is survived by five children. The remains were buried at Berea.

Two deaths of peculiar sadness were those of Mr and Mrs. William O'Neal and his wife Mrs. Birdie O'Neal both of which occurred last week in close proximity to each other at their home at Verona. Mrs. O'Neal died Wednesday from typhoid fever. On Friday Mr. O'Neal aged 29 died of the same disease. They leave four children one of which was born only a few hours before the death of Mrs O'Neal and fears are entertained that it will not live. Buried in Rich Creek graveyard.

In Memory of English Grady Young. Mr and Mrs. D.A. Young were the parents of English Grady Young who died before his 14th birthday. Born in Giles County on October 11, 1897 and died on July 26, 1911. Lived in Cornersville the last two years. Leaves parents and two sisters.

September 15, 1911

Miss Sallie Mason has died of paralysis at the home of her nephew, Sam Wakefield. She was 78 years old.

Mr Tim Thompson, son of Mr. Jas Thompson who lives a few miles North of Lewisburg, was struck by lightning at Dayton, Tenn. Tuesday. Mr. Thompson was working for Houston, Liggett & Bearden at the time. He was unconscious for several hours and the news came to this father that he would not live. After a visit on Wednesday his farther reported him getting along fairly well.

September 19, 1911

Mr. W.B. Millsap, age 64 years died at his home at Cornersville. He is survived by his wife, one brother, Mr. John Millsap of Texas and a sister, Mrs. Peas Bills of Palmetto. Buried at Beechwood Cemetery.

Mr. B.W. Long died at his home near Verona yesterday. He was 70 years of age. He was a member of the Masonic order for fifty years. He was also a brave Confederate soldier.

September 22, 1911

Mr. Joe Brewer died. He is survived by four children. - Delina News

Six persons are murdered – Colorado Springs, Sept 20 – the bodies of six person, three in each of two neighboring houses were found here this afternoon. The heads of all the victims had been crushed and the appearance of the bodies indicted that they had been killed several days and that death came as they slept. The murderer has been caught and that he had confessed, but this is denied by the police here who fear a lynching might follow such an announcement. Victims are; Mr and Mrs. Henry F. Wayne and their child and Mrs Burnham and those of her two children.

A telegram has been received here by Dr. Ben S. White announcing the sudden death of his sister, Mrs. Horace Merritt of Joplin Mo.

Mrs. Will Lemmons died at her home at Hazel Green, Ala. She was about 40. The remains were brought to her old home near Ostella for burial. Leaves a husband.

Mr. J.W. Weiler, aed 64 years died at his home in West Lewisburg Thursday morning. He was a Federal veteran veteran having been a member of the 106th Ohio Regiment under Col. Taffle of Ohio. He married Miss Henrietta Weingartner of Louisville, Ky, who with eight children, five sons and 3 daughters survive him. Buried at Lone Oak cemetery.

September 26, 1911

Husband held for Murder, Colorado Springs, Colo – Sept 21 – the murder of Mrs. Alice May Burnham and her two children and Henry Wayne and Blanche Wayne and their one year old baby whose bodies were found hacked with an axe yesterday afternoon. Arthur J. Burnham, husband of the murdered Mrs Burnham is still in custody today. Officers at the sanitarium where Burnham is employed persist that they cannot account for his movements during the period in which the murders must have been committed.

Mrs. Kellum, wife of Rev J.W. Kellum, has died near Berlin of Tuberculosis, aged 45 years. The remains were taken to Pulaski Friday for burial.

Miss Othella Green, aged 17 years died at the home of her parents, Mr and Mr. John Green of Berlin. Buried in the Welch graveyard. (brother Fred Green – Thank you note in Oct 6, 1911 paper)

September 29, 1911

Miss Kate Greer, daughter of Jacob Greer, who lives two miles east of here, has died of typhoid fever after only a few days illness.

The infant of Mr and Mrs William O'Neal who death occurred several days ago, died last Tuesday and was buried at the old Rich Creek graveyard.

Mrs. N.S. Walker, aged 35 years died at her home near Farmington Wednesday morning. She is survived by her husband and six children. Buried at the Temple graveyard.

Mrs. Margaret Glenn of Belfast died Wednesday. She was about 70 years of age. She leaves one son. Buried in Head Springs graveyard.

