Tennessee Postoffices and Postmaster Appointments,  1789-1984

Compiled by D. R. Frazier.  c. D. R. Frazier, Dover, TN

Sevier County


Postmaster                          Eff. Date   

John Burchfield                   27May1878

John P.Atchley                    25Mar1886

John Burchfield                   27Apr1887

Benjamin Atchley                 6Oct1896

John Burchfield                    2Dec1896

James C.Denton                 31Jan1902                              

Discontinued 31Dec1904. Moved to Sevierville



Postmaster                        Eff.Date

William P. Keener             28Feb1881

Name changed to Keener's 27Aug1890; change rescinded 18Sep1890

William P. Keener             28Feb.1881

Name changed to Underdown 2Oct1890



Postmaster                        Eff. Date

John H. Wilkins                30Jun1892

Discontinued 17Nov1893.  Moved to New Knob Creek

Riley J. Ingle                     5Jan1899

John; F. Ingle                    9Aug1900

William A. Ballard            7Feb.1901

Discontinued 31Jul1901.  Moved to Boyd's Creek



Postmaster                        Eff. Date

William R. Franklin            26Jun1889

James R. Maples               19Mar1891

William R. Franklin            17Oct1893

David C. Maples                29Dec1898

James R. Maples                 2Mar1900

Discontinued 31Jan1903.  Moved to Sevierville.



Postmaster                          Eff. Date

Wilson McMahan                6Oct1892

Discontinued 31Jan1903.  Moved to Sevierville



Postmaster                          Eff. Date

Joseph A. Baker                 9Feb1897

Discontinued 31Jul1901.  Moved to Sevierville



Postmaster                       Eff. Date

Andrew Cowan                19Sep1816

John Brabson                    15Jul1821

Thomas C. Brabson           7Dec1848

Shannon Felker                  4Oct1865

Samuel C. Anderson          11Jan1867 

James H. Ellis                     30Jun1868

Discontinued 29Sep1868

Samuel L. Ellis                    19Apr1872

James J. Ellis                       13Aug1883

Joseph S. Chandler             12Jan1886

David W. Payne                  29Mar1889

John W. Trundle                  22May1893

Archable N. Cardwell          21Apr1897

David W. Payne                    1Feb1902

Samuel A. Creswell              23Apr1909

Rebecca J. Creswell              1Apr1910

George L. Delozier               23Mar1911

Oliver M. Delozier                22Mar1912

Thomas W. Stansberry          10Feb1914

James McMahan                     5Mar1935

Alleen W. Stansberry               1Jul1942

Discontinued 30Aug1955.  Moved to Sevierville.



Postmaster                              Eff. Date

Joel Ownby                            24Jul1889

Andrew D. Martin                  12Jul1900

Robert C. Ownby                   15Oct1903

Appointment rescinded 23Dec1903.

Andrew D. Martin                    12Jul1900

Discontinued 31Dec1904.  Moved to Sevierville.



Postmaster                              Eff. Date

William H. Cannon                   4Aug1851

Calloway W. Catlett                20Feb1867

J. W. Houk                             24Oct1873

Discontinued 25Jan1875.

William M. Long                    15Feb1875

Changed to Catlettsburgh 26Jul1875



Postmaster                              Eff. Date

Porter Carmichael                   30Apr1879

Elijah R. Cate                          16May1879

William H. Drinnen                    1Aug1882

Simon Irvin                                3Aug1889

Ira N. Underwood                     2Dec1889

Simon R. Irvin                           15Mar1890

William H. Drinner                     12Feb1894

William G. Cate                         20Jan1898

Joseph E. Underwood                27May1902

Discontinued 15Aug1903.  Moved to Kodak.



