Marshall County,

Lewisburg Tribune News

– Tibet's and Obits –
Collected by Martha Smotherman Mendez

January 3, 1912

Mrs. Levica Armstrong age 65 and widow of the late Dallas Armstrong died at her home near Belfast. Leaves 5 children, 4 girls and 1 boy. Buried at Head Springs.

Mrs. Ed Johnson of Nashville died at her home. Mrs. Johnson was Miss McAdams formerly of this county. Buried at Head Springs.

Mr. J.A. Caneer age 74 died at his home near Ostella from grippe. He was an old Confederate soldier. He is survived by one daughter, Mrs. W.F. Gault and one son, Mrs. Lee Caneer of Luna. Remains were laid to rest Friday at Archer. (Buried at the Short Cemetery – Archer News)

January 5, 1911 (should say 1912)

Mrs. Lula Bell wife of Mr L.M Bell of this city died after a lingering illness.

January 9, 1912

Mr F.M. Storey Sr. of Shelbyville died at his home last Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock after a severe illness from pneumonia and heart disease. He was 85 years of age and leaves a widow and seven children, one of whom is Mrs. F.M Storey of this place. The remains were buried Friday at Shelbyville.

Mrs. Luther M. Bell died, buried at the Temple graveyard. Mrs. Bell was 43 years old. A husband and two daughters survive.

Biggest Man in the World Dead – Blooming Ill – Leonard “Baby” Bliss reported to be the worlds largest man was found dead in his home. He was found in his night clothes seated in a chair froze to death, with gas escaping from a gas stove. Born May 4, 1865. He was 6 foot 4 inches tall Waist 72 inches, hips 86 inches, chest 66 inches, shoes size 13, weight 540 lbs.

January 16, 1912

Mr Thos Twitty of the Snake Creek community died last week. He was about 70 years old. Survived by wife and several children. Buried at Head Springs.

Margaret Gresham Coffee has died at her home Culleoka, Tenn., Jan 11, of pneumonia. She was about 70 years old. She leaves two sons; Dr. J.W. Coffee and Gregg Coffey and three daughters; Mrs. Frank Fox, Mrs. Charlie Cheek and Miss Ethel Coffey
January 19, 1912

Everett Richardson, son of Mr and Mrs William Richardson had died of cerebro spinal meningitis at Waco Texas where he was with his brothers, Charles and Pride were in business. He was about 21 years of age. Buried at Waco.

Sam P. Wheatley age 54 died. Leaves a wife and seven children. Buried at the Fox graveyard.

Mrs A.L. Turner aged 60 years widow of Dr. William Marshall turner of Franklin TN died at the home of her nephew, Mr. J.R. Wilhoite, Wilhoite , TN. Husband died ten years ago. Nieces and nephews are; J.R. Wilhoite and Mrs. H.H. Horton of Wilhoite, TN, Mrs Walter W. Phillips, Mrs. A.M. Elliott, Miss Amanda Bullock and Miss Bessie Bullock of this city. - From the Banner.

January 23, 1912

The 1-year old child of Mr and Mrs. Ernest Wilson of this place died Saturday night of brain disease.

Mr Newt Sweeny of Ostella died Thursday from serious illness of pneumonia. Age about 50. Buried at New Hope Cemetery.

Mrs Nancy Finley, aged about 70 years, wife of Mr West Finley died at her home near Cochran. Survived by husband and children and is a sister to Mrs. Sarah Moffitt and Mrs. Mattie Pearson. Buried at the Cochran graveyard.

Mrs. Bettie Womack Morton, wife of Dr. J.W. Morton died at her home in Nashville. Buried at Swanson graveyard.

Miss Ethel Park, daughter of Mr. Jackson Park of Ostella died last week from poison which resulted from eating canned pineapples which had stood in the can for some time after being opened. She was 22 years old. She was a relative of Mr. J.Walter Cowden and Mrs. Geo. E. Hawkins of this city. Buried at New Hope.

January 26, 1912

Mr Louis Porch an aged citizen of the Archer community has died of paralysis

Mrs. J.M. Bagley has occurred at the home of J.E. Bowers at Chestnut Ridge. She was 69 years old. Leaves 4 sisters.

Miss Sadie Darnell age 12 years died at her home, the residence of Mr J.A. Coggin, her grandfather. She had not been well and was crippled
January 30, 1912

Mrs Mary Jones Cotlins of Jacksonville Fla died. She was 75 years old. Brother Mr. T.S. Montogomery of Palmetto received a telegram yesterday morning reporting the death of his sister.

Mr. W.P. Harris of the Leftwich Bridge vicinity died Friday of old age, she bing 72 years of age. Buried in the Jackson graveyard.

Mr. I.N. Reavis aged 95 years died at the home of his daughter Mrs. J.H. Bledson near Rich Creek last week. Another child Esq. D.A. Reavis of Nashville. Buried in the Mt. Lebanon cemetery.

Mr. William R. Yowell age 92 died at his home. He represents one of the best families in the state. In the prime of his life Mr. Yowell was a strong factor in the business world.

February 2, 1912

John Edwin the little seven-week old infant of Mr and Mrs Max Irvine died Tuesday. Buried in Lone Oak.

Dr. R.C. McCurdy of Blooming Grove Tex died of pneumonia. He was 54 years old. Formerly of Verona. Brother is Alex McCurdy.

February 6, 1912

Julius Brents the eight year old son of Mr and Mrs. A.C. Brents was killed by a live electric wire and was electrocuted. Buried at Lone Oak.

Marion Anderson, alleged murder of Shelbyville's policeman on the night of Oct 31, 1911 was arraigned for trial today. Anderson was bound over to court without bail.

Mr James Haynes a prominent citizen of the Chapel Hill community died. He was a bachelor and was about 50 years old. Brother of the late J.B. Haynes one of the founders of the Haynes-McLean School.

February 9, 1912

George Talley age 61 years died of dropsy at his home. Leaves wife, four sons, two daughters, two sisters and one brother. Buried at the Tally graveyard.

The funeral of Col. F.B. Fisher of Jackson Tenn took place yesterday. In his early life Mr Fisher was the publisher and editor of a paper in Humboldt. He was 60 years old. His father who was buried here a few years ago had reached the age of about ninety years and had the distinction of being the oldest Odd Fellow in Tennessee. One daughter, Mrs. Hugh Harris, of this city survives. He was a cousin of Messrs W.K and J.T. Kercheval and Mesdames J.M. Hawkins and R.D. Crutchder. (Jackson, Tennessee News)

February 13, 1912

Milton H. Greer of Rushville, Ill, was instantly killed in an automobile accident here this afternoon. In the car with Mr. Greer was William Gaunt, Clint Logan and Claude Edwards of Petersburg, and in going down a hill, the machine became unmanageable, left the pike and dashed into a telegraph pole. The other members of the party were not seriously injured.

James Hawkins, aged 19 years, died in an Atlanta hospital after a lingering illness from Lung trouble. He was a brother of Miss Mollie Hawkins of this city.

James Jordan died at his home near Ostella. He was sixty years of age. Leaves wife, two son and two daughters. Buried at the Haywood graveyard.

February 16, 1912

Mrs. Haislip died. She was 71 years old. Buried in Spring Place graveyard.

Mary Jane Dark died near Rock Spring, her death being the result of the infirmaties of age. Buried at Bethlehem cemetery in Marshall County. Survived by two children, Tom Dark of Leftwich and Miss Sue Dark of the Rock Spring community. - Columbia Herald.

February 20, 1912

Mrs Frances Haislip died at her home near Gill's Chapel. She was 76 years of age. Buried in the Short cemetery – Archer News

The three month son of Mr and Mrs Joe Sharp died and was buried at the Sharp graveyard.

Little Aldine, the 18 month-old of Mr and Mrs Scott Marshall of Rich Creek died last week. The remains were buried at Verona.

The news has reached here stating the death of Mr. G.A. Wilson of Davis, Okla., where he died Jan 29th. He was formerly of this county having left here about 22 years ago. He is a brother of Atlas Wilson of the Wilson Hill community. He married Miss Effie Meadows a sister of Mrs. John M. Davis of near Globe. He is survived by four sons and one daughter.

February 23, 1912

Miss Mable Cheek, the ten year old daughter of Mr. John Cheek. She was probably better known as Mable Harmond, since she has been for about six years the foster daughter of Mr and Mrs. F.P. Harmond of this city. When she returned home from school and ran in to warm she stood too close to the open grate and her clothing caught ablaze from behind. She lived for five hours and told of what happened. Buried in Lone Oak Cemetery.

