Williamson County
Genealogy and History



 Williamson County, Tennessee
Marriage Records 1800 -1850
Compiled & published by Wilena Roberts Bejach & Lillian Johnson Gardiner (Jan. 1957)
Transcribed by Vickie Bryan

--- J - K - L ----

Jackson, Andrew W. to Rebecca M. Webb Dec. 22, 1842 by E. W. Hendrix, M.G.
Bondsman: Isaac (x) Hendrix

Jackson, David to Polly Wilbanks Oct. 7, 1830 by John Rushing, M.G.
Bondsman: Littleton Clark

Jackson, Durant H. to Amanda E. Reams March 1, 1849 by James Marshall, M.G.
Bondsman: Charles W. Crowder

Jackson, Durant K. to Nancy Temple Nov. 7, 1821 (bond)
Bondsman: Clairborne Runsarall (?)

Jackson, Francis (x) to Martha Davenport Dec. 27, 1832 by Tristram Patton, J.P.
Bondsman: William M. House

Jackson, Francis to Sally Revel June 16, 1835 by John Landrum
Bondsman: Francis Jackson by R. Jackson and Richard Jackson
'Whereas I the said Francis Jackson having a desire to obtain license to be married to Salley Revel of your country and it being inconvenient for me to travel to your office; therefore pray you . . .to issue and deliver said license to bearer hereof after said bearer enters himself security that there is no lawful cause to obstruct the marriage. Under my hand the 11th day of June, 1835 Fran J.'

Jackson, Francis M. to Barbara Allen Oct. 9, 1838 by M. L. Andrews, M.G.
Bondsman: James Allen

Jackson, Henry to Nancy Chrisman Dec. 24, 1822 by Thomas Nelson
Bondsman: Jacob Halfacre

Jackson, Henry B. to Polly Clay Sept. 21, 1821 (bond)
Bondsman: Elisha North

Jackson, James (x) to Martha J. Tomlinson Sept. 10, 1844
Bondsman: Robert H. Williams

Jackson, James to Mary A. Brown June 21, 1846 by John King, M.G.
Bondsman: Hugh Sherwood

Jackson, John to Elizabeth Elam Dec. 22, 1818 (bond)
Bondsman: Matthew Elam

Jackson, John to Susan Manska (Mansker) Aug. 25, 1838 by Gilbert Marshall, J. P.
Bondsman: Larkin Burch

Jackson, John (x) to Elizabeth Kingston Jan. 5, 1847 by Jonas Sutton
Bondsman: Wilson (x) Calhoon

Jackson, John A. to Frances M. Anderson Oct. 31, 1841 by Thomas L. Douglass
Bondsman: Jonathan Rothrock

Jackson, Josiah to Sally Lewis Sept. 21, 1822 (bond)
Bondsman: Cornelius Vaughn (groom signed 'Joseas')

Jackson, Raleigh M. to Canzady (?) Putman Oct. 5, 1848 by John Landrum, Baptist Minister
Bondsman: William M. Lamb

Jackson, Richard G. to Elizabeth Scales Aug. 16 or 17, 1842 by R. G. Irvine
Bondsman: Mark L. Andrews

Jackson, Robert to Nancy Jackson June 25, 1818 (bond)
Bondsman: Thos. Jackson

Jackson, Robert to Barbary G. Sharp May 14, 1850 by (omitted)
Bondsman: (none given) This is a Maury County license

Jackson, Robert H. to Susan Dalton June 4, 1822 (bond)
Bondsman: D. P. Perkins

Jackson, Samuel to Betsey Welch May 30, 1826 (bond date) by R. McCutchen, J.P.
Bondsman: (none given)

Jackson, Thomas to Ruth Hendricks Aug. 10, 1813 (bond)
Bondsman: John Dillon

Jackson, Thompson F. to Frances T. Atkinson Dec. 10, 1833 by John Alkinson, V.D.M.
Bondsman: Armine T. Reese

Jackson, Westley to Mary C. Evans July 16, 1834 by Levin Edney, M.G.
Bondsman: Charles Cartright (groom signed 'Wesley')

Jackson, Wesley to Mary Jane Davis March 30, 1839 (bond)
Bondsman: Turner Smith

Jackson, William to Catherine Brooks Jan. 6, 1820 (bond)
Bondsman: Pleasant Todd

Jackson, William to Agnes Witt Jan. 8, 1826 (bond)
Bondsman: (none given)

Jackson, William (x) to Mary Ann Nancy Jenkins June 29, 1835 by J. Allison, J.P.
Bondsman: Charles A. Merrill

Jackson, William to Elizabeth Nelson Jan. 23, 1839 by Jno. R. Pearcy, J.P.
Bondsman: John R. Pearcy

Jackson, William to Martha E. Hawkins Nov. 1, 1848 by G. W. Rolland, J.P.
Bondsman: John A. Griggs

Jaggers, Thomas J. to Frances A. Bateman Jan. 7, 1835 by C. E. McEwen, J.P.
Bondsman: Parker Bateman

James, George H. to Catharine Bradley July 24, 1811 (bond)
Bondsman: Archibald Potter

James, Thomas A. to Elizabeth A. Bailey Aug. 30, 1831 by Cary James, D.M.E.C.
Bondsman: Thomas S. Williamson

Jamison, Henry D. to Sarah W. Thomas July 23, 1835 by Jesse Cox, M.G.
Bondsman: H. D. Jamison by Christopher Beasley and R. P. Currin
'. . . I wish you to send marriage license by my friend Mr. Beasley. . . . Please sign bond for me. If Mr. Beasley will not answer for security wish you would procure Mr. Maury (?) or some other security . . . The young ladies name is Sara w. Thomas and send me the bond. . . I will sign it with my security and return it by Mr. Cox who will be the preacher when he returns with the license. I understand that you are a little particular in those matters therefore I have suggested these two propositions, presuming either will be legal. I would not put you to this trouble but am not in good health and wish to avoid riding in the sun. Resp'lly H. D. Jamison July 23, 1835 N. B. I mentioned Mr. Maury he being a friend of mine. Also mentions P. N. Smith, R. P. Currin & John Liscomb if Mr. Maney is not in town. H. D. Jamison'

}Jamison, John to Montgomery Wells Jan. 29, 1846 by James B. Porter, M.G.
Bondsman: Benjamin Grigsby

Jamison, John B. to Sarah Angelia Pinkston Nov. 12, 1840 by R. W. Robinson, J.P.
Bondsman: David J. Patterson

Jamison, Marshal to Rebecca Ridley Jan. 30, 1818 (bond)
Bondsman: Beverley Ridley

Jamison, Samuel (x) to Sarah Carson Feb. 10, 1825 by M. T. Span, J.P.
Bondsman: William Manning

Jamison, Wiley (x) to Elizabeth Hardeson March 10, 1827 (bond)
Bondsman: Samuel (x) Jamison

Jefferson, Stillman A. to Frances A. Con (?) Feb. 20, 1850 by H. B. North, M.G.
Bondsman: Bolling C. North

Jenkins, Duke to Louisa Still Jan. 14, 1836 by H. B. North, M.G.
Bondsman: Nathan Newsom

Jenkins, Henry (x) to Cynthia B. Sconce Nov. 22, 1827 by Thos. King, J.P.
Bondsman: Leonard Vernon

Jenkins, Jeremiah to Sally Glymph Oct. 9, 1832 (bond)
Bondsman: Paul Jones

Jenkins, Walter L. to Agnes P. Stone Nov. 13, 1816 by D. Brown, Dr. of Ministry
Bondsman: Peter Pryor

Jerningan, Riley to Nancy Oliver Aug. 1, 1829 by Wm. Craig
Bondsman: William Oliver

Jeter, William W. to Elizabeth Jeter May 10, 1832 by Robert Davis, M.G.
Bondsman: Wm. M. Wright

Job, Aaron to Masdrey Bradley June 29, 1812 (bond)
Bondsman: Samuel Carson

Job, Anthony (x) to Lorinda Franklin Aug. 23, 1834 (bond)
Bondsman: Thos. Williams

Johns, John to Evelind Hopkins Jan. 16, 1831 by John Little
Bondsman: Samuel Cox

Johnson, Allen W. to Narcissa Edmondson May 11, 1848 by Wm. M. Nunn, J.P.
Bondsman: John T. (x) Erskine

Johnson, Anderson to Caroline Nolen Dec. 19, 1825 (bond)
Bondsman: Robert Grimmer (Trimmer ?)

