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Roane County,


Records of Roane County, Tennessee Compiled by Emma Middleton Wells, Chattanooga, Tennessee, Vol. II
Transcribed by S. Gruver
July 2013

1822, December
William Anderson left his property to his sons, George, Thomas W., Micheal, William and Stephen.

1840, April, Samuel Andrews
Samuel Andrews willed his estate to his wife, Mary, his Nephew, William Andrews and to Polly Hamilton and Sarah Barber, (Mrs Isaac)
Executors, John Wller, George Waller.

1812, Micheal Baker.
Micheal baker left his property to his wife, Fannie. The children were, Jacob, Elizabeth, James, George and Jane.
Witnesses to the Will, James Preston, Archeles Vaughn.

1830, David Bailey.
David Bailey left his estate to his children, William, Isaac, James, Louisa Tuten, Daniel and his grandson Solomon, son of Daniel Jr.
Witness, Washington Bacon.
I838, Thomas Bagwell.
Thomas Bagwell willed his property to his wife and children, Sarah, Jonathan Nancy Delilah.
Witnesses, James F. Harrison, Ebenezer Johnston, William Blair.

I8I6, Robert Brashears,
Robert Brashears willed his estate to his children, Bazzle, Elizabeth Satterfield, Phillip, Peggy Mahan, Nancy Roberts, Polly Mason (Mrs Daniel), Isaac, Samuel, Pheobe Rice, Rebecca Roberts (Mrs Zacheus).

Sept. I9, I8I4, John Brazeale,
"This day if I die or am slain in battle, I Will all my goods and chattels to my father and mother, except my clothing. That is for my brother Kery. This day under my hand,"
Probated Oct. I8, I8I6. John Brazeale.

I856, Henry Brazeale.
Henry left his property to his wife (name not given), daughter LW, Sallie W. and son Samuel C.

I847, Isreal Brittain.
Isreal Brittain bequeathed to his beloved wife, Caty all his possessions during her life time and at her death to be given to Polly Durrett, wife of William Durrett and her children. He appointed his wife Caty and William Durrett Executors to his Will.
Witnesses, Holston Ladd or Todd and James Robinson.

I847, Aug. William Brittain.
William Brittain left his wife, Polly the plantation and as much as the executor thought sufficient for the plentiful support of the family, afterwards to descend to the children of Joseph and Robert. To Polly he left one negro man, (Joseph), one negro boy and two negro girls, one to be set free when she was 25, (Dorcas. The negro woman, (Hannah) to live with Polly her life time, if she outlived Polly she is to live with the heirs. To his daughter, Polly he left $I,00, and whatever she needed for comfortable living. To Joseph was left $I,00, and support and the plantation during his lifetime ad at his death to be divided between the children of Joseph and Roberts, deceased.
I840, John Bowman,
John Bowman left his property to his wife, his son Samuel, the heirs of his daughter Sally who were Eliza Simpson and Lewis Grimet.
Executors were Lewis Bowman and Abraham Galyon.

I8I8, John Browder,
The Will of John Browder showed that he left his property to his wife Fannie and his children, Darius, (not 21), James (Not 21), daughter, Jennie Eldgidge, Jeptha, and children under age, Nancy, Judah, Polly, Fannie and Elizabeth.

I839, Robert Burk.
Robert Burk left his property to his children, Robert, John, Joseph, Peggy Hampton, Betsy Soward, (Mrs. Nesbit Soward), Pheobe, and Sally
Witnesses, Moore Matlock and George Pickel.

I828, April, Nancy Cannon,
The Will of Mrs.Cannon showed her children as Jane, Bartlette, William, Betsy Gamble, John, Robert, Patsy Nelson, Grandaughter Patsy Ray, Nancy Ann Russell and Eveline Cannon.

I802, March 15, Elizabeth Christianberry.
Elizabeth, widow of John Christianberry applied to the Court to be made Administratrix of his estate. Securities were Littlepage Sims, Joshua Christianberry and Gray Sims.

I826 James Clowney.
James Clowney left his property to his wife, Delia and Children, Samuel Campbell, Martha, (Mrs Montgomery), Esther, Amelia, Mary Ann and Elizabeth.

I840, July 15, John Cox,
John Cox left his property to Martin Cox's children, Allen Cox's children, Rickard Cox's children, Samuel Cox's children, his grandaughter, Sarah Frances, Grandaughter Patience Cox, Sons, Mathew, Sinclair, Thomas and James.