Mack Voit aged 35, Superintendent of the Walton-McDowell Construction Co., was shot and fatally wounded by Jim Johnson colored at Brentwood, this county. Johnson and a companion whose identity is unknown, made their escape toward Nashville pursued by the Sheriff and his deputies and a posse of railroad men, armed with guns and pistols. If the Negroes are caught and returned to Brentwood, danger of summary treatment at the hands of the railroad men working there is reported – Banner.

Frank Dudley, the eight months old son of C.T. Holley, has died at their home after a lingering illness of whooping cough.

The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. A.D. Liggett, near Leftwich Bridge died Wednesday night. Buried at Family graveyard.

Mrs. Sinie Andrews wife of Mr Richard Andrews died at her home in Williamson County. She was 72 years old and a member or the Methodist Church. She leaves two daughters and one son. She was a sister of Dr. W.M. Crutcher of this city.

Mrs. Amanda Bearden, wife of W.C. Bearden of Bluff Springs died Tuesday night of tuberculosis. She was 69 years old. Survived by five children. Buried at the Gid Fox graveyard.

February 27, 1912

Mrs. Bettie Logan aged about 70 years drown late Sunday afternoon in Flat Creek near the Marshall and Maury County line north west from Caney Springs at Smith's Ford. Mrs Logan had been to visit her brother Mr. George Wallace with Mrs. Derryberry and they were returning to their homes, Mrs. Logan was residing at the home of Mr. Ben Lanier. Mrs. Logan got scared and got out of the buggy and the current was so strong it carried her down stream. Mr. J.L. Wallace of this city is also her brother. Buried at the Wallace graveyard.

Card of thanks – from Mr and Mrs. F.P. Harmond for “little Mable”

The Robertson Fork community was considerable stirred up Friday when the news spread over the community that Archie Norvel had shot John Steele. The shooting occurred about 10 o'clock Friday morning near the Norvel residence, Steele in company with Carl Fox was going to see a friend in the neighborhood and were walking along the road which passes the Norvel home. When they came within a few yards of the home Archie Norvel emerged and forbade their passing, it seems telling them if they undertook to pass, he would kill them. Norvel opened fire with a double barreled shot gun, he emptied five chambers of a 38 Colt revolver at them and one bullet hitting Steele in the left lower leg from the rear. The committal trial took place at the school building at Cornersville Saturday before Esq. E.S. Beatty and was attended by one of the largest crowds that had been in the town since the street fair day. The prosection was represented by W.M. Carter and the defense by Col. P.C. Smithson. While the defense did not show its proof it was understood that the defense would attempt to show that Fox and Steel were making efforts to enter the house and Norvel was shooting to drive them off. After hearing the proof Norvel was bound over to the Circuit Court on a bond of 1,250 for the assualt and for the pistol carrying. Max Norvel, a brother of Archie was also charged with aiding and abetting in the assault.

Shields Wilson, son of Mr and Mrs A.B. Wilson of Boon's Hill has died of tuberculosis. He was 27 years old. Leaves his parents, three brothers and one sister.

Mrs. Sallie Bills, aged 95 years and the widow of the late William Bills, died at her home the residence of Mr. M.J. Batey, Sunday. She was stricken with paralysis about eighteen years ago and had been practically helpless since. Buried at the Reed graveyard.

Cards of Thanks – Mr and Mrs. S.T. Marshall express our thanks for the kind deeds during the sickness and death of our darling Aldine.

March 1, 1912

Mrs. Bettie Logan who drowned Sunday body was recovered over a mile downstream. It is reported the horse slipped and fell in the water, Mrs. Logan's nephew, a son of Mr. George Wallace heard the women scream in distress and went to them. He ran in and cut the horse loose. When the animal got up it turned the buggy over, the vehicle turning toward the side Mrs. Logan was on. She sank at once while the young man was getting Mrs. Derryberry out.

March 5, 1912

Little Miss Vernie Bland age 21 months, daughter of Mr and Mrs W.R. Bland of Stella died Wednesday of Pneumonia. Services were conducted at the Spring Place Church.

Joseph Murray, aged about 80 years died at his home near Nolensville. He was the uncle of J.J. Murray and John T. Murray of this city.

Aubrey Cozart, aged 24 years died at his home at Silver Creek of tuberculoisis. Leaves a wife to survive him. Buried at the Welch graveyard at South Berlin.

Miss Maude Hickman, aged 26 daughter of Mrs. C.M. Hickman died at the home in Culleoka. Buried in the Wilkes Cemetery.

Mrs. Jessie Cunningham age 33 years and wife of Mr. W.D. Cunningham of Decherd died Wednesday night at 11 at her home in Decherd. The remains of Daisy Cunningham was buried in Maple Cemetery in Huntsville, Ala. She was a daughter of the late Capt. Dan Laxson of Huntsville. Mr W.D. Cunningham is one of the best known conductors on the Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis Railroad.

March 8, 1912

Mr Alex Calahan age 61 years died. Highly respected citizen of Berlin.

Miss Sallie Tanner, aged 63 years died very suddenly yesterday at the residence of Mr. Felix Gray near Verona.

Mr. Poney Sharp age 50 of Bryant Station died Wednesday night from heart trouble. He is survived by wife and several children. Buried at the Hardison graveyard.

March 12, 1912

Mrs. Sallie Murphey of South Berlin left at this office for our inspection last week a very old and unique book. It was the original manuscript of work on arithmetic made by her father, Mrs. A.D. Mitchell. Mr. Mitchell was born in Virginia in 1798 and came to Tennessee when he was 21 years old. It is lined with a paper dated 1812. The book is an accurate work showing the poof of the solution of every problem. It is bound in homespun flax. It also has an ad from Peter I. Voorhies, Columbia, Sept 15, 1812.

The infant of Mr and Mrs LC Morton died Sunday night. About 18 days old. Buried at Lone Oak Cemetery.

March 15, 1912

Nathan Glasscock age 72 years died at the home of his brother William Glasscock. Leaves four brothers; John and Thomas of this county and James and William of Bedford County. Buried at Lone Oak.

Mr. H.A. Bigham age 79 years passed away Tuesday. He was a Confederate soldier – Delina News.

Mr. Castile died in the 66th year of his life. His wife died several years ago. He was a confederate soldier – Delina News

March 19, 1912

Mrs. Wagner aged 70, the wife of Mr. J.W. Wagner, the toll gate keeper on the Yell turnpike died yesterday morning. The remains will be taken to Chapel Hill for interment today.

Mrs. Mallissa McNatt, aged 53 years was found dead in her bed at the home of Mr. J.M. Pierce near South Berlin. Buried at Lone Oak Cemetery.

Miss Elizabeth Hazelett, age 79 died at her home at Liberty Valley. Buried at Round Hill Cemetery.

Mrs. Frank Ealy, aged 59 years died at her home on the Belfast Pike from Pneumonia fever. Buried at Springplace.

Mrs. Sallie I. James aged 80 of Cornersville died Friday. Three brothers, Mr J.T. And N.B. Glenn of Cornersville and G.W. Glenn of Yell. One sister, Mrs. W.T. Jones of this city. Two sons, Joe and John James who live near Cornersville. Buried at Beechwood Cemetery.

John D. Moore died at his home four miles south of Cornersville. Survived by three children; Mr W.H. Moore of Roberson Fork, __ ___ Moore of California and Mrs. Mollie Timmons of Texas. Buried New Hope Cemetery.

March 22, 1912

Mrs Beulah Lee Conradt, aged 24, wife of Mr. Ollie Conradt died at her home near Archer. Buried at the Springplace burying ground.

March 26, 1912

Howard Luna the two year old son of Mr and Mrs Luna of the Archer community was fatally burned. The parents set Howard and his four year old brother J.D. Luna in front of a small fire. While Mr Luna was out feeding the stock and Mrs. Luna was out milking the cows, it is thought the child fell in the fire. Buried at Spring Place graveyard.

Alley Talley the 13 year old son of Mr and Mrs. Willie Talley died of a complication of disease. Leaves a father, mother, three sisters and two brothers.

Mrs. Clarence Giles of Wilhoite died Friday. She was about 30 years old. Her father is Mr. J.M Swaim of Chapel Hill. Buried at Chapel Hill Cemetery.