Johnson, Andrew to Judith Word Dec. 1, 1836 by Robert Davis, M.G.
Bondsman: (none given)

Johnson, Benjamin A. to Martha J. Robison Nov. 28, 1850 by E. B. Matthews, M.G.
Bondsman: G. P. Brien

Johnson, Charles to Mary J. White Jan. 28, 1836 by W. Pearson, M.G.
Bondsman: David Campbell

Johnson, Claibourne to Sarah Ann Horton April 20, 1836 by H. C. Horton, M.G.
Bondsman: (none given)

Johnson, Elcamy (x) to Sarah Ragsdale Dec. 10, 1825 (bond)
Bondsman: William Holt

Johnson, Freeman to Sarah McGuire Jan. 1, 1835 by Wm. Rucker, J. P.
Bondsman: Eli M. Corzine

Johnson, George T. to Martha A. Hall Dec. 29, 1844 by Jno. P. McKay, J.P.
Bondsman: Natus J. Haynes

Johnson, Henry to Narcissa Wilson Dec. 17, 1844 by H. C. Horton, M.G.
Bondsman: Wiley M. (x) Horton

Johnson, Isaac to Secy Williams Dec. 6, 1834 (bond)
Bondsman: Thomas Haddick

Johnson, James to Narcissa Merritt Oct. 24, 1834 by Jas. King
Bondsman: David Campbell

Johnson, James (x) to Rachel Johnson May 24, 1844 by M. L. Andrews, M.G.
Bondsman: Joac (x) Pace

Johnson, James C. to Louisa Cochran Feb. 8, 1850 (bond)
Bondsman: Joel S. King

Johnson, James H. to Frances Nolen April 11, 1820 by Wm. Anthony, J.P.
Bondsman: Wiley Jones

Johnson, James M. to Susan O. W. Yeargin Nov. 29, 1844 by C. B. Feriss, G.M.
Bondsman: Joseph W. Sharber

Johnson, Jeffry (x) to Eliza Peach Feb. 28, 1850 by Jno. T. Cox, J.P.
Bondsman: James Brooks

Johnson, Jesse to Dolly Smithson Oct. 8, 1828 (bond)
Bondsman: Joseph A. Brimm

Johnson, Jesse (x) to Milley Ann Johnson Aug. 28, 1846 by S.S.P.A. Knott, J.P.
Bondsman: John (x) Johnson

Johnson, John to Nancy Reynolds Oct. 7, 1813 (bond)
Bondsman: Thomay Reynolds

Johnson, John to Caroline M. Barham Jan. 17, 1843 by M. L. Andrews, M.G.
Bondsman: John E. Gadsey

Johnson, John to Wincy Merritt Oct. 29, 1846 (bond)
Bondsman: James Merritt

Johnson, Joseph to Martha Vestal Aug. 10, 1830 by Jonathan Rothrock, J.P.
Bondsman: Nathan Gilbert

Johnson, Josiah to Michy B. Jefferson May 1, 1819 by Nich's Scales
Bondsman: W. B. Hyde

Johnson, Josiah to Ferreby Hyde Sept. 30, 1825 by Andrew Craig, M.G.
Bondsman: H. B. Hyde

Johnson, Joshua to Minerva Jordan Jan. 1, 1835 by T. D. Porter
Bondsman: Freeman W. Jordan

Johnson, Lemuel (x) to Rhodda Merritt Nov. 20, 1845 by G. S. White, M.G.
Bondsman: John (x) Johnson

Johnson, Littleton to Jane Berryman June 19, 1815 (bond)
Bondsman: David Mason

Johnson, Meredy (x) to Rachael Pace Nov. 21, 1825 by Andrew McCrady, J.P.
Bondsman: Richard Jones

Johnson, Stephen to Patsey Jordan Dec. 15, 1806 (bond)
Bondsman: Thompson Wood

Johnson, Thomas to Nancy E. Pate Dec. 15, 1846 by J. H. Wilson
Bondsman: Jesse T. Pate

Johnson, Thomas P. to Lucy F. Taliafero May 17, 1836 by W. Dearson, M.G.
Bondsman: (none given)

Johnson, Watty P. (x) to Eleanor Gardner Feb. 20, 1838 by W. H. Meadow, J.P.
Bondsman: Vardy McAlpin

Johnson, William to Sarah E. King May 4, 1837 by A. T. Scruggs Minister of M.E. Church
Bondsman: (none given)

Johnson, William B. to Adelia C. Nolen Feb. 5, 1835 by H. B. North, M.G.
Bondsman: Richard W. Robinson

Johnson, Willis R. (x) to Jane Pinkerton Feb. 27, 1841 by John P. McKay, J.P.
Bondsman: Peter (x) Sweeney

Johnson, Wilson to Naomy Graham Dec. 22, 1839 by J. Rothrock, J.P.
Bondsman: Wilson (x) Graham and Thos. J. Cook

Johnson, Zadock to Lucy Ann Pate Oct. 15, 1845 (bond)
Bondsman: Jesse T. Pate

Johnston, Andrew (x) to Sally Hicks May 29, 1831 by George Blackburn, M.G.
Bondsman: Jeremiah Fields

Johnston, Andrew, Jr. to Amanda C. Moore Dec. 24, 1844 by M.L. Andrews, M.G.
Bondsman: Thomas White

Johnston, Benjamin to Susan Brogdon July 5, 1823 by Thomas Nelson
Bondsman: Stephen Frazer

Johnston, David to Harrett Barfield Dec. 3, 1823 by Joel Anderson
Bondsman: Lewis Barfield

Johnston, David to Jane Merritt Oct. 22, 1827 by Joel Anderson
Bondsman: Henry J. Merritt

Johnston, Edmund to Nancy Johnston Dec. 18, 1807 (bond)
Bondsman: Josiah Johnston

Johnston, Eldred to Nancy Elmore Oct. 20, 1830 by Geo. J. Poindexter, J.P.
Bondsman: Sylvanus W. Smith

Johnston, Gregory to Rachael M. Corzine Jan. 13, 1831 by Wm. Rucker, J.P.
Bondsman: Eli M. Corzine

Johnston, James to Gracy Gault June 5, 1805 (bond)
Bondsman: Ephraim Brown

Johnston, Jas. D. to Susan Waddill July 22, 1808 (bond)
Bondsman: John White

Johnston, Joel (x) to Sally White Jan. 9, 1815 (bond)
Bondsman: Wiley Johnson (groom gave name 'Johnson' on bond)

Johnston, John to Mary Terrell Jan. 27, 1831 by Thos. L. Douglass, M.G.
Bondsman: John E. Gadsey

Johnston, John (x) to Mahala Ragsdale May 26, 1833 by Andrew McCrady, J.P.
Bondsman: Felix Lunn (groom's name 'Johnson' on bond)

Johnston, John W. to Marcisa Hayne May 21, 1815 N. Scales
Bondsman: Wm. McKnight

Johnston, Jordan to Polly Dowdy Oct. 24, 1822 by Edward Ragsdale, J.P.
Bondsman: Gibson Dowdy

Johnston, Lewis to Nancy Wilkins Jan. 29, 1829 (bond)
Bondsman: Wm. D. Taylor

Johnston, Littleberry to Ann Nolen Sept. 18, 1827 by Thos. King, J.P.
Bondsman: Richard W. Robinson

Johnston, Robert to Susan Merritt July 29, 1829 by Joel Anderson, M.G.
Bondsman: W. S. S. Harris

Johnston, Wiley to Mary Smith Aug. 5, 1816 (bond)
Bondsman: Edward (x) Holt

Johnston, William to Louisa Crockett Jan. 26, 1821 by Geo. Blackburn, Minister
Bondsman: James C. Hill

Johnston, William (x) to Polly Holt April 2, 1821 (bond)
Bondsman: William Clarke

Johnston, William to Mary Dickson Feb. 25, 1838 by H. McNish, J.P.
Bondsman: (none given) (sp 'Johnson' on outside of bond, also date March 29, 1837 is on bond)

Johnston, William W. to Sarah K. Alston July 21, 1831 by H. B. Hyde, J.P.
Bondsman: Green W. Hunt (groom signed 'Johnson')

