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Ravenscroft Cemetery

Source for some of these burials is "Tipton County, Tennessee Family Histories & Cemetery Records, Sallie Hayes"

Records were transcribed from WPA Records in 1939.

Other Sources: Tennessee Death Certificates

Cemetery visit - late summer of 2009 (There are several unmarked graves in this cemetery along with stones that are not readable)
Allee, J. Mitchell05-23-1915No DateDouble marker with Virginia Pickard Allee
Allee, Virginia Pickard03-12-192610-22-1997Double marker with J. Mitchell Allee
Alston, Adaline W.02-11-181605-09-1854Wife of Samuel W. Alston
Alston, Elizabeth Johnston12-02-178005-11-1866 
Alston, Frances06-02-183408-14-1836 
Alston, J. W. No Date11-12-1897Age 54 years
Alston, James Johnston06-19-180311-12-1866 
Alston, John Johnston08-19-180708-14-1843Son of Phillip and Elizabeth Alston
Alston, Martha J.01-12-185103-26-1907Wife of Thomas S. Alston
Alston, Martha T.No Date12-10-1897Age 76 years, Wife of Rev. Phillip Alston
Alston, Mary Hardin04-09-1808No DateDaughter of Phillip and Elizabeth Alston
Alston, Mary J.18561930 
Alston, Philip W., (Rev.)02-28-181306-19-1837

b. Warren Co., N.C.  d. Maury Count, TN

Son of Philip and Elizabeth Alston

Rector of Calvary Church in Memphis

Alston, Philip W.09-30-184908-04-1878Son of Rev. Philip and Martha T. Alston
Alston, Samuel A.07-29-183505-02-1892 
Alston, Samuel W.04-14-181212-13-1857 
Alston, ThomasNo Date1899Aged 62 years
Anderson, Mischa Jo12-26-198506-16-2005 
Ballard, BabyOnly one date06-24-1959 
Ballard, Elbert "E. J."10-29-192108-11-2006Double marker with Lula Cullum Ballard
Ballard, Lula Cullum06-25-1924No DateDouble marker with Elbert "E. J." Ballard
Ballard, Virginia Cullum08-08-192611-19-1999Double marker with husband, Willard C. Ballard
Ballard, Willard C.10-27-192507-25-2008

Double marker with wife, Virginia Cullum Ballard

Married Jan 2, 1944

Baskin, Milton C.09-25-191405-20-1986Double marker with Willie "Coot" Baskin
Baskin, Willie "Coot"07-10-1918No DateDouble marker with Milton C. Baskin
Beaver, Ben M.09-05-187210-24-1934 

Beaver, Caroline *

07-04-193312-01-1934Age 1yr 4mo - Daughter of S. M. & Ruby Shoemaker Beaver
Beaver, Charlie S.06-24-188312-28-1958Double marker with E. Lee Beaver
Beaver, Claude04-02-188410-10-1918 
Beaver, E. Lee12-10-188203-21-1932Double marker with Charlie S. Beaver
Beaver, Electa S.19011991Double marker with L. Gordon Beaver
Beaver, Henry Mike11-02-186108-26-1932 
Beaver, Infant10-14-193510-14-1935Infant son of L. G. & I. E. Beaver
Beaver, John D.09-02-188504-26-1958 
Beaver, L. Gordon18971949Double marker with Electa S. Beaver
Beaver, Mariah L. *03-09-186504-25-1931Wife of Stephen Beaver
Beaver, Ollie L.06-05-188910-28-1935Wife of J. D. Beaver
Beaver, Rubye Shoemaker09-04-190010-18-1991  

Beaver, Solon M. *


Husband of Ruby Beaver

Son of Steven & Mariah Delashmit Beaver

Military Marker



World War I

Beaver, Stephen11-01-185307-21-1919 
Beaver, Stephen E.01-03-190910-25-1970 
Boswell, Billy Carl04-22-193801-30-1939 
Boswell, Duward N. "Duke"12-22-191106-28-2001