Card of Thanks – From J.W. Wagner and children.

March 29, 1912

Clarence Bailey ws killed by a fall from the top of a telephone pole. He will be remembered as one of the force of electricians for the Lewisburg Light and Power Co. It seems that he had left Lewisburg last week and had secured a position with the telephone company at Decatur. The pole was rotted and broke at the bottom. Mr Bailey was about 24 years of age. The funeral took place at his home at Elkton Wednesday.

April 2, 1912

Senator Robert Taylor is dead. He had been ill for several months from gall stones, but death was the immediate result of an operaton which he under went a few days ago. The funeral took place in Knoxville.

The little two month old child of Mr and Mrs Chas. Oliver of West Lewisburg died Thursday. The remains were buried Bare Creek Friday.

The 5 year old daughter of Mr and Mrs. Geo. Wright of Spring Place died Saturday. The remains were interred at Spring Place.

April 5, 1912

Mrs Nancy Calahan, aged 76 years, wife of John Calahan died at her home near Belfast. Leaves many relatives including her husband and eight children. Buried at Head Springs.

Mr James Tate, aged 55 years died at his home Wednesday after a brief illness. He was a valued citizen and a member of the Christian Church. Funeral services were conducted by Eld. S.T. Sewell of this city, and interment was made at the Bryant graveyard.

April 9, 1912

Mr William Wheatley was indicted at the recent term of court upon the charges of poisoning Miss Ethel Parks who died in January of this year at her home near Ostella.

The grand jury returned two indictments against Marion E. Anderson charging him with murder in the first degree of Officers Purdy and Green on the night of Oct 31, 1911. Anderson was arrested on Jan 3

W.H. Johnson, Manger of the American Pencil Mills was found dead this morning at 3 o'clock supposedly having been caused by heart disease. The remains were sent to Farmington, Marshall County for burial. Mr. Johnson leaves a wife and several children.

Daniel Norvell, an aged citizen and ex Confederate soldier of the Roberson Fork community. Aged about 80. Survived by his aged wife who is totally blind; four daughters and three sons. The remains will be carried to Rover Bedford county for interment.

April 12, 1912

Old Aunt Mary Towler a well known colored woman died at her home in Macedonia. Age 84. She had never worked for any but the Towler family during her life. She was born a slave, the property of Peter I Voorhies and at the age of 4 she was given to his daughter, Mrs. J.M. Towler the grandmother of W.J. Towler. She had nursed for generations of the Towler family and for 3 years she slept in the room with Mrs. Towler, mother of W.J. Towler and never left her during all that time, day or night.

Mrs Smith (Beulah) Alexander who died at the home of her sister, Mrs .E.H. McGaugh of Petersburg last Sunday morning of tuberculosis, aged 30 years. She ws the daughter of Mr and Mrs. T.M. Pigg of this place. Buried at the Short cemetery. Leaves husband and two children. - Archer News

April 16, 1912

Clara Barton dead, Washington, April 12 – Miss Clara Barton founder of the Red Cross, died at her home at Glen Echo MD.

Mrs Jane Lemmons has died of paralysis at her home near Delian. Leaves five chldren, one brother and one sister.

April 19, 1912

1,300 lives lost in Big Ship Disaster – New York – April 15th – The White Star liner “Titanic” the worlds greatest steamship has gone down some 500 miles off Cape Race, with 630 of her 1,300 passengers and her full crew of 860 men on board.

Martha L Murray, aged 74 died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Hugh A. English after a long illness. She is survived by three children, Mrs. English, John T. and Dr. E. Hugh Murray, four brothers and a sister, Mrs. Mollie Murray of Lewisburg. Buried at Lone Oak cemetery.

Mrs T.J. Lemond died. She was an invalid for many years and suffered a stroke two weeks ago. Buried at Medium Cemetery. - Delina News

Dick Brewer died at his home near Booneshil. - Delina News

April 23, 1912

Sinking Of The Great Titanic

New York, April 19 – There were 745 survivors accounts for the loss of 1,589 person at sea off Newfoundland banks. Six persons who had been rescued also died.

Mrs Mattie McKnight, wife of Jo McKnight died at her home here.

Resolutions of the Death of Mrs Finley – Death has come to the home of our worthy comrade, W.F. Finley on the 22nd day of Jan, 1912, when his beloved wife was taken from him by the “angel of death”.
Her maiden name was Nancy Daugherty Green and she was married to Finley in 1882. There were no children to bless them.

April 26, 1912

Miss Emma Gilliam age 23 died at her home at Berlin. Buried in the Morton graveyard.

Wilson Brents of Delina has died here of a complication of diseases at the home of his brotherDr. John. He was 68 years old and leaves a wife and three daughters, Mrs. Welch of Pulaski, Misses Madge and Eva Brents. Son is Rev. J.W. Brents of Henderson, Tenn

Mrs. Mattie McKight died at age 64 years. She was the mother of Messrs J.E. McKnight of here and Jonas McKnight of Texas. Buried at Lone Oak Cemetery.

Mr Joe Tucker died a few days ago at his home in flat Creek of consumption. He had been home from the Phillipine Islands about a year. - Holt's Corner.

Eli Hopkins age 63, uncle of Attorney R.S. Hopkins, with whom he made his home, was found dead in his bed this morning. His brother A.B. Hopkins was the father of Attorney R.S. Hopkins. He is survived by three sons Carlton and Gifford, who live in Marshall County and another son who has recently gone to California for his health. The remains will be carried to Marshal County, going to Lewisburg. From there they will be taken by hack about ten miles to the country near the Bedford County line where interment will take place – Columbia Tenn – April 22.

April 30, 1912

Mrs. Mary E. Boyet, wife of Mr. James Boyet of Duncanville, died Saturday of old age. She was 62. Buried in the family graveyard. She leave a husband and five children.

Mrs. Andrew Wallace died at her home near South Berlin. She was 80 years old. Buried in the Welch graveyard. Survived by a husband.

Mr J.C. Powell of Mooresville died Saturday morning of kidney trouble, aged 75. Buried at the Wilson graveyard. Leaves a wife and three children.

May 3, 1912

Mrs. Tipper Aldridge died at her home at the Hardisons Mills Monday night, aged 71 years. Buried in the Aldridge graveyard.

May 7, 1912

Christopher Stalling has died at the home of his brother near Chestnut Ridge. Leaves 3 brothers and 3 sisters.

May 10, 1912

Richard W. Woodard, age 58 died at the home of his sister; Mrs. John Eslick at Sumac. Mr. Woodward was a son of O.D. Woodward and a brother of John and James Woodward of Lewisburg. He was during the past twenty years in busincess at Birmingham, Atlanta and Memphis, and more recently in Oklahoma.

May 14, 1912

Miss T. Curtiss age 25 died at the home of her parents, Mr and Mrs. Jim Curtiss after a lifetime affliction.

May 17, 1912

Mrs Mary Jane Aldridge died – Special to the Tribune

May 21, 1912

Mrs Will J. Caughran age 42 died yesterday at her home at Holly Grove. Leaves husband and one son. Buried at Head Springs. (May 24 issue states her age should have been 53)

May 24, 1912

Louise Martin the 1 year old daughter of Mr and Mrs. W.J. Martin of McCords school house. Buried in the Harper graveyard.

May 31, 1912

Two infants, the children of Mr and Mrs Fred Hightower died at their home in Atlanta and were brought to Lewisburg for interment yesterday.

June 4, 1912

The one year old child of Mr and Mrs Geo McRady died Saturday and was buried Sunday at the Ewing graveyard.

Mrs Marvin Regen of Franklin died in a Nashville hospital. Mrs. Regen was formerly a resident of here. Buried in Franklin

Mrs Ida Murrell age 66 died at her home on Mooresville road. Survived by one son Mr. Richard Murrell. Buried in Lone Oak.

June 4, 1912 (Booster section)

Shows businesses in Lewisburg. Has some pictures.

June 11, 1912

Mrs Elizabeth Summers, widow of the late Wm. M. Summers died at her home near Ostella. Daughter is Mrs. Alonzo Meadows. Buried at Medium.

Joseph Goldman age 66 died. An Ex-confederate soldier and highly estemmed cicizen of the Bivins section. Buried at Lynnwood Cemetery. Survived by his wife and two daughters, Mrs. Allen McCullough of Verona and Mrs. Newt. R. Brown..

