Upton County, Texas
Extracted from WWI Draft Registration Cards by Janice Rice
Name Birth Race Place of birth  Notes
John Oscar Barfield 2 Jan 1891 Caucasian Fort McKavett, Texas works Harris Bros. wife and child
Homer Barger 20 Oct 1899 White Robert Lee Coke County, Tx railroad worker,  C E Barger
Cody Mood Bell 16 Jul 1894 White Texas Stockman
William Russell Bell 15 Oct 1898 White Texas Stockman, mother Mrs. Mary Bell
Pablo Chapoy 29 Dec 1884 White Del Rio, Texas Sheep Herder for C W Herrill, James Chapoy father
Calbert C Childerss 23 Jan 1883 White Rankin, Texas Blacksmith,  Pollye Childress
John D Christy 16 Feb 1881 White Rankin, Texas Cattleraiser, Louise Christy
Secuals Durhan 24 Mar 1885 White Sonoro, Texas Sheepherder for Louis Stuart

Aneceto Durhan

R C Epps 20 Sep 1895 Caucasian (White) Jacksboro, Texas Cowboy for Harry Hill
Howard Frank Felps 13 Dec 1899 White Texas stockman self employed

J A Felps

James R Felps 25 May 1881 White  Texas ranch hand LL Stuart, relative Jake Felps Johnson, Tx
Jack Ray Ferguson 31 Mar 1896 Caucasian (White) Arlington, Texas Cowboy for R R Bishop,

crippled from broken hips

Lucian Admire Ferguson 24 Feb 1885 White Texas Ranch Hand for R R Bishop &L D Ferguson Leon Valley, Tx relative
John Willis Garner 22 Jul 1876 White Texas Sheriff Upton Texas,        Mrs. J W Garner
William Leslie Gatcher 13 Oct 1884 White Texas Ranching J D Christie, relative Mrs. W L Gatcher
Herbert Bourland Griffith 4 Nov 1882 White Texas County Judge, Upland Upton County, wife Mrs. Hattie Griffith
Robert Columbus Harlan 19 Sep 1876 White Texas County Clerk, Mrs. R C Harlan wife
James Turner Hickox 8 May 1897 Not Stated Coleman, Texas T F Hickox Father born Austin
Jeff Mills Hickox