I830, Dec. James Crumbliss.
James Crumbliss Willed his property to his wife, Anna Goddard, and his children, Allis (Alice), Hugh, Caroline, Amanda, James, George Washington, Henry and Mary.
Witnesses, William W. Margraves, Simeon Hastler.

Note. William Brittain married Mary Hannah, Dec. I0, I79I in Green Co. Tenn.

I831, James Dearmond,
James Dearmond willed his property to his wife, Susannah and children until the youngest was of age. His sons were John, and Calhoun. Son-in-law was Robert S. Brashears.
Witnesses, Thomas Brown, William Gilbreath, Milo Smith.

I806, sept. John Dowler.
John Dowler left his estate to his wife, (not named) and sons, francis and Thomas.

I839 A.C. Duncan.
A.C. Duncan bequeathed to his daughter, Eliza Jane, ½ of ½ leagued the other ½ league "I leave to my infant of my bellowed wife which was not born when I left home. I leave to my stepdaughter Rosanah Jarmon, all my estate in west Tennessee, at Perryville that belonged to the estate of William Jarmon, deceased. Stephen Jarmon to act as her guardian. One third interest in 19 negroes purchased of the estate of William Jarmon?, deceased of North Carolina, which negroes belong to Stephen Jarmon, David B. Carnes heirs and myself for the purpose of dividing the negroes, appoint Pitzer Miller of Bolliver, Tenn. And request that he act as my agent. As soon as divided, my bellowed wife Mary D. Duncan is to have the use and benefit until my oldest daughter Eliza Jane becomes of age, or marries, then she is to have one third and increase." Exedutors appointed were, Mary D. Duncan, Joseph P. Fort, M.D., William Moore.
Witnesses, L.W. Jordon, M.D. Samuel Eldridge, Wright Roberts.

I813, William Durrett.
The Will of William which was probated in October I8I3 showed that he left his property to his wife Elizabeth ten negroes. His other heirs were, John H., Martin, Elizabeth (Mrs Wall), Patsy, (Mrs Bowers) Jonathan, Willis, a grandson, William H., heir of his daughter Mary Ann Durrett.

John Eblen
The Will of John Eblen, probated Oct. 4, I827, showed that he bequeathed to his son Isaac the land on which he lived, he paying the executor hereafter appointed, $500.
"I give and devise to my son John the tract of land where he now lives he paying to my executor $500.
I give to my son William the tract of land on which now lives, known as the name of the Mills place, out of which he is to support his mother during her life or widowhood.
I give and devise to Polly Ballard and her heirs, a negro woman by the name of Unity, together with increase.
I give to Annie Arnold and her heirs, a negro girl, names Caroline.
I give to Elesy Oden and her heirs a negro girl named Nancy.
I give to my son, Edward a negro boy, named William,
I give a tract of land where John Crow lives, by the name of the Stout place to William and John, to be held by them in trust for use and benefit and enjoyment of my daughter Keziah Johnson during her lifetime and said William and John, Trustees, are hereby required at her death to divide it amongst her heirs, my object and design being by this transfer and devise to them as Trustees, only to prevent the abuse, waste, or dissipation of my property. My desire is that my Executor hereafter appointed should sell the balance of my estate, both real and personal and divide the proceeds thereof equally amongst my children, Isaac, Samuel, John, Polly, Amey Elesy, Edward, Isreal, Sarah Pyott.

I822, Nancy English.
Nancy English left her property to her son, Andrew, under age and to her sister, Sarah, wife of Byrd Deatherage.

Thomas Gamble.
Thomas Gambles Will probated in I838 showed that he left his property to his wife Elizabeth Patterson, and children, James, Rebecca Ford, Elizabeth Hotchkiss, and Margaret, the daughter of James.

I835, John Haggard.
John Haggard Willed his property to his wife Ann and sons Samuel, Nathan, Turner, and John. Executors were Nelson Ladd, Gray Haggard. Witnesses, Isaac Walker, William Tull, Jane Haggard.

I832. William Hamlett.
William Hamlett left his estate to his wife Margaret, and her son, Matison Cluck, including the I00 acres that he bought from Henry Cluck. Witnesses, Joseph Looney, Mathew Perone, Jense Maynard.

Joseph Hankins left his wife Keziah and children, James, Joseph, John Smith T., Sarah Ann Ballard, aDirey? and Elizabeth his estate.