June 14, 1912

Judge Horace E. Palmer, lawyer, capitalist and former member of the court of Civil Appeals died here this morning. - Murfreesboro, Tenn., June 11.

June 21, 1912

Card of Thanks for the goodness and kindness that was extended unto “my dear son during his illness.: Mrs S.V. Rice

In Memorandum – On May 19th, 1912, the death angel visted the home of Mr and Mrs. Alvie Walker and bore away the spirit of their sweet little boy, Robert Carl, age 1 year and 9 months. The little man was laid to rest in the Pleasant Church yard under a protusion of lovely flowers, there with the many loved ones to wait the glorious resurrection.

July 2, 1912

Mrs Amanda Bond, aged 50 years, wife of Alex Bond who lives near Yell, died Friday morning after a lingering illness from consumption. Leaves a husband and six children. Buried at Taylor graveyard.

Mr. P.C. Hall aged about 75 years died at his home of the Oak Grove community. Buried at the Fowler graveyard. He was an old Confederate soldier. Survived by his wife.

Mrs. George Wills, age about 29 died at her home near here of tuberculosis. Buried at New Hope cemetery. Leaves husband and one child.

Mr. William Harvey Hooten age 75 died at the home of his son J.W. Hooten. He was a veteran of the Civil War. Buried at the Reed graveyard. Survived by his wife and three sons, Messrs J.W., Jodie and T.F. Hooten, one brother and two sisters.

Card of Thanks to our friends for their sympathy shown us in the death of our dear husband and father. Mrs. W.S. Gambill and daughters.

July 9, 1912

Mr Joe McBride, a well known citizen of this city died Sunday morning. He is survived by his wife and five children, Messrs, Will McBride of Columbia; R.L. McBride of this city; Joe McBride of Oklahoma and Mesdames J.J. Taylor of Nashville and John Lanius of Atlanta Ga. The burial will take place in Cornersville.

July 12, 1912

Mrs Ella McGee, wife of Mr. H.D. McGee, one of the dinkey engineers for the W.J. Sparks Contraction Co., Mrs. McGee had lived here for only a few months having come here from Lexington, KY to be with her husband during the building of the L & N railroad. The remains will be shipped back to Kentucky for interment today.

Mr. Robt Lancaster, aged 74 years died at his home Wednesday morning about 7:30 o'clock from nervous trouble. He was a highly respected citizen and a veteran of the Civil War. The remains were buried yesterday at Beasley.

Mrs. Max Gabbert of Belfast died Tuesday night at St. Thomas hospital in Nashville. She is survived by her husband and a number of relatives. She will be interred at Mount Zion cemetery

Mr Fayette Smith, aged 66 years died at his home near here Sunday. Leaves a wife and five children, Mesdames W.A. Lowe and Joe Beard, Messrs, C.C. Smith of this city,E.E. Smith and Willbur Smith, a small son about 10 years of age. Buried at the Collins graveyard near Springplace.

Mr. Riley L. McDaniel on the most prominent citizens in the county died at his home near Belfast. He was 53 years and 11 months of age. Survived by a wife and two daughters; Mrs. Cecie Moffit and Mrs. O.C. Welch of this city. Will be buried with Masonic rites at Head Springs cemetery.

Celebration of a Golden “50” Wedding anniversary of Dr and Mrs. Alfred Jones at their home. Married during the civil war. Their three sons and wife’s; Dr and Mrs. Kenneth L. Jones, Mr and Mrs. Shirley P. Jones and Mr and Mrs. Max W. Jones. (a poem written is published in July 16. One child was called to a higher life, meaning he died)

Mr Billy Gambill, a highly esteemed citizen of this community has died since our last writing – Farmington News.

July 16, 1912

Mrs Ada Stephenson age 39 died at the home of her brother, Mr. Allie Jones. Buried at Round Hill cemetery.

Dr. T.R. Logan received news last week from his cousin, Rev. S.D. Logan reporting the death of the latter's brother, Mr. Ben Logan, who formerly resided in this county. He was a resident of Tyler, Tex., but at the time of his death was in California with his wife in search of health. Mrs. Logan was formerly Miss Susie Hall of this county. Death was the result of an injury received in the cyclone at Snyder, Okla,. Mr Logan was there at the time and was blown by the wind 500 yards. He never recovered from the injuries. The remains were brough back to Vernon Tex.

July 19, 1912

Herman Davis, a young man about 21 drowned in Duck river Tuesday afternoon about three miles from Hardison Mill at Sowell ford. Buried at the Tindall graveyard.

The will of the late R.D McDaniel (called R.L. McDaniel on top). Grandson is R.L. McDaniel Moffit. Two daughters; Mrs. Myra Welch and Margaret Moffit.

Joseph Ramsey who lived two miles on the pike beyond Cornersville died Monday night in his 88 (83?) year. He was one of the oldest citizens of the county. Survived by his wife and six children; Messrs. S.A. and C.M. Ramsey, Mesdames Jas. Ashley, Mollie Brown, E.S. Clayton of Lewisburg and Thos Buchanan of Murfreesboro. He is also survived by two brothers; William Ramsey of Pelham, Tenn who is in his 91st year and George Ramsey of Viola Tenn who is in his 79th year. Buried at Beechwood cemetery.

July 23, 1912

Mr William Bullock Jr, son of Mr. W.L. Bullock of Corsicanna Texas died in Annapolis, MD by falling from the top of the main mast of the Hartford to the deck. He was a midshipman of six weeks standing at the naval academy. His Aunt and Uncle Mr and Mrs. J.M. Hawkins in Lewisburg. His mother was the former Miss Emma Kercheval of this city.

Fayetteville Man Disappears. B.B. Logan, who operated a restaurant and bakery at this place has disappeared under peculiar circumstances. Logan left Fayetteville Wednesday telling his clerks and several friends that he was off to the country for a few days, but told his wife that he was going to Nashville. Last night Mrs. Logan received a letter from her husband mailed at Chattanooga yesterday afternoon in which the letter, Logan stated that he was financially embarressed and said that he intended to end his life. He asked her to make no attempt to find his body as it would be useless. Most people think the letter is a blind and do not believe he is dead. Mr Bill Derror and Jack Tucker relatives of Mrs. Logan left this morning for Chattanooga to make an effort to locate the missing man. - Fayetteville news.

Willie Davis the thirteen year old daughter of Mr and Mrs. William Davis of Spring Hill was washed to a watery grave near Mooresville on Thursday afternoon late. The horse and buggy arrived home withot the passenger. The little girl was visiting relatives Mr and Mrs Pickens near Mooresville. The body was found about 4 o'clock Friday on the place of George Foster about 2 miles from Culloka and about 4 miles from where the buggy was over turned in Globe Creek. Buried at Spring Hill.

Card of Thanks from H.D. McGee on the passing of his beloved wife.

July 26, 1912

Mrs Tennessee Pardee aged about 80 years died at her home near Farmington from old age. Burial will take place at Bethberei graveyard

Mrs. S.M. Turner age 44 years died at her home in Cornersville. Buried at Beechwood cemetery.

News reached here concerning the death of Mrs. Otis Neil, nee Miss Minnie bills, wife of Daniel Bills, formerly of Petersburg, but recently of Kindsey, Okla. She leaves a husband and one little daughter.

Resolution on Death of Mrs. W.C. Bearden. Whereas Mrs. Amanda Bearden wife of our worthy comrade, W.C. Bearden, departed this life Feb 21, 1912. She was born April 8, 1863 in Marshall County where they resided until her death.

Resolution on Death of Mrs. Margaret A. Wallace. Whereas Mrs. Margaret A. Wallace wife of our worthy comrade A.T. Wallace, departed this life the 28th day of April 1912. She and our comrade on the 7th of March 1871 and had lived together for all these years in peace and happiness.

James H. Wilkes, one of Nashville most highly esteemed citizen died in that city Monday. Native of Maury County where he was born in 1838. He was a son of the late Richard A.L. Wilkes and Judith Harris Wilkes. He was a brother of the late Judge John Wilkes of the Tennessee supreme court and there is one sister, Mrs. J.C. Steel residing in Washington D.C. Who survives him. He has been married twice and is survived by a widow and four children, the latter being John Wilkes, Misses Elizabeth and Susan Wilkes and Mrs. E.M. Steel who resides in Lewisburg.
July 30, 1912

D.P. James of Dallas TX died yesterday at the residence of his niece, Mr. J.R. McCloud of this place. Aged 54 years. Mr James had been a resident of Dallas for thirty years. He came here several months ago on account of failing health. He was never married and is survived by only one brother, John James of the Bivins community and a number of nieces and nephews. Buried at the Elkridge graveyard.

