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New !!Two Meet Death in Accident at Crossing SAN ANGELO, TEXAS Dec. 25 (AP).—Dewey Dowling of Caushata. La,, and Elavian Lauders believed to be from Houston, are dead. and Carol Barksdale of Holllingsville, Ok., is in a serious condition in a hospital at McCamry as a result of a grade-crossing accident Saturday afternoon when the northbound Orient hit a small coupe in which the there men were riding  and demolished It
The accident happcned east of McCamey at a seldom used crossing leading lo the Roxana Petroleum Company camp. All the men were employes of the Roxana. Tank cars on the Roxana loading tank shut off the vliew of the train, men and the driver of the motor car. The train was going slow an  stopped within a few feet ot the crossing. Dowling and Lauders died instantly.Monday, December 26, 1927 
Dallas News

Blast Injuries Fatal. FORT STOCKTON. Texas.April 11(AP).—Raymond Moody, 20 injured Wednesday in the exnlosinr of a gasoline vulcanizer at Mr. Carney, died Thursday from burns The building  in which the explosion happened was destroyed by the fire.Friday, April 12, 1929  Dallas News

Enterprise Theatre has opened the Circus drive in at McCamey Texas  ( the billboard Sept 22, 1951)

Body Found Where Prisoner  Said It Had Been Buried Midland Texas, Apr 19.—E. F. Mansfield, arrested here on a charge of burglary, told county officials that if they would go to a certain spot In Upton county they would find buried the body of Ed Sullivan. He said the man was killed with a shotgun and that he helped Sullivan's wife to bury the remains. Sheriff Robert Beverly, of county, made the investigation as directed and says he dug up the body and found that death had resulted as described. Mrs. Sullivan was Arrested and is held at Upland, the sheriff says. El Paso herald., April 19, 1912,

PROBING KILLING AT UPLAND. Ed Sullivan Body Bears Gunshot Wounds in Neck. Special to The News. Upland, Texas., April 23.—The authorities have been conducting: a rigid investigation Into the killing of Ed Sullivan. Sullivan's body was found In the southern part of Upton County. When it was exhumed it was observed that death had been caused by a charge of large shot fired at very close range and almost severing the head from the body. Many blood-stained garments were found In the grave, and a very large bread pan was placed aver the head. Sullivan was first seen In this county about March 19. He was 40 or 45 years old and was traveling In a wagon in company with two others. An arrest has been made and an examining trial Is to be held here soon. April 24, 1912 Dallas Morning News

EXAMINING TRIAL HELD MIDLAND, Texas. April 26—In the examining trial or Mrs. Ed Sullivan. charged with the murder of her husband in the  vicinity of Powells Gap last March, little was developed to corrabarate the story or Mansfield, to the effect that Mrs. Sullivan committed the murder. Tlie woman admits that the murder was committed at the same time and  place indicated  but states that it was Mansfield who did the killing and she helped him bury him to avoid discovery. As a result of the coroner's inquest and the examining trial, both Mansfield and Mrs. Sullivan are held without ball to await the action ot the grand jury. Both are confined in the Midland jail. Abilene Semi Weekly Reporter April 30, 1912

IDENTITY IS CLEARED Man Murdered Near Midland, Texas,, Came From New York. (BY THE ASSOCIATED Press - MIDLAND, Tex., May 2.—The mystery surrounding' the Identity of Ed Sullivan, In connection wth whose murder the man's vvidow and E F . Mansfield  are. being held, has been cleared. A message to the sheriff here from Charles  J. Rlcltetts, or McDougall, N. Y., Says the sender of the telegram is the father of the murdered man, and that his son changed his name in order to secure  railroad employment after he had been "black balled." The father says he will attend the trial and assist In the prosecution. Ricketts , or Sullivan was traveling through the  country In a-wagon  with his wife, their  two children; and Mansfield  according to Mansfields confession. Mansfield  declares the  woman shot her husband. San Antonio Light May 2, 1912