Johnston, Willis (x) to Polly Nall Sept. 15, 1821 (bond)
Bondsman: William Nall

Joice, Ree to Sally Allen March 8, 1821 by G. Barnes, J.P.
Bondsman: James Peay

Jones, Abner to Sally Smith May 23, 1833 by Joseph Carle
Bondsman: John Graham

Jones, Amza to Eliza Haywood Marable Feb. 1, 1815 by Levin Edney, M.G.
Bondsman: E. H. Marable, Benjamin White, Wiley Royal

Jones, Amza (x) to Fanny Ham July 23, 1835 by Wm. Roach, J.P.
Bondsman: Kelly McRhodes

Jones, Barnett to Mary Marlin Dec. 1, 1831 by S. S. Newman, J.P.
Bondsman: John Cowan

Jones, Benjamin to Nancy Allen Dec. 20, 1814 (bond)
Bondsman: Andrew S. Andrews

Jones, Benjamin to Elizabeth E. Adams Aug. 13, 1835 by Nelson P. Modrall, M.G.
Bondsman: William Spann

Jones, Charles O. to Frances Meacham Sept. 13, 1843 by J. J. Bingham, J.P.
Bondsman: Elisha Meacheam (sp. as signed)

Jones, Daniel H. to Sarah Hampton Jan. 21, 1830 by E. R. Parish, J.P.
Bondsman: Isaac Secrest

Jones, David to Matilda Wilson Feb. 15, 1824 (bond)
Bondsman: John Fedrick

Jones, Decatur P. to Elizabeth Ann Powell Oct. 14, 1846 by Jas. King
Bondsman: George Lavender

Jones, Dempsey to Julia Davis Sept. 26, 1829 by Wm. Armstrong, J.P.
Bondsman: Alex. Y. Simmons

Jones, Enoch H. to Rebecca F. Hunt Sept. 17, 1839 by R.B.B. Cannon, J.P.
Bondsman: Enoch Hunt

Jones, Holland M. to Eliza N. Harrison Feb. 26, 1835 by Joel Anderson
Bondsman: James Anderson

Jones, Holland M. to Sarah Edwards Aug. 15, 1841 by M. L. Andrews, M.G.
Bondsman: William Jones

Jones, James to Augusta Ann Scruggs Jan. 10, 1829 by Thos. L. Douglass
Bondsman: John H. Scruggs

Jones, James (x) to Elizabeth Sharp Dec. 24, 1840 by John Landrum
Bondsman: Chesley J. Coursey

Jones, James G. to Elizabeth Sharp Sept. 15, 1812 (bond)
Bondsman: Jas. M. Gray

Jones, James G. to Manerva Jordan Nov. 15, 1831 by H. B. Hyde, J.P.
Bondsman: Hartwell B. Hyde

Jones, James H. to Rhoda L. Marlin Aug. 4, 1842 by J. J. Bingham, J.P.
Bondsman: Joseph Beasley (groom made mark)

Jones, James M. to Marthusa Shumate June 3, 1841 by Monroe Short, J.P.
Bondsman: William M. Shumate

Jones, Joel W. to Elizabeth Temple Feb. 1, 1816 by Levin L. Edney, M.G.
Bondsman: William Jones

Jones, John to Polly Hutcherson Feb. 1, 1814 (bond)
Bondsman: J. B. Avery

Jones, John (x) to Mary Tucker Dec. 18, 1836 by J. A. Holland, J.P.
Bondsman: James (x) Harper

Jones, John (x) to Milly Ann Harrison Dec. 22, 1842 by Joseph Carle, M.G.
Bondsman: William W. Wall

Jones, John W. to Mary Ann Gray Dec. 9, 1846 by Jas. M. Green, J.P.
Bondsman: John A. Burke

Jones, Joseph (x) to Betsey Taylor Aug. 1, 1831 by Levin Edney (no date)
Bondsman: Isaac (x) Jones

Jones, Judson to Keziah Waters Oct. 12, 1812 (bond)
Bondsman: General Lee Dolen

Jones, Lewis to Susan McAffee Aug. 21, 1811 (bond)
Bondsman: Abraham Truit

Jones, Lewis T. (x) to Matilda Lock July 16, 1845 by J. J. Bingham, J.P.
Bondsman: Elisha Meacheam

Jones, McLauren H. to Elizabeth Haly July 15, 1847 by W. N. Nunn, J.P.
Bondsman: J. S. Gentry

Jones, Maury to Mary Hulme March 15, 1832 by Levin Edney, Minister Gospel Christ
Bondsman: John W. Hulme

Jones, Mordecai (x) to Susan Harper Dec. 26, 1833 by Ware Henley, J.P.
Bondsman: John (x) Owen

Jones, Peter (x) to Peggy Nolen Aug. 1, 1844 by R. B. B. Cannon, J.P.
Bondsman: John H. Winstead

Jones, Presley to Dorothy Garrett Feb. 26, 1826 by M. T. Span, J.P.
Bondsman: (none given)

Jones, Richard B. to Elizabeth Andrews Oct. 15, 1818 (bond)
Bondsman: Robert G. Jones

Jones, Richard C. to Brittania Johnson Dec. 4, 1832 by Felin Helm, J.P.
Bondsman: John B. Beasley

Jones, Robert A. G. to Polly Green Sept. 25, 1842 by James A. Cunningham, J.P.
Bondsman: Benjamin (x) Jones

Jones, Samuel (x) to Eliza Brogdam (illegible) June 18, 1827 by T. Nelson
Bondsman: William (x) Linton

Jones, Sylvester to Anna Frazier Feb. 1, 1825 by Thos. King, J.P.
Bondsman: Thomas P. Carsey

Jones, Taylor to Martha Vowell April 28, 1848 by John F. Cox, J.P.
Bondsman: John W. Miller

Jones, Thomas to Julia Jones Nov. 26, 1808 (bond)
Bondsman: Benjamin White

Jones, Thomas to Polly Bass Feb. 28, 1809 (bond)
Bondsman: John Bass

Jones, Thomas to Margarite Allen Dec. 26, 1818 (bond)
Bondsman: Benjamin (x) Jones

Jones, Thomas to Mary Criswell Aug. 15, 1828 by J. Wall, J.P.
Bondsman: J. B. Ragsdale

Jones, Thomas to Susan Riddle July 26, 1833 by John N. Nolen, J.P.
Bondsman: Albert Poteete

Jones, Thomas to Elizabeth Hartley Feb. 27, 1839 by Henry Walker, M.G.
Bondsman: Andrew Hartley

Jones, Thomas M. to Marietta Perkins Dec. 25, 1838 by H. J. Leacock, Rector St. Paul Episcopal Church
Bondsman: Neill S. Brown

Jones, Washington (x) to Hester Perry McLaughlin March 6, 1849 by J. Hendricks, J.P.
Bondsman: Matthew Garrett

Jones, Wiley (x) to Nancy Guy Dec. 29, 1839 by R. B. B. Cannon, J.P.
Bondsman: Asa (x) Harper

Jones, Wiley to Nancy Nolen Aug. 1, 1820 by Wm. Anthony
Bondsman: William Nolen, Junior

Jones, Wiley to Rebecca Berry Sept. 7, 1843 by James King
Bondsman: Washington Shelton (groom signed 'Willer')

Jones, William to Patsey Adkins May 28, 1806 (bond)
Bondsman: John J. Winston

Jones, William to Julia Ann Cromer Dec. 23, 1828 by Franklin McClaran, J.P.
Bondsman: Hugh M. Gault

Jones, William to Ferriby Johnson April 5, 1837 by W. H. Meadow, J.P.
Bondsman: (none given)

Jones, William to Ann E. Edwards Dec. 22, 1842 by M. L. Andrews, M.G.
Bondsman: John R. Hatcher

Jones, William G. to Lucinda Williamson May 12, 1836 by Lewis Magee, J.P.
Bondsman: (none given)

Jones, William N. to Sarah F. Jordan Nov. 1, 1843 by John Richardson, J.P.
Bondsman: James M. Jones

Jones, Willis to Celia A. Strickland Aug. 31, 1829 (bond)
Bondsman: W. B. Sweeney

Jones, Willis G. (or T.) to Margaret G. House Sept. 3, 1835 by Matt Marshall, J.P.
Bondsman: Amasa Webb

Jordain, Clement to Martha Matthews Dec. 20, 1821 by W. R. Nunn, J.P.
Bondsman: Christopher McConnico

Jordan, Benjamin to Sally Wood April 6, 1812 (bond)
Bondsman: Benjamin Jordan

Jordan, Benjamin (x) to Sarah P. Adams Aug. 4, 1846 by Jn. Richardson, J.P.
Bondsman: G. M. Pate

Jordan, Freeman W. to Martha Ann Carothurs June 8, 1837 by Jesse Cox, M.G.
Bondsman: (none given)

Jordan, Garner M. to Rebecca G. Burton Dec. 20, 1824 (bond)
Bondsman: Thomas J. Goff

Jordan, George to Sally Puckett Dec. 12, 1815 (bond)
Bondsman: Jared McConnico

Jordan, James to Franky Spencer Sept. 7, 1813 (bond)
Bondsman: James Read

Jordan, John to Lucinda Turner Jan. 27, 1827 (bond)
Bondsman: John Page

Jordan, John to Grizzle Taylor Dec. 22, 1831 by L. Manire, J.P.
Bondsman: John M. Gault (bride's name Grizelda?)

