Val Verde County, Texas

Confederate Pensioner Index

The Index to Confederate Pension Applications provides the names,
counties of residence, and pension numbers of 54,634 approved,
rejected, and home pensions issued by the Texas government between
1899 and 1975.
Source: Texas State Library and Archive Commission

submitted by Veneta McKinney

Applicant Name App # County Husband Husband's App #
Barnett, A. J. (Mrs) 21218 Val Verde Barnett, John Lafayette Monroe 20066
Barnett, John Lafayette Monroe 20066 Val Verde    
Barton, Clara 47146 Val Verde Barton, Summerfield Harrison  
Bibb, Thomas B. 14461 Val Verde    
Boatright, John B. 19633 Val Verde    
Bolding, Cynthia 35533 Val Verde Bolding, James A. 23350
Callison, J. C. 13546 Val Verde    
Chaney, Nannie 21573 Val Verde Chaney, W. T.  
Chapman, Frank T. 39236 Val Verde    
Covey, Maria M. Rejected Val Verde Covey, Joseph  
Forman, Dallas 16898 Val Verde    
Garner, L. F. 30495 Val Verde    
Gobble, Phoebe Ann 16897 Val Verde Gobble, James B.  
Green, John Jefferson 28880 Val Verde    
Hord, John Edward (Mrs) 39318 Val Verde Hord, John Edward 8413
Johnson, Almyra E. 11158 Val Verde Johnson, James A.  
Kelley, Charles C. 12181 Val Verde    
Kelley, Charles C. (Mrs) 21574 Val Verde Kelley, Charles C. 12181
Long, Harriett 40056 Val Verde Long, Charles Harrison 31604
McMahan, James H. 39602 Val Verde    
Miller, Isabel 51063 Val Verde Miller, John Buckner  
Pierce, Cornelia S. 18496 Val Verde Pierce, John King  
Tallant, F. Marion 47198 Val Verde    
Tallant, Kittie A. 49321 Val Verde Tallant, F. Marion 47198
Taylor, Henry 48033 Val Verde    
Trimble, Fannie 37056 Val Verde Trimble, Samuel Walker  
Vasbinder, E. E. (Mrs) 13547 Val Verde Vasbinder, L. B.  
Waldron, Dorcas 44010 Val Verde Waldron, Robert Harrison  
Wallen, Geneva Rejected Val Verde Wallen, Calvin  
Whaley, Elizabeth A. 41671 Val Verde Whaley, Thomas Floyd 34283
Woods, Sallie A. 7383 Val Verde Woods, James M.  


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