SLEW HER HUSBAND? Addie Hoover, Former Hutchinson girl  In  Texas Jail
Facing  Charge of Complicity in  the Murder of Her Husband
WERE TRAVELING OVERLAND And Ed Sullivan Was Killed While in Camp, His Body found Concealed in a Shallow Hole in the Ground.
Nineteen-year-old Addle Hoover, as she was formerly known, a one time popular Hutchinson girl, is In jail  at  Upland, Upton county, Western Texas, charged with complicity In the murder of her husband, Ed Sullivan. Her Infant babe, barely a year old. Is Incarcerated with her. The news of her arrest has been received by her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Harrison L Blevius, of 526 Avenue E West, in a letter from the unfortunate young woman. Probate. Judge J M. Jordan received a letter last evening from L. W  Ainsworth, an attorney of Upland, Tex., making inquiries about the young wife. Mr. Alnsworth gives sorne details of the tragedy.
 Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan and their babe, and another man, whose name not known here, were driving through from New Mexico. They were camping In Upton county, a wild and unsettled section of extreme western Texas,
Hid Body in Hole.
While In their little camp one night Sullivan was murdered and his body concealed in a shallow hole in the ground. The murder was discovered, and Mrs, Sullivan and the other man were both arrested charged with the crime. In a letter to her grandparents Mrs., Hoover told of her trouble, but did not give the details. "I am Innocent," she wrote. " I did not kill Ed." Addie Hoover was a pretty and popular Hutchinson girl. She was employed at the American Steam Laundry, and was highly esteemed by all who knew here, She was an orphan and made her home with Mr. and Mrs. Blevins, her grandparents. Foreman of Extra Gang,
Ed Sullivan was . employed in Hutchinson on the Santa Fe railway as a foreman of an extra gang. He boarded at the home of Addie's aunt, Mrs. Llllle Lamb, 322 Second avenue east, and it was there that become acquainted with Addle. They were married on October 4, 1909, by Judge Jordan, Addle at that time being 16 years of age. Mr. and Mrs, Sullivan moved to Colorado from here. For the past two or three years Mr. Sullivan has been engaged in railway contract work In Colorado and New Mexico.
Tried to Change Record.
 A year after their marriage, the husband made an effort to have the marriage record at the probate court here changed, seeking to have the name Ed Sulllvan erased and that of "Charles J. Rlcketts" inserted. He wrote Judge Jordan from Pueblo, Col., making this request, explaining that he had just. learned that the latter was his real name. He declared that he bad been raised by his mother's people, and that he had Just discovered that bis father was living In New York, and he wanted to assume hls father's name now. Judge Jordan refused to make the alteration In the records, but put the strange request on file.
To Hide a Crime?
 H. L Blevlins, grandfather of Mrs Sullivan, belleves that Sullivan's purpose in trying to change his name, was to bide his identity to cover up some Old crime. "Of course, I can't prove It, but I have been told that Sullivan killed a man down In the southwest and was being wanted for murder," said Mr. Blevlns. "We also understood that at one time in a railroad grade camp fight be killed three Mexicans, and had to pay a big fine to get out ot it, 'He had been encaged In railroad construction work, and practically all the time since his marriage to Addle he his made her live around In construction camps. Her baby was born In a hospital at Kansas City."
Can't Believe She's Guilty.
"Addle Is not guilty of killing her husband," ber grandfather declared. "She would never do such a thing an  that Ed had a had temper and may have been killed In self-defense by the other man with them. I don't know. But I am sure that Addle had nothing to do with his murder." Mr, Blevlns will' be unable to go to Texas, but Addle'a cousin, Will Sinclair, of Windom, a photographer, will start this week for Upland to be with her and assist her during ber trouble. She is In Jail because ot inability to give bond. In a recent letter to ber grandparents, Mrs. Sullivan wrote that she and her husband were about to travel overland from New Mexico through to New Vork slate, by wagon, and It was on this trip that the tragedy occurred. Hutchinson News May 16, 1912

UPLAND. TEXAS, HAS ONLY DISTURBANCE IN DISTRICT Only one instant  of antl-registration disturbance was brought to the attention of the federal authorities Tuesday. This occurred in Upland, Tex.. County seat of Upton County in the western Texas federal district. Assistant United States attorney R K. Crawford was notified from Upland that a Mexican had made speeches against registration and had armed Mexicans to oppose it by force of arms and as a result was arrested. The name of the Mexican was not given in the advices and Mr. Crawford has wired for a detailed report of the case bo that proceedings can be instituted. There was no report of any anti- ragistration trouble in El Paso or in El Paso County El Paso herald., June 06, 1917, HOME EDITION, Page 2, Image 2

UPTON COUNTY ROUND-UP (6-30-16). Judge Thomas L. Blanton is winning in every part of the country in his race for Congress. Out of about 25 or 30 exchanges that we get from over the district, all but four are strong for Blanton, and there is no ques tion but that et will be our next congressman. The people everywhere are tiring of long office-holding.