Double marker with Helen Elizabeth Hoy Boswell

Married Dec 21, 1927

Boswell, Helen Elizabeth Hoy03-03-192007-25-2007Double marker with Duward N. "Duke" Boswell
Bradley, Billy W.11-02-1940No DateDouble marker with Blanche F. Bradley
Bradley, Blanche F. 12-31-194110-21-1980Double marker with Billy W. Bradley
Bramlett, Gerald Lewis11-30-193910-30-1991SP4 US ARMY
Bray, Inez Delashmit08-24-192505-27-2003

Triple marker with Paul Wilson Bray and Pamela Norane Bray

Daughter of Thomas C. and Esther S. Delashmit

Bray, Paul Wilson03-16-192603-17-1988

Triple marker with Inez Delashmit Bray and Pamela Norane Bray

Son of Frank and Nora Webb Bray

Bray, Paul Wilson Jr.No Date10-13-1950

Double marker with Thomas Alston Bray

Sons of Paul and Inez Bray

Bray, Pamela NoraneNo DateNo DateTriple marker with parents, Paul and Inez Bray
Bray, Thomas AlstonNo Date07-31-1951

Double marker with Paul Wilson Bray Jr.

Sons of Paul and Inez Bray

Carr, Annie Mae18841965Double marker with Charlie C. Carr
Carr, Charlie C.18761940Double marker with Annie Mae Carr
Carr, Frances Christine03-14-191812-29-1988Double marker with Julian S. Carr
Carr, Julian S.04-03-192302-02-2001

Double marker with Frances Christine Carr

Transcription: WWII Veteran

Cousar, Charles Ernest *

09-02-191012-10-1955Son of Ernest Charles & Jane Richardson Cousar
Cousar, Charles E. "Jake"09-2-191012-10-1955Double marker with Odell A. Cousar
Cousar, Elizabeth D.10-19-191411-12-1986Double marker with Noble F. Cousar
Cousar, Ernest C.18751934Stone matches the one of Janie R. Cousar
Cousar, InfantOnly one date06-28-1938 
Cousar, Janie R.18781939Stone matches the one of Ernest C. Cousar
Cousar, John T.02-29-188403-15-1964Double marker with Ruth M. Cousar
Cousar, John T. Jr.08-21-191806-28-1994Double marker with Moviline C. Cousar
Cousar, Lula B.12-10-190411-11-1988Double marker with William T. Cousar
Cousar, Moviline C.01-30-1922No DateDouble marker with John T. Cousar, Jr.
Cousar, Noble F.05-29-191202-13-1981Double marker with Elizabeth D. Cousar
Cousar, Odell A.01-13-191301-04-1992Double marker with Charles E. "Jake" Cousar
Cousar, Ruth M.12-15-188807-14-1977Double marker with John T. Cousar
Cousar, William T.03-09-190610-22-1962Double marker with Lula B. Cousar
Craig, Allen Junior 08-08-192708-29-1927 
Craig, James Allen02-07-189104-08-1968 
Craig, James Otis10-11-191508-07-1922 
Cullum, A. Clide06-23-188309-15-1956Double marker with Mary M. Cullum
Cullum, Etta F.07-11-193009-26-1930 
Cullum, Mary M.02-29-189603-04-1978Double marker with A. Clide Cullum
Delashmit, Addie P. 01-18-187603-19-1915Wife of O. E. Delashmit
Delashmit, Edward19241942 
Delashmit, Esther A. Stokes06-28-190204-25-1990

Double marker with Thomas Collins Delashmit

Daughter of David Melton and Willie Lyles Stokes

Delashmit, InfantNo Date09-19-1900Infant son of G. E. & A. T. Delashmit
Delashmit, Louise11-16-191303-27-2000Double marker with Perry Delashmit
Delashmit, Lydia Baucum18841966 
Delashmit, Margaret F.10-12-190309-25-1906Daughter of G. E. & A. T. Delashmit
Delashmit, Odie F. 04-25-187609-24-1948  
Delashmit, Perry09-12-190101-05-1968 Double marker with Louise Delashmit
Delashmit, Thomas Collins11-08-189702-18-1985