Jordan, John A. to Emily A. Fletcher June 5, 1845 by Jesse Cox, M.G.
Bondsman: Joshua Wood

Jordan, Johnson to Rachael Hill Dec. 28, 1808 by Nick Scales, J.P.
Bondsman: Martin Symms Test: David Mason and A. Potter

Jordan, Johnson to Nancy Beasley March 26, 1822 by Horatio Burns
Bondsman: John Jordan

Jordan, Johnson, Jr. to Martha Williams April 25, 1843 by J. Dyer, J.P.
Bondsman: James Williams, Jr.

Jordan, Minus (Minos) C. to Elizabeth Jordan July 20, 1842 by Jesse Cox, M.G.
Bondsman: Rufus E. Philips

Jordan, Newton to Mary G. Jordan Oct. 27, 1824 (bond)
Bondsman: Harrison Jordan

Jordan, Robert D. to Nancy D. Martin Sept. 30, 1836 by N. Patterson Modrall, M.G.
Bondsman: Thos. E. Jordan

Jordan, Stephen A. to Mary Carothers Sept. 8, 1846 by Jesse Cox, M.G.
Bondsman: R. B. Carothers

Jordan, Thomas to Nancy Peay Sept. 5, 1849 by B. R. Gant, M.G.
Bondsman: Sam'l Peay

Jordan, William to Medy Boyd Aug. 28, 1810 by N. Scales
Bondsman: Johnson Jordan

Jordan, William to Ann B. Sappington Dec. 8, 1830 by Joel Anderson, M.G.
Bondsman: Alexander Hughes

Jordan, William to Mary H. Bell Jan. 2, 1833 by T. D. Porter
Bondsman: Albert G. Hill

Jordan, William to Elizabeth E. Boyd Dec. 12, 1833 by T. D. Porter
Bondsman: Thomas Edmondson

Jordan, William to Sarah J. Wood Dec. 31, 1840 by Jesse Cox, M.G.
Bondsman: Newton Jordan

Jordan, William H. to Elizabeth Pettus Feb. 14, 1850 by Jesse Cox, M.G.
Bondsman: Johnson Wood

Jordan, Williamson to Sarah E. Davis Sept. 5, 1844 by A. W. Meacham, M.G.
Bondsman: Blunt Jordan

Jummerson, James A. to Eleanor Quinn Dec. 29, 1817 (bond)
Bondsman: Jesse Barnes (groom made mark - Jammeson?)

- - K - -

Kaiglar, David to Nancy Miles Sept. 8, 1816 by Nich's Scales
Bondsman: John Pillow

Karr, James C. to Julia A. Haynes July 11, 1832 by Jas. B. Porter
Bondsman: John Moore

Kasby (illegible), William to Dinah Kennad (?) June 17, 1807 (bond)
Bondsman: Benjamin Prichard

Kavenaugh, Williams to Margaret McKenny July 25, 1816 by A. Mebane, J.P.
Bondsman: Thos. E. Dudley (groom's name 'William' on bond)

Keeling, Edward A. to Ann Slater Jan. 15, 1815 (bond)
Bondsman: John Anderson

Keen, Thomas G. to Eleanor H. Jones Sept. 26, 1839 by H. I. Leacock, Rector, P.E. Church in Franklin
Bondsman: Samuel N. Stephens

Keefer, James to Caroline E. Breast Sept. 27, 1822 by Thos. L. Douglass
Bondsman: James Park

Keiglar, William to Elizabeth Beasley April 15, 1812 (bond)
Bondsman: Wm. Martin

Kelley, Enoch B. to Jane Floyd March 7, 1850 by John King, M.G.
Bondsman: Wm. A. McCord

Kelley, William to Ruth Alexander Dec. 28, 1813 (bond)
Bondsman: Thomas Alexander

Kellor, Samuel to Arman P. Neely Feb. 27, 1846 by Charles N. Poyner
Bondsman: Samuel Kelloe and William Yeargin

Kellor, Thomas B. and Eliza Lampkins Jan. 15, 1837 by J. A. Holland, J.P.
Bondsman: (none given)

Kellow, Arthur (x) to Frances H. Neelly Dec. 8, 1836 by J. Holland
Bondsman: William J. Moody

Kellow, Thomas H. to Sarah Ann Vaughan Nov. 30, 1837 by Wm. Edmondson, J.P.
Bondsman: (none given)

Kelly, Agricola M. W. to Peny E. White Dec. 22, 1850 by M. L. Andrews, M.G.
Bondsman: James S. Roberts

Kelly, Allen P. to Milly Turbiville Sept. 14, 1819 by Thos. Wilson
Bondsman: Lewis H. Perry

Kelly, Asbury to Sarah B. Womack Oct. 20, 1831 by James King, M.G.
Bondsman: James S. Swisher

Kelly, Elijah (x) to Adeline White Dec. 28, 1833 (bond)
Bondsman: Henry W. (x) Harpending

Kelly, Hugh to Juliet Berson Jan. 26, 1837 by M. Marshall
Bondsman: (none given)

Kelly, Thomas to Betsy Hicks Oct. 13, 1808 (bond)
Bondsman: Nathaniel Armstrong

Kelton, William R. to Martha Cummins Jan. 1, 1840 by W. H. Baldridge
Bondsman: John P. Bond

Kemper, James to Sarah D. Mullen Feb. 11, 1829 by Jabez Owen, J.P.
Bondsman: Benjamin D. Smith

Kendrick, Starling (x) to Sally Singletery Nov. 28, 1815 (bond)
Bondsman: John (x) Kendrick

Kennedy, Evender to Mary Goff Aug. 15, 1816 by Geo. Blackburn, M.G.
Bondsman: James McCombs

Kennedy, James to Elizabeth P. Bennett Sept. 1, 1831 by Robt. Hardin, M.G.
Bondsman: Andrew Herron

Kennedy, James (x) to Lavinia Long Jan. 5, 1833 by Robt. McCutchen, J.P.
Bondsman: Henry (x) Trewitt

Kennedy, Price to Sally K. Demsey May 24, 1826 (bond)
Bondsman: (none given)

Kennedy, Robert to Annis Ferrill (Ferill) June 10, 1816 by Robt. McMillin, J.P.
Bondsman: Dempsey Sayers

Kenney, William C. to Elizabeth Oldham Sept. 4, 1838 by R. W. H. Baldridge
Bondsman: Henry Wilson

Kenny, John to Jane G. Douglass Dec. 10, 1833 by D. C. McLeod, M.G.
Bondsman: Jesse Thomas (groom signed 'Kinny')

Kerr, Egbert B. to Nancy A. Cowsert Feb. 16, 1845 by Rev. Milton B. Molloy
Bondsman: Calvin C. Chapman

Kerr, John to Ann Moncrief Nov. 7, 1850 by E. P. Scales, J.P.
Bondsman: Samuel Lewis

Kershaw (see Hershaw)

Ketchum, James (see Catchum, James)

Key, George (x) to Puina Tignor March 30, 1821 (bond)
Bondsman: Thos. Hardeman

Kidd, George W. to Elizabeth C. Still Dec. 24, 1841 by J. W. Green, J.P.
Bondsman: George P. King

Kidd, James to Frances Gooch Jan. 3, 1818 (bond)
Bondsman: David R. Gooch

Kidd, Thomas to Catharine D. Clark Jan. 12, 1842 by L. B. Johnson, J.P.
Bondsman: Wm. E. Morton