Postmaster                                 Eff. Date

Name changed from Cannon's Store

Thomas M. Lowe                      26Jul1875

H.D. Tinsley                              27Oct1975

John S. Maples                         10Apr1889

Stewart A. Maples                     2Mar1892

Mary Belle Atchley                   14Sept1893

Joseph C. Elder                        15Sep1897

George W. Romines                   9Mar1899

Discontinued 31Jul1901.  Moved to Sevierville



Postmaster                                 Eff. Date

Baxter H. Branam                       1May1900

Discontinued 31Jan1903.  Moved to Emert's Cove



Postmaster                                 Eff. Date

William B. Parton                       27Apr1897

Discontinued 31Jan1898.



Postmaster                                Eff. Date

From Cocke County

James Camp                             10Feb1902

Discontinued 14Nov1904.  Moved to Cosby.



Postmaster                               Eff. Date

Hugh Cox                                27Feb1883

Discontinued 15Aug1903.  Moved to Trundles X Roads.



Postmaster                              Eff. Date

James M. Stinnett                    19May1909

Discontinued 30Nov.1909.  Moved to Townsend.



Postmaster                              Eff. Date

Name changed from Cusick's Cross Roads.

Samuel W. Pickens                 2Apr1892

Discontinued 14Jan1901.  Moved to Trundles X Roads.



Postmaster                               Eff. Date

Andrew Cusick                        22Apr1861

Discontinued 18Jul1866

Andrew Cusick                        14Jul1876

Samuel W. Pickens                   10Feb1892

Name changed to Cusick 2Apr1892



Postmaster                                 Eff. Date

Edward S. Doyle                        30Aug1880

Isaac Patty                                  23Sep1884

Name changed to Double, BO Co/ 6Feb1885



Postmaster                                 Eff. Date  

James H. Penland (hold)             15Jun1894

Jacob H. Sharp                           21Jun1899

John F. Sharp                                1May1901

Discontinued 30Nov1903.  Moved to Trundles Cr. Roads.

Guilford E. Sharp                         24June1904

Discontinued 15Jun1917.  Moved to Seymour.



Postmaster                                    Eff. Date

Mrs. Cauwah R. Duggan                18Jul1878

William R. Catlett                           27May1886

Mrs. Dicie C. McMahan                 8Apr1889

Samuel B. Howard                        10May1900

Discontinued 31Jan1903.  Moved to Sevierville



Postmaster                                    Eff. Date

James E. Shaw                              28May1892

Mary J. Layman                               1Feb1894

Appointment rescinded 26Jun1895

James E. Shaw                               28May1892

W. A. Shaw                                    18Sep1896

Martha C. Blair                                4Nov1896

Willie C. Bogart                               27Feb1899

Discontinued 31Jul1901.  Moved to Sevierville



Postmaster                                        Eff. Date

George H. Townsend                        26Apr1909

Richard E. McCarter                         2May1910

Thomas L. Henry                              10June1911

William E. Ijams                                10Jan1913

Samuel W. Henry                                5Apr1921

Discontinued 30Sep1926.  Moved to Sevierville.



Postmaster                                        Eff. Date

Roger McEvans                                18Jul1878

Pinkney Whaley                                  3Nov1879    

Coloney P. Whaley                            21Oct1884

Frederick L. Emert                            26Feb1886

George S. Newman                            1Apr1889

John S. Springs                                  19Feb1891

J. N. Rictor                                         21Jul1893 

Fred L. Emert                                     14Sep1893

Discontinued 14Feb1903.  Moved to Sevierville.



Postmaster                                        Eff. Date

James Evans                                     22Apr1861

Discontinued 25Jul 1966.



Postmaster                                        Eff. Date

John Phariss                                      27Nov1835

Discontinued 8Nov1836.

John Walker                                    15Aug1837

Discontinued 8Sep1849.