Double marker with Esther A. Stokes Delashmit

Son of Edward Oddie and Adeline Alston Delashmit

English, D. J.01-18-186001-15-1927 
English, Ed10-24-188910-02-1964



World War I

English, Sidney10-23-191001-03-1976PVT US ARMY - World War II
Flanigan, Mildred06-13-185607-30-1926Wife of C. W. Flanigan
Fleming, Delia Solomia11-12-193802-24-1939 
Fleming, Nellie Florence05-08-191802-05-1971 
Fleming, William Wayne19361983US NAVY
Fletcher, Erskine F.19061955Double marker with Gussie C. Fletcher
Fletcher, Gussie C.19131994Double marker with Erskine F. Fletcher
Fletcher, John Wayne06-26-193807-17-1975

Double marker with Ruby C. Fletcher

Military Marker


Fletcher, Lina Helen08-28-193403-16-1935 
Fletcher, Ruby C.01-03-190203-14-1983Double marker with John Wayne Fletcher
Floyd, Richard B.02-14-193511-23-2008 
Goforth, Lorine Phillips08-02-191412-12-2005 
Heath, Doc Walker05-09-190401-15-1995Double marker with Elva Beatrice Heath
Heath, Elva Beatrice12-10-191211-18-1996Double marker with Doc Walker Heath
Higgins, Andrew Wesley09-09-188707-01-1967Double marker with Lora B. Cromwell Higgins
Higgins, James N.18981977PFC US ARMY - World War I
Higgins, Lora B. Cromwell12-16-189602-05-1931Double marker with Andrew Wesley Higgins
Higgins, Oscar C. Jr.10-02-192112-01-1922 
Hill, J. B.No DateNo Date 
Hill, Myra BeaverNo DateNo Date 
Holliman, Claude Aaron09-25-189306-01-1942Double marker with Easter Jane Holliman
Holliman, Easter Jane04-05-189511-16-1971Double marker with Claude Aaron Holliman
Holliman, Helen Marie06-15-193404-24-1935Daughter of Jessie and Opal Holliman
Holliman, Laura E. Wicker10-05-186908-08-1933Stone matches Peter Eron Holliman
Holliman, Peter Eron06-20-186505-20-1954Stone matches Laura E. Wicker Holliman
Hubbs, Janet Morris11-24-190611-18-1998Double marker with Rubye Pearl Morris
Hunter, Edgar E. Jr.03-16-193002-26-1999

Double marker with Mary A. Jackson Hunter

Military Marker - US ARMY - KOREA

Hunter, Edgar E. Sr.02-02-190612-23-1970Double marker with wife, Myrtle T. Hunter
Hunter, Mary A. Jackson10-14-1934No DateDouble marker with Edgar E. Hunter, Jr.
Hunter, Myrtle T.03-19-191005-18-1999Double marker with husband, Edgar E. Hunter, Sr.
Jackson, Algie "Gator"02-12-194601-01-2008 
Jackson, Gary Dawson Jr.09-03-197807-23-2004 
Jackson, John12-01-191305-28-1989 
Jackson, John Julian Jr.19311993PFC US ARMY - KOREA
Jacques, Charles Lane10-21-193212-22-1987 
Jacques, Katie Marie01-08-193802-20-2004 
James, Stephanie LeeAnnOnly one date07-17-1987 
Johnson, A. D.03-18-184707-22-1939 
Johnson, James L.05-02-190204-14-1964Double marker with Jean D. Johnson
Johnson, Jean D.03-26-1914No DateDouble marker with James L. Johnson
Joiner, Robert R.No DateDec. 1869Aged about 60 years
Joiner, Sarah E. March 1833Dec 1869Wife of Robert R. Joiner
Lancaster, Jack Reynolds11-07-1925No DateDouble marker with wife, Shirley G. Watkins Lancaster
Lancaster, Shirley G. Watkins08-04-192506-26-1995

Double marker with husband, Jack Reynolds Lancaster

Wed June 22, 1946

Lassiter, Francis Baskin01-14-193410-09-1995 
Lavelle, Ethel Rosa04-07-192102-08-1994Double marker with Leldon Dupree Lavelle
Lavelle, Larry Joe10-21-194411-09-2005Double marker with wife, Linda Roachell Lavelle
Lavelle, Leldon Dupree02-24-192010-25-1994Double marker with Ethel Rosa Lavelle
Lavelle, Linda Roachell10-31-1946No DateDouble marker with husband, Larry Joe Lavelle
Lavelle, Mary Jo C.09-12-1939No DateDouble marker with William Hildred Lavelle
Lavelle, William Hildred04-24-193910-22-1989Double marker with Mary Jo C. Lavelle
Macklin, Sallie D.01-16-181009-26-1903 
Mason, James P.05-01-190110-03-1963



