Galveston County, Texas


The Galveston Horror Death List
Hurricane of 1900

The actual number of lives lost at Galveston will never be known, but over 4,500 bodies of victims of the frightful catastrophe were identified; and these, together with the hundreds of identified and unidentified corpses which were buried at sea, in the sands along the beach, in the yards and grounds of private residences; those bodies which must have been carried out into the gulf when the waters receded from the island Sunday morning; those cremated; the hundreds found on the gulf coast, on the shores of Galveston Bay, and those taken from the water; and, finally, those discovered in all sorts of places inland (the bodies found outside Galveston Island being buried where picked up) all these served to swell the Galveston death list to possibly 7,000, which was the figure named by Mayor Jones the fifth day after the flood. He had every opportunity for obtaining information on this point.

Until the cremation of bodies began the foremen of the various burial gangs made lists of the bodies disposed of by their men, but when it became necessary to burn the corpses, the danger of pestilence being so great that they had to be put out of the way at the earliest possible moment, the compilation of these lists was abandoned and a mere general estimate made. The work of clearing the business and residence streets proceeded but slowly, the men in the gangs assigned to this being enervated by the intense heat of the sun, sickened by the effluvia from the decomposing bodies of dead human beings and animals, and depressed by the gloomy character of their surroundings. Most of the men thus employed were citizens of Galveston, many of whom were in comfortable circumstances before the storm swept away their belongings. In the majority of cases these workers had lost not only their earthly possessions, but members of their immediate families as well, and were heartsore and crushed in spirit. In the main, they engaged in this work because they wanted to help the city out in its desperate straits, and for the further reason that if not busied in mind and body they might possibly go mad.

The first of the lists of the identified dead was made out and made public on Tuesday following the disaster, and the lists compiled the succeeding days were given out as soon as completed.

The lists printed below comprise the first and only complete roster of the dead which has appeared anywhere:


Aguilo, Joseph B. chairman of the Democratic county executive committee.
Allen, Charlotta M., Seventeenth street and Avenue A.
Allen, E., and wife.
Amundsen, mother of Deputy Chief of Police Amundsen.
Burrows, Mrs. M.
Bross, Mrs. Kate, Twenty-second street, near beach.
Burnett, Mrs. George, and child, Twenty-fourth street and Avenue P.
Barbon, Mrs.
Baxter, Mrs., and child, lost in Magia store.
Bell, Mrs. Dudley, wife of Galveston News compositor, and child.
Beveridge, Mrs. and two children.
Betts, Walter, cotton broker, and wife.
Bird, the family of police officer Bird.
Broecker, John F., wife and two children.
Bowe, Mrs. John, and three children.
Police officer John Bowe attempted to save his family on a raft, but they were swept away and drowned.

Burnett, Gary, and wife and Mrs. Burnett.
Caddom, Alex., and four children.
Clark, Mrs. C. T., and infant.
Compton, A. J., and wife.
Correll, Mrs. J. R., and family.
Collins, daughter of Mrs. Collins.
Cline, Mrs., wife of Dr. L. M.
Cline, local forecast official of the United States weather bureau.
Coryell, Patti Rosa.
Coates, Mrs. William, wife of William A. Coates, of Galveston News.
Cramer, Miss Bessie.
Daly, W.  grain exporter and steamship agent for Charles F. Ortwein & Co.
Day, Alfred.
Davies, John R., and wife.
Delaney, Mrs. Jack; wife of United States bridge officer of the port, with two children.
Dalyea, Paul, ex-sergeant police.
Davenport,  W., wife and three children.
Davis, Lessie.
Dorin, Mrs.
Dorrian, Mrs., and five children; had taken refuge with nine other persons on the roof of a house which was destroyed and all lost.
The Dorian house withstood the elements.

Ellison, two children of Captain
Ellison, one of them drowning in its mother's arms.
Engelke, John, wife and child.
Evans, Mrs. Kate, and two daughters.
Eichter, Edward, Thirteenth street and Avenue N.
Ewing, Miss.
Fordtran,  Mrs.  Claude J., 1919 Tremont street.
Fix, C. H.
Fisher, W. F., wife and two children.
Flash, William, and daughter. Twenty-fifth street and P avenue; Mrs. Flash was saved.
Foster, Harry, wife and three children.
Frederickson, Violet.
Frederickson, Mrs., and baby.
Gernand, Mrs. John F., and two children.
Guest, Mamie.
Gordon, Mrs. Abe, and five children.
Gernaud, John H., wife and two children.
Hansinger, H. A., daughter and mother-in-law.
Harris, Mrs. (colored.)
Harris, Mrs. Rebecca.
Hobeck, , and boy.
Howe, ___,  police officer, and
Howth, Mrs. Clarence.
Hughes, Joe.
Hawkins, Mattie Lea.
Hesse, Mrs. Irene, Broadway and
Sixth street.
Hunn, F. street-car motorman.
Hunter, Albert, and wife.
Hamburg, Mrs. Peter, and four children.
Harris, Mrs. J. H.
Jones, Mr., and wife.
Johnson, Richard, struck by flying timber and instantly killed.
Jones, Mrs. W. R., and child.
Kelly, Willie.
Keller,   Charles   A., prominent cotton man.
Kelly, Barney.
Lackey, wife and two children of
Leon J. Lackey, telegraph operator.
Longnecker, Mrs. A.
Lord,   Richard,   traffic manager George H. McFaden Brothers, cotton exporters.
Lynch, John.
Lassocco, Mrs., Twenty-first street and Avenue P.
Twenty-five persons are reported to have been lost in the store building of Mrs. Lassocco.

Lisbony, W. H.
Labbat, Joe.
Lafayette. Mrs., and two children.
Magia, Mr., two daughters and son, grocery.  Eleventh street and Avenue A.
Masterson, B. T., and family.
Motter, Mrs., and two daughters.
Munn, Mrs. J. W., Sr.
McKenna, five members of the P. J. and J. P. McKenna families.
Monroe, Mrs., colored, and three children.
Mordon, Miss.
McCauley, Miss Annie.
Morton, Mrs., and two babies.
Nolly, Mrs. Sam and four children, with ten other women and children, in the Nolly house on Fortieth street and Avenue T.
Mr. Nolly and another man were saved after a bitter struggle.