Four Persons Were Shot in West Lewisburg by James Armstrong. Jack Chunn was shot in the hand; T.L. Rainey in the arm and hand; William Rainey, his ten year old son in the face and chest and Bud Johnson in the back. It is thought that none of the wounds will prove fatal though some are dangerous and very painful. Armstrong left for parts unknown and has not yet been apprehended.

Sidney Bivens was shot by John Chesser Saturday night near Ebenezer church in the south end of the county. Bivens who was formerly the son in law of Mrs. John Chesser, but a divorce was recently granted to Mrs. Bivens upon a compromise which provided that he remain away from the family. He broke over that line, however, on the night mentioned and appeared at the Chesser home where his former wife resided. Words were passed and it seems Bivens struck Mrs. Chesser when her husband John Chesser fired upon him. It is believed that the wounded man will recover.

August 2, 1912

James Armstrong is lodged in jail. James Armstrong who shot four people in West Lewisburg Monday morning was apprehended in Cornersville. The case was tried Tuesday morning before Esq H. Clay Gates and the prisoner was placed under a bond of 750 which he could not pay. Therefore he is still in jail.

William Hodge, a well known young citizen of the Brick Church section, met with a serious accident while threshing wheat. His left arm caught and was partially jerked off, being so badly mangled that it had to be amputated at the shoulder. He is a son of Robert Hodge and is about 28 years old.

August 6, 1912

Card of thanks – We wish to thank our friends and neighbors for their kindness and sympathy shown us during the sickness and death of our dear little babe. Also for the beautiful flowers that covered his little mound. May God bless you and reward you for your faithfulness – T.S. And Susie Pigg, Archer, Tenn.

August 9, 1912

Newton Stone Badly Wounded – Pulaski Tenn, August 6 – Newton Stone, a prominent young son of Thomas Stone of the large live stock firm of Stone, Porter & White, was shot about 3 o'clock Monday afternoon at the Benderman Division of Contracts on the Lewisburg & Northern Railroad by a negro hand named Jordan said to be from Mt. Pleasant, and seriously wounded. Jordan escaped but Sheriff Roy Pittone and posses of officers and citizens in automobiles, on horseback and on foot are in pursuit.

Mr. Sidney Bivens who was shot in the neck Saturday night Juy 27 by Mr John Chesser at his home near Ebenezer in the south end of the county died Monday night from the wound, but it was thought at first he would recover. Buried in Springplace graveyard. Mr Bivens was about 25 years of age.

Mrs Jesse Jones who resided near Farmington died Wednesday. Buried at the Harbor graveyard.

Mr. Powell Jones, aged 17 years died at the home of his grandfather, Mr Milton Powell at Chapel Hill Monday. He had been ill from typhoid fever when he was stricken with appendicitis, causing an operation to be necessary. He leaves his mother, Mrs. Sallie Jones and two sisters, Misses Ruby and Mary Helen Jones. Buried at the Swanson graveyard at Chapel Hill.

August 13, 1912

The two week old infant of Mr and Mrs. Owen Hollly died Friday. Buried at Gill's Chapel

Mrs. Medora A. Cook, aged 72 years died at her home in north Lewisburg Sunday morning after a lingering illness of old age. She is survived by one son, Mr. Thos. Cook. Buried in the Reed graveyard.

Miss Bertha Compton, aged 19 years, daughter of Mr and Mrs. J.D. Compton, died Friday at her home near Spring Place of Stomach trouble. Buried at Spring Place.

The remains of Mrs. Annie Cavnar of this place, who died yesterday at Murfreesboro, where she was visiting, were brought her today and taken to Bear Creek for interment. Mrs. Cavnar died on her 71st birthday. Three sons, William, John and D.C. Cavnar survive her.

News was received by Mrs. J.L. Marshall by phone from Lynchburg Tenn., yesterday that Mrs. Medora Walker died Sunday at Kansas City. Mrs. Walker has not resided here in a number of years but formerly this was her home. The remains will be buried at Kansas City.

The funeral of Mr. W.L. Bullock took place this afternoon. Buried in Oakwood Cemetery with Masonic honors. The deceased was 52 years of age. He leaves a large circle of friends who mourn his loss and the whole community joins in extending deep sympathy to the family in this their double bereavement as the son and namesake of the deceased met with a tragic accident only a few days ago. He is survived by a wife and three children, two sons, Hicks and Kenneth bullock and a daughter, Kathleen bullock. - The Corsican, Tex., July 30.

August 16, 1912

Mr Thaddeus B. Orr, who went to Commanche County, Okla, from Marshall County about three years ago, and began the practice of law has been nominated as the prosecuting attorney of his county. He entered the race as a Democrat. His father is Mr. Calvin J. Orr of this city of Lewisburg.

Miss Bertha Compton, daughter of Mr and Mrs J.B. Compton died Friday, aged 19 years. Buried in the Short cemetery.

Mrs F.M. Dillard died at home at Liberty Valley Wednesday from lung trouble. Buried at Clay Hill

August 20, 1912

Mr. H. Drake McAteer age 76 years, died at his home in West Lewisburg. He was a Confederate veteran and was a consistent member of the Christian church. He lived formerly near Silver Creek in this county. Buried in the McAteer graveyard.

August 24, 1912

General Booth, Commander in Chief and founder of the Salvation Army died this evening. He was in his 84th year. He was born of a Nottingham carpenter in England on April 10, 1828. - London paper Aug 20, 1912.

J.A. Loyd ask all the people who have friends and relatives buried at Lone Oak to full out a card with the information on where they are buried.

Beesley's Version of the Lease – Murfreesboro TN, Aug 20. J.C. Beesley of this city claim the Banner did him an injustice in a publication about a lawsuit brought against him by Mr. Jesse Helton. “For the benefit of those who would possibly be mislead, however, I wish to make the following statement; About two years ago Mr. Jesse Helton went with me to Mississippi to see my farm there, with the view of renting it. He seemed well pleased and so expressed himself in Mississippi and at home after his return, and tried to induce his family and brother to join him in renting the place. Upon failing to do so his brother move to West Tennessee and he, Jesse Helton and famiy moved to Texas. I heard nothing more of either of them until I received a letter from Mr. Jesse Helton dated July 27, 1911, in which he stated that he wished to rent my place for this year, and asked for a prompt reply. After some correspondence we reached a rental agreement and Mr Helton moved to the place early in December last year. His letters which will speak for themselves later, show that he was well pleased with the place. Later, however, the water began to rise and all of the Helton's, without notifying me moved to Nashville and left the place and their contract to take care of themselves, with the exception of the other tenants, who remained. I did not misrepresent the place in any respect as will be testified to at the proper time by the real estate agent and liveryman who accompanied us to the place. Furthermore this is the first time the place has been overflowed since 1897, and then the water receded in sufficient time to plant a make a good crop. A crop has been grown on it every year, and only last year I realized about $3,000 in rents. The other tenants remained on the place when the overflow came this year and they now have good crops. So have all the other lands around mine. Thus it is easily seen how absurd this suit is, and I have no fear of being able to obtain a judgment for the breach of contract with me.”

Mr Thomas Luna aged about 40 years died at his home here. Buried at Lone Oak.

August 27, 1912

Robert Turner, a prominent colored man of Route 5 aged 52 years died last week. Turner was one of the best colored men in the county and had accumulated considerable property by his hard work and honest living.

Mrs Virginia McBride, aged 76 died here Saturday night. She was the widow of Joe McBride whose death occurred only a few weeks ago. The remains were buried at Cornersville. Deceased is survived by five children, Mr Joe McBride of Texan, Will McBride of Columbia, Robert McBride of this city, Mrs J.J. Taylor of Nashville and John Launius of Atlanta.

Mrs. Bertha Rainey aged 25 years and wife of Mr Moss Rainey of Cornersville died. Death was caused by a fall which she received accidentally. She died in a few hours after the fall, an infant son being born a few hours before her death. Buried at the Cornersville graveyard.

Mr Robt. Mount aged about 60 died at his home near Palmetto Sunday. Survived by a wife and four children. Buried at the Palmetto graveyard. (August 30 – Card of Thanks – signed Mrs. Etta Mount and Children)

August 30, 1912

The infant child of Mr and Mrs. J.W. Coffee of Belfast died Monday and was buried at Round Hill Cemetery.

