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Perry County
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Little - Mays Family
contributed by, Susie Dabbs & family
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John T. Little Sr. and Nancy (Jackson) Little

John & Nancy were both born c. 1810 - 1812
The first confirmed location of this couple was in Perry County on the 1840 census.

It is likely that the John & Nancy (Jackson) Little who married in Davidson Co. 12 Nov 1833 are the same John & Nancy Little who show up on the 1840 Perry Co. census. Two other John & Nancy Little marriages that took place in Tennessee about the same time have been eliminated.

Children of John T. Little Sr. & Nancy Little
Name Birth Death
Isaac 1834 1865
George W. 28 Aug 1837 2 May 1906
Mary 1838  
Minerva 1840  
Louisa 1841  
Rachel 1844  
John T. Jr. 1850  
Elizabeth 1856  

There is a strong connection between the Jackson & Rushing families from Anson Co., NC to Perry Co., TN. There was an Isaac Jackson on the 1840 Perry Co. census. He was a shoemaker. John T. Little Sr. was also a shoemaker.

John & Nancy Little must have died after 1880, which was the last time they appear on the Perry Co. census. No death or burial records have been found.

The Next Generation
George W. & Susannah E. Mays

George W. Little was born 1837 and died in 1906 in Perry Co., Tennessee. On January 6, 1868 he married Susannah E. Mays who was born in 1853. Susannah is listed as Sarah E. Mays on the 1860 Census, daughter of Robert S. & Nancy Elizabeth Mays.

Children of George W. & Susannah E. (Mays) Little
Name Birth Death
Georgina (GeorgeAnn) 24 Sep 1869 3 Oct 1897
John D. 1871 1894
William Charlie 1872 7 Mar 1953
J. R. 1874 1 day old
Nancy E. 1879/1880  
George Brown Aug 1882  
Mary Jane Jan 1885 Jun 1941
Ida Sep 1889  
Infant 1893 1 day old
Lillie F. 1894  
Effie 10 Jul 1895 30 Oct 1913

Name Spouse Date
George Ann Little John Abisha Skelton 2 Feb 1886
John D. Little Ella Hill  
William Charlie Little Eunice
Nancy Robert Dickson 1895
George Brown Little Daisy  
Mary Jane Jacob "Jake" Harmon 1904

Susannah (Mays) Little was listed as head of household on the 1910 census for Perry county. On the 1910 census she was listed in the household of her son William Charlie Little in Hardeman county. This is the last known location for her. No death or burial records have been found. Her husband, children: GeorgeAnn (Little) Skelton, John D. Little, Effie Little, William Charlie Little, 2 infants, the 2 wives of William Charlie and many other relatives are buried in Roberts-Whitwell Chapel Cemetery, Marsh Creek, Perry Co., TN. But she is not listed there.

Some of George & Susannah's children moved to other parts of Tennessee. George Brown Little was listed in Dyer county in the 1920 census. Mary Jane (Little Harmon died in Memphis, Shelby county, TN on June 9, 1941 and is buried at Forest Hill Cemetery. Nancy (Little) Dickson also probably lived in West Tennessee.

The Next Generation
John Abisha & GeorgeAnn (Little) Skelton

GeorgeAnn (Little) Skelton died at age 28 yrs. She was described as a small lady, dark-skinned, dark-haired, with dark eyes and pretty with high cheekbones. Her descendants have always heard she was part Native American, either Chickasaw or Cherokee. She might also have been Melungeon. At one family gathering someone mentioned that there was at one time a photo of her, but none have been found.

All of John Abisha & GeorgeAnn's children had Native American features. John was married 4 times, GeorgeAnn being the 2nd wife. He had three sets of children and the ones with the other wives didn't look Native American. The other two children were: Anna Sue Skelton & William Grant Skelton.

Children of John Abisha & GeorgeAnn (Little) Skelton
Albert Harrison Skelton, Sr.
Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" Skelton
Ida Angelyn Skelton
George Skelton
David McKenley "Ken" Skelton
Henry Clay Skelton

Albert Harrison Skelton, Sr. was born in 1889. In 1915 he married Bessie Ann Fain. They had 13 children and most of them had Native American features. Albert was a farmer and road superintendant for the WPA. He attended Lewis county country schools. He died in 1942 of lung cancer.


Albert Harrison Skelton, age 12-13 yrs.                         Albert & Bessie (Fain) Skelton

The family would like to be contacted by anyone with knowledge of this family. They especially would like to know if any pictures exist for this family. If anyone has information about John T. & Nancy Little, knows who their parents were or where they came from, where Susannah (Mays) Little died and where she is buried, or knows about the Native American or Melungeon connection to this family please contact them. They are also interested in the Jackson - Little - Rushton connection. Is this family related to the Littles who were involved with the Wofford Settlement or the New Echota Treaty?

If you have information please contact Treasia Osborne Papa