I827, Aug. Peter Hartley,
Peter Hartley left his granddaughter Betsy Siler a gold watch and "my young man, Called Diamond" and an obligation I have on Thomas Armstrong of Virginia for $200. All my household furniture, except one desk I leave to my grandsons George and Samuel Sylar, the plantation of 200 acres to my grandson Peter H. Sylar, The plantation of 300 acres to my grandson Watson Sylar and the silver watch that I now wear in my pocket to my granddaughter Magdaline Sylar and to my daughter Jane Sylar $1000 due from William Burnett, with all my property. I appoint my trusted friend, Samuel Houston and Peter H. Sylar my Executors".

I839, Abigail Hinds.
Abigail Hinds left her property to her Children, Levi J., James, John, Joseph, Sarah Ann Perkins, Mary, wife of Lewis Perkins, and grandson, Levi J. Perkins.
Witnesses, Asa Newport, Evans Breeding.

I844, Joseph Hinds,
Joseph left his estate to his wife, Susannah, and his children, Anna Abel, Levi, Eliza Geren, Sarah Ann Hickey, Susannah Forshee, Joseph, George Washington, Henry grandsons Holman and Thomas.

I830 James Hope,
Oct. 26, I830, James Hope, administrator for John Hope, made the following report, to the County court, Property sold,
Three volumes of Chitleys Pleadings-- $14,00
Five " " Tuckers Blackstone-- 13,00
One " " Butlers Nesi Pins-- 3,00
One " " Cooks Report-- I,00
One " " Sugdens Law of Vendors-- 4,50
One " " Bahems Justutes--- 2,62 ½
One " " Harrisons Chancery Practice-- 1,25
Twelve " " American State Papers-- 13,50
One " " Haywoods Report-- 1,75
One " " Federalist-- 1,25
To George Hope for transpotation of the books from Summerville to Watertown, Ala and back, $8,00, from Summerville to Roane County, $5oo

I837, Seth Johnson,
Seth Johnsons will showed that his property was left to his wife, Martha, and children L.W., Littleberry, George W., Alfred, Henry, Lucinda, Elizabeth Fox, Nancy, Joab, William and John.
Adminstrator, George Washington Johnson.

I8I3, August 22, Hezekiah Jackson.
"I, Hezekiah Jackson of Roane county, do bequethe to my brother William, a negro girl, named Critty, which John Hanyon ? now has in his possession, the hire of which is to go for his schooling until he is of age. I give to my friend, Margaret Allison, of Roane., provided that she is not married at my death, I give Isaac to my brother, Josiah and Abel, I give my beloved brothers Josiah and Abel a sum of money of which John Harrison now notes to collect, the amount being $I42, for the use of their schooling. Money coming from the United States to me at my death, I give to my beloved sisters and brothers, Patsy, Polly, Josiah, Abel and William, which is to be equally divided. My beloved brother John to have my saddle and bridle. My beloved friend, Moses White, I appoint Executor."
Note, Moses White refused to take the burden of settling the estate, The Court appointed Allen S. Bacon. The Infentory showed that Hezekiah Owned on Regimental coat, one salute coat, one "apulet", three silk hankerchiefs, eight pairs of panatloons, one plume pattern, two home spun coats. The cost of his funeral was $7,29.

I840, John Jackson,
John Jackson left his wife, Jane Preston Jackson, three negroes, and a tract of land. The rest of the land was given to three sons, To Josiah he left a negro boy named Campbell, to James a negro boy named Robert, to Jefferson, a negro boy named Coco, to Susannah, a nergo girl named Patsy, to his son, Samuel was left a tract of land and to his four daughters (not named) he left land.

I828, Amelia Jones,
Amelia Jones left her property to her son, James Middleton, for his education, and the balance when he was of age. She appointed John Carter and James A Fletcher as Executors.

I8i5, July 3, Robert King.
Robert King, Sr. left his heirs, John, Robert, Ann, William, James, Namcy, (Mrs Thomas Morrison) Mary, (Mrs Abner Underwood) his estate. Robert King Sr. was given 274 acres of land by the Government on the North side of the Holston River in Roane Co. in consideration of signal bravery and persevering zeal for Jesse Dodd, a private in the Revolutionary War. (Roane Co. Court Records)

I830, Walter King.
"I, Walter King, of the county of Roane, being perfect in mind, do make this my last Will. First of all I ordain that all of my just debts be paid out of my estate, then I give to my son Rufus and his heirs, Sam and his wife Rachel. To my daughter, Sarah and her heirs I give Betty and her children Rason and Mary. Moses and Lida I give to my daughter Amanda and her heirs, To John and his heirs, I give Aleck and Silva, to Louisa and her heirs I give Cyntha and her daughter maria, to Fannie and her heirs I give Fannie and her children Lucy and Caroline.
Walter King married Feb. I9, 1795, Nancy, daughter of Gov. John Sevier William Kings Will was probated in Roane county. He appointed James King and William Trigg as Executors. Their Bond was set at ?I,000,000 and was signed by fifty men of Washington County Va. Col. James King, Samuel Glenn and Jacob Baker swore that it was Willaim Kings handwriting, on the paper.

