Loving County, Texas
1930 Census - Page 1


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Porterville, Loving Co., Texas
May 15, 1930
Mrs. Mildred G. Black, enumerator











Age at
1st Marr.







1 1 McClure, Harvey B. Head Un Un M W 39 M 32 Georgia Georgia Georgia Manager Hotel WW Vet
    Rose H. Wife     F W 36 M 29 Wisconsin Germany Germany      
    Harvey c. Son     M W 6 S   Texas Georgia Wisconsin      
    Theodore R. Son     M W 4 5/12 S   New Mexico Georgia Wisconsin      



William L. Son     M W 2 6/12 S   New Mexico Georgia Wisconsin    


    Joseph A. Son     M W 1 S   Texas Georgia Wisconsin      
    Schwyn, Mildred H. Lodger     F W 31 S   Nebraska Switzerland Vermont Secretary Oil Office  
    Covey, Guy A. Lodger     M W 49 M   New York New York New York Broker Oil  
    Oliver, Nan L. Lodger     F W 41 D 21 Nebraska Switzerland Vermont      


  Wheat, James J. Lodger     M W 56 M 25 Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Broker Oil  
2 2 Bouldin, Roy W. Head R 15 M W 49 M 20 Texas Texas Texas Leader? Oil  
    Jessie L. Wife     F W 39 M 32 Texas Alabama Georgia      



Mazelle J. Daughter



F W 6 S   Texas Texas Texas      
    Billie B. Daughter     F W 5 S


Texas Texas Texas      
3 3 Campbell, Jerry C. Head R 120 M W 46 M 20 Missouri Missouri Missouri Mechanic Oil  
    Martha A. Wife     F W 44 M 18 Alabama Alabama Alabama      
    Winnie Daughter     F W 24 S   Oklahoma Missouri Alabama      
    W. Edward Son     M W 22 S   Oklahoma Missouri Alabama Laborer Odd Jobs


    Jay M. Son


  M W 20 S   Oklahoma Missouri Alabama Laborer Odd Jobs  


Ruth Daughter     F W 10 S   Oklahoma Missouri Alabama      
    Winifred Daughter     F W 8 S   Oklahoma Missouri Alabama      
    Ray Son     M W 3 10/12? S   New Mexico Missouri Alabama      
4 4 Weldy, James W. Head Un Un M W 26 S   Texas Texas Texas Builder Rig  



Johnston, Charles H. Lodger     M W 42 S   Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Laborer Odd Jobs  
    Stinett, Clay C. Lodger     M W 39 D 25 Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Warehouse Man Warehouse WW Vet



Stoeckl, Fred G. Lodger     M W 37 M 30 California Germany Germany Builder Rig WW Vet
5 5 Bacon, Samuel L? Head Un Un M W 52 S   Iowa Illinois Illinois Merchant Grocery  
6 6 Faust, David F. Head R 20 M W 63 M 20 Mississippi North Carolina North Carolina Proprietor Cafe  



Inez D. Wife     F W 57 M 30 Tennesse Tennessee Tennessee      
7 7 Bouldin, Wilburn W. Head R 25 M W 26 M 25 Texas Texas Texas Gauger? Pipe Line  
    Clara E. Wife     F W 21 M 20 Texas Texas Texas      
    Billy D. Son       M W 2/12 S   Texas Texas Texas      
8 8 McKibben?, Rufus L. Head R 25 M W 50 M 24 West Virginia Pennsylvania West Virginia Foreman Oil Well  
    Eunice E. Wife     F W 43 M 18 West Virginia Ohio Ohio    


    T. Wing Son     M W 10 S   Oklahoma West Virginia West Virginia      
9 9 Gragos?, Lawrence A. Head Un Un M W 25 S   Texas Texas Texas Driver Truck


    Capshaw, Gid W. Lodger     M W 41 D 22 Oklahoma Oklahoma Georgia Laborer Odd Jobs  


  Allison, Claude B. Lodger     M W 30 M 23 Texas Oklahoma Texas Laborer Odd Jobs  
    Finnegan, A. Frank Lodger     M W 52 S   Pennsylvania Ireland Ireland Driller Oil Well  
    Carvan?, George M. Lodger     M W 35 M 27 Oklahoma TExas Texas Dresser? of tools   WW Vet
10 10 Scott, Walter W. Head R 20 M W 36 M 20 Oklahoma Nebraska Illinois Superintendent Oil Co.  
    Mary N. Wife     F W 25 M 18 Oklahoma Illinois Illinois      
    Marjorie M. Daughter     F W 13 S   Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma      
    Clara S. Daughter     F W 5 S   Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma      
    Walter A. Son     M W 3 S   Texas Oklahoma Oklahoma      
    Vesta M. Daughter     F W 1 2/12 S   California Oklahoma Oklahoma      
    Myrtle A. Daughter     F W 2/12 S   Texas Oklahoma Oklahoma      
    McCrory, Myrtle M. Sister In law     F W 23 D 20 Oklahoma Illinois Illinois      
    Linda M. Niece     F W 1 11/12 S   Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma      
11 11 Smith, W. Price Head R 25 M W 34 M 26 Texas Texas Texas Driller Oil Well  

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