The Mexicans who murdered the cowboys near the "Texas' Ranch in Rankin and effected their escape to Mexico, have been captured by the vigilance of Sheriff Allison. They were arrested and are now in jail. Oct 23, 1890 Brenham Weekly Banner 

Bastrop, Texas. Feb. 15.-The "Katy" north-bound passenger train ran off a trestle near Upton this morning. The engine was turned upside down, and the baggage and mail cars followed, all of them being badly smashed. The. engineer and one passenger were injured, but not fatally. Full particulars are unobtainable. The Daily Inter Ocean, (Chicago, IL) Saturday, February 16, 1895

T. F. HICKOX GIVES UP FOLLOWING DEATH OF LAMAR SCHRIER. Special to The News. San Angelo. Texas. July 21.—T. F. Hickox, former Rankin ranchman and prominent Reagan County stockman, surrendered this morning to Sheriff Gamer of Reagan County following- the killing shortly after midnight of Lamar Schrier, a young stockman, at a dance in Rankin that concluded an all-day celebration. A report from Big Lake said that early in the evening Schrier and a son of Hickox had trouble of an unknown nature and that later the father took up the quarrel. A bullet from a 45 caliber pistol pierced Schrier's back below the point of the shoulder blade and ranged into the stomach, causing death within a few minutes. It was understood that Hickox was taken to Fort Stockton to await his examining trial. Dallas Morning News July 22, 1921


To Bury Explosion Victim at San Angelo Special to The News. SAN ANGELO, Texas, Nov. 7.— The body of John Hale, 49, proprietor of a recreational hall at McCamey. killed there Sunday in a mysterious explosion, arrived here Monday and will be buried Tuesday afternoon. Meanwhile investigation of the blast that blew Hale through the top of his tent yet only bruised a companion sleeping with him, was pushed vigorously. Hale did not keep explosives In his tent and no enmity toward him is known to have existed. . Surviving are four daughters. Mrs. Davis Miller and Misses Pauline, Lucille and Clyde Hale; the mother. Mrs. John D. Miller. and a sister, Mrs. Joe Miller, all of San Angelo. and two brothers. Jim Hale of Tennyson and Will Hale of San Angelo November 8, 1927 San Angelo Times



Bomb Under Bed Kills Texas Man

Three Held In Connection With Affair At McCamey Man Shot From Tent  San Angelo Texas Nov 7, Three men are held at McCamey as suspects, no charges have been filed against them following the death of John Hale, 49, at McCamey early Sunday morning when he was shot out of his bed above his tent by the force of an explosion beneath him. Death was instantaneous officers beleive dynamite was used. A man sleeping in the bed with Hale was uninjured but he is held as one of the suspects in along with two other men, brothers who said they were asleep  in an adjoining tent at that time.Morning Avalanche | Lubbock, Texas | Tuesday, November 08, 1927 | Page 1


September 20, 1928 -Pool Hall Owner Killed at McCamey- McCAMEY. Texas. Sept. 19 (AP) —Cowboy Corn, about 43. pool hall operator and well known in the surrounding oil field, was shot and killed Tuesday afternoon as he entered a confectionery. Corn was struck by two bullets from a .45-caliber pistol, the last, bullet puncturing his heart and causing death almost instantly. Harry Appell. operator of the confectionary, surrendered to Deputy Sheriff Shannon and was taken to Rankin, where he was placed in the county jail pending and examining trial before Justice H. R Bristow. Several witnesses to the slaying stated in testimony before Justice Bristow. who held an Inquest, that Corn entered the front door of the confectionery with a large open pocketknife and started toward Appell. Corn fell on the open knife on the porch of the confectionery a few seconds later.