O'Keefe, Mrs. Michael, and brother.
O'Harrow, William.
O'Dell, Miss Nellie, and brother, daughter and son of James O'Dell.
Peck, Captain R. H., city engineer, wife and five children.
Peek, Captain; house was seen to overturn while he was in it, and he has not been found.
Porette; thirteen persons killed in a house at Eighth street and Broadway.
Dominick Porette is the only one of the party who lives to tell the tale.

Parker; an entire family living at Thirty-ninth and Q streets, consisting of Angeiine Parker and grandchild.
Tommy Lesker; Si Sullivan Parker and wife and three children.

Parker, Mrs. Frank, Avenue Q and Thirty-first street.
Porfree, Henry, a tailor.
Palmer, J. B., and baby.
Plitt, Harmon.
Parker, Mrs. Mollie.
Ptolmey, Paul.
Quester, Mrs. W., little son and daughter.
Quester, Bessie.
Rice, proof reader on the Galveston News, and child.
Richards,___, police officer.
Roll, J. F., wife and four children.
Rowan, ___, police officer, and family.
Rust, Charles, knocked from a dray while attempting to carry his family to a place of safety; instantly killed.
Rose, Mrs., wife of Commissary Sergeant Franklin Rose of the United States Army.
Ripley, Henry, son of H. S. Ripley.
Rhymes, Thomas, wife and two children.
Regan, Mike, wife and mother-in-law, lost at the Porette house.
Roudaux, Murray.
Sailor, Spanish, of the steamship Telesfora, which drifted against the Whitehall at pier 15.
Schofleld, Miss Ida, lost in Magia store.
Schroeder, Mrs. George M and four children.
Schuler,Mr.,wife and five children.
Schwartzback, Joseph.
Shaw, nephew of M. M. Shaw.
Somers, Miss Helen.
Spencer, Stanley G., local representative of Demster & Co.'s steamship lines and the North German Lloyd steamship lines.
Stickloch, Miss Mabel, Mechanic street
Swain, Richard D.
Swell, George, mother and sister.
Schultz, Mr. and wjfe.
Sharp, Miss Annie.
Summers, Sarah.
Sharp, Mr. and wife.
Schaler, Mrs. Charles, and four children.
Sylvester, Mrs.
Smith, Mrs. Mamie.
Sherwood, Charles.
Thompson, mother-in-law and sister-in-law of William Thompson of the fire department.
Tovrea,___, police officer.
Treadwell, Mrs. J. B., and infant.
Taylor, Mrs., colored.
Toothacker, wife and daughter of Jesse W. Toothacker, contractor and builder.
Trebosius, Mrs. George, wife of George Trebosius of the Galveston News,
and two sisters of Mr. Trebosius, at their home, Fortieth street and Avenue R.

Unidentified Two sisters-in-law and a niece.
Unidentified White girls, 12 years old, found in the yard of J. Paul Jones.
Unidentified Four white and seven colored persons found in the first story of W. J. Reitmeyer's residence.
Reitmeyer family, in the second story, escaped.

Unidentified A lady and her daughter from St. Louis.
Unidentified Thirteen inmates and three matrons at the Home for the Homeless.
Wakelee, Mrs. Davis.
Webster, Edward, and two sisters.
Webster, Thomas, Sr., secretary of the grain inspector of the port, with family of four.
Wensmor, several members of the family residing in the east end; one of the family an old man, was saved.
Wenman, Mrs. J. W., and two children.
Wolfe, Charles, police ofllcer, and family.
Wood, Mrs., mother of United States Deputy Marshal Wood.
Wilson, Mrs. Mary Ann and baby.
Wallace, , and four children.
Watkins, S. W., Avenue Q and Thirty-first street. Mr. Watkins was drowned and it was reported that
about twenty other persons in the same house met a similar fate.

Wren, James, wife and six children; drowned at the Porette House.
Wootam, ____
Woodward, Miss Hattie.
Wollam, C, drowned after saving several women and while trying to save others.
Walter, Mrs. Charles, and three children.
Twenty-two persons Francois, a well-known waiter, reported the loss
of twenty-two persons who had taken refuge in his house.
At Hitchcock, Tex., thirty lives were lost.
Two Italian families of thirteen people met death by  drowning.
The following were killed by falling timbers:

Robinson, William.
Dominico, a child.
Johnson, Hiram, and wife.
Sietze, Mrs., and three children
The family of C. W. Young, wife, two sons and two daughters.
Montelona, Mary.
Palmero, ,wife and seven children.
O'Connor, T. W.
Members of two families of Alvin, who were visiting the Young family.
Seven unidentified found on prairie, supposed to be from Galveston.
Five Houston people perished at Seabrook in the hurricane.
They were: Lucy, Mrs. C. H., and two small children. M'Ilhenny, Haven, and the 5-year old son of David Rice.

At Alvin the dead were:
Johnson, J. M.
Johnston, Mrs. J. S.
Appelle, Miss.
Lewis, Mrs. O. S.
Glaspy, John S.
Richardson, B.
Collins, Mrs. J. W., killed by falling timbers.
Collins, Mrs.
Hawley, W. P.
Mebam, W. C, and wife.
At Rosenburg the following death list was reported:
Watson, Rev, A.
Ontrall, Mrs. I. J,
Herman, B. S.
At Oyster Creek the reported dead were:
Carlton, H.
Smith, S.
Jones, Tom,
Arnold, A.
Smith, Connie.
Marshall, Lucy.
Stephens, Tom, colored.
At Areola:
Wofford, Mrs. A. aged white woman.
At Alto Loma:
Twenty-seven (no list given).
At Richmond eighteen persons were killed.
At Wharton, sixteen negroes were drowned.
At Morgan's Point:
Vincent, Mrs., and two children


