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Mrs. O'Connor's School

Mrs. O'Connor was Miss Jane Gregory; she married Patrick O'Connor. Her mother, Mrs. Sarah Gregory, a widow, came to Lamar in 1855 and built, shortly thereafter, a large home. It is spoken of as being of brick; however, it is of the same material as was used in all of the very old houses around Corpus Christ! and Indianola, namely, large blocks of shell concrete made from burned oyster shells and sand. This house is still standing but is now very dilapidated. It is not far from the little Catholic church. It is the property of an un- divided estate belonging to the heirs of Mr. John Brundrett, who bought it from Mrs. O'Connor and other heirs of Mrs. Gregory at the latter's death. It is said that it has never been sold by the Brundrett heirs because they could not come to an agreement as to the price. Misses Sarah and Carrie Little, of Victoria, nieces of Mrs. O'Connor, tell that when Mrs. O'Connor came to Lamar as a widow, she taught school in this house, her mother's home. At that time it was a beautiful place. The home had galleries twelve feet deep and forty feet long at the front and back, with square columns. There was at one time a frame house in the same yard which seemed to be the school room pro- per, but some teaching went on in the home, too. Mrs.01 Connor's sister, Mrs. Carrie (R. T.) Byrne, taught the music on a fine big rosewood piano in the home. They took a few girl boarders, who lived in the big home. In the day school they had girls and boys. It seems to have been the local school. Jim Wells was one of the students en- rolled in the day school. (Mr. Jim Wells' sister (Hannah) was the first wife of Mr. John Brundrett.) During the Civil War Mrs. O'Connor kept the post office in the big house. The Texas Almanac for 1936 refers to the old Lamar Academy, but Miss Little never knew the school as an academy. Interview with Miss Sarah Little, b 1869 and Miss Carrie Little, b 1875 By Mrs. Clarence Kerlagon November, 1938, Victoria, Texas

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