October 4, 1928 Appell Acquitted in McCamey Case -RANKIN, Texas, Oct 3 (AP).— Because of alleged threats that had been made against his life. Harry Appell Wednesday stood acquitted of the murder of Leon Corn at McCamey on the afternoon of Sept. 18. Corn, witnesses said, on the day of the slaying went to Appell's place of business with a knife. Appell cautioned him not to enter, but Corn stepped across the threshold and fell with  two bullets in his body, dying: almost immediately. A jury Tuesday night acquitted Appell of murder after less than forty minutes deliberation.



R F McCay dies of Wounds- San Angelo Texas Feb 5, R F McCay died at McCay Saturday night as a result of gunshot wounds sustained at his filling station near McCamey. February 6, 1928 Dallas Morning News

McCamey Boy Drowns. McCAMEY, Texas. March 14 (AP) —Funeral services were held Tuesday for Clarence Laughead, 9. who drowned in a twenty-four-foot open tank at the edge of town. Billie Ray Garrett another 9-year-old boy who was with Clarence, tried lo rescue him. but failed. March 15, 1933 Dallas Morning News


 McCamey Counts Heavy Fire Loss McCAMEY, July 5.—AP—This city counted, its loss today from a disastrous fire which for a time menaced the entire business section last night. Two persons were H. P. Priddy. manager of the Theater , was badly burned about the face and hands, and Bob McKinney, fireman, fell from an awning and was painfully bruided.  The Coney Island. Electric Service Co.. Towler Radio Shop. Vogue Beauty Shop and West Texas Autto Parts buildings were damaged though equipment  was saved. Officials declined to make an estimate of the loss. The fire was blamed on a defective exhaust on a motor of the theater's cooling system.  McCamey recently encounterd heavy damage in a tornado.July 5, 1937 Abilene News Reporter


Wallace Gary, 17, Son Of Starkey Teacher, Injured In Game Friday Wallace Gary, 17, of Rankin, Texas, son of Mrs. Johnnie- Gary, teacher at Starkey Elementary School, sustained a broken leg in the second period of the Rank| in-San Angelo football game Friday night, played -in Rankin. Gary is a senior student at Rankin High School, and underwent surgery at noon Saturday in a Midland hospital. Gary will be remembered ,as the hero of a fire in San Marcos in August when he went upstairs in a burning building to rescue an elderly aunt. He is just now recovering from burns buttered in that experience. Kerrville Times | Kerrville, Texas | Sunday, October 12, 1952 | Page 1


Tumble weed piles clog state highway RANKIN (AP) — Tumbleweeds blown about by fierce winds clogged a section of State Highway 349 north of this West Texas town, stranding several motorists and forcing officials to close the road for seven hours. Highway department workers used shovels and a front-end loader Saturday to clear the surface while dust dropped visability in the area to near zero "I have never seen anything like this," said Department of Public Safety Trooper Richard Izatt 'I think I've swallowed enough dust to last me 30 years." Gusts of 40 mph were common in West Texas the National Weather Service said. A burst of 98-mph wind was recorded at the Davis Mountains Observatory. A 10-foot wall of weeds covered most of the highway about 16 miles north of here. One car was buried under 12 feet of tumbleweed. Izatt said he found several cars stranded at noon when he reached the clogged stretch. Officials put up roadblocks to re-route traffic. Marie Stamper said her car snarled in the weeds as she drive from Midland to Rankin. "I'm a Texan, but I've never seen this before," said Ms. Stamper. Terry Teate, an oil field geologist, said he saw the trunk and rear window of Ms. Martin's car as he drove toward Midland. He plunged into the prickly weeds, but failed to find the car. "I've seen a lot of hurricanes in Florida, but nothing like this," said Teate.Galveston Daily News | Galveston, Texas | Monday, March 07, 1983 | Page 15


 A Rankin woman was killed and a man was injured in a Sunday morning shooting incident in Rankin. Rosa Deanda Viasana 57, was pronounced dead at her home, the scene of the shooting shortly after the incident at 12:50 a.m. She apparantly had been shot twice in the Upper torso. an Upton County spokesman said. A man listed as Tom Washington was in fair condition this morning in intensive care unit of Medical Center Hospital. He was shot in the back in the same incident, the spokesman said. The Rankin sheriff's department said two different weapons were used in the incident. No arrests have been made June 27, 1977, Midland, Texas




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