To Confederates; We request that all the surviving members of Company C and H of the 17th Regiment meet Monday at the courthouse immediately afet the convention. This is a preliminary meeting looking to getting all the living members together for a reunion. -R.L. Bowden and P.D. Honston.

September 3, 1912

Master George Washington Duncan, son of Mr and Mrs. AM Ducan died Saturday moring at 1 of meningitis, aged 20 months. Buried in the Duncanville graveyard.

September 6, 1912

The little four year old son of Mr and Mrs Neely Capley of the Verona community, died at the home of Mr. Stamps on this city yesterday from diphtheria. Buried in the Bryant cemetery.

Mr H Merritt Walls, aged 83 died at his home near Archer. He was a civil war veteran. Leaves a widow and five children. Buried at Spring Place cemetery.

Mrs Annie J. James age 58 years, wife of John James, died this afternoon at her home near Bivins. She is survived by her husband, five sons and six daughters. Burial will take place at Elkridge tomorrow morning.

September 10, 1912

Mrs Martha Estes, age 56 died at her home here Saturday of lung trouble. Buried in Lone Oak cemetery.

Mr Ernest Bond aged about forty years died in a sanitarium in Nashville Sunday. He was the son in law of Mr and Mrs D.C. Sanders of this city, and leaves a widow and two daughters who reside at Fayetteville. Buried in Fayetteville.

Miss Lizzie Moore and Mrs. Ulric Wells both of Petersburg were married at the residence of Mr. Thomas Greer, the bride's grandfather. A reception was given at the home of Mr. Newt Wells the father of the bridgegroom.

September 17, 1912

Mrs Hamlin age 57 died at her home in West Lewisburg. Buried at Brick Church.

Miss Zana Bivins, age 23 died Thursday of typhoid fever at her home near Ebenezer. Buried at Springplace.

September 20, 1912

Confederate Reunion – Companies C and H of the Seventeenth Tennessee regiment will meet in a reunion here on October 5th.

September 24, 1912

Mr A.B. Davis, aged 38 years of Columbia Tenn., and a controlling member of the McNeel Monument Co, of Georgia, was killed last night when the automobile, a Chalmers 30, which he was driving struck the right railing on a bridge on the White's Creek road turned turtle and pinned him beneath the wrecked machine after a twenty-foot fall. In the car with Mr. Davis was a woman, said to be a Nashville widow, but whose identity was not disclosed. She is said to have sustained a sprained shoulder – Banner.

Dr John Cowden, father of Dr. C.N. Cowden of Nasvhille, died at his home here this afternoon. Dr. Cowden was 78 years of age and one of the most prominet physicians of his community. He is survived by his wife, Mary Cowden and the following children; Mrs. Viola Marsh of Petersburg, Mrs Josie Bills of Fayetteville, Mrs. Z.D. Jones of Texas, E.E. Cowden of Middlesboro, KY, Rev John D. Cowden pastor of the Christian Church of McMinnville, Mrs. T.S. Pierce and Dr. C.N. Cowden of Nashville.

Memory of H.D. McAteer – A poem about “Drake McAteer” by S.M. Holly

September 27, 1912

The eighteen months old child of Mr and Mrs Bud Williams of this place died Tuesday. Buried in the Reed graveyard.

Little Mary McCool, the little 4 year old daughter of Mr and Mrs Walter McCool of Duncanville died Monday night of membranous croup. Buried in the Hill graveyard.

October 4, 1912

Confederates at Shelbyville – A special dispatch to the Democrat from Shelbyville, Tenn., Oct. 2 says – The Tennessee Association of Confederate Veterans met in annual session this afternoon at 2. Nashville was selected as the next place of meeting. Something over 1000 old soldiers are registered at head quarters. The veterans are being well cared for and are having a good time generally.

Mr. R.C. Thompson, aged 76 years died Tuesday morning at 2 o'clock at his home near Yell, after an illness lasting several months. Mr Thompson was a highly respected citizen and a confederate soldier. Surviving him are his wife and son, Mr. T. Leigh Thompson of Nashville. The funeral service was conducted by Rev. C.R. Wade Wednesday and the remains were buried in the Fowler Cemetery.

October 8, 1912

Mrs Mollie Swanner, wife of T.M. Swanner died at the home of J.M. Swanner at Catalpa Grove of tuberculosis. The burial will take place at Fayetteville today.

Mrs Margaret Hardin age 82 years died Wednesday of old age. Buried in the carmel gravyeard Thursday. She was a sister to Messrs. Jas. And John Calahan.

Mrs Sarah Florence Nolen Gregg age 57 years died at her home near Cornersville Saturday. She was a consistent member of the Methodist Church. After funeral services conducted by Rev. C.R. Wade the remains were interred at Head Springs Sunday. She is survived by a husband, three sons and four daughters.

October 11, 1912

Chokes Herself With a String – The vicinity of Verona was greatly shocked Wednesday when it was learned that Mrs. Cora Grey wife of Mr. Felix Grey had committed suicide. While her daughter was preparing dinner Mrs. Grey went upstairs, presumable to look after some household matter. When dinner was announced she failed to come and an investigation was made and she was found dead by her husband. She had locked the upstairs room door and using a plain cloth string about the size of an ordinary string necktie, looped at one end about her neck, fastened to the other to the bed and choked herself to death. She left no note of explanation, but the deed is supposed to be the result of ill health. She was 44 years of age and a member of the Methodist church. The funeral was conducted yesterday by Rev. T.M. Hendrix, followed by burial at the Liggett graveyard. She leaves two sons, Jackson and Charlie Grey, and one daughter, Miss Lillian Grey, besides a number of relatives among whom are City Marshal John Andrews and Mrs. Will Andrews of this city.

Mr J.P. Harris an aged citizen of the Hardison Mill vicinity died last Friday from congestive chills. He was 80 years old and a member of the Christian church. He leaves several children, one of whom is Mrs. D.E. Scott. The funeral was conducted by Eld. Tankersley, followed by burial at the Shires graveyard.

October 15, 1912

After an illness extending over a period of more than two years, Flavius J. Ewing died at his home on the Pulaski Pike near South Side Park Thursday evening at 7 o'clock and while his death had been expected almost at any time during the past ten days, it was a distinct shock to his friends, and the friends of the family. During the period of his illness he had borne his suffering without complaint.
Mr. Ewing was in his eight-second year and had been a resident of Columbia for more than thirty years, and long been identified with its business interests, and at one time figured very prominently in the financial affairs of the city and county, and was highly regarded for his integrity and business connections. Always standing for what he regarded as the best interests of the larger number, he was also active in educational and church work of the community. He had been a member of the board of officials of the First Presbyterian Church for more than twenty-five yers, and was its eldest member, both in point of services and in age. Mr Ewing was born in Marshall County and came to this county early in life. He was married to Miss Mary Akin, daughter of Pleasant J. Akin, a well known citizen of the county, and is survived by four children; Mrs. C.T. Looney, Mrs James T. Moore, R.C. Ewing of the firm of Dobbins & Ewing, and Miss Elsie Ewing. Also one brother, Dr. J.C. Ewing of Lewisburg. - Columbia Herald (Buried Rose Hill Cemetery in Maury County)

October 22, 1912

Mrs Arnold Delffs died at her home near Wheel last week. She was 66 years old and an excellent Christian woman. Funeral services were coducted by Eld. M.W. Bills with interment at the Bethel graveyard.

October 25, 1912

Mrs Mary Virginia Haskins, aged 75 years died at her home Monday near Palmetto from the effects of old age. Buried at the Haskins graveyard Tuesday. She was the mother of Mr. Monroe Darnell of this city.

October 29, 1912

Brown McMillin, son of former Gov. Benton McMillin, died in St. Luke's Hospital. Bristol Tenn – Oct 25, 1912

De. Lenceford Black, brother of Dr. T.C. Black, died at a hospital last Tuesday. He was a good man and prominent citizen, about 60 years of age. The remains were buried at Ashland Or.

The 2 year old daughter of Mr and Mrs John Richardson died Friday and was buried Saturday at the Reed graveyard after funeal services conducted by Eld. S.T. Sewell.
November 1, 1912

In Memorandum – We the Woodmen of the World, tender out love and sympathy to our dear brother, J.L. Nichols and wife in the loss of their son, Clayborn, whose spirit took its flight to that home on high on 25th of October. He only sojourned with them the period of four years. The remains of the little jewel were laid to sleep in the cemetery of New Hope. Ashwood lodge no. 370 Tally, Tenn.