Almers, Mrs. P.
Anderson, M., and family.
Andrew, Mr., and three children.
Annudsen, Louis.
Armstrong, Mrs. Dora, and four children.
Bell, Mrs. A. C.
Bell, Guy.
Berger, W. L., wife and child.
Bodden, Mrs., and Mrs. J. F.
Brockelman, three children of J.
T. Brockelman.
Bures, , wife and sister.
Burge, William, wife and child.
Burnett, Mrs. Mary.
Burnett, Mrs. Gary, and two children.
Carigan, Joseph.
Childs, K. T.
Cleveland, George, and family.
Cornett, Charles, and wife.
Connett, Mr. and Mrs. William, and two children.
Craig, George.
Dailey, K.
Dilz, M., and two sons.
Dorian, George, and wife.
Ducos,___ , two children.
Delcie, Mrs. Henry R., and child.
Darby, Charles,
Dowell, Mrs. Sam.
Edmunsen, Mrs.
Edwards, Miss Eliza.
Eggerett, William, and son Charles.
Ellis, Mrs., and family.
English, John, wife and child.
Eldeman, H. E.
Everhart, J. H.,wife and daughter
Fabey, Sumptey.
Falke, Joseph, and three children.
Farmer, Mrs. I. P.
Faucett, Robert.
Faucett, Mrs. Belle.
Fegue, Lillie, and Esther and Laura May, children of Mrs. Lillie Fegue.
Fox, Thomas.
Fritz, ___
Floehr, Mrs.
Gaulters, J.
Grathcar, Mrs. John, and child.
Harrah, Martin.
Harris, Mrs. John, and three children.
Heck, Mrs., and son.
Herman, Martin, and two children.
Hinke, August, Richard and Johanna.
Holbeck, Mrs. L. L.
Homburg, Peter.
Hock, Mrs., and son.
Hayman, Mrs. John A., and five children.
Johnson, A. S., wife and three children.
Jones, Robert,
Junemann, Charles, wife and daughter.
Junter, William, and six children.
Kampe, Charles.
Kauffman, H., wife and children.
Kelso, Munson, Jr.
Kedso, Roy, baby boy of J. C. Kelso.
Kirby, Mrs. J. H., and three children.
Klein, Mrs. E. V.
Kleincke, H., and wife.
Koepler, Mrs. Fred., and family.
Kraus, Mr. and Mrs. J. J.
Krauss, Fred.
Krauss, Joseph J., wife and daughters.
Krausse, I., wife and two daughters.
Louis, Poland, carrier News.
Lorance, Mrs. T. A.
Lucas, Mrs. H., and two children and white nurse.
Malrs, O. M., wife and child.
Maree, ___, employed by James Fascher.
Malter, J.
Martin, Mrs., wife of Policeman Martin.
Masterson, B. T., and family.
Miles, Colson.
Miller, William, and family (partner of Childs).
Mitchell, Mrs. W. H., and child.
Mongon, John.
Morro, Dotlo, wife and seven children
Muttie, A.
M'Manus, Mrs. William.
Miner, Lucia.
Neill,___ , and family.
Nolan, Mrs.
Olson, Mrs. Mattie, and two children.
Opperman, Miss May, and Marguerite and Gussie of Palestine.
Odelle, 0.
Olsen, Mrs. Matilda, and two children.
Parler, Mrs. D., and two children.
Pasker, Miss Ethel.
Pauis, Nellie and Cecilia.
Pix, C. H.
Palmer, J. B., and baby.
Plitt, Harmon.
Peters, Mrs.
Park, Mrs. M. L.
Park, Miss Alice.
Park, Miss Lucy.
Roberts,___ , watchman G. H. and N. R. R.
Rattizan, Mrs. Leon, and four children.
Ratissa, Mrs. W. L., and three children.
Raymond, Mr. and Mrs., and two children.
Reagan, J. N.
Rhaes, T. F., wife and two children.
Roan, Mrs., and three children.
Rudger, C., wife and child.
Runter, A., and mother and father.
Schoabel, George, wife and daughter.
Severet, J., and wife.
Sherwood, Thomas, wife and three children.
Shilke, Mrs., son and infant.
Siegler, Mrs. Fred.
Sommers, F., wife and three daughters and his son Joseph, wife and child.
Stetgel, Mr., and family.
Stockfelt, Peter, wife and six children.
Swanson, Mrs.
Stockfletch, Peter, wife and six children.
Schwotsel, George, wife and daughter Lulu.
Sayers, Dr. John B.
Sayers, Tom.
Smith, Jacob.
Stowinsky, Mr., and wife.
Seixas, E., and two daughters,
Anna and Lucile.
Tarpey, Joseph.
Toveca, Sam, policeman, wife and four children.
Tow, T. C, wife and five children.
Thomsen, Mrs. W. D., and two children.
Tovrea, Sam, wife and child.
Toothacker, Miss Jennie
Tillebach, Charles, wife, mother-in-law and two children.
Villeneve, Mrs., and child of Hitchcock.
Vogel, Mrs. Henry, and three children.
Vondenbaden, Mrs., and two children.
Walden, Mr.
Warmarvosky, Adolph, mother and sister reported missing.
Warneke, Mrs. A. W., and five children.
Warren, James, wife and six children.
Webber, Mr., family missing.
Wedges, Judge, justice of the peace, and wife.
Wllsh, Joseph, wife and two children.
Wincott, Mrs.
Windman, Mrs.
Webster, Edward, Sr.
Webster, Mrs. Julia.
Webster, Mrs. Sarah.
Webster, George.
Webster, Joe.
Yeats,___, child.
Youngblood, L. J., wife and child.
Zipp, Mrs. and daughter.