20 June 1900

White Rankin, Texas Laborer R R Bishop, father T F Hickox
Thomas Penn Hickox 3 Nov 1891 Caucasian (White) Texas works near Sheffield Pecos County Tx, married
Harry Edgar Hill 2 May 1882 White  Texas Stockman self employes, mother Mary Hill lives Midland, Tx
William Marmaduke Hill 25 Jul 1887 Caucasian (White) Valley Mills, Texas Stockman self employed wife and child
Will J Huggins 11 May 1889 Caucasian (White) Georgetown, Texas Well driller W W Miller,
John C Jackson 10 Aug 1893 Caucasian (White) Denton, Texas Cowboy for R R Bishop
Masser William Herman Jackson 27 Jun 1899 White Estancia, NM Ranch hand McElroy, relative Henry Jackson, N M
Sant Elmo James 18 Mar 1880 White Carlsbad, NM CTN ? Company, sheep rustler, relative Rose James
Jesus Jimenez 1882 Mexican Marfa, Texas Ranch hand Pat Elders, relative Juan Durando
Joseph Thomas Lane 2 Dec 1896 White Coke County, Texas Self employed Phoenix Az, relative John F Lane Rankin
Jno T Lanman 27 Aug 1876 White Texas R R Track Foreman, May E Lanman relative
William Jeff Liles 13 Apr 1886 White Not stated Ranch hand Murphy, relative  Alma Liles
Dave Longino 15 Aug 1890 Caucasian (White) Crumby (?),  Texas not employed physical disability
Marion Mansfield Longino 5 Nov 1883 White   Stockman self employed, relative Lila Longino
Inacio Losolla 12 May 1882 White   sheep herder for Claude Harrill, relative Pablo Losolla, Piedres Mexico
Juan Martenis 24 Jun 1891 Mexican Morelio, Mexico track worker rail road, wife and children
John Houston Massingill 16 Oct 1883 White   stock farmer self employed, relative Marietta Massingill
Ollie Stanley Matthews 11 Jun 1877 White   well drilling, self employed, Pecos Texas, wife Zada Matthews
Harve Mayfield 2 Apr 1876 White   Ranch Hand J T McElroy, relative, Vain Mayfield Odessa, Texas
Arthur Guy McLaughlin 24 Aug 1893 Caucasian (White) Bailer, Texas Stockman
Charley Caldwell McLaughlin 19 Jul 1898 White Upland, Texas Ranch hand for  R C Harlan, father G S McLaughlin
George Steel McLaughlin 6 Jun 1873 White   cowman, self employed  and Ollie Parker, relative Mary E McLaughlin
William Ray McLaughlin 21 Feb 1896 Caucasian (White) Upland, Texas Cattle raiser, self employed
Robert Davis McSpadden 7 Feb 1876 White   garage man self employed, relative Zola McSpadden
Refugio Mediano Dec 30 Mexican Chiwea, Mexico ranch labor for T F Hickox, single w/ child
Megelopy 1896 Mexican Mexico ranch hand for Noelke & Murphy
Earl Gardner Millard 7 Aug 1897 White Wichita, Kansas I G Yates employer, Mrs. Sarah E.  Millard
Jesus Mario Milendez 25 years old White Mexico relative Jessie B Milendez, Mexico
Roy Clinton Miller 30 Sep 1897 White   well driller helper W W Miller, relative W W Miller
Zack Monroe 24 Oct 1880 White Bastrop, Texas self employed, father born Canida, Bertha Monroe relative
Presleano Moran 1891 Mexican Mexico ranchhand Noelk & Murphy
Matt Emerson Moseley 23 Jul 1887 Caucasian Bell Buckle, Tennessee self stock raiser, married
Bill Nix 13 Nov 1887 Caucasian Greenville,Texas Barber & Tailor, wife and child
Oscar Berry Orr 30 Nov 1873 White   Ranch hand Knolke & Murphy, Mrs. Claude Baldridge Dyer Gibson, Tenn
Mitchell Samuel Owens 18 Nov 1881 White Hamilton County, Texas self employed, relative Mrs. Belle Owens, father born Ellis County, Texas
Edward Areleigh Owins 27 Oct 1890 Caucasian Waxachie, Texas Rancher
Chas L Parker 3 Feb 1893 White Pecos, Texas Bank Clerk First National Bank Pecos, Texas
Henry Louis Phillips 8 Dec 1887 Caucasian Runnels, Texas Cowboy, R R Bishop
Howard L Pierce 16 Jul 1890 White Rockwall,Texas Cattle raiser for J S.Turner, relative wife & child
Sterling Price Pool 2 Jun 1895 Caucasian San Angelo, Texas Harris Bros., single
West Pool 4 Aug 1891 White Robert Lee,Texas lives in Girvin, Tx,, stock raiser for George Hendrix
William J Pool 17 Nov 1887 White Brady, Texas lives in Girvin, Tx, Ranchman
Roy D Price 30 Nov 1894 Caucasian Williamson, Texas self employed, has a wife
Alvin Reed 20 Mar 1884 White   ranch laborer for Will Casey, relative Mary Reed.
Thomas Isaac Richardson 27 Dec 1874 White   ranch hand Harris Bros., relative Mollie May Richardosn
Hilario Rios 20 Jul 1889 Mexican Celas,Mexico track labor, wife and child
James Wesley Robbins 2 Mar 1883 White   ranching self, Mrs. J W Robbins
Dewitt Clinton Russell 29 Oct 1892 Caucasian Stephenville, Texas Agent Telegraph Oper., wife
Albert David Ryan 3 Jul 1890 Caucasian Thurston, Texas works for R R Bishop, relatives, father, mother & child
Stephen Author Schuanbert 8 Oct 1892 Caucasian Upland, Texas Barber, with wife & child
Frank Bennett Shannon 21 Mar 1900 White Texas Ranch hand Noelke & Murphy, J H Shannon Edna, Jackson, Tx
Enoch Marvin Stegall 1 Apr 1882 White   Self employed, Mandell Ethel Stegall
Robert Nuton Stevinson 14 Apr 1896 Caucasian Tempal, Texas ranch hand for R C Harlan, single
William E Stimson 10 Jan 1895 White Rockwall,Texas working for Howard L  Pierce, and crippled ankle
Isaac Sharkey Stovall 29 May 1879 White Texas Henry Halff & Self , relative Mrs.Ike Stovall
Louis Lynn Stuart 23 Sep 1897 White   ranch man nearest relative Authur Stuart Sonora, Texas
Daniel Monrow Taylor 23 May 1888 Caucasian Braziel, Arkansas self
Lewis Taylor 29 Oct 1895 Caucasian (White) Altus, Oklahoma R R Bishop. single
Jose Valles 1886 White Mexico work for Mrs. Lanman,relative Maria Valles
Isabel Valles 8 Jul 1886 White Mexico unemployed Joachina Valles
Pedro Valles 29-Jul White Mexico hand for J T Lanman, Maria Valles
Lawrence S Webb 23 Nov 1895 Caucasian Howard, Arkansas stockman for Shotwell,father and mother
Hiram Obie Whitaker 2 Dec 1891 Caucasian Lampasas, Texas Works for Noelke,& Murphy, wife& child
Ernest Wayne Windham 8 Sep 1893 Caucasian Llano Town, Texas father mother and part dependent
J B Windham 6 Nov 1887 Caucasian Llano County, Texas father mother and  part dependent
Ollie Windham 26 Mar 1889 Caucasian Llano County, Texas stock raiser and county commissioner; father mother and  part dependent
Rufus Sanders Windham 10 Jul 1891 Caucasian Llano County, Texas stock raiser, father mother and part dependent
Arden Yates 23 May 1886 Caucasian Texas stockman, wife


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