Kidd, William to Zelpha Kimbrough Dec. 23, 1809 (bond)
Bondsman: Elisha Kimbrough

Kilcrease, Davis to Mahala Mandley Nov. 9, 1817 (bond)
Bondsman: Chapman Manly

Killough, Allen to Ann Peeler (illegible) July 31, 1808 (bond)
Bondsman: Frederick Peeler

Kilpatrick, Samuel W. to Margaret W. Campbell May 9, 1832 by Jabez Owen, J.P.
Bondsman: James L. Smith

Kimbro, Rolly P.S. to Sinai V. Crutcher Oct. 15, 1844 by M. L. Andrews, M.G.
Bondsman: Richard H. Ogilvie

Kimbroe, Elisha L. to Martha Taylor Aug. 16, 1821 (bond)
Bondsman: James (x) Kidd

King, Anthony (x) to Jane Campbell Nov. 6, 1849 by M. L. Andrews, M.G.
Bondsman: John Hafner

King, Benjamin T. to Susan J. Matthews Oct. 29, 1835 by T. D. Porter
Bondsman: James M. Green

King, George to Lucinda Gooch Feb. 13, 1832 (bond date) by Jno. G. Hay, D.C.
Bondsman: Audley S. Hamilton

King, James to Elizabeth Dabney Dec. 11, 1830 (bond)
Bondsman: Lemuel B. McConnico

King, James B. to Nancy McGee Sept. 25, 1845 by J. A. Cunningham, J.P.
Bondsman: Henry S. Hendricks

King, James P. to Mary Ann Jordan Dec. 24, 1840 by A. J. Nunn, J.P.
Bondsman: David D. Russell

King, John to Lucy Ann Alston Jan. 2, 1834 by T. D. Porter, M.G.
Bondsman: Bolen C. Barnes

King, John to Sarah Taylor July 31, 1834 by G. Hunt
Bondsman: Thomas Carmichael

King, Michael to Jane McFawl Nov. 14, 1820 (bond)
Bondsman: John Quigley

King, Oswin to William Carroll Dec. 3, 1829 by G. Hunt
Bondsman: W. H. Womack (bride and groom may have names reversed)

King, Richard to Nancy Daley Oct. 2, 1827 by H. C. Horton, M.G.
Bondsman: H. C. Horton

King, Robert to Elizabeth Wood Aug. 22, 1832 by Daniel White, M.G.
Bondsman: William Moray

King, Thomas B. to Eliza Thomas Feb. 1, 1842 by Jesse Cox, M.G.
Bondsman: John A. Oden

King, Thomas B. to Louiza Thornbrough Dec. 22, 1849 (bond)
Bondsman: James H. Jones (groom made mark)

King, Thomas B. (x) to Eliza E. Thornbrough Sept. 3, 1850 by M. C. Jordan, J.P.
Bondsman: Benjamin F. Martin

King, Thomas L. to Delia C. Nolen Aug. 7, 1817 (bond)
Bondsman: Stephen Nolen (groom's initial may be 'S')

King, Thompson H. (x) to Allebury Stanfield Aug. 7, 1838 by R. B. B. Cannon, J.P.
Bondsman: John King

King, William (x) to Rebecca Marim (?) Dec. 16, 1834 by G. Hunt, J.P.
Bondsman: W. C. Hunt

King, William to Rebecca W. Buchanan Oct. 3, 1850 by C. B. Faris, G.M.
Bondsman: (none given)

King, William B. to Eliza Jane Manire Sept. 30, 1841 by William Davis, Minister
Bondsman: Daniel D. Russell

King, William B. to Jane F. Lytle Jan. 27, 1842 by A. L. P. Green, M.G.
Bondsman: Wm. B. King by Wm. Johnson and Wm. Johnson

King, William S. to Sarah Edwards May 31, 1838 by R. B. B. Cannon, J.P.
Bondsman: Jacob Morton

King, William S. to Rebecca W. Rash Sept. 16, 1849 by B. R. Gant, M.G.
Bondsman: Hezekiah Hill

Kington, John C. to Martha Shelton Dec. 27, 1836 by James King, M.G.
Bondsman: (none given)

Kinnard, Christopher W. to Elizabeth H. Watkins Dec. 14, 1843 by Jesse Cox, M.G.
Bondsman: Patrick G. Giles

Kinnard, Christopher W. to Martha V. Watkins May 24, 1849 by Jesse Cox, M.G.
Bondsman: Thos. E. Hall

Kinnard, Claibourne H. to Elizabeth A. Fleming Feb. 20, 1834 by James King
Bondsman: John I. Watson

Kinnard, David C. to Hannah Miller Jan. 3, 1821 (bond)
Bondsman: Robert Parrish

Kinnard, David C. to Sarah T. Olgilvie Nov. 27, 1822 by Henry Bailey, J.P.
Bondsman: Robert Parrish

Kinnard, George C. to Mary A. Jordan Oct. 18, 1846 by W. Burns, M.G.
Bondsman: Joseph S. Gentry

Kinnard, James P. to Nancy Ogilvie Dec. 15, 1827 by Joel Anderson
Bondsman: Boyd M. Nicholson

Kinnard, Michael to Adeline McConnico April 5, 1821 by Joel Anderson
Bondsman: R. B. Marshall

Kinnard, Richard O. to Elizabeth B. Fleming March 13, 1848 by Robert C. Garrison, V.D.M.N.S.P.
Bondsman: Claibourne Kinnard

Kinsey, Benjamin to Catharine Sherrin Dec. 11, 1830 by Daniel White, Minister
Bondsman: Thos. R. Shaw

Kinsey, William B. to Arrena Bates Nov. 4, 1841 by (name omitted)
Bondsman: Franklin B. (x) Haynes

Kirby, William J. to Peana White March 29, 1838 by J. J. Bingham
Bondsman: Wiley B. White

Kirk, Jessee L. to Polly Wilkins July 31, 1813 (bond)
Bondsman: William Bond

Kirk, John to Ann Pruet March 12, 1807 (bond)
Bondsman: Theo. Brenthley

Kirk, William A. A. to Ann R. Clark Aug. 14, 1821 (bond)
Bondsman: William P. Hays

Kirkes, William to Mary Sampson April 3, 1839 by J. Wall, J.P.
Bondsman: Smith (x) Sampson

Kirkpatrick, John to Catharine Anderson Aug. 8, 1823 by Andrew Craig, M.G.
Bondsman: Alex Russell

Kirkpatrick, John O. to Julia F. Atkinson Aug. 12, 1846 by J. C. Anderson, M.G.
Bondsman: R. P. Moss

Kirkpatrick, Samuel to Jane Dobbins Oct. 9, 1815 (bond)
Bondsman: Thos. Craig

Kirkpatrick, Thomas E. to Nancy L. Willie (Wylie?) June 5, 1828 by M. L. Andrews, M.G.
Bondsman: John C. Wylie

Kirkpatrick, Thomas J. to Anna Dobbins March 20, 1826 by John Alkinson, V.D.M.
Bondsman: (none given) (date is bond date)

Kirkpatrick, William J. to Mary Herron Oct. 2, 1833 (bond)
Bondsman: A. T. Reese

Kirsey, Drury to Agnes Thompson Jan. 6, 1831 by Thos. Prowell, J.P.
Bondsman: William Younger

Knight, James (x) to Sally Sawyers Dec. 8, 1841 (bond)
Bondsman: Shadrack Cayce

Knott, Ivison to Jane E. Owen Oct. 9, 1843 by L. B. Johnson
Bondsman: John Knott

Knott, James R. to Mary L. Bracey Dec. 21, 1848 by W. M. Nunn, J.P.
Bondsman: John C. Helm

Knott, William M. to Martha P. Smithson Jan. 6, 1841 by Pettus Shelburne, J.P.
Bondsman: John C. Johnston (date discrepancy on bond and license - marriage may have taken place in 1840)

Koonce, Wright to May Loyd March 1, 1822 by Leven Edney, M.G.
Bondsman: James C. Roach (groom signed 'Right')

Korman, James to Martha E. McLaughlin Sept. 1, 1846 by Richard P. Miles, Bishop of Nashville
Bondsman: Alexander Rosboroughs

- - L - -

Lacey (Locey), Lorenza (x) D. to Ruthy Hartly Sept. 1, 1850 by M. H. Dobson, J.P.
Bondsman: John Lister