World War II

McCollum, Maria Anneliese10-05-1934No DateDouble marker with husband, Willie C. "Bud" McCollum
McCollum, Willie C. "Bud"03-06-193502-11-2005

Double marker with wife, Maria Anneliese McCollum

Married Aug 23, 1965

McFerson, Hermon C.02-05-192007-26-1979

Triple marker with wife, Marie H. McFerson and daughter, Joyce Ann McFerson

Also has military marker and name on this marker is "Herman Cecil McFerson"

PVT US ARMY - World War II

McFerson, Joyce Ann10-27-194112-11-1979Triple marker with parents, Hermon C. and Marie H. McFerson
McFerson, Marie H.03-20-192307-28-2003Triple marker with husband, Hermon C. McFerson and daughter, Joyce Ann McFerson
McKenzie, Frances Janeatta08-11-193907-27-2000 
McKenzie, Jimmie T.10-09-190510-09-1970Double marker with wife, Minnie E. McKenzie
McKenzie, Minnie E.12-20-191102-07-1993Double marker with husband, Jimmie T. McKenzie
McLillie, Farris W. "Poochie"09-07-1951No Date

Double marker with Louis Ray McLillie

Transcription: "Beloved Sons"

McLillie, Janie R.07-01-191709-07-2002Double marker with husband, Less McLillie
McLillie, Less05-12-191404-02-1980Double marker with wife, Janie R. McLillie
McLillie, Lilly May07-01-189312-01-1960Stone matches Pete McLillie's marker
McLillie, Louis Ray06-18-194211-10-1995

Double marker with Farris W. "Poochie" McLillie

Transcription: "Beloved Sons"

McLillie, Pete03-20-187901-04-1962Stone matches Lilly May McLillie's marker
McPeak, Robert Lee05-20-190612-28-1949 
Millican, Franklin Wayne08-12-195505-26-1989SP4 US ARMY
Millican, Joseph E. "Boon"11-14-193302-01-1996 
Morris, Rubye Pearl11-13-190404-21-1991Double marker with Janet Morris Hubbs
Morton, Ada Rose Delashmit10-12-192212-01-2000 
Odom, Louis03-03-188601-28-1965Double marker with Sarah D. "Red" Odom
Odom, Sarah D. "Red"02-04-190001-30-1962Double marker with Louis Odom
Phillips, Louis P.01-20-186812-07-1927Double marker with wife, Viola D. Phillips
Phillips, Viola D.01-13-188106-01-1966Double marker with husband, Louis P. Phillips
Pickard, Eva Sturdivant03-20-189406-16-1980 
Pickard, Lee03-13-188802-12-1951 
Pickard, R. D. Red06-04-191601-31-1967 
Pickard, Reginald Lee08-31-191012-24-1929 
Pickard, Woodrow Pot08-16-191303-23-1970 
Price, Joyce Jannett06-12-194306-14-1943 
Proctor, Betty Jane Pickard11-05-1933No DateDouble marker with husband, Hedrick Darrell Proctor
Proctor, Hedrick Darrell04-23-192806-15-2002

Double marker with wife, Betty Jane Pickard Proctor

Married Sept 4, 1949

Richardson, Dansil M.09-22-187009-28-1898 
Richardson, Thos. A.06-09-189204-29-1897 
Ross, Martha09-06-191210-21-1985Double marker with Ralph Ross
Ross, Ralph02-11-191308-20-1969Double marker with Martha Ross
Sanders, Austin Lavelle04-04-198401-21-2006 
Scott, Carl Edward06-06-191707-14-1996