October 3, 1911

Mr J.D. Murphree of this city and Miss Pearl Morris of Marshall County were united in marriage in Nashville on Tuesday Sept 19, 1911. The bride is a beautiful and loveable young lady and a member of a prominent Marshall county family and has a host of friends who wish her much joy. The groom is a prominent attorney and a leading member of the Shelbyville bar. The Times joins his many friends in extending to him and his fair bride congratulations and best wishes – Bedford County Times.

Tommie Fisher, the little 5 year old son of Mr and Mrs Newt Fisher of Cornersville died Saturday evening. Buried at Beechwood Cemetery.

Mr. Max Hambrick, aged 21 years died at his home near Cornersville Friday morning of typhoid fever. Buried at Beechwood cemetery.

Jewell Pratt, the five year old daughter of Mr and Mrs. Otis Pratt of the Lunns Store community died last week. Buried at the Pratt graveyard.

Mrs. X.C. Beatty aged 70 died at her home at Cornersville Saturday evening of paralysis. She leaves three sons, T.J. Beatty, S.A. Beatty and E.A. Beatty and two daughter, Mrs. S.H. Polk and Mrs. John Brentle. Buried at the family graveyard.

Sarah Thompson the eight year old daughter of Mr and Mrs C.C. Thompson of Cornersvile died Sunday. Buried at the Beechwood cemetery.

October 6, 1911

Death visited our neighborhood Sept 22 and claimed for its victim Mrs. Calastine Collins aged 63 years. Buried in the Derryberry graveyard. Leaves a husband and one daughter and five sons.

Mrs. E.C Ezell, aged 35 years died at her home at Chapel Hill Monday. She leaves a husband and seven children. Buried at the family graveyard.

Delina, Oct 2 – A reunion of the Norwood brothers was held at the home of Mr J.H. Norwood last Wednesday Sept, 27. There are only four living all of whom were present. Those present, with the brothers ages are as follows; G.W. Norwood aged 75, E.T. Norwood age 70, J.A. Norwood age 66 and J.H. Norwood age 60.

October 10, 1911

Robert Whitman, son of Mr J.W. Whitman whose home is near Rich Creek shot himself with a shotgun in the intestines the effects of which caused death Sunday morning. Buried at the Smyrna cemetery. Aged 27 years and leaves a wife and daughter.

The many friends of Mr. William Jones of this city will regret to hear of his death which occurred in Nashville on Saturday at St. Thomas Hospital while he was undergoing an operation for an abscess of the liver. He was married to Miss John Ella Steele, daughter of Mrs. S.F. Steele of this city. The remains were taken to Murfreesboro Sunday and buried.

October 13, 1911

Lynnville, October 9 – John T. Hill of the Mooresville section has on his farm an old time mill dam that was built by his grandfather, James Kennedy in 1796. Recently some logs and popular planks were removed from the dam and found to be in a state of preservation despite the fact that they had been submerged in water for over a century. The timbers are being kept as souvenirs by Mr. Hill and other members of his family.

Confederate Reunion - Murfreesboro, Tenn., Oct 11 – Wearing the gray that met the shock of the blue of the North, the boys of “61” took Murfreesboro by storm. This time they came as soldiers of peace to attend the annual reunion of the Confederate veterans of the Volunteer State to tell each other again of the hardships, privations, carnage and death they went through a half century ago, and again to bid each other a godspeed as the descend the slope toward the eternal camping ground.

The 4 year old son of Mr and Mrs Ed McConnell of the Mooresville vicinity died Tuesday. Buried in the Friendship Cemetery.

Mr. Foster E. Word, who lived a short distance from Cornersville, died Wednesday, in the 80th year of his age. The remains were buried at Beechwood Cemetery. He is survived by four brothers, J.H. Word, with whom he made his home, W.H. Word of Shelbyville, S.B. Word of Palmetto, John A. Word of California and two sisters, Mrs. W.A. Price of Texas and Mr. L.E. Buchanan of Bowling Green Ky. Mr. Word was never married.

Mr. W.M. Jones of Sheffield, Ala were conducted at the Presbyterian Church in this city yesterday. Mr. Jones died Saturday at Nashville, where he undergone a serious operation. He was a son of W.R. Jones of this city and a brother of Howard Jones, the well known civil engineer of Nashville, also a brother of Mr. Oscar Jones. - Murfreesboro, Tenn.

Jack Daniel, one of the most noted distillers in the United States, died at his home two miles south of this place, aged 63 years. This distillery is now owned by Lem Motlow, a nephew of the deceased, who disposed of the property a few years ago on account of declining health. For about 40 years Mr. Daniel was engaged in the manufacture in this section. Mr. Daniel was a bachelor. He is survived by a brother, Wylie Daniel of Lincoln County and a sister, Mrs. Bettie Conner of Lynchburg and numerous more distant relatives.

