Upton County, Texas


 January 7, 1896 – September 23, 1938

Joe Ball was born in Elemendorf, Texas in Bexar, County.  The early life of Joe Ball seems an ordinary one. He grew up in  a large family went off to serve his country in France in World War I, returned and went into business for himself. As it turns out his life was anything but ordinary.  How many murders did he commit. Know one will every probably know. He supposedly fed their bodies to his pit of alligators behind his cold drinks store, where for years he sold bootleg whiskey. In later years, after prohibition ended, Ball opened a bar on Highway 181 called the Sociable Inn. Many of his waitresses have said to disappeared, and his wife included during this time. It was rumored he fed them all to his Alligator's. A handyman of Ball's, Clifford Wheeler, confessed out of sheer terror of Ball to helping him dispose of some of the bodies. Two graves were found near the alligator pit containing the remains of two of his waitresses , and a barrel of human remains nearby. It is said the  five alligators were put on display in the San Antonio Zoo. Ball killed himself inside his saloon when officers attempted to arrest him.




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