Upton County, Texas

William Whitney Brazzleton

birthdate unknown
San Francisco, California?

Died August 22, 1878
Tucson, Arizona

Other names Brazen Bill

Occupation freight hauler; confidence man; highway robber

Arizona's notorious mail bandit was one William Brazzleton was killed August 22, 1878.  In an article stating, "Governor Hoyt received a telegram from W J Osborn, of Tucson stating that Sheriff Shibell and posse killed William Brazzleton last night in attempt to arrest him. Brazzleton it seems is the desperate character who single  handed has been taken in the United States Mail in different places in the territory." Evidently one William Brazzleton was non other than a con man, who once staged a show at the Courthouse in Prescott claiming he could swallow a wagon wheel among other things.  He took the entrance money at the door then left to get the rest of his Troupe who had just supposedly arrived in town and was making preparations to come to the show. Mr Brazzleton never returned nor did his Troupe..

William Whitney Brazelton (died August 22, 1878) was an outlaw and stage robber of the Wild West.

After his death, an 1878 account claimed that Brazelton had come from San Francisco, California; had been orphaned and lived in an old boiler; had killed a man at the age of 15, and then killed a seven-man posse near Silver City, New Mexico. In 1902 John Clum repeated these claims of Brazelton's early life; however Clum did not furnish any references for his claims. Brazelton's name does not appear on either the 1860 and 1870 US Census records.

About 1876 Brazelton came to the courthouse in Prescott, Arizona and claimed that in a show he would eat a wagon wheel. After collecting money he left by explaining he would rustle up the rest of the troupe; of course he never returned.

In 1877 Brazelton resided in Tucson, Arizona where he hauled products such as hay and grains.

Brazelton's mode of robbery was to wear a mask over his face and carry a pistol and rifle in one hand while ordering the driver and passengers to hand over any valuables.

He is alleged to have committed nine stage robberies in Arizona and New Mexico: three near Silver City (including Cook's Canyon) Mew Mexico; two in northern Arizona and four near Tucson.  Source: Wikipedia



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