October 17, 1911

Next Reunion at Shelbyville. The veterans concurred in their finding, but next tiem will neet a week earlier, the firs instead of the second Wednesday in October. Very little business outside of the action on the resolution from the Sons of Confederate Veterans was of importance, save the election of Officers, the closing feature of the day.

Mr James Lee of Yell died Sunday night. He was about 64 years old and was a prominent citizen. Buried at the Arthur graveyard. Leaves one son.

Mr. Robert Edward Blackburn died last night. The deceased is survived by her husband and a small son, Edward Old Blackburn. Mrs. Blackburn was before her marriage, Miss Nell Old.

Mr. Joseph McClintock, Sr. an aged citizen of Cornersville died at the home of his son, Mr. J.J. McClintock on Sunday. He was 80 years old and a veteran of the Civil War. Buried at Beechwood Cemetery. One other son Mr. Ed McClintock of Blue Creek survive him.

October 20, 1911

Miss Bonner has died at the home of her brother, Marion Bonner at Chestnut Rudge. She was about 65 years of age. She was buried at the King graveyard near her home.

The news has been received here of the death of Dean Hinkle, the 5 year old son of Rev. and Mrs. D.E. Hinkle which occurred at McMinnville Saturday night. He was the only child of Rev and Mrs. Hinkle. The remains were buried at Clarksville funeral service.

October 27, 1911

Mrs. William Freeman has died at her home at Richmond. She was about 65 years old. She leaves a husband and 5 children.

The 5 year old daughter of Mr and Mrs Robt Morton of the Holly Grove vicinity died Tuesday. The remains were laid to rest in the Shap (Sharp?) graveyard.

Mrs. Charles Pierce has died of typhoid. She was 40 years old. Mrs Pierce leaves a husband and seven daughters and two sons. Two other members of the family are very ill of fever.

Laurine Leonard, the 12 year old daughter of Mr and Mrs Ed Leonard died Wednesday. Buried in the Head Springs graveyard.

Elizabeth Phillips, the little four year old daughter of Mr and Mrs. J.P Phillips of Birmingham, formerly of Mooresville died Wednesday. The remains were buried at Birmingham.

Mrs. Mary Trimble Kercheval, the widow of Dr. James M. Kercheval, passed away at an early hour this morning after an illness. She leaves a devoted son John Trimble Kercheval and two daughters, Mary Kennedy and Margaret McEwen Kercheval. Mrs. Kercheval was born in September 1839 in this city and was in her 73rd year. She was a life long resident of Nashville. Buried at Mt. Olivet - Banner

Mrs. Medora Houston aged 64 years the wife of Dr. P.D. Houston, died at her home in this city yesterday morning. Her maiden name was Medora Ann Pickens. She is survived by her husband and five children the latter being Drs. Frank Houston of Brazil and David P. Houston of Chattanooga and Mr. P.H. Houston of Nashville and Mesdames E.E. Murrey and T.M. Crockett of this city. Buried at Lone Oak Cemetery.

October _ 1911 (front page missing)

A telegram was received last week by Mr and Mrs. Jeff Sanders announcing the death of their son, Mr. Will Sanders who lived at Mountain Peak Texas. He was 36 years old and had been seriously ill for several weeks with Typhoid fever. The remains were buried at his home in Texas.

The funeral services for Mrs. Medora A. Houston which were to have taken place Saturday were postponed till Sunday on account of the failure of her son Mr. P.D. Houston to reach here. Buried in Lone Oak Cemetery.

A death which was peculiarly sad was that of Mr. J.C. Redd who died Saturday at his home in West Lewisburg. Mr. Redd was only 36 years old. Buried at Lone Oak cemetery. He is survived by his wife and 3 small children.

November 3, 1911

Mr. Henry C. Whorley of Talley certainly has a son of whom he is justly proud. It is Mr. Luther J. Whorley, who has been in the Philippine Islands for several years. He has met with a great streak of luck and made money. Mr. Whorley showed the Tribune representative 5 - $100 money orders and a $185 gold watch and chain which his son sent him. He is in the drug business.

Jack Cunningham the little six year old son of Mr and Mrs. T.N. Cunningham suffered the loss of one of his eyes last week. His little brother was playing with him and struck him in the face with his cap. It is thought that possibly a pin in the cap penetrated his eye. The little fellow was taken to Nashville where the eye was removed. He is now doing well.