Henry Harris                                     8Jan1850

John Walker                                    24Aug1852

Elvan E. Watkins                             27Aug1858

John Murphy                                    18Jan1860

John Walker                                      4Dec1860

Charles Inman                                    4Oct1865

John Inman                                        24Nov1865

D. W. Layman                                    23May1870

John Inman                                         26May1870

Charles Inman                                     7Oct1871

Sharod A. Sims                                  21Sep1875

Daniel G. Emert                                  15Nov1878

John L. Walker                                     5Dec1882

Charles M. Derrick                             17Oct1899  

Thomas W. Sharp                               29Dec1900

Discontinued 31Jan1903.  Moved to Sevierville.



Postmaster                                        Eff. Date

John Bird                                          19Jul1883

Willard S. Fox                                  26Mar1886 

Alex McB. Fox                                22May1890

James C. Byrd                                 11Jan1892

William L. Layman                            16Aug1895

Ida Finchum                                      27Jan1899

Discontinued 31Jan1903.  Moved to Sevierville.



Postmaster                                        Eff. Date

Radford Gatlin                                  29Jan1856

Elijah Ogle                                        22Dec1858

James Cardwell                                31May1859

Ephraim Reagan                                27Jun1866

Richard R. Reagan                            12Dec1871

Ephraim E. Ogle                                10Jul1883

Ephraim Reagan                                25Jan1886   

Samuel Ogle                                     13ul1888

James Proffitt                                    10Jul1889

Ephraim E. Ogle                                13Nov1889

Name changed to Gatlinburg  28Nov1893*

Clisbey A. Cardwell                            28Nov1893

Ephraim E. Ogle                                  12Oct1897

Discontinued 31Jan1903.  Moved to Sevierville. 

Eleanor Brabson                                  23Feb1939

Elder M. Ogle                                     16Mar1940

Earl W. Ogle                                       15Sep1961

*1842-58 P.O.D. Ledger shows office established as Gatlinburg.   Ledger of 1858-75 added "h" without an official name change.  Listed as Gatlinburgh to Nov. 1893.



Postmaster                                         Eff. Date

Richard E. McCarter                         9Aug1895

Discontinued 31Jan1903.  Moved to Sevierville.



Postmaster                                        Eff. Date

Abijah Emmert                                  23Jul1884

Letitia C. Hatcher                              16Jun1897

John A. Sutton                                   18Mar1907

Discontinued 31Jul1907.  Moved to Sevierville.



Postmaster                                        Eff. Date

Name changed from Harrisburgh

William W. Early                             5Oct1893

Nancy A. Clark                              5Oct1897

William I. Marshall                         27Mar1900

Discontinued 31Jul1907.  Moved to Sevierville.



Postmaster                                    Eff. Date

John Murphy                                22Jun1859

Arthur E. Murphy                         1Feb1860

Discontinued 22Sep1866.

Joseph L. Snappe                        31Aug1874

John Murphy                               22Aug1878

Elbert S. Early                             15Mar1880

William W. Early                          10Apr1884

Samuel B. Howard                        23May1889

Name changed to Harrisburg 5Oct1893.



Postmaster                                    Eff. Date

John N. McNutt                             9Mar1858

John C. Mullendore                       20Mar1860

Elijah Brown, Sr.                             6Nov1860

Discontinued 22Sep1866.

Pinkey P. Seaton                            1Aug1867

Isaac W. Allen                               12Nov1873

B. M. Atchely                                 12Jun1874

Discontinued 28Oct1874.

Thomas J. McClure                        16Feb1875

David R. Mullendore                        6Dec1878

Katie Helton                                    28Apr1879

Sarah E. Seaton                               19Apr1880

Abraham L. Mullendore                   26Feb1880

Mary King                                       25May1889

Zachery D. Massey                         26Mar1890

Elizabeth J. Rogers                          5Dec1890

Dialtha M. Mullendore                    22Jul1893

Discontinued 31Jul1901.  Moved to Sevierville.



