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Mason, TN

Atkins, A. T. "Lump"01-19-1923No DateDouble marker with Melinda W. Atkins
Atkins, Melinda W.02-14-192908-25-1984Double marker with A. T. "Lump" Atkins
Belt, Elnora18881958Double marker with John Belt
Belt, John18701941Double marker with Elnora Belt
Booker, Annie May18791915 
Booker, Charles T.18491919 
Booker, Kate Sherrod03-18-186310-27-1952 
Booker, Lillie18551887 
Booker, (Twins)10-18-191810-19-1918"Twin Baby Girls of D. C. & Clara Booker"
Browne, AugustaNo Date06-08-1904Aged 63 years, Transcription - "In Loving Memory Of Our Mother"
Bumpus, Myrtle Marshall08-30-188503-21-1918Wife of R. C. Bumpus
Campbell, Lucile Clement19061986 
Casey, Fred Lewis03-23-190705-13-1973Tennessee TEC5 US Army World War II
Clark, John Winford06-07-190904-25-1979Double marker with Mary E. Marshall Clark
Clark, Mary E. Marshall04-20-191505-14-1985Double marker with John Winford Clark
Clement, A. D. No Date06-16-1905Aged 80 years 6 days
Clement, F. T.04-30-185011-01-1903 
Clement, Grace G.18661945 
Clement, Irvin S.18521918 
Clement, Loula04-02-186105-25-1891Wife of J. S. Clement
Clement, Lucy E. Claiborne05-20-185510-15-1885Wife of J. S. Clement
Clement, M. A.No Date04-02-1906Aged 76 years

Clement, Margaret B.


Clement, William A.

Cody, Bess Hill19111971 
Cody, Ella Exum18521939 
Cody, May04-22-187811-16-1915 
Cody, Susan Clement18811968 

Cody, Walter James

Cody, Walter James Jr.19101980 
Davis, T. W.09-06-187602-09-1918 
Edmunds, Rose Poindexter05-11-188303-05-1960 
Eubank, Clyde Samuel Sr.12-25-192109-04-2007CCS US Navy World War II
Faulk, Jack J.01-04-190801-14-1974 
Featherstone, Homer A.12-30-189905-03-1956Tennessee PVT 30 GRREG Service OMC World War I
Gatlin, Lizzie Davis05-14-188310-05-1967 
Greenlee, A. S.11-11-183403-03-1913 

Greenlee, David Glass

18771939Son of A. S. and Elizabeth Glass Greenlee
Greenlee, E. E.18681912Double marker with wife, Ruby Marshall Greenlee
Greenlee, Elizabeth (Glass)01-08-183708-04-1897Wife of A. S. Greenlee
Greenlee, James L.10-07-187408-07-1898 
Greenlee, Kate McGovern18791976Wife of David Glass Greenlee
Greenlee, Laura Elizabeth08-03-190404-11-1988 
Greenlee, Ruby Marshall18731917Wife of E. E. Greenlee
Hamby, Doris Smith10-22-192110-21-2003Double marker with husband Wayne Hamby - married 09-20-1947
Hamby, Wayne05-06-192306-19-2001CPL, US Army, World War II - Double marker  with wife, Doris Smith Hamby
Hare, Charles L.No Date1910Double marker with Emma Chivvis Hare

Hare, Emma Chivvis

18441915Marker shows death as 1915 - Obituary appeared in paper in 1917.
Harris, Elizabeth Sears12-03-192006-08-1993 
Harris, Hugh L. "Dick"10-02-192109-03-1999 
Harris, Hugh L. Sr.06-23-189410-03-1962 
Harris, Mary LouiseNo Date12-08-1909Aged 20 Years - Daughter of Henry A. & Mary Somervill Harris
Harris, Mary Somervill11-08-185507-17-1934 
Harris, Ruth O'Kelly10-11-190107-05-1943Wife of Hugh L. Harris, Sr.
Herron, Keeble Theo18951931Double marker with his mother, Laura McKee Herron
Herron, Laura McKee18621931Double marker with her son, Keeble Theo Herron
Howard, Virginia Featherstone03-24-190411-19-1994 
Hunt, Hannah M. Webster03-07-185902-09-1900Wife of Nathaniel H. Hunt
Hunt, Martha Hilliard10-25-178808-10-1847

Memorial - Born at Hilliardtown, Nash Co., NC

Daughter of Col. Isaac & Leah Crawford Hilliard

Buried in Family Lot in the 15th District, Tipton County, TN

Double Memorial with Nathaniel Macon Hunt

Hunt, Nathaniel H.10-10-185603-21-1927Double marker with wife, Hannah M. Webster Hunt
Hunt, Nathaniel Macon12-07-178212-27-1866