Double Murder At Shelbyville – Shelbyville Tenn., November 1 – The Board of Mayor and Aldermen of Shelbyville today met and offered a reward of $100 for the capture of Marion Anderson, lessee of a livery stable for who warrants charging the murder of Policemen R.G. Purdy and Charles Heney last night, are out. At noon news was received that Gov. Hooper had offered a reward of $500 for Anderson's apprehension. Citizens made it $350 more. The double killing occurred about 9 o'clock on Depot Street within two blocks of the Public Square. Facts placing Anderson under suspicion are connected with his arrest yesterday afternoon on the charge of being drunk and disorderly conduct. He was carried to the city workhouse and locked up. He soon afterward made bond with Ed Burris as his security. He was very angry on account of being arrested and swore vengeance against the policemen who had arrested him. He tried to stab Policeman Hiram Rittenberry, it is said, when he was first arrested.

Shooting in Lincoln – Fayetteville, Tenn., October 30 – Sam Kent emptied the contents of a double barreled shot gun into Ed Bryant shortly after dark tonight, Bryant dying within an hour. The tragedy occurred in Kent's barn lot, five miles from town. Bryant was also a resident of that neighborhood, but it is said that his presence in Kent's barn lot is unexplained.

Wilbur Ewing, aged 26 years died at his home. Death was caused from bowel trouble. The funeral arrangements were not announced in time for publications

Homer Pinkston the eight year old son of William Pinkston died Tuesday. Buried in the Haynes graveyard.

November 7, 1911

Two Foreigners – Sheriff W.P. Hastings landed two foreign gentlemen charged with offenses last week. One was Wilburn L. Thompson wanted in Greenville Texas for horse stealing, and the other was Will Worsham wanted in Pulaski for selling mortgaged property. The Sheriff of Giles county came for Worsham and the Sheriff from Greenville, Texas will arrive here tonight for Mr. Thompson. Mr. Hastings gets a small reward for Thompson, and caught him from the description given. He was formerly a resident of Bedford County. (I don't know WHO is a former resident of Bedford County)

There will be a memorial service at the cemetery on the afternoon of the 9th, at the grave of E.W. Carmack. It will be the third anniversary of this death, and it has observed on each anniversary heretofore. – Under the auspices of the W.C.T.U. - Columbia, Tenn.

Mrs. Donie Bradshaw, aged 68 years died at her home. She was the mother of Mr Neely Bradshaw and Miss Nora Bradshaw. Buried at Head Springs

Mrs George Green died at her home in Nashville Saturday. She has relatives in this city.

November 10, 1911

Marion Anderson Still At Large - Shelbyville, Tenn. - The alleged murder of officer Purdy and Henry has not been apprehended but is still believed to be in the vicinity of his former home in the jungles of Coffee County.

Collins Nichols, the little 4 year old son of Mr and Mrs Luther Nichols, died Sunday at his home near Yell. Buried at the Carmel graveyard.

We the members of the Verona Sunday School beg leave to offer the following in honor of so many of our loved ones who died since February 15, 1911, who labored so faithfully with us. Death claimed Dr. J.M. Patterson, Feb 16th, 1911, Mrs. Lizzie Cathey, May 24th, 1911; Mrs. Fannie Madison, Aug 19th, 1911; Mr. B.W. Long, Sept 18, 1911; Mrs. Will O'Neal, Sept 9, 1911.

November 14, 1911

Franklin is in a fever of excitement tonight over the probably fatal shooting of Joe Beard and Deputy Sheriff Tom Redford this afternoon by Joe Beard a brother of A.P. (Pink) Beard, for whose alleged murder several months ago Joe beard has been acquitted only a few moments before today tragedy. The trial of Joe Beard has been in progress for three weeks, but shortly after his acquittal this afternoon, and just as he stepped out of the courthouse in the company with his brother and Deputy Sheriff Redford, Henry Beard opened fire. Beard was shot twice and Redford once. Redford, who is 70 years old, fired twice at Henry Beard but both shots went wild. Beard ran, but was captured before he got off the squared and was rushed to Nashville tonight in order to prevent a possible lynching.

Camille Hunter, the 3 year old daughter of Mr and Mrs Frank Hunter of Verona died Friday morning of scarlatina. Buried at the McCurdy graveyard.

November 17, 1911

Berry Lee Fisher, aged about 3 years, son of Mr and Mrs. Newt Fisher died early this morning.

Mrs. Sam Caldwell has died of old age at home in Delina. She was 80 years old and leaves a husband 90 years old, also five sons and one daughter.