Double marker with wife, Sadie Cullum Scott

Married Jan 21, 1939

Scott, Ronnie Lynn08-06-195309-01-1957 
Scott, Sadie Cullum02-20-191501-28-2000Double marker with husband, Carl Edward Scott
Sims, Eddie Lee04-26-190506-12-1972Double marker with wife, Hazel M. Webb Sims
Sims, Hazel M. Webb11-06-191104-14-1997Double marker with husband, Eddie Lee Sims
Sims, John E.08-12-192712-18-1998US ARMY - World War II
Sims, Thomas Lee02-13-193611-24-1971 
Sloan, W. J.02-05-181401-29-1870 
Slover, Myra F.09-07-193109-24-2004Double marker with son, Wm. H. "Bill" Slover
Slover, Wm. H. "Bill"07-08-196211-09-1978Double marker with mother, Myra F. Slover
Smith, Bob03-22-189501-11-1983Double marker with wife, Octa E. Smith
Smith, Octa E.11-28-190907-22-1996Double marker with husband, Bob Smith
Smith, Patricia A. McCollum10-25-196612-29-2002 
Stokes, David M.18691956Double marker with Willie Lyles Stokes
Stokes, Katherine "Kate" Delashmit19061924 
Stokes, Willie Lyles18821956Double marker with David M. Stokes
Sturdivant, Albert L.04-29-194603-23-1973 
Sturdivant, Albert R.08-23-191601-06-1972

Double marker with Alice Sturdivant

Military Marker


Sturdivant, Alice07-22-192201-15-2004Double marker with Albert R. Sturdivant
Sturdivant, Donna M.05-11-187003-23-1949Double marker with Robert L. Sturdivant
Sturdivant, Grover L.01-31-189204-15-1952Stone matches Jennie Lee Sturdivant's marker
Sturdivant, Jennie Lee03-20-189203-05-1938Stone matches Grover L. Sturdivant's marker
Sturdivant, Robert L.01-26-186803-30-1964Double marker with Donna M. Sturdivant
Tankersley, John Frank12-20-191005-28-1980Double marker with Maude Worley Tankersley
Tankersley, Maude Worley12-10-190303-13-1980Double marker with John Frank Tankersley
Taylor, Dawsie Cullum02-17-192905-26-1986 
Taylor, Roy Hall III04-29-195810-20-1987 
Temple, Alexis JadeOnly one date08-11-2004Daughter of Chris Temple (Mother's name was covered with a figurine...last letters are "cia"
Terrell, Margaret Sue Millican09-12-195209-15-1973 
Thomas, Jane R. Heath06-09-193907-14-2008 
Thompson, John Travis12-20-194706-29-2001Triple marker with parents, Travis Northcross and Virginia Beaver Thompson
Thompson, Travis Northcross11-04-191412-31-1984

Triple marker with wife, Virginia Beaver Thompson and son, John Travis Thompson

Military Marker


Thompson, Virginia Beaver03-24-191202-07-2002Triple marker with husband, Travis Northcross Thompson and son, John Travis Thompson
Tuck, Mary Evelyn11-13-193908-08-1982Beloved wife of Billy M. Tuck

Voegeli, Jack B. (Lt. Col.)


Double marker with Joyce Fletcher Voegeli

Transcription: USAF RETIRED

Voegeli, Joyce Fletcher05-05-1933No DateDouble marker with Lt. Col. Jack B. Voegeli
Ward, Guy T.01-09-187906-30-1957 
Watkins, Edwin S.07-11-187402-27-1909 
Watkins, Elizabeth A.02-28-184609-29-1909Double marker with Thomas J. Watkins
Watkins, Henningham02-10-187009-10-1960 
Watkins, Henry M.03-15-187805-16-1903 
Watkins, Thomas J.01-08-184101-15-1923Double marker with Elizabeth A. Watkins
White, DaveSept 1889Oct 1938Double marker with wife, Mollie Burgess White
White, Henry W.18511935Double marker with wife, Mary J. White
White, Howard02-19-193001-18-1993 
White, Johnny09-22-192503-02-1986 
White, Mary J.18531930Double marker with husband, Henry W. White
White, Mary L.06-28-192104-06-1991Double marker with Willie C. White
White, Mollie BurgessMay 1893Feb 1976Double marker with husband, Dave White
White, Will18931952 
White, Willie C.10-16-191207-20-1969Double marker with Mary L. White
Willis, Justin "Dale"10-07-196001-22-2003 
Wooten, James D. "Jimmy"09-04-193502-05-2008 
Wooten, Margaret Fletcher12-11-193602-24-1985 
Yarbro, A. Ruth09-30-193407-20-1986 


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