Upton County, Texas


Brutal Crimes Traced to Bill Hudgins, the Outlaw

Paris, Tex., March 26 – Since the capture of Bill Hudgins and most of the members of his gang February 5, Paris, Tex., March 26 – Since the capture of Bill Hudgins and most of the members of his gang February 5, and the killing of Aleck Davis and the capture of Bill Poe on the 17th inst., officers have secured information that shows Hudgins’ connection with at least four murders that have heretofore remained a mystery.

On July 9, 1890, Aleck Handlin was shot from ambush about thirty miles west of Purcell, while driving along the road with his wife. She drove sixteen miles to the nearest house. Two men named Samuel and Ramey were arrested for the crime and brought here and the case was thoroughly investigated. While there was some strong circumstances against them, the case was dismissed. They were arrested in Greenwood county, Kansas, by Sheriff Bookover, and are now suing him for false imprisonment.

Soon after the opening of Oklahoma an old German and his son and a man named Casey fell out over a claim and one night they were called out and shot down. Casey was suspected of the crime, but no evidence could be obtained against him and the matter almost passed out of mind.

A year or two ago the office of the Santa Fe railroad at Horton, in the Cherokee strip, was entered. No other house was near. The agent was shot and the station robbed. The agent leaned over his table and while his life blood ebbed away tapped this message: “Help, am dying; station robbed.” A special train went down from Arkansas City, Kan., and the agent was found .

Evidence is now accumulating that will undoubtedly prove that Hudgins, who is well known as an outlaw, committed all of these murders, and three others have been partially developed besides these against him. Murder cases have been worked up on five other members of the gang. Hudgins is only 22 years old and all of the members of his band are young men. (Kansas City Times, March 27, 1891, page 4) submitted by Peggy Thompson


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