November 21, 1911

John Virgil McCollum, the 3 year old son of Mr and Mrs. T.L McCollum who live two miles east of Cornersville, died Sunday. Buried at Beechwood cemetery.

Manchester Tenn., Nov 16, 1911 – Irbie Spears, the 12 year old son of Mr and Mrs. John Spears accidentally hanged himself at his parents home near Sainville.

November 24, 1911

Mr Allen Ewing, aged 77 died at his home near Cornersville. Buried at Cornersville.

Mrs. Delia Cheek aged 60 years wife of Mr. Jesse Cheek of Hardison Mill, died Saturday morning of pneumonia and heart failure. Buried at the family graveyard.

Mr W.J. Rutledge, aged 63 years died at his home near Verona last Thursday. Buried at the Bethlehem cemetery.

Marline Moffatt the 6 year old daughter of Mr and Mrs. William Moffatt of Cochran died Wednesday. Buried at Cochran .

Tommie Brown, aged 3 son of Mr and Mrs John Brown, died at his home near Luna.

War Time Relic – One day last week Frank Beesley, while plowing a field on his mothers farm, turned up a long hollow ground sword. This sword had evidently been lost there during the battle of Stones River, Dec 31, 1862, Jan 2, 1863. - Murfreesboro Home Journal.

December 1, 1911

Mrs Susie Todd, wife of Mr. Thomas Todd of Archer died Wednesday. She is survived by a husband and five children. Buried at the Springplace graveyard.

Mr. S.B. Chesser, aged 90 years died Saturday at his home in the New Hope community. He is survived by a wife and several children. Buried at the Talley graveyard Sunday afternoon.

Mr. Charlie Cheek received the news of the death of his mother at Hardison Mills. - Cornersville News.

December 8, 1911

Mrs Elizabeth Bradford, wife of Rev John Bradford, a Primitive Baptist minister of Springplace died Wednesday from old age. She was 82 years old. Buried at the Short graveyard.

Letters to Santa:
Opal Luther Cunningham age 11
Thomas Cunningham
Samuel Paul Franklin age 3
Robert Franklin age 6
Harold Green Landers age 1 year
Ruby Nichols

December 12, 1911

Mrs. Bledson of Chestnut Ridge was burned to death early this morning. Mrs. Bledson was 55 years of age. It is supposed her clothing caught wile she was dressing. She was a sister of J.E. Prosser and J.J. Prosser of Petersburg, Mrs. WB. Freeman of Fayetteville and Mrs. Richardson of Florence, Ala.

Charlotte Ring, the little 6 year old daughter of Albert Ring of Hardison Mills was burned to death Saturday. Her mother had gone to a neighbors house and left her with a smaller child. She was first seem by Mr. William Hardison out in the yard her clothing ablaze to her head in front. The top of her shoes were also burned off. She could not tell how it was done and lived only two hours.

December 15, 1911

Letters to Santa:
Henning Murrey
Annie Salene Broadaway
Margarette Smith age 2
Ida Sue Walker age 5
Will C. Walker
Eloise Wilson Broadaway
Bennie Hill
Claude Adams
Ada Pearl Hill
Willie Hill
Raymon Hill
Della May Hill
Marietta Orr
Fred Orr
Uera L. Travis age 3
Thelma Sanders age 11
Ouida Sanders age 8
Morgan Bigham
Robbie Christinew Gillum age 3
Willard Crick age 6
Willis Yowell age 6
Russwell Yowell age 8
Dibrell and Lyndon Clard age 8 and 2
Albert Sharp
Hoyel Sharp
Paul Slayden Sharp
Annie Ruth Brisby
Mary Brisby age 6
Paul Brisby
Brownie Crag
Addie Bigger age 5
Brownie and Anna Maple Hayes
Effie Hopper age 14
Mary Logue
Annie Ruth Derryberry age 3
Edward Bradley
Richard and Joseph Bradley
Lucille Sharp age 8
Herman Rudd age 6
Ernest Boyd Garrett age 3
Willie May Garrett age 8
Charlie Frank Edward age 8
Percy Davis
Poachalle Tavis
Rollie Tavis
Mable Bigham
Annie Lee Bigham
Louella Bigham
glady Hicks
Vesta Grace Orr
Homer Doggett
John Boyd Edwards age 10
Herbert Whitehead
Leslie Whitehead
Margaret Cheek
Elizabeth Hendrix
Winston B. Endsley
Gordon Endsley
Mary Ruth Aldridge
Earl fosterRoscoe Foster
George Foster Jr.