I83I, John Leanard.
John Leanard bequethed his property to Sarah Branham, the daughter of his wife Levinia. Witnesses were, Frances Ergin, Nelson Ladd, and Thomas Rogers.

I829, Oct. 29, John Lloyd.
John Lloyd left his property to his wife Rachel, and at her death it was to go to the wife and children of Daniel Wester, except Rachel Wester. To Rachel Wester his granddaughter he left a horse, feather bed, Furniture, a cow and a negro, Maria. To his grandson John W. Wester, he left a horse, feather bed, bedstead and other furniture. He appointed his wife and Daniel Westers as Executors. Witnesses, Dr. J.W. Jordon, Ambrose Jones.

I806, Thomas Lyons,
Thomas Lyons left no Will. His brother, William Lyons as Administrator sold his property among other goods, 13 ½ steele boot buckles, I69 spools of twist, 3 saddle bags with locks and keys, 13 pairs of knee buckles, 12 doz. Mother of Pearl buttons, Io doz. metal buttons and I doz. razors. Thomas Lyons, according to the claim of some of his descendents, gave the ground on which Lyons View hospital for the insane in Knoxville is located.

I832, William Long.
William Long willed his daughter, Elizabeth $20, to his daughter Polly, wife of Alfred Owings, two tracts of land of I56 acres on Caney Creek, including Cave Spring, an other 50 acres adjoining to her and her heirs. "The reason that influenced me to make the distinction was that Polly has taken care of me for nearly five years". Witnesses, William Owings, G.W. Gaines.

I839, Daniel Mason,
Daniel Mason left his realestate and personal property to his wife. To his daughter Lettice Haggard, $25, to his daughter, Polly Mason and to Clementine, a horse.

I822, John McEwen.
John McEwen willed his property to his wife, Elizabeth Stevenson McEwen and to his children, William Stevenson, Mary Edmonson, John Columbus, Robert Newton, Mathew Perry, and Margaret Alice.

Oct. I839, Elizabeth Stevenson McEwen,
Elizabeth left her property to her brothers, Mathew and John Stevenson and to her children, William S., Robert Newton, John Columbus, and Margaret Alice, Mathew was deceased.

I842, Mar. Nancy Patton McEwen,
Nancy P. McEwen left her father, David Patton a horse and cow. To her mother, Betsy Patton her wearing apparel, and such articles of the house that she might want. The Executor was to hire out her negro woman, Susan and her child until a fund was raised to defray (original cut off)

John McKamey left his wife, Polly and his children, John C. Cyntha Brazeale, William Newton, Permelia Jane, Malinda, Polly and Nancy his estate.

I841, John McDuffee,
John McDuffee left his property to his wife Jane A., daughter Mary Jane. Witnesses, Joseph J. Monger, Henry S. Puris. Executors were his wife and his brother Edward McDuffee.

I839, Dec. Elijah Methaney
Elijah left his estate to his beloved wife (name not given), his beloved daughter Mary Ann, son John and other children. Witnesses, Samuel Barnard, Jonathan Barnard, John E. Deatherage.

I827, James McMullen,
James McMullen left his property to his wife, Rebecca, and children, Polly, John, Jason, Nancy Brazeale. Witnesses were William Eblen and John Turner.
I82- Polly McPherson,
Mrs Polly McPherson Willed her estate to her children, Janette C. Clark, Penelope, William, Margaret, John, Elizabeth, Mary, Henry.

I817, Henry McPherson,
Henry McPherson left his property to his wife Jannette, and children, Eleanor, Polly, Jesse and Daniel.

I821, Oct. John McKamey,
John McKamey left his property to his wife Nancy, sons, James Ane? ?ias, Jesse, Elisha, daughters, Dicey, Rebecca, Nancy and Sarah.

