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Tipton County, TN

(Includes Tipton County Business Ads and Other Classified Ads found in Tipton County Newspapers and other surrounding county newspapers in regards to Tipton County during the 1800's.)

Taken up by Jonathan Falk, living 10 mi. south of Covington, bay horse, 6 years old. L. Mathews, Rang'r.
(The Jackson Gazette, Vol. 7, No. 6, July 31, 1830)







In pursuance of a decree of the honorable the Circuit Court of Tipton County, I will proceed to sell, at Public Auction, in the town of Randolph, on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd July next, an invoice of goods amounting to about $2,500, and consisting in part, of a stock of DRY GOODS, in which there is almost every description of article generally kept in the stores of the country.  Also a very general assortment of HARDWARE, containing a number of Farming and Mechanical tools, candlesticks, Stirrup Irons, a great variety of Knives and Forks, etc. --  Likewise a very beautiful and well-selected stock of QUEENSWARE, together with Medicines, Hats, Bonnets, Boots, Shoes, Cotton Cards of a superior quality, etc. etc.

All who want goods would do well to attend, as good bargains will doubtless be had.

The terms of the sale are, -- cash in hand for all sums under five dollars; and for all amounts over five dollars, three months credit, with note and approved security given.

JOHN W. JONES, Trustee

Randolph, 28th June, 1834

(Randolph Recorder, Saturday, July 5, 1834)


Having lately established myself in the town of Randolph, I expect to carry on the above business in its various branches.  My shop is on Water Street, first door above Messers, Potter & Co's Warehouse.  Those who favor me with their custom my expect their favors attended to with promptness and punctuality, as my intention is to remain at this place, having found encouragement.

By punctuality and close application to business, I hope to receive a share of public patronage.


N. B.  My work if required will be warranted.

Randolph, June 28

(Randolph Recorder, Saturday, July 5, 1834)


COLIN BLAND, having located in the town of Covington, respectfully tenders his professional services to the public.  He will practice in the Courts of Shelby, Haywood, and Fayette Counties, and will likewise attend with punctuality, the Supreme Courts of Law and Chancery in the town of Jackson.  If diligence and attention to business will entitle him to a portion of the public patronage, he hopes to merit it by promptness and punctuality in the discharge of professional duties.

Covington, Jun 1834

(Randolph Recorder, Saturday, July 5, 1834)




Begs leave to inform the citizens of Tipton and the adjoining Counties, that he has just received, direct from Philadelphia and other eastern cities, a new supply of Dry Goods, in addition to his stock opened in January last.  His stock now embraces almost every article in his line, to wit:

Staple and Fancy Dry Goods,

Hard, Queens, Glass, Tin, and Stone Ware,

Drugs, Essences and Perfumery,

Brown and Loaf Sugar,

Coffee, Salt, Iron Castings,

Old Virginia Tobacco, best quality,

Sperm and tallow Candles,

Saddlery assorted



Tenneriffe Wine,

Port do.

Malaga do.

Jamaica Rum, [old stuff,]

French Brandy,

Holland Gin,

Whiskey, etc, etc

He intends keeping constantly on hand, a general assortment of every article in his line of business, and is determined to sell at such prices as will induce the citizens of Tipton and the adjoining counties to give him a liberal share of public patronage.  The public are respectfully solicited to call and examine his goods and prices.

Cotton at a fair Market price will be taken in payment of debts.

June 28.

(Randolph Recorder, Saturday, July 5, 1834)

Shoe Shining

I makes shoe shinin' a speshualerty, and ef yer wants a boss shoe shine ter wear ter de fair, call on me at J. W. McGuire's barber shop.

Respectfully, Willie Sanford

(The Morning Leader, Covington, Tenn., Saturday, October 12, 1889




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