November 12, 1912

The three weeks old infant of Mr and Mrs. J.R.L. Hardison was buried Sunday at Verona after funeral services at the home conducted by Eld S.T. Sewell

Tr. T.C. Hardison, age 82 years died Saturday at his home at Leftwich Bridge. Buried in the Morton graveyard Sunday. He is survived by a wife and 5 children. He is a brother to Dr. S.T. Hardison of this city and has many other relatives in this county.

November 15, 1912

In Memorandum – Death has visisted our neighborhood and claimed for its victim Mr Cyrus Cathy, November 3rd. His only brother is Mr. A.E. Cathey that is left in this country. (Card of Thanks signed Ebb Cathey and family)

Mr Thomas A Vickery, aged 49 years, died at his home near Belfast, Tuesday of cancer of the head. Survived by a wife and four children. Buried in Round Hill Cemetery.

November 19, 1912

Mr Melvin Hargrove age 16 years died at the home of his mothers in West Lewisburg Sunday of fever. Burial took place at Macedonia.

Miss Tina Harris aged 48 years died at her home near Wheel Thursday after an affliction of a number of years. Buried at the Harris graveyard.

Mr Jones Morgan of Eastland Texas, formerly a resident of this county, died Friday at his home. His wife was Miss Alice Davis a sister of Mr. Scott D. Davis

Soldiers Meeting – About fifty or more of the old Confederate soldiers met at the courthouse in Lewisburg Tenn., on the 16th of Nov. their purpose being to get the names of all those boys of the Companies whose lives God had see fit to spare thus far. The meeting was called to order by R.S. Walker as secretary, comrade P.D. Houston was elected as president and treasurer, each name being called in alphabetical order so as the alphebet was being called Dr. S.T. Hardison said, “Now boys don't forget your names,” after which was a pplause and each soldier promptly gave his name. Riley Phillps presented a walking cane to the oldest soldier in the houses himself excepted. Mr Joel dodd receiving the same he being 77 years old. So wishing to old soldiers many more happy meeting here and if they all never meet again here, may they all meet again in one unbroken body around the great white throne of God.

November 22, 1912

Sam Little an 18 year old negro was struck and killed by the noon train near Talley Station. He was picked up by the train crew and carried to Petersburg to be prepared for burial. He lived at Belfast and was employed by the Railroad Company.

Mr. Otto Duckworth, who resides with his mother west of Petersburg was seriously hurt Saturday by his team running away with the wagon throwing him violently against a rock fence near the residence of Mrs Marsh, crushing his skull and breaking several bones of his face. He was brought to Petersburg and had been in the office of Dr's Dryden and Marsh, where a brave fight had been made by the four physicians of the town to save his life. Sunday morning it seemed that they had succeeded but during the night he grew worse and continued in an unconscious state until he died Tuesday morning at 11:30. Burial took place Wednesday at the family graveyard on the home place. The deceased was a brother of Mr. Chas Duckworth of this city. He is survived by three brothers, one sister and his mother.

November 29, 1912

Isidor Rayner of Maryland died, one of the leading Democratic members of the United States Senate and a man whose name was offered to the Baltimore convention by William J. Bryan. - Washington, Nov 25, 1912.

Mrs Thomas H. Holland age 85 years died at the home of her daughter near Petersburg. Mrs. C.Y. Ledford. Burial at New Hope. Mrs. Holland is survived by several sons and daughter, Mr. A.A. Holland and Mrs. G.Y. Ledford of Petersburg, Mrs. Fred Foster of Lewisburg, Eld J.L. Holland of Greenfield, Tex; Mr. J.T. Holland of Lincoln; Mr Geo. W. and E.D. Holland of Cumby, Tex, and Mr. W.A. Holland of Lewisville, Tex and a large number of grand children – Lincoln County News.

Albert McGregor aged 78 years died at his home in West Lewisburg Wednesday. He was an ex Confederate soldier and a highly honored citizen. Buried at the Talley graveyard yesterday. The services were conducted by Dr. S.T. Hardison.
Card of Thanks – I want to express my thanks to my good friends and neighbors for their kindness to me during the sickness and death and burial of my darling husband. - signed his heart broken wife, L.M. Osborn.

Resolutions on the death of H.D. McAteer – Our deceased comrade, H.D. McAteer departed this life on the 18th day of August, 1912 in this Marshall county at his home in Lewisburg, Tenn. He was born in what is now Marshall county on the 26th day of March 1836 and was reared and trained on a farm in said county. He enlisted in the Confederate army on May 13, 1861 and joined company C which was incorporated in the 17th infantry regiment Tennessee volunteers. He served in that company and regiment though its many campaigns until the closing the war as a private soldier surrendering and was paroled on the 26th day of April 1865. He was seriously wounded one time in front of Petersburg, Va. June 1864 just before the surrender of General Lee's army and was not able for duty any more until the close.
He was twice married, the first time to Miss Bills who died leaving sorrowing her sad husband and three children, two sons and one daughter. His last wife was Miss Lizzie Beverly. He made a good and peaceable citizen during all his life and joined Dibrell Bivonac and camp May 21, 1904 and made a good member always attending its meetings when he could and was enthusiastic in the discharge of his duties as such. His second wife died April 21, 1910 leaving him alone except his children some of whom have moved to other states, only one daughter living with him at his death.
Wherefore be it resolved that While it is the lot of us all to die yet we deeply deplore his death and tender our sincere sympathy to his bereaved children and near relatives and friends, that copy of these resolutions be published in the Lewisburg Tribune.- W.W. Walker, W.F. Finley.

December 3, 1912

Mr Willie Osborn died at his home near Marshall Bridge Nov 19th of typhoid fever and the remains were buried at Berea with funeral service by Rev. J.B. Cheek. He leaves a wife and one child.

Mr Lawson Downing aged 23 years died Ssaturday at his home in West Lewisburg from malarial fever. He leaves a wife and one child. Buried at Lone Oak Cemetery.

December 6, 1912

Rev. A.S. Venable has resigned as pastor of the Presbyterian Church here at Belfast to take effect the first of the new year and will accept the pastorate of the church at Millersburg, Ky.

Mrs Sarah Caskey age 80 years died at her home on last Sunday morning after an illness of nine days. She is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Ben Follis of Lewisburg; Mr. AJ. Calvert and Miss Lena Caskey of Bivens; and four sons, Will Caskey of Campbell Station; Dean Caskey of Springfield, Mo., Roe Caskey, of Texas and John Caskey of Bivens and one sister, Mrs. Graves Martin. - Bivens News

Messrs, John, May and Jesse Martin and wife who were called here by the death of Mrs. Caskey are now at the bedside of their aged father, Mr. Graves Martin, of near Campbell Station who is seriously sick. - Bivens News

December 10, 1912

Mrs W.A. Davis died at the home of Mrs. Maggie Bryant Sunday afternoon from a congestive chill. She is survived by a husband and one daughter. After funeral services conducted by Dr. S. T. Hardison the remains were interred in the Liggett graveyard yesterday.

December 13, 1912

Letters to Santa from:
Dan Adams
Jimmie Neal McAdams age 3 years and 8 months
Daisy Adams
Allen Holt Moses age 3
Fannie Mai Slaughter age 12
Richard Bradley age 7
Frank and Grady Freeman age 5 & 3
Jimmie Forehand
Bessie May Colvett age 5
Edward Bradley age 8
Robert Howard Slaughter age 7
Bob Evans
Leota Evans
Charles Arthur George, Thomas and Luther Hillard
Hilliard Phillps age 5
Joe Raymond Troop age 13 month
Kathryn Troop age 7
Joseph Bradley

A tribute – Full of years and experience honored and beloved, Mrs. Catherine Harris on July 4th, 1912 departed this life in her eighty-eight year. She died at the home of her daughter Mrs. J.E. Stephenson. She began teaching at the age of sixteen and taught for a number of years in this state and Kentucky. She was teaching in Bedford county when she was married to Mr. John T. Harris of this county. For the last forty years she has been blind, but she never lost her bright cheerful disposition. At fifteen years of age she gave her heart to God and united with the Cumberland Presbyterian church and her life has been that of a christian in practice as well as profession. Two children survive her, a daughter Mrs. J.E. Stephenson and a son, Mr A.W. Harris. She was laid to rest in the family burial ground.
In Memorandum – In remembrance of Willie Osborne – On the 19th of November, 1912 at 5:30 o'clock the death angel came into my home and took from me my precious darling husband, the only pleasure of life the one who I loved better than my own life. Willie was 39 years, 1 month and 3 days old. He was taken with typhoid fever and only lasted three weeks. Funeral services were held at Berea Church on the 20th by Rev. Brice Cheek after which the remains were kindly laid to rest in Berea Cemetery to await the second coming of the Lord when he shall say “well done thy good and faithful servant enter into thy Master's joy.” Willie leaves a heart broken wife, a little four year old daughter, a mothe and one brother to mourn for him. - From his wife; Mrs. Willie Osborn.