I820, Rudolph Moorman,
Rudolph Moorman left his mother, Betsy, $50, "for the purpose of ?urchasing a suit of clothes to wear in remembrance of me". His brothers were Frederick, John, James, Samuel; sisters Francis, ?atherine, Swetsq ? All of them lived in Virginia. Rudolph was a Saddler in Kingston, Roane Co.

Jan. I831. Gideon Morgan, Sr.
"To my beloved Betsy I bequethe my house and lot in Kingston in which I now live, together with all household furniture and all other houses and lots belonging to me in Kingston. Also the land I bought from Joseph Brees, George Manifold, Thomas Brown and Thomas McMullen. all in the County. Also I bequethe to her my stock of merchandise that may be on hand, stock of horses, cows, Sheep, hogs, carriage, harness, farm utensils and slaves, Frankie, Charity, Amy, Sidney, Cary, Ann and George.
To my half brother, Philo Fowler and all my sons and daughters, all my land and lots in Morganville, Marion Co. Tenn., and all lands and lots in Stanasdville, and New Haven Va. to be equally divided between them and their heirs forever. All the rest of my estate not mentioned I leave to my beloved wife Betsy and appoint her and my friend, William C. McKamey my Executors". Gideon Morgan
Witnesses, Henry S. Puris, Elijah H. Smith.

Sept. 23 I823, Rufus Morgan,
"Caleed (Called) to the service of my country by the emergency of the times, it is my inclination to make my Will. I do therefore bequethe to my beloved wife, Eliza all my property which I possess, both real and personal. In testimony of which I do hereunto affix my hand and seal in the presence of Almighty God." Rufus Morgan.
Witnesses, William Smedley, James d. Bennet, Samuel Roberts, Alexander A. White, Solomon D. Jacobs, W.H. Hicks.

I829, John Nail
John Nail left his property to his wife Jane and his children, John Andrew, Mary Ann Stubbs, Jane Syntha, James King, Matilda and David Campbell his property.

I828 Nicholas Nail.
Nicholas Nail left his estate to his wife, (name not given), and sons John, Mathew and quiller. To William Gardenhire, $5,00 for himself and heirs forever., to John Gardner, $5,00 for himself and heirs forever. His other children were Nancy, Sally, Elizabeth, Andrew, Alexander K. and William.
Witnesses were Robert Clough, M. Boyd, B. Boyd.

Sept. I840, John Parmley.
John Parmley left his estate to his beloved wife, Catherine and children, Mary, Samuel, Elizabeth, Preston, Abigail Preston, Martin, Stephen, Catherine Jane.

Major William Peters.
Major Peters died in I807, but did not leave a Will. His personal property was listed as follows, Three close bellied coats, four pairs of pantaloons, Two shirts, Three waistcoats, five neck cloths. The estate was valued at $804,16. The Executor received $208,40 for his services.

I808, George Preston.
George Preston left his property to his wife, Jane, and sons, James and Moses.

Benjamine Pride.
The Will of Benjamine Pride which was probated in I8I7 was made to his wife, Ruth, and his children Allen and Anna.

I8I5. John Rice.
"I, John Rice of the County of Roane, do bequethe to my wife, Susannah the sum of $200, cash to purchase what household goods and furniture that she may want. Also one bed and furniture. To William, my son by my first wife, I bequethe $I,00, To Millie Bartlette, one negro girl, to my grandchildren, Betsy and esau, I bequethe equal shares, as the children of my son, John, deceased. My old slaves, John and Jenny shall not be sold, but shall be provided for during their life time. My son Isaac shall be my Executor," John Rice. Witnesses John C. Haley, Henry Matlock.

I826, Jeremiah Salvage
Jeremiah Salvage his estate to his wife, Mary, son Micheal, his daughters, Mary Taylor, Eleanor Davidson, Nancy, Elizabeth Stuuts, Milly, Fannie Oaks, Sons Willaim, James, Jeremiah, and John. He appointed his friends Mary Salvage and Buckner Walker his Administrators.

I826, Cain Sellers.
Cain Sellers Willed his brother, William or his heirs, 5 shillings, his sister Sally Thompson, 5 shillings, his sister Eunice pearson, 5 shillings, his brother Micah, 5 shillings, brother John, $10, brother Isrith all the rest of his property, except $10, to Sampson Sellers. Executor Capt. John Wilson.
Witnesses, James Dearmond and Holston Todd.

