McNairy County, Tennessee


Stantonville, McNairy County, Tennessee

was named for

Benjamin Harrison STANTON

Benjamin Harrison STANTON
On the United States Census for 2000, the population was 312.
ZIP code : 38379
Area code :731
Latitude : 35.158143°N
Longitude : 88.428354°W


Benjamin Harrison STANTON fought for the Union during Civil War.
Returned to England , finished his education and returned to Tennessee.
He met and Married Martha Jane White in 1855.

Benjamin & Martha STANTON are buried at Eureka Cemetery.

Eureka Cemetery
Vernie Kirk Road
Route 1
Southwest McNairy County
Pocahontas, Tennessee, 38061

STANTON, Benjamin Harrison 1849 - 1911
STANTON, Martha White 1858 - 1910

Photograph Data furnished by Shirley Russell Taylor-Hopkins

G.W. Carroll
General Merchandise

The G.W. Carroll store in Stantonville was one of those general merchandise kind. There were counters on the left as you went in, five cent candy bars behind the glass counters, ice cold cokes for a nickel, imagine what you could select for one thins dime. There were the unusual kegs of nails, boxes of bolts, stovepipe, plow points and horseshoes by the pound as you went out the back door. The shelves, of course, were lined with canned goods and tins of coffee and such.
Reflections, A History of McNairy County Tennessee 1823-1996. Submitted by Bill Wagoner, used with permission, transcribed by Pat Lancaster.

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