Postman                                        Eff. Date

Samuel Henry                                12Feb1820

Elisha Cates                                   18Nov1834

Eli Walker                                       9Aug1866

Thomas Ferguson                           15Aug1866

L. D. Alexander                             11Mar1873

William G. Alexander                        3Jul1873   

Achilles D. McCrary                        26Dec1880

J. F. Fowler                                      8Mar1881

William Fowler                                27Apr1881

John Jacob Sellers                            6Jun1883

Robert H. Dunkin                            26Dec1883

Horton H. Hamstead                        12May1898

John R. Sharp                                   14Jun1900

William L. Snyder                                2Nov1901

James B. Douglas                                1Oct1903

Elihue L. Shepherd                            20Jun1909

Discontinued 31Aug1912.  Moved to Kodak.



Postmaster                                        Eff. Date

Mary Wear                                        29Oct1898

Discontinued 31Jul1901.  Moved to Sevierville



Postmaster                                        Eff. Date

Stephen Gibson, Jr.                           15Mar1888

Marion Stalano                                  19Nov1900

Discontinued 15Dec1905.  Moved to Grapeton.



Postmaster                                    Eff. Date

Adam Houk                                 28Nov1870

George A. Shrader                       21Dec1874

Discontinued 17Nov1875.



Postmaster                                    Eff. Date

R. J. Ingle  (hold)                          30Jun1897

Discontinued 21Aug1897.



Postmaster                                Eff. Date

Richard Coker                         19Oct1897

Dio C. Robertson                     12Jan1900

Discontinued 15Oct1900.  Moved to Sevierville.



Postmaster                              Eff. Date

Samuel Rolen                          23Aug1875

William F. Templin                  13Nov1889

Robert S. McMahan               18May1893

Joseph R. Huff                         15Aug1895

Carroll Williams                       27Mar1900

Discontinued 31Jul1907.  Moved to Sevierville



Postmaster                                Eff. Date

John J. Spurgeon                        12Apr1900

Discontinued 30Jan1903.  Moved to Sevierville.



Postmaster                                Eff. Date           

Rufus Kelly                               19May1890                          

Thomas N. McMillan                14Oct1895

Discontinued 28Feb1903.  Moved to Boyd's Creek.



Postmaster                                Eff. Date  

Name changed from Arthur.

William P. Keener                    27Aug.1890

Change rescinded 18Sept1890.



Postmaster                                Eff. Date

William S. Knight                      6Oct1897

Discontinued 31Jul1901.  Moved to Boyd's Creek.



Postmaster                                    Eff. Date

Harvey N. Underwood                 5May1892

James E. Huffaker                        3Dec1909

Pleasant T. Mount                       10Apr1911

Virdie Snyder                              17Oct1912

Guy R. Huffaker                          26May1914

Beulah M. Swaggerty                    1Jul1946

Francis C. Gilreath                        1May1947

Paul C. Tipton                             26Apr1963

Jake L. Gilreath                             2Jul1965




Postmaster                               Eff. Date

James M. Wade                        1Mar1898

Discontinued 15Aug1902.  Moved to Trundles X Roads.



PostmMaster                            Eff. Date

Harvey S. Harden                     1Feb.1883

James L. Davies                        17Oct1893

William B. Headrick                   21Jul1898

Discontinued 31Jul1901.  Moved to Sevierville

Daniel B. Lawson                        3Apr1911

Belle Caton                                12May1916

Discontinued 31Aug1928.  Moved to Sevierville     



Postmaster                                 Eff. Date

Wilson Duggan                            19Dec1833

Discontinued 6Jul1837.



Postmaster                                Eff. Date

William M. Roberts                    25Apr1899

Discontinued 15Oct1900.  Moved to Sevierville.



Postmaster                            Eff. Date

Newton E. Trotter                17Apr1879

Amos C. F. Trotter               29Dec1882

Robert Marshall                    2Feb1883

Discontinued 23Jul1884

Newton E. Trotter                 1Sep1884

Tilman Fox                           26Mar1886

Newton E. Trotter                29Dec1898

Discontinued 31Jul1901.  Moved to Sevierville.