The official list of those Identified on Thursday was as follows:
Adams, Toby.
Adams, Mrs. '
Agin, George.
Allen, Mrs. Alex.
Anderson, Mrs. S.
Albertson, A.
Albertson, Mrs.
Alpin, George.
Alpin, Mrs.
Anderson, Mrs. Jaclc.
Ashe, George, Sr.
Ashe, George, Jr.
Bell, Alexander.
JBerger, Mrs. Lucy.
Bell, Henry.
Bland, Mrs.
Bland, Mrs. Florence.
Bodecker, Charles.
Boss, Charles.
Boss, D.
Brooks, J. R.
Cain, Rev. Thomas W.
Cain, Mrs.
Calhoun, Mrs. Thomas.
Carter, Corinne.
Casey, Mrs. Annie.
Clark, C. Y.
Chaffee. Mrs.
Cuuey, R. C.
Davis, Gabe.
Day, Alfred.
Day, Willie.
Dempsey, Mr. and Mrs.
Davis, Henry T.
Dorrfe, Mr.
Dorrfe, Mrs.
Dunton, Mrs. Annie.
Dammel, Mrs.
Dammell, W. D.
Direkes, Henry.
DowelI, Mrs. Samuel.
Dunning, Mrs. H. C.
Dunning, Richard.
Evans, Mrs.
Falkenhagen, Mr. and Mrs.
Freitag, Harry.
Frank, Mrs. Aug.
Frieman. Mr. and Mrs.
Feither, Mrs. F.
Ferget, Julius.
Gibson, Professor.
Goth. A. E.
Goth, Mrs.
Green, Mrs. Lucy.
Gentry, Charlotte.
Gottleib, Mrs.
Homes, Florence.
Harris, EflSe.
Higgins, Mrs.
Hoffman family.
Holland, Mrs. James.
Hughes, Robert.
Jefferbrook, August.
Jefferbrook, Mrs.
Johnson, Mrs.
Johnson, Mrs. W. J.
Jones, W. R.
Jasterg, Perry.
King, Mrs.
Knowles, Mrs. W. T.
Kuhn, Mrs. H. Clem.
Kuhnel, Mrs.
Lawson, Charles.
Lawson, Mrs.
Lewis, Agnes.
Lewis, Maria.
Lewis, Mrs. Maria.
Levin, P.
Lindquist, Mrs. O.
Lockman, Mr. and Mrs. H.
Ludwig, Alfred.
Lyle, William.
Lemmon, Virgle.
Lloyd, Buck.
Lloyd, Mrs.
Ludwig, Albert.
Manley, Joe.
Moore, Mrs. N.
Moore, Mrs. Nathan.
Martin, Herman.
Menzel, John,
Menzel, Mrs.
Morse, Arthur P.
Morse, Mrs.
McGuire, John.
McPherson, Robert.
McDade, Ed.
Nelson, Mrs.
Park, Miss Lucy.
Piney, Mrs.
Patrick, Cora.
Patrick, Ida.
Pierson, Mrs. Mary.
Pierson, Alice.
Pierson, Frank.
Piner, Mrs. Ella.
Powers, Mrs.
Randolph, Edith.
Ravey family.
Roehm, Mrs.
Roehm, William.
Roehle, John.
Roehle, Mrs.
Ruehrmond, Professor.
Ruehrmond, Mrs.
Roukes, Mrs. Charles.
Reuter, Otto.
Reuter, Henry.
Rowe, Ada.
Rowe, Hattie.
Rowe, George.
Shaw, Frank.
Seidenstricker, Henry.
Schultze, Charles.
Schulz, Fred.
Schulz, Mrs.
Schulz, Charles C.
Schwotsel, George.
Scott, Annie,
Scull, Mrs. Mary.
Seixas, Miss Arma.
Setxas, Miss Lucille.
Sexalis, Sella.
Schutte. E. R.
Schutte, Mrs.
Shilhe, Mrs.
Tix, Herman.
Torr, T. C.
Torr, Mrs. T. C.
Tburman, Mrs.
Tresvant, Jordan.
Trostman, Mrs.
Turner. Mrs.
Turner, Mr.
Turner, Mrs.
Ulerldge, Adelaide.
Van Liew, Mollie.
Van Buren, Herman.
Waring, Mrs. (Chicago).
Warren, Celia.
V/ashington, Mrs.
Weiss, Professor.
Weidemann, Fritz.
Wilke, assistant city electrician
Wilke, Mrs.
Williams, Mrs. E. C.
Williams, Sam.
Williams, Mrs.
Woodrow, Matilda.
Yeager, William.
Zweigel, Mrs.