Funeral services for Mrs. Mattie Dabney age 26 who died Friday at the residence of her parents, Mr and Mrs W.T. Mooningham. Buried at Lone Oak Cemetery – Banner

Mrs. Mattie L. Lawrence, aged about 86 years and popularly known as “Granny Lawrence” died yesterday morning at four o'clock. Mrs. Lawrence was a member of one of the oldest and berst families of this county and was much beloved by all who knew her. She was the mother of Mrs. T.M. Lawrence of Chapel Hilll. She was a faithful member of the Missionary Baptist Church. Funeral services will take place today at the Harper graveyard.

Mr. Wm. Caneer, aged 46 died at his home in Nashville. Mr. Caneer was formerly a Marshall Countian being the son of Mr. W.T. Caneer of this vicinity. He is survived by a wife and one child.

Mrs. Elizabeth Bradford, wife of Rev John Bradford died at her home last Wed of infirmities incident to old age. 82 summers had passed over her head. Her remains were interred in the family graveyard. - Archer news.

Dec 11 – Lucile Ring the little daughter of Mr and Mrs. Albert Ring was badly burned last Friday and lived only two hours was buried Saturday in the family graveyard. - Watch News

December 19, 1911

Letters to Santa;
Ommie Francis Hardison
Patterson Hardison
Elmer Garner
Everett Redd
Nellie McKnight
Andrew McConnell
Olsie May Tatum
Arrene Hardison
Robert Riggs
Maple Freeman
Thomas Clifford
Eugene Reynolds
Kathryn Troy
Dorthy and Melvin McCrory
Bessie Mai Collins
E.H. Harrison
Lester Adams Hightower
Suella Hastings
Georgia Brown Tatum
Beuna Turner
Mable Turner
Gertrude McMurray
Stewart Fagan
Bessie McKnight
Jim Finley
Allie Fox Barnett
Hazel Lee Thomas
Clayton Davis
Lora Acree
Eliza Acree
Homer Malcom Riner
Georgie Mal Riner
Howard and Lenard Cochran
Jack Lane
Velma Bagley
Willie Dee Bagley
Jason Howard Orr
Christine Cochran
Mable Harmond
Otha Weaver
Sallie Bettie, Edna Sue, and Grover Wade Jennings
Margaret and Street Shires
Oliver, Benjamin, Nona and Thomas White
Frank Liggett
Gladys Liggett
Martha Liggett
Herman Pickle
Callie Lane
Willie Evans
Ada Evans
Bob Taylor Evans
Everette Hardison
Lucille Lane
Gladys Aldridge
Bryant Harris
Maggie Katherine Harris
Parttenson Harris
Sammie Harris
Mary Talley
Leonard Talley
Martha Talley
Effie and Bessie Morris Lamb
Hermon Freeman
Robt. Selvon Adkisson
Howard Davis
Alfred Gant
Nelvie Dockrey
Roy Freeman
Elmore Pearson
Johnnie Clifford
Henrietta Clifford
Wallace Whitaker
Lee Pat Hastings
Ruby Hastings
Velma Park
Johnnie Marshall Park
Minnie Pirl Harrison
Vera Mildred Bland
Elsie May McKnight
Harrel Wise
Sammie Clark
Velma Mai Bell Bland
Athey Burton Hamlin

Mr. Brack Lane died at his home Dec 15th. Aged 51 years, 3 months and 9 days. He is survived by a wife and 9 children of whom all are here except one, Jesse Lane who is sick in Illinois. He was born on August 6, 1860 in Marshall County and was married to Miss Addie Short of Spring Place June 19th, 1890. Buried in the Short Cemetery.

December 22, 1911

Letters to Santa;
Bessie Ray
Eunice Ray
Emma Ray
Ida Mai Jett
Dewey Bell Jett
Menifee Nichols
Marguerite Collins
Lorene Collins
Paul and French Hurt
Mary Elizabeth Hurt
Robbie Hurt
James Roy Carson
Mary Alice Carson
Clatie Crabtree
Mary Sibyl Crabtree
Charlie Purdom
Mary Purdom
Gracie Mai Ramsey
Willie Smith Hurt
Sarah Ruth Hurt
Brown Cathey
Edna May Reece
Neal Stephenson
Allean Stephenson

Leslie Sewell, the 15 year old son of Eld and Mrs. S.T. Sewell died at his home. Buried in the Morton graveyard.