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Loving County

Prehistorically, the area had many springs with drinkable water that supported wildlife and nomadic hunters. Antonio de Espejo visited the area in 1583 and crossed the Pecos River. John Pope surveyed the area in 1854 for a railroad company, and returned in 1855 to start a camp in northwestern Loving County and establish artesian wells in the area, however the venture was unsuccessful and was abandoned in 1861.

From 1837 to 1874 the area of Loving County was part of the Bexar land district. In 1874 it was separated from Bexar County as a part of Tom Green County.  Loving County is named for Oliver Loving, a cattle rancher and pioneer of the cattle drive who together with Charles Goodnight developed the Goodnight-Loving Trail. He was mortally wounded by Comanches while on a cattle drive in 1867 in the vicinity of the county.

Loving is the only county in Texas to be incorporated twice, first in 1893 and then once more in 1931. Its initial organization was effected by a canal company founded in Denver, Colorado, and appears to have been based upon fraud and willful misrepresentations made by the founders to state officials.  After a local landowner hired a New York firm to investigate alleged improprieties in county government, the company's organizers fled, taking with them all the county records. The state legislature subsequently disorganized Loving in 1897, attaching it to Reeves County.

Oil was discovered in 1921, leading to a population increase in Loving County. By 1930 there were 195 residents, mostly living in what would become the town of Mentone, which became the county seat when Loving was reconstituted in 1931. By 1933, the population had peaked at 600, only to enter a steady decline to the present day.

Loving in 1931- Organization forces were led by J. J. Wheat and B. F. Ramsey, pioneers of the county. Another group headed by Lige Hall, ranchman, opposed organization and forced the petitioners to prove that seventy-five of the citizens signing the petition were qualified voters.

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