Aberhart, T., and wife.
Ackermann, Herman, wife and daughter.
Adams, M., and Mrs. Tobey (colored)
Adameit, Mrs. G., and seven children,
Akers, C. B., wife and three children.
Albertson, A., wife and two children.
Allardico, R. L., wife and three children.
Allen, Cornelia.
Allen, Daisy.
Allen, Elve.
Allen, Zerena.
Alphonse, John, wife and family.
Anderson, Oscar, wife and children.
Anderson, Andrew, wife and children.
Armitage, Miss Vivian.
Armour, Mrs,, and five children.
Artisan, John, wife and nine children.
Andrew, Mrs. A., and family.
Bell, Alexander, wife, two sons and daughter.
Boedecker, Charles.
Bercer, Mrs. Lucy.
Brooks, J. T.
Bland, Mrs., and seven children (colored).
Bell, Henry.
Bankers, Mrs. Charles,
Beach, Miss Nina of Victoria.
Boedenker, H., father, brother and sister-in-law.
Barnard, Mrs.
Becker, John, wife and daughters
Mae and Vida.
Brown, Winnie M.
Bellew, Mr. and Mrs. J., and daughter.
Bass, John, wife and four children (colored).
Baulch, Will, wife and two children.
Beal, Mrs, Dudley, and child.
Bedford, Cushman (colored).
Bohn, Dixie.
Boss, Peter, and wife.
Bowen, ___
Bradley, Miss Mannle.
Bradley, Miss Ethel.
Bentley, and family.
Briscoll, A. M.
Bockelman, C. J.
Brown, Joe, and family
Buckley, Selma.
Buckley, Blanche.
Buckley, mother and father.
Buckley, Mrs. and daughter.
Burgee, William, wife and child.
Burrell, Mrs. (colored).
Bittell, Mrs.
Christian, John.
Campbell, Will.
Curry, Mrs. Martha J., and Miss Louisa.
Campbell, Miss Edna.
Carter, Adeline.
Ninety people at Catholic Orphan Home.
Cato, William (colored).
Childs, William, and wife.
Clark, Tom.
Corbett, James J., and four children.
Caddoe, Alex., and five children.
Colsen, .
Connor, Captain D. E.
Connor, Edward J.
Cowen, ___
Grouse J. J., wife and children.
Credo, Will.
Cromwell, Mrs., and three children.
Crook, Ashby.
Crowley, Miss Nellie, and brother.
Cuneo, Mrs. Joseph, New Orleans.
Curry, Mrs. E. H., and child.
Carven, Mrs., and daughter.
Carnett,___ , and wife, of Orange,Crawford, Rayburn.
Carson, Frank C.
Clinton, Mrs. Mary, and children
___George A., Horace, Lee W.,
Joseph B., Willie B. and Freddie.
Darrell,___ , and five children.
Davis, Mrs. T. F.
Deltz, M., and two sons.
Dinter, Mrs., and daughter.
Donahue, Ellen, Utica, N. Y.
Donahue, Mary, Utica, N. Y.
Doll, George and wife.
Doll, Frank, and family.
Doty, John.
Doyle, Jim.
Dunningham, Richard E.
Dunnin, Mrs. Howard C, and three children.
Dirke, Henry, and family.
Darfee, Mr. and Mrs., and two
Dammill, W. D., and wife (colored).
Dunham, George R., and Vv-ife.
Dunham. George R., Jr., and two
Donnelly, Nick.
Ducos, Madeline and Octavia.
Davis, Miss Emma.
Drewa, H. A.
Demesie, Mrs., and two sons.
Dowles, Samuel, wife and one child.
Davis, Mrs. Mary, and children Carrie, Alice, Lizzie and Eddie.
Eckett. Fred.
Eckett, Charles.
Edward, James, and family.
Elsmann, , wife and child.
Elsmann, Howard.
Ellas, James, and two children.
English, John, wife and child.
Emmanuel, Joe.
Eppendorf, Mr. and Mrs.
Eads, Sumpter.
Forget, Julius.
Pfeither, Mrs. Fritz.
Frau, Mrs. August, and daughter.
Faby, C. S., wife and two children.
Foster, Mrs. August.
Freise, Mr. and Mrs. Charles M.
Forbush, John, and Freddie.
Fretwell, J. B., Mrs. and boy.
Foster. Mrs. S. P.
Farrer, Miss Nannie of Sullivan's Island.
Frank, Anton, wife and two daughters.
Fanchon family
Fedo. Joe.
Ferwedert, Peter.
Fickett, Mrs., and four children.
Fiegel, John.
Figge, Mrs., and four children.
Franks, Mr., and daughter.
Fornkesell, T. C.
Foster, Mr. and Mrs. Harry, and three children.
Fox, Thomas, wife and four children,
Frankovlch, Charles and John.
Fredericks, Corinne.
Furst family.
Gait, A. E., and wife.
Gibson, Professor, and family.
Gentry, Charlotte (colored).
Gonzales, Andrew, wife and daughter Pauline.
Graham, Mrs. H., and baby.
Garnett, Robert F.
Gibson, Mary C.
Guilett, Colonel, of Victoria.
George, H. K., and family.
Grey, H. K., and family.
Grey, Randolph, four children and sister-in-law.
Gaibaldi, August.
Gabel, Mr. and Mrs. (colored).
Gallishaw. and five children.
Gaires, Mrs. Lillie, and two daughters.
Ganth, ____
Garrigan, Joe.
Gecan, Matt.
Gordon, Oscar.
Clausen, Charles, and family of four.
Gregg, , and four children.
Grief, John, wife and three children.
Grosscup, Mrs.
Goodwin, two girls.
Genning, Tim, and wife.
Gruetsmicher, Louis, wife and two daughters.
Gaines, Captain Edward, and wife.
Hildebrand, Fred.
Harris, Miss Rebecca.
Hubbell, Misses Maggie and Emma.
Haines, sister of Mrs. Captain Haines.
Huebener, Mrs. A., and boy.
Haughton, Willie O,
Hunter, George.
Hausinger, George.
Hall, Charles (colored).
Hannamann, Mrs. August.
Harris, L.
Harris, Thomas, wife and three children.
Harris, Mrs. W. D., and son.
Harrison, Tom, and wife.
Hassler, Charles, and wife.
Hasselrneyer family.
Haughton, Mrs. W. W.
Heidmann, William, Jr.
Helfenstein, Sophie and Willie.
Hennessy, Mrs. M. P., and two nieces.
Hrrman, Martin, and two children
Hersey, Mrs. John.
Holmes, Mrs. (colored).
Hoskins, T. D.. wife and three children (colored).
Hubbell, Emma and Maggie.
Hull, William (colored).
Hull, Charles (colored).
Humberg, Mrs. Peter, and four children.
Jackman, Ada, and two children.
Jaeger, William H.
Jaeger, John, and wife.
Jaecke, Mrs. Curt, and three children.
Jennings, James A., and wife.
Jennssen, Mrs. and Mr., and five children.
Johnson, Asa, wife and son.
Johnson, Julian.
Jonnson, child.
Johnston, J. B., wife and two children.
Johnston, Mrs. Alice.
Johnston, Mrs. E. E., and four children.
Junkf, Martha.
Junka, Mrs. Paulina.
Junker, Mrs. Colina.
Johnston, Mrs.
Johnston, Mrs. W. J.
Johnson, Mrs. C. S.
Jones, J. H., and wife.
Jaeger, Walter H.
Johnson, V. S.
Johnson, Odin, wife and child.
Johnston, J. A., and wife.
Keats, Tom, and wife.
Keeton, J. C, wife and three children.
Kelmer, Charles L., Sr.
Kely,___ , wife and three children
Keiffer, wife and daughter.
Kennelly, Mrs. Annie.
Kester, Fred, and daughter.
Kirby, James, and three men.
Kirby, Mrs. George, and two children.
Kleinicke, Mrs., and family.
Klenmann, Fred and wife.
Knowles, Mrs. W. T., and three children.
Kuder, Ed., and wife.
Kuhn, Oscar, wife and three children.
Kleinmann, Henry, and wife.
Klindlund, Newton and Carl.
Kemp, Tom and wife.
Kemp, W. C, and wife.
Kotte, William.
Kimlo, Mrs. John, and two children.
Kelly, Thomas, wife and two children.
Kreckrecek, Joe, wife and three children.
King, Mrs.
Karvel, Mrs. Jack, and four children.
Konstantopolos, F.
Kreywell, David, and daughter.
Keis, L., wife and four children.
Lawson, Charles, wife and child.
Ludwig, Alfred, mother and sister- in-law.
Lackey, Mrs., father and mother.
Lyle, William, grandmother and sister.
Labatt, H. J.
Labatt, Louisa C, and sister, Nellie E.
Lackey and children, Leon and Pearl.
Lane, Rev. Mr., and family.
Lane, F., and family.
Lang, five children.
Lapeyre, James, wife and four children.
Larson, H., and two children.
Laukhuffe, Genevieve.
Lawson, Mrs. W., and one child.
Learman, H. L.
Leverman, Professor.
Lemier, Joe, and four children.
Leon, , and two children.
