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Mrs. Thomas ap R. Jones Bequeaths Bulk to Husband

The will of Mrs. Thomas Ap R. Jones, bequeathing an estate valued at between $50,000 and $100,000 to a long list of relatives and friends, has been filed for probate and Attorney Williston Cox has qualified as executor.
Mrs. Jones, wife of the physician, died on March 5.
Her will, written in longhand but drawn in proper legal form, makes numerous specific bequests, mostly of personal jewelry and family heirlooms, to friends and relatives.
To her husband, Mrs. Jones bequeathed the building at 605 Walnut Street, as well as all Government bonds and stocks in Appalachian Mills, Standard Knitting Mills, Cherokee Spinning Co. and Fidelity-Bankers Trust Co. The will directs that any of this bequest remaining in the hands of Dr. Jones at the time of his death shall be turned over to David Sullins, nephew of Mrs. Jones.
Mrs. Jones' country home on Little Pigeon River in Sevier County was bequesthed with all of its contents to Rush Strong Monday. The will directs that Mr. Monday shall take immediate possession of the property and that no one be allowed to enter the house without his permission.

Written a Year Ago

After the numerous minor bequests the will directs that any cash left over after debts of the estate have been settled shall be divided equally between Miss Jess Trotter and Mr. Monday.

One paragraph of the will recites:

The bequests to Miss Jess Trotter and Rush Strong Monday were on account of their unfailing loyalty and devotion for more than 25 years, that made it possible for me to live the kind of life that gave me the greatest happiness.
The will also directs that any person who contests the will shall forfeit his or her bequest. The will was written in Sevierville on Jan. 6, 1939
Knoxville News-Sentinel Pg 2 April 2, 1940