Sullivan County, Tennessee
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Anniversary and Party Notices

Mrs. Webber Earthman Honored Guest at Surprise China Shower

A surprise china shower was given in honor of Mrs. Webber Earthman, nee Miss Mary Repass, Saturday afternoon at the home of Mrs. A.S. Zoerb, Watauga Street, by members of the Beta Sigma Phi Sorority. A pleasant informal afternoon was spent with guests rolling yarn and enjoying games. Later the guest of honor was presented a shower of gifts, peices of china in her chosen pattern. At the close of the afternoon, tea was served to the following; Mrs. Donald Good, Mrs. James Seale, Mrs. Neil Poole, Mrs. Joseph O'Dell, Miss Dorothy Leeper, Miss Kathleen King, Miss Ruth Bradley, Miss Freda Langford and Miss Marguerite Keith.

Kingsport News Tuesday Oct. 20 1942, transcribed by, Peyton Davis

Marie Carroll Entertained On Birthday

Mrs. Charles Carroll entertained recently with a party honoring the birthday of her daughter, Marie. Pink and white decorations were used, games and contests were enjoyed during the evening with prizes presented to Lochid Carroll and Merwin Fish. Many pretty and useful gifts were presented the guest of honor. Guests enjoying the affair were; Mrs. Evelyn Webb, Edyth Light, Marie Devault, Jo Hite, Jimmie Ruth Gothard, Eva Ramsey, Betty Nell Galloway, Frances Galloway, Marbeth Ruth Galloway, Frances Trivette, Hazel Chase, Gertrude Hite, Frances Chase, Lochid Carroll, Pauline Chase, Betty Jo King, Josephine Barnett, Pauline Barnett, Louise Horn, Mernita Hamilton, Lois King, Kathleen McAmis, Willie Ray Allen, Nellie Grace Galloway, Ruth Roberts, Judy Galloway, Jane Carroll, Mrs. S.P Galloway, Jack Morelock, James Chase, Owen Light, Earl Allen, Junior Castelle, Carson Light, Horton King, Merwin Fish, Robert Lee, Evesten Lane, Rex Grills, John D. Trivette, Linville Chase, Lee King, George Craft, Russel Beaman, James Craft, Everett Fleenor, Melvin Light, Charlie Craft, Eugene Owens, Kenneth Hite, Hanzel Robinette, Goerge Land, Heston Blakley, Lenord Cox, J.C. Devault Denzel Lady, paul Lisenby, Jimmie Carroll, J.W. Fink, King Davenport, Arnold and Benny Carroll.

Kingsport News Tuesday Oct. 20 1942, transcribed by, Peyton Davis

Bride Elect Feted at Shower Given My Miss E Shuey

Miss Elizabeth Shuey entertained recently at the home of Mrs Frank Brownell in Ridgeway with a towel shower in honor of Miss Mary Jane Anderson, popular bride elect. The home was lovely with autum flowers of every hue and the table held as a center piece, a bowl of red berries with tall red tapers at each end. Bridge was played at four tables and delightful refreshments were served later in the evening. The honoree was presented with a bath shower curtain. Original and attractive corsages, made of gumdrops were given as favors to each guest. High score prize was won by Miss Annes Brooks and the bing prize went to Isabelle Smith. Other guest present were Misses Jane Lewis, Louise Faust, Emily Jennings, Jean McNeil, Margo Dickie, Martha Shore, Mary Elizabeth Thornton, Mrs Sam Davis, Mrs Rex McNeese, Mrs O A Jared Jr, Mrs Al Ross Jr, Mrs Sam Anderson and Mrs A J Shuey came in for tea.

Kingsport News Oct 8, 1942, transcribed by, Peyton Davis

Miss Mary Jane Anderson Honored At Bridal Parties

Miss Mary Jane Anderson bride elect whose marriage will be an event of the near future and who has been honored at many pre nuptial affairs was the guest of honor at a lovely dessert luncheon and crystal shower given Tuesday afternoon by Mrs C P Edwards Jr. and Mrs James C White at the home of the former on Watauga St. Fall flowers were used at vantage points in the entertaining rooms and the brides table centered with a pretty arrangement of white pompoms. Bridge was enjoyed after dessert with high prize won by Mrs Arnold Owen low prize won by Mrs W W Hufford and bingo by Mrs S C Minnich. The guest of honor received many pieces of crystal in her chosen pattern. Invited guests were: Mesdames Mark Hargrave, Owen, George Anderson, B M Brown, CT Herndon, George Penn, Ross N Robinson, Harold Von Bramen Hufford, Alvin Golucke, Walter Smith, A D Brockman, Earnest Cross, O A Jared Sr, J R Pecktal, S Flem Dobyns, James Wright, W H Reed, Chester Penning, T H Pratt, H C Brooks, James Ellis, P N Libby, S P Platt, H G Stone, H J Shivell, J V Hodge, G G Keener, J H Lewis, W D Westmoreland, Minnich, C B Mead, Howard Long, Minnie E Brown grandmother of the bride elect, Ted Glynn, E G Hunter, David Hunter, George Wilkerson, Karl Goerdel, S E McAmis, W R Jennings, S H Anderson bride elects mother, and Mrs Leonard Hasche of Johnson City.

Saturday evening, Miss Mary Elzabeth Thornton entertained at her home on Watauga street with a bridge party honoring Miss Anderson and her guest Miss Mary Ann Vaughn of Covington Tenn, sister of the groom to be and a student at the University of Tennessee. After several progressions high prize was won by Mrs Alan Jared, and bingo by Miss Louise Faust. The hostess presented the guest of honor with a lovely silver vegetable platter. Dainty refreshments were served by the hostess to the sixteen guests present.

Kingsport News Thursday Oct 15, 1942, transcribed by, Peyton Davis

Mrs. Barnette has Birthday Party For Daughter

Mrs. Luther Barnette entertained at her home in Fordtown recently with a party in honor of her daughter Josephine, on her fourteenth birthday. Games were played and prizes won by Irene Marsh, Earl Allen and Christain Marsh. Others present were Marie Carroll, Helen Hudson, Nellie Galloway, Mary Lee Owens, Willie Allen, Evelyn Webb, Pauline Barnette, Lizzie Jo Barnette, Betty Barnette, Bill Minton, Jack Morelock, Harry McAmis, Hanzil Robinette, George Croft, Billy Jones, Junior Eldridge, J.B. pearson, Arnold Carroll, Robert Hudson, Marcell Clipe, Junior Field, Evestine Lane, P.G. Jones, Gale Field, William Bridgeman, and Carson Light.

Kingsport News, Thursday Oct 1st 1942, transcribed by, Peyton Davis