Leslie, Mrs. Gracie.
Lettermann, W., wife and two children
Levine, Mrs. P. A., daughter and two sons.
Levy, W. T.
Lewis, Mrs. J., and six children.
Londer, John, wife and seven children.
Livingston, Mrs.
Lloyd, Charles H., wife and one child.
Locke, Mrs. Mary.
Lockstadt, Albert, wife and three children.
Loasberg, Miss Maggie.
Lorance, Mrs. E. A.
Love, Ed. G.
Ludeke, Henry, wife and son.
Luddeker, ___
Little, Mrs. J. A.
Lepehear, J. H., wife and threechildren.
Lanahan, Laura, Francis, Terrence, and Claud, children of John Lanahan.
Luca, Mrs. J.
Leibe, Mrs. Mary.
Lang, F. A., four sons and daughter and colored nurse.
Levy, Miss, of Houston.
Legate, Louis, wife and son.
Legate, Mrs. Peticles,two sons and two daughters.
Legate, Christian.
Manley, Joe, mother and two nieces.
Maniey, Mrs. S. R,
Miller, Mrs., and five children (colored).
M'Neill, Miss J., and Miss Ruby.
Maybrook, wife and five children.
Morris, Harry, wife and three children.
Muri, Annie and Murine.
Marcotte, Miss Pauline.
M'Avay, Mrs. B. C.
Mulsburger, Tony, and wife.
Martin, Miss Annie.
Mario, Alex.
Massey, E., wife and child.
Mati, Amendio,
M'Camish, R., wife and two daughters.
M'Cluskey, Mrs. Charles, and two daughters.
M'Cormick, Mrs. B,, and four children.
M'Millan, Mrs. E., and family.
M'Peters, wife and children.
Mealy, Mrs. Joseph.
Mealy, Joseph.
Mielhulan, Mrs.
Medzel, John, wife and five children.
Mesley, Charles (colored).
Milan, wife and four children.
Miller, Leslie.
Mitchell, Louia R. (colored).
Mitchell, Mrs. Annie and son.
Moffett, , wife and two children.
Mongan, John.
Monoghan, Mike and family.
Monoghan, John, and wife.
Morrow, Mrs., and four children.
Moore, Miss Maggie.
Moore, Mrs. Nathan (colored).
Moore, E. W.
Moore, two children.
Moore, _____
Moore, O.,wife and seven children.
Morley, D., and wife.
Morton, Hammond, and four children.
Morse, Albert T., wife and three children.
Mulcahey, two children.
Munn, Mrs. J. W., Sr.
Murrie, Mrs. Annie, and daughter.
Myer, Hermann, wife and son.
Myers, Mrs. C. J., and one child,
Neimann, Mrs., and daughter.
North, Miss Archie.
Oakley, F.
O'Connor, Mamie.
Olds, Charlotte (colored).
Ormond, George, and five children.
Oblsen, Mr. and Mrs.
Opperman, Albert L., and wife.
O'Connolly, Miss Mamie.
Pett, Mrs.
Park, Mrs., and two daughters.
Powers, Mrs., and child.
Palmer, Mrs. Mae, and son Lee, 6 years old.
Patterson, Florence.
Pruesmith, Mrs.F., and three children.
Paisley, William.
Park, Mrs. M. L.
Pellins, Mrs. M.
Penny, Mrs. A., and two sons.
Perry, Jasper, Jr., wife and two children.
Peterson, Charles, wife and two children
Peterson, Mrs. J., and children.
Phelps, Miss Ruth.
Quinn, John.
Raab, George W., and wife.
Raphael, Nick.
Reader,___ , and family.
Richardson, William (colored).
Ricke, Tony, and wife.
Riley, Solomon, and wife.
Ring, J., proof reader Galveston News, and two children.
Riordan, Thomas.
Reagan, Mrs. Patrick, and son.
Rhea, Mrs. and Miss Mamie of Giles County, Tennessee.
Roach, Annie
Roberts,___ , watchman.
Robbins, Mrs. H. B., of Smith's Point.
Rodefeld, William, Jr.
Rohl, John, wife and five children.
Roll, Mrs. A., and four children.
Ross, daughter of Mrs. Ross of Houston.
Roth, Mrs. Kate, and three children.
Roe, Ada (colored).
Rowe, Hattie (colored).
Rotter, A. J., wife and two children.
Rudder, Robert, wife and four children.
Rudger, C, wife and child.
Rughter, Lena.
Ruce, Ida (colored).
Rice, Fisher (colored).
Redello, Angelo, wife and four children.
Randolph, Edith.
Rosenberg, , and baby.
Roe, K. (colored).
Riser, Henry, wife and three children.
Riesel, Mrs. Lula, and children
Ray and Edna,
Roberts, Herbert N.
Rhodes, Miss Ella, trained nurse.
Rose, C. M.
Rubier, Frank, Mrs. K., Leon and Albert.
Reagan, John P.
Rutter, H., wife and five children.
Sandford, S., and family.
Sawyer, Dr. John B.
Sawyer, Tom,
Sawyer, Mrs, Robert, and three children,
Schadermantle, Maud and Randle
Scheirholz, W wife and five children,
Schoolfleld, D. (colored),
Schrader, Mary,
Schuler, Mr, and Mrs,, and five children,
Schook, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, Jr.
Skarke, Charles F., and son.
Smith, Mary.
Smith, Charles L.
Smith, Professor F. C, wife and five children.
Smith, Jacob.
Smith, Wiley, wife and children (colored)
Sodiche, L.
Solomon, Frank, and family of six.
Solomon, Julius, and wife.
Stacker, Mrs. Sophie.
Stacker, Miss Alfreda.
Stacker, George.
Stackpole, Dr., and family.
Steding, wife and children (seven in family).
Stenzel, wife and three children.
Stewart, Captain T., and family.
Stewart, Miss Lester.
Stiglitz, Miss Mamie.
Strabo, Nick, and family, except one.
Strickhausen, Mrs.
Sweigel, George, mother and sister.
Symms, two children of H. C.
Smith, Mrs. Mary, and baby (colored).
Scull, Mrs. Mary.
Schutte, R., wife and two children.
Simpson, W. R., and two children, James and Berry.
Sargent, Thomas, Arthur and Allen.
Sladeyce, R. L., wife and three children,
Stanford, Mrs. Emma.
Schwartz, Marie, Maggie and Willie.
Seidenstucker, John.
Schrader, Mary.
Summers, Miss Sarah, of Cading, Ky.
Smith, Jacob (unaccounted for.)
Spann, J. C, wife and daughter.
Turner, Mrs.
Trizevant, Jordan.
Thurman, Mrs.
Taylor, Mrs. J. W.
Thomas, Nolan and Nathan.
Thomason, Mrs. W. B., and two children.
Thomas, , wife and six children.
Thornton, two children of Leigh.
Tickel, Mrs. James, Sr.
Trahan, Mrs. H. V., and child.
Travers, Mrs. K. C., and son, Sheldon.
Turner, Mr. and Mrs.
Trostman, Mrs. E., and three children.
Tayer, Verma and M. C.
Unger. Mrs. E. and five children
Ulridge, Adelaide (colored).
Van Buren, Ethel.
Vaught, Edna, child of W. J. Vaught.
Vitocitch. John, and family.
Van Buren, Herman, wife and
three children.
Wallace, Scott.
Wallace, Earl.
Waldon, son of Henry.
Walsh, J., wife and child.
Warner, Mrs. A. S.
Warner, Mrs. Flora.
Warren, Martha.
Weber, Mrs. Charles T.
Weber, Mrs. Anna.
Webber, Mrs. F., and family.
Windberg, Otto, wife and child.
Weiss, Oscar, wife and child.
Wenderman, Mrs.
Westway, Mrs. George.
Wharton, ___
White, family of Walter.
Whittle, Tom.
Wilde, Mrs., and Miss Freida.
Williams, Frank, wife and child.
Wilson, Annie.
Winscoatte, Mrs. W. D.
White, ___
Williams, Alex.
Windmann, Mrs.
Winmoore, James, wife and two children.
Winn, Mrs., and child.
Withey, H. M.
Wood, William (colored).
Woods, Miss, from Joliet, 111.
Woods, Mrs. Julia and Miss Nannie, of Joliet.
Wright, Lulu and John.
Wurzlow, Mrs.
Williams, Mrs. E. C. (colored).
Woodrow, Matilda.
Wisrodt, August, Jr., and wife and two children.
Weinberg, Otto, wife and five children.
Walker, Louis D.
Watkins, Mrs. F., Stanley, Arthur and Berna.
Wallis, Lee, wife, mother, four children and a little orphan girl who formerly lived at Palestine.
Weight, Jennie T., and Lula.
Walker, Joe.
Williams, Rosanna (colored).
Winberg, Mrs. F. A., and Fritz
Yeager, William.
Yuenz, Llllie and Henry Gecrge.
Younger, Evelia, and two children (colored).
Zeigler, Mrs., and two daughters.
Zwigel Mrs., and two daughters.
At the Catholic Orphanage:
Sister Camillus, Superior.
Mary Vincent.
Mary Elizabeth.
Mary Finbar.