Lackey, Andrew K. to Nancy D. Bond Nov. 22, 1850 by J. C. Anderson, M.G.
Bondsman: Robt. W. Bond

Lacy, Hopkins to Martha Allen Feb. 14, 1828 by H. Bailey, J.P.
Bondsman: William W. Johnson

Ladd, Constantine D. (x) to Sarah Hicks Sept. 12, 1835 by Geo. Shannon, J.P.
Bondsman: William J. Moody

Ladd, Peter B. to Matilda Fly July 2, 1837 by R. W. Robinson, J.P.
Bondsman: (none given)

Ladd, Thornton G. to May Jane Smithson Aug. 4, 1841 by Pettus Shelburne, J.P.
Bondsman: William P. Ladd

Laden, Thomas to Margaret Pearce (Pearse?) Oct. 2, 1823 by Robt. Davis, M.G.
Bondsman: Spencer R. Wyatt (groom signed 'Layden')

Lagron, William to Mary Halfacre Oct. 24, 1814 (bond)
Bondsman: Jacob Halfacre

Lamb, Abram (x) to Elizabeth Price Feb. 1, 1848 (bond)
Bondsman: John P. Stevens

Lamb, David to Esther Landram Oct. 7, 1813 (bond)
Bondsman: James Hill

Lamb, David (x) to Susan Lamb July 8, 1824 by Wm. Pollard
Bondsman: William Hill

Lamb, Drury M. to Ruth McCullum Dec. 6, 1837 by R. W. Morris, E. U. (?) P. Church
Bondsman: (none given)

Lamb, Enoch (x) to Rebecca Milton Aug. 8, 1840 by John Lanksin (?), B.M.
Bondsman: James (x) Jones

Lamb, Isham to Martha B. House March 27, 1845 by H. B. North, M.G.
Bondsman: James L. Armstrong

Lamb, Jonathan to Elizabeth Hale Sept. 4, 1830 (bond)
Bondsman: David Jackson

Lamb, Martin to Francis Hill Oct, 31, 1816 by Meriman Landrum
Bondsman: William (x) Hill

Lamb, Merriman to Elizabeth Pope Oct. 27, 1837 by Jno. Landram
Bondsman: (none given)

Lamb, Thomas to Parry (Purry ?) Putnam May 6, 1821 (bond)
Bondsman: Thomas Wright

Lamb, William to Hannah Putman July 31, 1829 by L. Manire, J.P.
Bondsman: Jesse H. Carson

Lamb, William (x) to Nancy Crick Sept. 4, 1838 by Sam B. Robinson, J.P.
Bondsman: William Lewis

Lamb, William to Mary Knot March 29, 1844 by Chesley Williams, J.P.
Bondsman: Mark L. Crick

Lamb, William D. to Nancy C. Webster Jan. 28,1841 by N. R. Owen, J.P.
Bondsman: Jacob G. Page

Lambert, Abner to Ibby Scott April 27, 1825 by Jas. Scott, M.G.
Bondsman: William Amis

Lampkin, William to Ann Eliza Adams May 30, 1844 by (name omitted)
Bondsman: Benjamin (x) Malone

Lampkins, James H. to Susan Price May 11, 1845 by M. L. Andrews, M.G.
Bondsman: John B. McEwen

Lancaster, David to Nancy Radford Feb. 21, 1807 (bond)
Bondsman: Peter Swanson

Landrum, John to Delpha Hall Dec. 24, 1822 by Jonathan Norman
Bondsman: Joshua Landrum and John Webb

Landrum, William to Winney Pope Oct. 27, 1827 by Sam B. Robinson, J.P.
Bondsman: (none given)

Lane, Benjamin to Rebecca Walker Nov. 7, 1825 by Tristram Patton
Bondsman: John M. Lane

Lane, James to Rebecca McPherson Sept. 25, 1849 by John P. McKay, J.P.
Bondsman: Woodward (x) Hart

Lane, Martin to Margaret D. McEwen Sept. 5, 1817 (bond)
Bondsman: Christopher E. McEwen

Lane, Reuben to Sarah Long May 22, 1823 by Hartwell B. Hyde, J.P.
Bondsman: Nath'l (x) Cannon (groom signed 'Layne')

Lang, Edward to Jane Kenney Dec. 14, 1828 by J. Farrington, J.P.
Bondsman: James P. Dillin

Lang, George W. to Rebekah Priest Dec. 15, 1819 by T. Farrington, J.P.
Bondsman: J. C. Hill and Wm. Johnson

Langley, Levi (x) to Arcadia Horton Feb. 2, 1819 by John Thurston
Bondsman: Thomas Hilliard

Langley, William to Rebecca J. Ingram Jan. 16, 1850 by John C. Wiley, J.P.
Bondsman: George W. Allen

Lanier, Benjamin B. to Mary Donelson Oct. 30, 1838 by M. L. Andrews, M.G.
Bondsman: Thomas Helm

Lanier, Benjamin S. to Mary A. Boone March 29, 1845 (bond)
Bondsman: William W. Peace

Lanier, William to Martha C. Tanner Dec. 11, 1830 by M. L. Andrews, M.G.
Bondsman: Alanson Oslin

Laslin, William to Sarah Shaderick Oct. 6, 1817 (bond)
Bondsman: Edward Harris

Lathem, James to Sally Gray Dec. 24, 1812 (bond)
Bondsman: John McGee

Laughlin (Loughlin?), James to Elizabeth Roy (Ray?) Dec. 22, 1810 (bond)
Bondsman: Benjamin Parks

Laughlin, Lynden to Caroline Nall Sept. 19, 1835 (bond)
Bondsman: Isaac Anderson

Lavendar, William (x) to Abigail Blake April 22, 1819 by Tristram Patton, J.P.
Bondsman: Jeremiah Terry

Lavender, Anthony to Parraller Sprott Jan. 26, 1837 by M. L. Andrews, M.G.
Bondsman: (none given)

Lavender, Nelson, Jr. (x) to Pamelia White March 1, 1832 by William Rucker, J.P.
Bondsman: George M. (x) White

Lavender, Nicholas (x) to Nancy Sloan March 2, 1822 (bond)
Bondsman: Richius (x) Lavender

Lawhorn, Charles (x) to Peggy McIntosh Dec. 18, 1822 by Jas. Reid, J.P.
Bondsman: Henry Martin

Lawhorn, John to Catharine Ruder Jan. 27, 1831 by Robt. Davis, M.G.
Bondsman: John H. Bullock

Lawrence, Edward to Mary J. Marling March 18, 1848 (bond)
Bondsman: John W. Chandler

Lawrence, John C. to Jane B. Jones Dec. 16, 1845 by M. L. Andrews, M.G.
Bondsman: Pleasant W. Brown

Laws, Theldred to Nancy Poarch Jan. 2, 18112 (bond)
Bondsman: (none given)

Laymasters, John (x) to Mary Ann McPherson Jan. 15, 1825 (bond)
Bondsman: Henry (x) Truit

Layne, Benjamin W. to Dilly Fisk Sept. 12, 1847 by Thos. J. Miller, J.P.
Bondsman: Geo. A. J. Mayfield (groom signed 'Lane')

Layne, Henry to Nancy Hogwood (Haywood?) July 24, 1828 by Lent Brown, M.G.
Bondsman: Allen (x) Salmons

Layne, John to Frances Hughes Feb. 23, 1820 by Eleazar Hardeman, J.P.
Bondsman: William Layne

Layne, John B. to Lucy H. Hogan Jan. 7, 1846 by W. Burns
Bondsman: George W. Layne

Layne, Robert to Nancy Hickman Feb. 1, 1819 by Nich's Scales
Bondsman: Wm. K. Layne

Layne, Robert to Susan Ann Glenn Sept. 4, 1845 by Wm. F. Carter, J.P.
Bondsman: John B. Layne

Layne, William T. to Elizabeth M. Walton July 25, 1839 by Jesse Cox, M.G.
Bondsman: (none given)

Lazenby, John (x) to Sarah E. Morris March 24, 1845 (bond)
Bondsman: Thomas L. McCrory

Leath, Michael M. to Martha B. Clark Oct. 30, 1836 by Wm. B. Carpenter
Bondsman: Stephen L. Vaught

Leathers, David I. to Catherine Phillips March 2, 1837 by Lent Brown
Bondsman: (none given)

Leaysbeck, Thomas to Leannah Andrews March 27, 1805 (bond)
Bondsman: Lazarus Andrews

Ledbetter, William to Eliza Adaline Wellborn April 24, 1828 by German Baker
Bondsman: H. D. Neilson (groom of Rutherford Co.)

