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 Caricature  Phildelphia Enquirer 1901

"Joe Boot"

Joe Boot was an outlaw from Arizona. A farmer and a miner  by profession, he lived in Globe, east of Phoenix He was born .

In Mammoth, Arizona, he met Pearl Hart, whose real name is sometimes listed as Caroline Hartwell and other sources, given as  Pearl Taylor,  who worked for the miners there. She was the instigator of Boot's downfall. On May 30, 1899, they held up a stagecoach at Cane Springs, on the Globe to Florence stagecoach route, near the present day town of Kearny, AZ. It was the last known stagecoach robbery in Arizona.

Boot and Hart managed to take only about 400 dollars and a revolver from three train passengers. They escaped, but five days later, they were found in Benson, Arizona. Shortly thereafter Pearl and Joe were caught by Pinal County Sheriff W. E. Truman. They were placed in the Florence Jail on June 4. The fact that Pearl was a woman bandit immediately caused a great public sensation. The sheriff found the publicity extremely annoying and therefore decided to send Pearl to the Pima County Jail in Tucson.  Joe  remained in Florence.

Boot was sentenced to thirty years in the notorious Yuma Territorial Prison. Hart, who had pleaded her case to the all-male jury , was acquitted of the stage-coach robbery, but retried immediately and found guilty of theft of the stage driver's handgun. She got 5 years and was released after on serving three years. . Joe Boot escaped after two years.  He was said to have been  an exemplary prisoner and soon was made a trustee. He was never recaptured. Pearl on the other hand was pardoned by the governor of Arizona,  on the condition that she had to leave the territory.  No more is to learn of Joe Boot....



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