Allison, S. B.
Antonovitch, P.
Augustial, P.
Allen, K. B.
Bowles, Samuel.
Bowles, Mrs. S.
Bellew, J.
Bellew, Mrs. J.
Bourdon, Mrs. L. A.
Blum, Mrs. Isaac.
Blum, Mrs. Sylvan.
Barry, Mrs. M. E.
Bereckman, Edw.
Bell. Clarence.
Buckner, Mr.
Benston, T.
Bergeron, Mrs.
Banneval, Mrs. A.
Bearman, T.
Brown, Adolph.
Clupp, Mrs. C. P.
Cook, William.
Cook, Mrs. Scott.
Copps, Charles.
Cowan, Mr.
Carlton, Charles.
Cratz, Jack.
Cleary, Dan.
Coddard, Alex.
Duett, Miss M.
Dawler, Mrs. Samuel.
Davis, Mrs. Thomas.
Dorrin, Mrs. C.
Demsie, John.
Demsie, Mrs. John.
Edwards, A. R. E.
Esteman, Paul.
Falk, Mrs.
Fuger, Frank.
Goldman, Theo.
Garbaldi, August.
Hoffman, H. H.
Hegman, Edward.
Herr, Leonard.
Hayman, John A.
Holland, Mrs. J.
Higgins, Mrs.
Irvin, Joseph.
Johnson, H. P.
Jefferbrook, August.
Jefferbrook, Mrs. Aug.
Jones, J. H.
Jones, Mrs. J. H.
Kinds, Joseph.
Kimpan, Paul.
Keefe, T. J.
Kalb, August.
Kalif, Mrs. John.
Kaiser, Louis..
Kinsfader, Joe.
Kelly, Florence.
Kirky, George.
King, Mrs.
Karvel, Mrs. Jack.
Lindner, Mrs. L.
Levy, Major W. T.
Lossing, Mrs. H.
M'Ewan, John-H., Jr.
Massey, Tom.
Martyn, Mrs. R.
Mott, Mrs. Frank
Martin, Jim.
Miller, Joe.
Meyer, Joe.
McGovern, James.
McHale, John.
Menard, Miss Mary.
Mellor, Robert.
Morton, Mrs. A.
Morton, Henry.
Miller, Mrs.
Martin, Herman.
McGuiro, John.
McPherson, Robert.
Marcotte, Miss P.
McVay, Mrs. E. C.
Nick, oysterman.
Nelson, Mrs.
Oplliz, Anita.
O'Keefe. Mrs. C. J.
Olsen, Steve.
Olson, Thomas H.
Provost, James.
Plitt, Hermann.
Potoff, Charles.
Phelps, Ruth.
Pekllnge, Mrs.
Pinto, Mrs. Tony.
Peco, Leon.
Pierson, Miss Mary.
Pierson, Alice.
Pierson, Frank.
Quarrovich, ___
Rummelin, Ed.
Reagan, H. J.
Raleigh, Miss Nellie.
Reamann, Mrs.
Redford, Mattie.
Ritter, Mrs. W. M.
Roehm, W. W. P.
Ravey, ___
Randolph, Edith,
Rosenberg, .
Rurehmond, Professor.
Rurehmond, Mrs.
Riser, Hy.
Riser, Mrs. Hy.
Riesel, Mrs. Lulu,
Schuler, A.
Steager, J.
Smith, O. P.
Senott, Maggie.
Schultz, Charles.
Schultz, Charles C.
Schultz, Fred.
Schultz, Mrs. F.
Scull, Mrs. Mary,
Simpson, W, R,
Sargent, Thomas.
Sargent, Arthur,
Sargent, Allen.
Stanford, Mrs. E.
Tuckett, Walter.
Tayer, Verma.
layer, M. C.
Williams, Mrs. E. C.
Woodrow, Matilda,
Waring, Mrs.
Wisrodt, August, Jr.
Wisrodt, Mrs. A., Jr.
Walker, L. D.
Watkins, Mrs. F,
Watkins, Stanley.
Watkins, Arthur.
Watkins, Berna,
Wallls, Lee.
WalliB, Mrs. L. C.
Weight, Jeonle T.
Weight, Lula,
Williams, R.
Woodward, E. C, Jr.
Williams, Rosanna.
Walters, F. A.
Wicke, Mrs.
Wegner, Fritz.
Zippi, J, M.
Zumberg, Gus.