Postnaster                                Eff. Date

Joshua Atchley                        31Jul1889

James W. D. Hill                    25Mar1892

Nannie M. Henderson            26May1893

Marion C. Haggard                 8Sep1896

Penelope Atchley                   24Nov1897

Discontinued 15Oct1900.  Moved to Sevierville.



Postmaster                                Eff. Date

James H. Ballard                      14Jul1876 

Marian S. Pierce                      20Jun1889

James H. Ballard                      23Sep1893

Caleb Rule                               27Jan1898

Discontinued 31Jul1901.  Moved to Sevierville.



Postmaster                                    Eff. Date

Name changed from Ogle's Cross Roads.

James A. Cogdill  (not comm)       30 Nov1897

James S. Ogle                               2Mar1898

 John W. Ogle                              25Apr1898

Appointment rescinded 17May1898.

James S. Ogle                               2Mar1898

James A. Cogdill                           29Oct1898

Discontinued 15Jan1903.  Moved to Pokeberry.



Postmaster                                Eff. Date

John W. Ogle                            30Aug1888

Berry W. Clark                         26Mar1890

Isaac N. Payne                           9Jan1891

Mary E. Proffitt                        22Jun1891

Louis H. Maples                        4Jan1893

Mary E. Proffitt                        10Feb1894

Name changed to Ogles 30Nov1897.



Postmaster                                    Eff. Date

Joseph A. Smith                            6Apr1899

Thomas A. Carmichael                18Jan1902

Discontinued 28Feb1903.  Moved to Henry's Cross Roads.



Postmaster                                 Eff. Date

William K. Dave                        29May1841

Ausburn J. Burnett                     16Jul1842

Discontinued 3Jan1843.

William J. Trotter                       28Aug1849

Discontinued 22Sep1866.

Elknah M. Wynn                        3Jan1867

George W. Trotter                     1Jul1874

P. A. Wynn                                7Sep1881

Robert S. Fox                           19Jul1890

Robert C. Robertson                 30Jun1892

Oscar Shultz                             21Jul1893

John Robertson                         24Nov.1896

James M. Roberts                     13Jun1901

Discontinued 31Jan1903.  Moved to Sevierville



Postmaster                                    Eff. Date

John P. Price                                19May1899

Discontinued 31Dec1904.  Moved to Sevierville.



Postmaster                                Eff. Date

John L. Brown                          15Jun1883

Rufus G. Shields                        22Jan1886

Abjah Blalock                           19Dec1889

Eli Williams                                1Mar1892

Stephen Watson                       16Nov1893

Rufus Shield  (hold)                   27May1896

S. E. Watson (declined)            18Jun1896

Rufus G. Shields                        19Aug1896

James A. Branson                      28Aug1902

Discontinued 20Jan1903.  Moved to Sevierville



Postmaster                                    Eff. Date

Sarah J. Williams                          24Jul1889

Matthew Breeden                          6Mar1891

Joseph Williams                            19Sep1892

Callie Webb                                 30Apr1894

Sarah Webb                                 21Jan1899

David Williams                              2Dec1901

Discontinued 20Jan1903.  Moved to Sevierville.



Postmaster                                     Eff. Date 

James L. Archer                            31Jan1891

Discontinued 31Jul1901.  Moved to Sevierville.



Postmaster                                Eff. Date

Name changed from Richardson Cove

Henry B. Caton                        15Aug1895

Never in operation.

Horace M. McMahan            22Nov1898

James A. McMahan                2Jun1900

Discontinued 31July1901.  Moved to Sevierville



Postmaster                                  Eff. Date

Thomas W. McMahan                25Jan1875

Melinda C. McMahan                 30Jun1880

John Jones                                   8Apr1889

John E. Matthews                       20Apr1889

Henry E. Newman                      12Mar1891

James E. McMahan                    28Jan1892

Changed to Richardson Cove 20Feb1892



Postmaster                                    Eff. Date

Name changed from Richardson's Cove

John W. McMahan                      20Feb.1892

Name changed to Richardson  15Aug1895.