I864, Tandy Senter,
Tandy Senter left his wife Alice, two negroes, To his children by his first wife he left each $200, and a negro man to be divided between them. (He was sold for $400). To the heirs of his son, Stephen he left $40, each, to his son James children he left $40 each; to the heirs of his son Seaborn, $40, each, To Mary, (Mrs R.H. Goddard), to Lucinda, to Susannah, (Mrs Rice); to Louisana (Mrs King) To Margaret, (Mrs Eason), each $40. To Catherine (Mrs Crane), a negro girl, Sarah, to Elizabeth, (Mrs Joseph Mee, a negro girl Maria, to Minerva (Mrs William Margraves) a negro boy, John, to Martha (Mrs William Barnett) $500, to Alice (Mrs Elliott Graves) $500, "My wife to select what she wants, the rest to be sold". Tandy Senter.
W.W. Margraves was Administrator. Among the things sold was an old canteen, Websters Dictionary, a History, and the Life of John Wesley. Tandy Senter wsa I09 years old at his death, the father of I5 children, outliving all of his sons. He ws Scothch-Irish, of one of the hardiest, ablest, and most prominent of American family ancestries. A soldier in the Revolution.

I828, April. John Sharp.
John Sharps will showed that he left his property to his wife, Sarah Roberts, and his children, John Anderson, Margaret, Polly Ann, and William. John Anderson Sharp married Hannah Price.

I833. William Smith.
William Smith lefte his estate to his wife, Martha, and sons, C Charles McClung, Alexander. John, and William. He lived on Poplar Creek, was the son of Peter Smith. His brothers were Joshua, John, Able, and Samuel.

I827, Philip Stephens.
Philip Stevens Willed his wifes children $I,00 each. Those mentioned are William Burnett, John Burnett, Fannie Bates, Polly Garrison, Winnie Renfroe, George Stevens, Sally Clark, Elizabeth McNabe, Nancy McNabe, Thomas Stephens and Phipil Stevens. The balance of his property he left to his wife.
Witnesses were John Salvage, Conrad Ault.

?pril II, I837, Meriwether Smith
Meriwether Smith wrote his Will on the above date, leaving to his sons, ?liam P. and Thomas J. Smith, a Tract of land containing &00 acres. ?his son, George Washington, 350 acres, on which stood a mill. ? balance of this Mill tract, together with the Grist mill and lower saw ?l he bequeathed to his five sons; Viz), William, George W. John, Samuel, Thomas J. Also 50 acres of land more or less. ? his sons, William and Thomas he gave the following slaves, Aaron and ?llis his wife, Robert and Lucinda, his sister, and Bill, the son of ?illy. To his son George W. he gave the young negro man, Fleming. To his Son, Samuel H. Bob and his wife Tiller. ? his daughter, Mary Black, in addition to the two Negro girls he had giv? her, a negroboy named Elbert. ? was his desire that the slave property, except Elbert be kept together ?ring the life of his wife Sally and that she enjoy from them a comforta?e support during the remainder of her days and at her demise that they ? divided as before directed. He wished the pet colt to be kept in god ?er and when convenient sent to his grandson, Samuel Black.
?tnesses, Jesse Terry, John Martin.
?e Will was probated May 4th, I840.

?. I839, Louallen Tucker.
?uallen Tucker, a planter left his estate to his wife, Jane, daughter ?erine, sons Armstead, Paskel, John, Thomas, Louallen, Robert, and ?epson, Henry Haster. Executor, Henry Hasten.

James Harvey Walker
?es Harvey Walkers Will was probated in I836. He was the son of Capt. ?amuel Walker, a soldier of the Revolution, and one of the founders of ?ethel Presbyterian Church at Kingston. His father, and brother Theosphe?us and maybe other members of the family were buried at Post Oak. ?mes requested that the family burial ground at Post Oak be enclosed, ?ch grave with brick or fenced. He bequeathed Capt. William Scott $I00. ?lliam Ramsey $75, William, Samuel and John, sons of his sister Mrs. Jan ?lker McKamey, each $25, The American Bible Society $40.

?t. I803. Joseph Warring.
Elice Warring, Jacob Warren, James Blair and James Montgomery ? allowed by the Court to settle the estate of Joseph Warring.

I836, Henry Welker.
Henry Welker left his property to his wife Elizabeth Inman Welker, and his sons, Henry Inman and Benjamine. Henry owned 3I slaves and much land.

Original Wroe.
The Will of Original Wroe, probated in I809, showed his wife named ?arah and son George.