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Montgomery County was founded in 1796. It was named in honor of Col. John Montgomery. He explored the Cumberland County in 1777. He participated in the punitive expedition against Dragging Canoe in 1779; he accompanied John Donelson on his river voyage to Nashborough. He was a signer of the Cumberland Compact, the first sheriff of the district and founder of Clarksville. He commanded territorial troops in the Nickajack Expedition in 1794. He was then killed later that same year by Indians.

Clarksville, the county seat, has a population of 3,860. It is situated on the Cumberland River, and on the Memphis branch of the Louisville and Nashville Railroad. Other towns arc Palmyra, Hampton, Ringgold, Dotson, Shiloh and numerous other villages. The water-courses are Cumberland River, Red River and their numerous tributaries, which furnish considerable water power. Montgomery County lies on the Highland Plateau, but the streams mentioned have carved out valleys, which contain quite considerable areas of soil of like character with the rich basin lands. Much of the plateau land is also of excellent quality, though some portions are- poor. The surface of the country is greatly varied with valleys, plateaus aud ridges. Iron ore is abundant, and a number of furnaces were formerly operated, hut for various reasons they have all suspended. The agricultural productions are corn, wheat, oats, rye, grasses, tobacco and live stock. Montgomery County has one university and many schools of high character. Ita religious denominations arc Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Cumberland Presbyterian, Episcopalian, Christian and Catholic. Clarksville has considerable manufacturing enterprise. The county taxes are: for schools, 20 cents; for roads, 10 cents for county purposes, 20 cents per 8100.






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