Postmaster                                    Eff. Date

Isaac Love                                     5Jun1806

William Porter                                1Jul1806

Alexander Preston                          4Sep1818

Jonathan M. Hammer                    28Jul1842

M. A. Rawlings                            30Dec1848

M. J. Graham                                5Apr1853

William C. Murphy                       19Sep1854

Name changed to Sevierville  14May1857.



Postmaster                                    Eff. Date

Name changed from Sevier

William C. Murphy                       14May1857

James McNelly                              3Nov1857

William C. Murphy                        4Oct1865

John Murphy                                 3Apr1867

Daniel P. Gass                              12Apr1869

Orlessa E. Fowler                          29May1879 

Mrs. J. F. Leak                               8Sep1880

John A. Watson                             16Sep1880

Mattie H. Leak                               12Jan1883

Pleasant Stafford                            26Oct1885

Allison P. Rawlings                           9Dec1886

Belle Walker                                 26Apr1889

Belle Wynn                                     4Apr1890

Mrs. Dixie L. Chandler                   12Jun1893

Dixie L. Bowers                               2Dec1896      

James J. Ellis                                    6Jan1898

Zachery D. Massey                        27Apr1899

Sallie J. Massey                             27Apr1904

Isham A. Watson                           23Apr1912

Victor C. Stafford                          30Oct1913

John B. Waters                              17Jan1924

Lefford E. Sarten                            11Jun1932

Ralph M. Murphy                            1Sep1935

Mack T. Marshall                            21Mar1971




Postmaster                                    Eff. Date

Name changed from Trundle's Cross Roads.

Alice A. Sharp                            16Jul1914

Lela M. Sharp                             7Oct1941

Betty L. Sharp                             1Sep1942

Joseph L. Irwin                           31Mar1954

Mary N. Montgomery                12Jul1980

Gary L. Langston (OIC)             27Mar1980

E. Cook  (OIC)                            7Oct1980

Brenda Kirby                               13Dec1980     




Postmaster                                    Eff. Date

Elijah Johnson                                4Apr1888

Andrew J. Temple                        28May1889

William E. Drinnen                        12Jul1900

Discontinued 31Jul1901.  Moved to Trundles X Roads.



Postmaster                                    Eff. Date

Amanda M. Sims                          13Jul1883

Discontinued 6Apr1896.  Moved to Hickory Ridge.



Postmaster                                Eff. Date

Elihu Morris                              4Apr1882

Discontinued 16May1883

Oscar Shults                            21Aug1883

William H. Waters                    3Jan1887

George McMahan                    29Apr1887

William H. Waters                    14Nov1887

George H. Shults                      26Mar1890

Ulysses S. McGaha                    7Apr1900

Discontinued 31Jan1903.  Moved to Emert's Cove



Postmaster                            Eff. Date

Martin Bates                        24Jan1868

Discontinued 4Aug1869

Enoch P. Underwood           20Apr1871

Malinda E. Underwood        11Mar1873

John R. Maples                     26Apr1882

Doctor F. Pollard                  31Jan1884

Andrew J. Hickman              16Nov1887  

Edward S. Hodges                 9May1889

Leslie N. Milligan                  17Oct1893

James M. Brown                   1May1897

Nannie L. Nichols                21Feb.1902

Discontinued 28Feb1903.  Moved to Boyds Creek.



Postmaster                                Eff. Date

Joseph H. Windel                     1Oct1807

Discontinued 12Jul1813



Postmaster                            Eff. Date

Benjamin J. Stinnett                13Feb.1885

William S. Ogle                       1Mar1886

Discontinued 4Jun1887.  Moved to Pigeon Forge.