Memorial - Born near Lewisburg, Franklin Co., NC

Son of John & Mary Jeffreys Hunt

Buried in Family Lot in the 15th District, Tipton County, TN

Double Memorial with Martha Hilliard Hunt

Lackey, Duke B.08-10-189606-11-1950 
Lackey, Elisha Nathan18551928 
Lackey, Jacquelyn03-23-191810-22-1918 
Lackey, Jane E.12-10-191906-22-1921 
Lackey, Mattie Marshall18781955 
Marshall, Agnes S.18821942Double marker with Benton Marshall
Marshall, Benton18751967Double marker with Agnes S. Marshall
Marshall, Ella Robbins18621950Wife of Oscar Thompson Marshall
Marshall, Nettie Faulk19051976 
Marshall, Nora T.01-24-186201-09-1920Wife of Robert M. Marshall
Marshall, O. T. Jr.04-12-189406-14-1916 
Marshall, Oliver Earl18961953 
Marshall, Oscar Thompson18611933Double marker with wife, Ella Robbins Marshall
Marshall, Robert M.11-07-185908-07-1917Double marker with wife, Nora T Marshall
Martin, William J.01-15-191508-24-1992PFC, US Army, World War II
Miller, Nicholas B.18961930 
Mosely, Elizabeth W.18791969Double marker with John N. Mosely
Mosely, Edward Werne03-15-192006-26-1920 
Mosely, John N.18481928Double marker with Elizabeth W. Mosely
Nash, Clarence Everett09-25-190105-09-1986Double marker with Zela Herron Poindexter Nash
Nash, Zela Herron Poindexter10-27-189705-29-1978Double marker with Clarence Everett Nash
O'Kelly, Johnnie Turnage18771930Wife of Robert Lee O'Kelly
O'Kelly, Laverne T.07-19-188606-01-1966Double marker with Seth H. O'Kelly
O'Kelly, Robert Lee18701954Double marker with wife, Johnnie Turnage O'Kelly
O'Kelly, Seth H.01-20-187503-21-1960Double marker with Laverne T. O'Kelly
O'Kelly, Seth Herron Jr.19121912Son of S. H. & L. T. O'Kelly
Pettus, Alice SomervillNo Date11-11-1893Wife of Frank G. Pettus
Poindexter, Clarance T. Jr.04-13-192701-13-1955Tennessee, CPL US Army, World War II
Poindexter, Clarance T. Sr.02-15-189512-09-1974 
Poindexter, Ethel H. Somervill10-02-185708-04-1938Wife of W. G. Poindexter
Poindexter, Guy S.02-10-188610-17-1907Son of W. G. & E. H. Poindexter
Poindexter, John Durward08-24-187306-10-1946 
Poindexter, John William Leigh18921932 
Poindexter, Kate Transou05-06-189709-30-1998 
Poindexter, W. G.04-21-184807-20-1911 
Prettyman, Virginia Harris01-27-189501-06-1974 
Priddy, Virginia SomervillNo Date10-18-1910Wife of Henry Leigh Priddy
Prochaska, Kathleen Lackey03-24-190102-02-1960 
Runnells, Kate Booker18811921 
Sears, Arb N.07-01-189007-03-1980 
Sears, Martha Cothran08-08-188701-27-1974 
Shelton, James C.08-10-189110-22-1971 
Shelton, Polly Ann C.09-28-186607-07-1948 
Shelton, William C.01-29-187404-11-1913 
Sherrod, Corrinna Lackey07-15-190912-16-1982 
Smith, Leonard Samuel Jr.04-28-192704-20-1987PVT US Army World War II
Somervell, Donie Powers07-11-187210-03-1963 
Somervell, Hunt10-2-185104-24-1918 

Somervill, Pryor Henry

No Date08-28-1917Inscription on stone - "Died in Tipton Co. at the home where he was born and reared"
Stevens, Clyde Hunt02-17-192308-08-1932 
Stevens, Mabon02-12-181211-07-1884 
Stevens, Nancy03-04-1819No DateWife of Mabon Stevens
Stewart, Henrietta12-09-181701-22-1888Wife of Benjamin H. Stewart
Tarwater, Reba S.18661924 
Taylor, Charles Leigh10-18-186301-05-1929 
Taylor, Maude Celeste Pirtle04-29-187208-24-1959Wife of Charles Leigh Taylor
Transou, Baby01-14-190801-24-1908 
Transou, Bedford Turner19021980 
Transou, Bettie06-27-184203-03-1910 
Transou, David P.12-11-186801-14-1917 
Transou, Elia Cole18731938Wife of David P. Transou
Transou, Lila Greenlee19071967 
Vandergrift, Beatrice12-26-190810-05-1981Double marker with William C. Vandergrift
Vandergrift, Elizabeth Newell08-20-192007-23-2004Double marker with Wm. Edward "Bill" Vandergrift
Vandergrift, William C.02-22-190202-21-1981Double marker with Beatrice P. Vandergrift
Vandergrift, Wm. Edward "Bill"11-07-192410-19-1997Double marker with Elizabeth Newell Vandergrift
Walden, Mattie McKee18561938 
Waller, Joseph S.No Date01-31-1884Aged 44 yrs 5 mos & 9 days
White, Katie Leona02-11-188701-01-1977Double marker with Marion Frank White
White, Marion Frank06-29-188303-10-1981Double marker with Katie Leona White
Williams, Lavinia Mrs.10-11-183502-05-1916 


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