Lee, Benjamin to Patsey Barlett (Bartleff or Bartlett) May 3, 1814 (bond)
Bondsman: Henry Hadger

Lee, Hubbard J. to Polly Guthrie Sept. 3, 1817 (bond)
Bondsman: Roderick Temple (groom signed 'Herbert')

Lee, John (x) to Polly Ann Scott Feb. 21, 1849 by Thos. J. Nolen, J.P.
Bondsman: William (x) Pumroy

Lee, William to Mary Love Jan. 9, 1809 (bond)
Bondsman: Joel Hobbs

Lee, William S. to Mary Field Sept. 9, 1835 by James Johnson, J.P.
Bondsman: J. Thomas Parrish and James McAlister

Leek, Samuel P. to Anna Barnes April 1, 1818 (bond)
Bondsman: Ansylum Barnes

Leflore, Greenwood to Priscilla Donly June 9, 1834 by S. B. McConnico, J.P.
Bondsman: Edward Breathitt

Leftwich, Jesse to Mary R. Lewis Dec. 24, 1850 by A. N. Cunningham, M.G.
Bondsman: Thomas S. Porter

Legate, Charles S. to Sally Gray Feb. 20, 1805 (bond)
Bondsman: John Secrest

Legate, James to Fanny Wilson Nov. 22, 1817 (bond)
Bondsman: James Wilson

Lester, Charles S. to Parmelia F. Marable Oct. 23, 1839 by H. B. Hyde, J.P.
Bondsman: Joseph H. Ladd

Lester, German to Catharine Reed (Rud?) Feb. 10, 1818 (bond)
Bondsman: Wm. Edmiston

Lester, James to Mary D. McConnico Dec. 21, 1820 by John Alkinson, Minister
Bondsman: James C. Hill

Lester, James W. to Elizabeth Tucker Feb. 14, 1832 (bond)
Bondsman: John McHally

Lester, Robert H. to Martha M. Allen Dec. 23, 1848 (bond)
Bondsman: Braxton J. Wall

Lester, Samuel (x) to Priscilla Meadows Feb. 24, 1839 by J. P. Bingham
Bondsman: Edwin J. H. Reese

Lester, Silas S. to Frances J. Wood (bond) (no date given)
Bondsman: Johnson (x) Wood

Lester, Whitehead to Rebecca Thweatt June 3, 1827 by Ware Henley, J.P.
Bondsman: Samuel Blake

Lester, William P. to Rebecca Pinkston Dec. 11, 1832 by M. L. Andrews, M.G.
Bondsman: William Andrews

Lester, William P. to Nancy H. Watson Oct. 28, 1847 by W. Burns, M.G.
Bondsman: David Pinkston, Jr.

Lewallen, Aron to Sarah Young Jan. 14, 1819 by G. Hunt, J.P.
Bondsman: John Sherin

Lewis, Benjamin (x) to Betsey Roberts Nov. 11, 1823 (bond)
Bondsman: Benjamin Roberts

Lewis, Elam to Elizabeth Wood Jan. 12, 1832 by T. D. Porter
Bondsman: Joshua M. Kelly

Lewis, Elam to Mary E. Glenn Nov. 28, 1843 by H. B. Hyde, J.P.
Bondsman: Johnson Wood

Lewis, Gravitt T. (L. ?) to Polly Fuqua (date not given) (bond)
Bondsman: Doctor F. Fuqua

Lewis, Richard to Ann Roberts Sept. 30, 1835 by T. D. Porter
Bondsman: Robert Grummer (?)

Lewis, Richard C. (x) to Elizabeth Palmon (Palmore?) Oct. 20, 1841 (bond)
Bondsman: Benjamin F. Lewis

Liggett, John to Mary H. Wade Oct. 18, 1841 by J. B. Boyd, J.P.
Bondsman: William M. Smith

Liggett, Wade H. to Jane Secrest Jan. 29, 1829 by Joel Anderson, M.G.
Bondsman: John Secrest

Lightfoot, Tapley M. (x) to Elizabeth Aldridge Nov. 20, 1843 by S. S. R. A. Knott, J.P.
Bondsman: Smith Sampson (groom aged 85, bride aged 18)

Lillard, Moses to Eliza Ann Featherstone Feb. 11, 1829 by D. C. Kinnard, J.P.
Bondsman: Samuel Neal

Lillard, Thomas J. to Nancy Irvin March 24, 1831 by Wm. Allison, J.P.
Bondsman: Abram F. Lillard

Linam, John W. to Sarah A. Potts Aug. 29, 1850 by W. B. Carpenter
Bondsman: William Cartwright

Lindsay, Elemore to Margaret A. Wilson July 16, 1837 by J. B. W. (illegible), J.P.
Bondsman: (none given)

Lindsey, John (x) to Milley Coore Feb. 17, 1819 (bond)
Bondsman: William Coore

Lindsey, William to Mary Wilson Oct. 22, 1810 (bond)
Bondsman: Robert Kennedy

Linton, Samuel to Nancy Burnham Sept. 2, 1817 (bond)
Bondsman: Frederick Ivy

Lister (Lester?), Henry to Sarah Ann Sample Nov. 12, 1845 (bond)
Bondsman: John Lister

Lite, Charles T. to Mary E. Wood Nov. 28, 1848 by H. B. North, M.G.
Bondsman: R. E. Thompson

Little, Alfred S. to Martha Pope Dec. 30, 1834 by E. G. Porter
Bondsman: Sanford H. Little

Little, Charles (x) to Saphronia Butter June 8, 1843 by Jas. F. McMahan, J.P.
Bondsman: Simeon Venable

Little, David C. to Mary Webb July 12, 1835 by J. Landrum
Bondsman: Alfred L. Little

Little, George (x) to Elizabeth Anderson Dec. 14, 1815 by W. R. Nunn
Bondsman: John Clinton

Little, Isaac N. (x) to Elizabeth White Oct. 31, 1833 by Wm. Moore, J.P.
Bondsman: Wm. W. Robb

Little, James (x) to Nancy Locke July 2, 1843 by J. F. McMahan, J.P.
Bondsman: Thomas (x) Gatlin

Little, James H. to Mary Stanley Nov. 1, 1836 by J. S. Bartlett, J.P.
Bondsman: Nelson Grimes

Little, John M. (x) to Mary Knight Dec. 31, 1834 by Robert Davis, M.G.
Bondsman: Gassaway Peach

Little, Joseph to Missouri Pope Feb. 2, 1829 (bond)
Bondsman: David Jackson

Little, Martin S. to Mary Dobson Sept. 13, 1829 by Wright Stanley, J.P.
Bondsman: Wm. W. Robb

Little, Sanford H. (D?) to Adaline Birdwell May 7, 1834 by James M. Carson, J.P.
Bondsman: James C. Taylor

Little, Stephen to Ellender Bailey June 30, 1808 (bond)
Bondsman: Wm. Bailey

Little, Thomas W. to Mary Ann King Nov. 21, 1846 (bond)
Bondsman: T. S. Gatlin

Littleton, Joseph S. to Susan McDaniel Nov. 30, 1837 by Robert Davis, M.G.
Bondsman: (none given)

Littleton, Reuben to Hannah Willett Dec. 21, 1815 (bond)
Bondsman: David W. Gee

Littleton, William (x) to McCandles Ridge March 5, 1817 (bond)
Bondsman: Nathan'l (x) Huggins

Littleton, William (x) to Polly Whitby Aug. 22, 1832 by Wm. Moor, J.P.
Bondsman: John H. Bulloch

Littleton, William (x) to Martha Larimore April 8, 1838 by Wm. Moor, J.P.
Bondsman: Henry (x) Truett

Littleton, William (x) to Rebecca Murphy Jan. 11, 1842 by Joseph Carle
Bondsman: Thos. Kidd

Litton, Elihu (x) to Mary A. Davis Feb. 6, 1849 by W. F. A. Shaw, J.P.
Bondsman: Eliphas R. Davis

Litton, Henry (x) to Nancy Davis March 14, 1840 by Thos. Prowell, J.P.
Bondsman: Eliphas R. Davis