Thomas Ogle                          24Dec1887

William S. Ogle                      25Nov1889

Eli Williams                            29Sep1896

John H. Williams                    11Jan1899

William W. Maples                 6Apr1900

Discontinued 31Jan1903.  Moved to Sevierville



Postmaster                                Eff. Date

Name changed from Trentville

Richard R. Reagan                    30May1900

John M. Whaley                         1May1900

Discontinued 31Jan1903.  Moved to Sevierville.



Postmaster                                Eff. Date

James W. Fox                          6Dec1892

Discontinued 18Jun1895.



Postmaster                                Eff. Date

Henry Dickson                          23Jul1839

Discontinued 18Jan1844.



Postmaster                                Eff. Date

Isaac N. Trentham                    1Nov1889

James W. Trentham                 23May1892

Richard R. Reagan                   21Aug1893

Name changed to Sugarville  30May1900



Postmaster                            Eff. Date

Randle N. Trotter                  7Jun1876

William Trotter                     11Jul1887

Pleasant L. Atchley                4Apr1896

Mack William Trotter            27Apr1989

Discontinued 15Oct1900.  Moved to Sevierville



Postmaster                                Eff. Date

From Blount County

John W. Trundle                        24Mar1838

Daniel S. Trundle                       13Mar1844

Andrew I. McCallie                   30Jun1851

William T. Dowell                       6May1856

Othniel Whittle                           19Oct1859

Albert Tagala                              4Oct1865

Othniel M. Whittle                    25Oct1865

Daniel R. Pitner                        12Jan1886

Othniel M. Whittle                    23Mar1889

Kate Sharp                               24Jul1893

James L. Keener                       4Oct1897

Robert M. Irwin                        28Jul1910

Alice A. Sharp                          29Apr1913

Name changed to Seymour 16Jul1914.



Postmaster                                Eff. Date

Name changed from Arthur.

William P. Keener                    2Oct1890

John E. Creswell                     14Sep1897

Discontinued 31Jul1901.  Moved to Trundles X Roads.



Postmaster                                Eff. Date

Enoch P. Underwood               26Jun1882

Discontinued 1Nov1887.  Moved to Sinking Springs.



Postmaster                            Eff. Date

Name changed from Walden Creek.

Clark Spurling                        20Apr1895

Prior L. Duggan                      7Mar1896

Discontinued 31Jul1901.  Moved to Sevierville.



Postmaster                                    Eff. Date

James Cummings                          16Nov1837

James B. Seaton                           18Sep1857

Riley H. Andes                             16Sep1858

Discontinued 22Sep1866.

John N. Trotter                             26Apr1867

Prior L. Duggan                            29Dec1882

John H. Murphy                           27Oct1885

Prior L. Duggan                            23May1889

Name changed to Walden  20Apr1895.



Postmaster                                    Eff. Date

David Cunningham                        28June1833

Discontinued 25Apr1839.

Robert Carson                             27Apr1840

Discontinued 27Apr1844.

William Mattox                            23May1848

James Mattox                              24Aug1852

Valentine Mattox                        16Dec1852

Discontinued 22Sep1866.

Valentine Mattox                        26Apr1867

Changed to Wears Valley 25May1870.



Postmaster                                     Eff. Date

Valentine Mattox                            25May1870

Ezekiel M. Broyles                         22Jan1883

Grant E. Henderson                         3Apr1888

James R. Ridings                            10Jun1889

Maggie A. McGill                           25Nov1893

James W. Emert                             18Jun1898

Discontinued 31July 1901.  Moved to Sevierville.



Postmaster                                         Eff. Date

William Trentham                                11Nov1840

Discontinued 13June1844.



  Postmaster                                   Eff. Date

Samuel Taylor                                14Jul1898

Jennie Delozier                                28Dec1899

Discontinued 31July1901.  Moved to Sevierville.