December 17, 1912

Dear Santa Claus; I am a little boy 5 years old. I want you to bring me a little bugle and a rocky horse and everything good to eat. Be sure and don't forget grandpa and aunt Sallie Ball, they want something nice too. Be sure and don't forget my big sister Maggie, she wants a locket and everything nice to eat. Don't forget my playmate, Alton Taylor, bring him something nice to, and don't forget papa and Mamma. - Farmington, Richard Ball.

*There are a lot of letters to Santa. I typed the one above as an example. This is a list of the letters:
Lee Johnson age 5
Ralph Aldridge
Mildred Patterson
Hildred Patterson
Leonard Patterson
Howard Patterson
Lois Moffitt age 11
Gracie Moffitt
Jim Frank Moffitt age 8
Howard Richardson age 18 months old
Mattie Ball age 11
Mable Turner age 12
Beuna Turner age 10
Harold Green Landers age 2
Adell Gabbert age 6
Elmer Gabbert age 4
Mattie Polk Leonard
Bessie Taylor
Herbert Taylor
James William Hardison age 6
John Clifford age 8
Henretta Clifford
Neva Welch age 7
Joe Ed Spray age 5
Thomas Clifford
Patterson Hardison
Elgie Hardison age 1
Joe Leigh Catey age 10
Alfred Gant
Ruby Nicholas age 11
Ralph Nichols age 8 months old
Herbert Whitehead age 6
Emma Louise Adams age 5
Annie Lizzie Ramsey
Herman Pickle
Jim Ed Epperson
Ester Vickery age 7
Andrew McConnell age 8
Lucile Webb age 4
Hazel Thomas age 6
Ommie Francis Hardison
Everett Hardison age 6
Arrene Hardison

The Post Office of Petersburg was robbed December 14. A full investigation has not been made on account of barring the entrance until bloodhounds could be secured. Gray's hounds from Fayetteville have arrive and are now in service. $600 in stamps and $45 in cash was taken. Efforts were made to dynamite the safe and being unsuccessful a sledge hammer served to open it.

Mr R.D. Bagley was found dead in bed. Mr Bagley was 64 years old and had a wife and five sons and three daughters. One son is in Calif and could not get here for the funeral. Buried in the Beechwood Cemetery. - Center Hill News – Dec 13.

R.D. Bagley, aged 64 years died one mile from here on the Yell road this morning. Besides his widow he is survived by eight children; Messrs. Eugene Bagley, Ft. Worth Tex; George Bagley , California; Elisha Bagley, Petersburg; C.A. Bagley and Ross Babley; Misses Mattie, May and Bessie Bagley.

December 20, 1912

Letters to Santa from:
Lyndal Wise age 2
Edward Wise age 4
Will Lee Chunn age 5
Louies Chunn age 7
Elgin Chunn age 2
Edna Martin age 9 months
Odyline Fowler age 5
Louise and Lucille Thompson age 5
Mary Sue and Annie Ruth Horton
Edna May Reece age 5
Lucille Lamb age 7
Riley Scot Davis age 5
Cecil Head
Grady Troop age 4
Velma Babley
Margaret Hunter Smith
Evett and Veron Redd age 9 and 6
Molina Murphy age 7
Willie Murphey age 8
Lonnie Bert Hopper age 10
Fern Hopper age 13
Lurline Hopper age 11
Edith Cullum
Lorena Smith
Jewel Fox age 4
Gerald Killingsworth age 8
Bonnie Louise Garrett
Paul Harris age 5
Claudia Stewart age 5
Harrel Wise age 8
Willie Frank Turner age 13 months
Lottie Turner
Maggie Blanch Keele age 12
Sallie Tom Bryant age 2 weeks old
Gurtie B. Head
Clayton Brisby age 3
Russell Yowell
Addie Selma Harris
Baxter Hillard age 12
Paul Brisby age 6
Eloise Broadaway age 6
Annie s. Broadaway age 10
John Edwards
Charley F. Edwards age 9
Mary Martha and Edna Bradley
Lottie and Kathleen Andres age 6
Elmar Andrews
Martha Talley age 7
Mary Talley age 11
Leonard Talley age 9
Dallys Turner
Tinnie Keele
Disie Keele
Jonie Eoster age 4
Clifford Stevson Keele age 9
Claura May Claxton age 5
Hoil Claxton age 3
H.C. Wherley Collins
Elizabeth and Louise Carter
Selma Ealy
Fred Orr
Mary Ledford
Everette Beard age 7
Jimmie Osborne age 7
Lyndehl fox age 8
Mary Ruth Aldridge age 8
J Walter Hawkins age 3
Willie Yowell Claud Gipson
Hazelnut Harris
Odell Gibson
Addie Bigger age 6

Russellville, Ala – Dear Santa; It is rather late to write but you may not find out just where we live. We live 10 miles from Russellville and the roads are awful bad now so we will not ask for much, bring my little brother Hoyel an auto, a new suit of clothes, fire crackers and all good things to eat. Bring my little brother Sladen a rocky horse, a big whit cat, a teddy bear, candy, apples, oranges, nuts and all good things to eat. I have a little baby brother just a week old, please bring him a pretty name, papa said he had run out of names. Well Santa I want a train that runs on a track, lots of fire works, a little pony, a gun that will shoot, all good things to eat. - Albert, Hoyel and Slayden Sharp.

Mr J. Britt Ezell died Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock aged 70 years after a few days illness of acute indigestion. His remains were interred at the family burying grounds at Chapel Hill after funeral service by Rev. Fisher. Mr Ezell had long resided in Chapel Hill, being one of the most prominent business man and farmer of that section. He was also for many years Vice-president of the Peoples Bank of Lewisburg. He was an ex Confederate soldier and a member of the Methodist church.. He is survived by a widow and the following children; Mrs. W.J. Ezell of Nashville, Mrs. J. Rodgers Nance of Alabama, Mrs Nannie May McLean of Lewisburg and J.O. Ezell of Farmington.

Mrs Lee Jerigan died of a short illness in her home near Lynnville Dec 11. She leaves a husband, one infant two days old, an aged mother, four sisters, six brothers, and a host of friends to mour her departure. She was a sister in law to Mrs. E.L. Moffitt of Lewisburg. Her father preceded her to the better world 4 years ago.

Mr T.A. Davidson a prominent citizen has died near Cornersville of old age. He is survived by a widow and the following children; Mrs Mattie Head of Lynnville; Mrs Bettie Davis, Mrs Nooga Edwards, Mrs. W.B. Milsap, Gordon B. Davidson and T.K. Davidson of this city. Buried at Beechwood Cemetery.

December 24, 1912

Mr George Mauldin a citizen of the Delina vicinity died Saturday after a lingering illness from a aflection of the lungs. Mr. Mauldin was a good Christian gentleman and good citizen.

Mrs. Leanna Newsom age 88 years died from the infirmities of age at her home hear Richland Sunday. She was an excellent christian woman. She was an aunt of Mrs. S.T. Hardison.

Mrs Sue A Brandon age 72 years died Friday afternoon of heart failure at the home of her daughter, Mrs. James A. Marshall. Buried at Lone Oak Cemetery.

Letters to Santa:
Veria Bland age 7
Glaydas Jessie Phirl Bland age nearly 1
Howard Cochran age 9
Sarah and Mattie Ruth Hill
Giles Hill age 12
Edna May, Bessie and Mrs. Smith
Lewy Gates Cohen age 1 ½
Jodie Farlow age 11
James Farlow age 4
John Allen Farlow age 1
Daisy Farlow
Roy Farlow
Ruth Endsley
Reba Mai Endsley
Burta Endsley
James Massey age 8
Suella Hastings