Litton, James M. to Sarah Jane Davis Dec. 30, 1847 by Thos. Prowell, J.P.
Bondsman: William (x) Davis

Litton, Thomas to Anna Davis March 16, 1836 by Thos. Prowell, J.P.
Bondsman: Henry William (x) Davis

Livesey, Carter to Betsey Wright Oct. 13, 1810 (bond)
Bondsman: Jacob Simmons

Lock, Walter to Sally Bell March 19, 1805 (bond)
Bondsman: Abe May

Lock, William to Patsey Carothers Oct. 10, 1805 (bond)
Bondsman: Alexander Smith

Locke, Green W. to Sarah Ann Jones Dec. 26, 1844 by J. J. Bingham, J.P.
Bondsman: William W. Brookes

Locke, Knacy H. to Susan R. Andrews Oct. 24, 1843 by M. L. Andrews, M.G.
Bondsman: (none given) (license only)

Locke, Richard Stith to Elizabeth Andrews Dec. 21, 1805 (bond)
Bondsman: Kinacy Andrews

Locke, Thomas (x) to Martha M. Blackburn Aug. 22, 1844 by S. S. P. A. Knott, J.P.
Bondsman: Rice J. Hughes

Locke, William to Rhoda Boyd Jones July 3, 1850 by John P. McKay, J.P.
Bondsman: Jesse D. Brown

Lockett, Joel (x) to Paraller Bonds Feb. 10, 1843 by W. B. Carpenter
Bondsman: John P. McKay

Lockett, Uriah to Harriott Gray July 11, 1816 by Berry Vaden
Bondsman: John Gray

Lockridge, Cannon H. to Elizabeth H. Durdon Jan. 9, 1847 by M. B. Molloy, M.G.
Bondsman: Elbert J. Nichols

Lockridge, Robert P. to Virginia King Sept. 2, 1844 (bond)
Bondsman: Thomas S. Crawford

Lockridge, William to Rebecca Herron Feb. 29, 1824 by D. Brown, V.D.M.
Bondsman: Thomas M. Lockridge

Lockridge, William J. to Margaret E. Horton (bond)
Bondsman: James W. Crawford

Loftin, Harbert C. to Mary Ann Barker Sept. 30, 1836 by James King
Bondsman: Addison H. Walker

Loftin, Herbert C. to Martha Jane Barker Dec. 16, 1847 by H. B. North, M.G.
Bondsman: Wm. B. Patton

Loftin, John (x) to Nancy Thomas Jan. 11, 1825 by R. McCutchen, J.P.
Bondsman: Lewis Hardgrove

Loftin, Joseph J. B. to Lucinda R. Raney Nov. 1, 1843 by H. B. Hyde, J.P.
Bondsman: Nathan A. Boyd

Logan, Coatsworth P. to Susan R. Horton Dec. 27, 1846 by Robert L. Andrews
Bondsman: L. C. Beale (Livingston Beale)

Long, George to Mary R. Primm Jan. 18, 1844 by R. G. Irvine, M.G.
Bondsman: James N. Neelly

Long, George W. to Elizabeth Gocey March 14, 1822 by Thos. L. Douglass
Bondsman: James R. Davis

Long, Henry (x) to Elizabeth Turner Dec. 27, 1833
Bondsman: Freeman Johnston (no marriage date or by whom performed)

Long, Isaac to Susannah Tooms March 16, 1809 (bond)
Bondsman: Benjamin Tarkington

Long, James to Jane F. Hughes Dec. 26, 1825 by Joel Anderson
Bondsman: Wm. Allison

Long, James to Caroline M. Early May 31, 1838 by H. H. North, M.G.
Bondsman: Thomas (x) Chambers

Long, John to Elizabeth Little June 5, 1825 by H. B. Hyde, J.P.
Bondsman: Edward Anderson

Long, Josiah to Letitia Cromer Sept. 14, 1848 by W. F. Erwin, M.G.
Bondsman: John W. Parks

Long, Nicholas to Judith R. Dudley May 23, 1822 by John N. Blackburn, M.G.
Bondsman: Ferdinand Stith

Long, Richard T. to Sinia Gentry Jan. 25, 1821 by W. R. Nunn
Bondsman: David Humphreys

Long, William (x) to Emeline Burnett April 13, 1844 by Stokley A. Davis, J.P.
Bondsman: James (x) Canada

Long, William C. to Polly P. Tinsley April 30, 1812 (bond)
Bondsman: James W. Gray

Long, William L. to Polly P. Findley April 30, 1812 (bond)
Bondsman: Sam Crockett (note similarity with above)

Love, John to Agnes Hays May 25, 1805 (bond)
Bondsman: Wm. Hays

Love, John G. to Rebecca Axem July 18, 1811 (bond)
Bondsman: Joseph Love

Love, Joseph to Frances Douglass Feb. 15, 1848 by Rufus Ledbetter
Bondsman: John Marshall

Love, Samuel to Nancy Axum March 4, 1812 (bond)
Bondsman: David B. Love

Lovell, Markham to Polly Polk April 15, 1836 (bond)
Bondsman: Beverly Ridley

Lovell, Thomas to Nancy Gentry Aug. 19, 1815 (bond)
Bondsman: Thos. Gentry

Lovell, William to Peggy Stephenson Jan. 7, 1812 (bond)
Bondsman: Samuel Patton

Lovell, William D. to Leah P. P. Scales May 20, 1821 by Peyton Smith, M.G.
Bondsman: Thos. Hardeman, Jr.

Lovet, Moses (x) to Margaret Featherston Oct. 7, 1834 by A. A. Wilson, J.P.
Bondsman: Jesse N. White

Lovett, Joseph to Martha Devore Dec. 19, 1831 by J. Norman, J.P.
Bondsman: Jesse N. White

Lovett, David to Fanny Saunders Sept. 22, 1806 (bond)
Bondsman: Elijah Saunders and Luke Pryor

Low, Gabriel R. to Vinia (Viney) H. Yarbrough March 21, 1839 by Mark L. Andrews, M.G.
Bondsman: Blount Jordan

Low, James to Eleanor Alexander April 18, 1822 by Jonathan Norman
Bondsman: Garrett (x) Simmons

Low, James to Martha Wills April 14, 1836 by Nelson P. Modrall, M.G.
Bondsman: Joseph R. Sutton

Loyd, Lewis to Parmelia Talley Dec. 13, 1811 (bond)
Bondsman: Philip Loyd

Ludbury, William D. to Sally Criddle July 3, 1820 (bond)
Bondsman: William Johnson

Luna, Jackson to Nancy Andrews Aug. 2, 1832 by M. L. Andrews, M.G.
Bondsman: James Brooks (groom made mark)

Lunn, Alfred to Nancy Bullock Oct. 31, 1827 by H. Bailey, J.P.
Bondsman: Amos Dobson

Lunn, Eli to Eliza Glascock Feb. 20, 1828 by John Witherspoon
Bondsman: Alfred Lunn

Lunn, Felix G. to Ruth Radford Feb. 22, 1841 (bond)
Bondsman: James Walker

Lunn, John to Eleanor Graham June 24, 1819 by Henry Petty, M.G.
Bondsman: W. W. Hill

Lunn, William to Ester Graham Jan. 9, 1826 (bond)
Bondsman: (none given)

Lutey, James (x) to Rebecca Anderson April 9, 1822 by Eleazar Hardeman
Bondsman: Edward Anderson

Luther, John (x) to Laura Anderson August 27, 1838 (bond)
Bondsman: David (x) Brown

Luty, David to Margaret Woodson Feb. 2, 1819 by Eleazar Hardeman
Bondsman: John Layne

Lyon, Charles P. to Mary Ann Jones Dec. 18, 1833 (bond)
Bondsman: John Evans, Jr.

Lyon, Stephen H. to Matilda Crockett Jan. 25, 1830 by T. D. Porter
Bondsman: Peter Perkins

Lytle, Archibald to Elizabeth C. Cole June 27, 1822 by Geo. Blackburn, V.D.M.
Bondsman: H. R. W. Hill

Lytle, John C. to Sarah E. Graham Aug. 29, 1837 by A. T. Scruggs, M.G.
Bondsman: (none given)

Lytle, William F. to Mary T. Logan June 10, 1835 by William Eagleton, V.D.M.
Bondsman: Jas. J. Guy