The members of Battery O, First Artillery, U. S. A., lost in the storm were:

Andrews, George F., private.
Andrews, William L., private.
Cantner, James W., cook.
Delaney, William A., private.
Downey, Peter, private,
George, Hugh R., first sergeant.
Glaffey, John, private.
Hess, Fred, private.
Hunt. Frank W., private.
Kelly, John, private,
Lewis, Everett A., private.
Link, George, mechanic.
Marsh, James A., sergeant.
Mitchell, Benjamin D., private.
McArthur, Malcolm, mechanic.
Peterson, George, private.
Rander, Leopold, private.
Roberts, Samuel, corporal.
Sauerber, William S., private.
Seffers, Otto, private.
Vantilbruch, Benjamin, private.
Wheeler, Wadsworth B., private.
White, Herbert R., private.
Wilhite, Carvan M., private.
Wright, Sidney, private.
Hospital corps:
Forrest, Samuel, private,
Gossage, Joseph, private.
Mcllvene, Elright, private.
Few of the bodies of the dead regulars were ever found.
Twelve miles down Galveston Island the following were killed:

John Schneider's whole family.
Henry Sclineider's whole family.
Fritz Opper's whole family.
William Schroeder's wife and seven children.
Sam Kemp (colored) lost all his family.
Fritz Boehle's wife.
Ansie Boehl lost wife and three daughters.
Ostermayer and wife.
Only about six houses remained between South Galveston and the city limits.
Following is a revised list of dead outside of Galveston:

James Bodecker and son.
James Wofford.
Eleven lives were lost here.

Misses M. and S. M. Johnson.
Mrs. Wilhelm, sister of the Misses Johnson.
Mrs. Hawley, killed by being blown against a post.

Mr. Gilaspey,
Mrs. J. W. Collins.
Mrs. S. O. Lewis.
Mrs. Proctor, of Rosenburg, killed in Santa Fe wreck.

Mr. Bumpass.
H. H. Richardson, Jr.
Mrs. Jules A. Tix, of Galveston County.

J. McLain.
Twelve were lost altogether.

Feklin Williams.
E. J. Duff and son.
Three unknown.

W. B. Smith's daughter, aged 16.
Alice Leonard (colored).

Perry Campbell and three unknown

Three ladies, mother and two
daughters and seven unknown

William Johnson and wife.
William and Robinson Linnie.
Mrs. Pietze.
Mary Monenla.
Mr. Palmero, wife and five children.
Unknown woman, aged 45.
Unknown boy, aged 14.
George Young, wife and four children.
T. W. O'Connor and wife of Alvin, Miss.
Mrs. J. W. Collins.
W. P. Hawley.
Son of Joseph Bodecker.
Son of James Bodecker.
Hiram Johnson and wife.
William Robinson.
Domenio Child.
Mrs. "Joe" Meyer.
Several unknown found on the prairie.
Three unknown found on a fence.

W. A. Williams.
Miss Letitia Schultz and Mrs
Sophia Schultz.

Louis Bracquail.
"Billy" Jones.

B. Landrum, wife and five children.
Aikins, wife and child.
Mrs. Slatom and child.
Traney Lenton, wife and five daughters.
A. Vinson, wife and child, of
Liverpool, Texas.
John Gluspey.

Fifteen convicts.
Six bodies picked up on beach, believed to have floated over from Galveston.

J. L. Cantrell.
Rev. Mr. Watson.
Goleman Norman, of Needvllle.
Mrs. Robert Dawson's Infant.
Child of Mrs. Graggiss.
Child of Mrs. Kirkpatrlck.
Child of Mrs. Palmer.
Charles Scott.
Mary Hughes.

Eighteen unknown.

Eight negroes, names unknown.

Mrs. Fred May.
Mrs. P. Pflinger.
Mrs. Vincent and three children.
Mrs. S. K. Milhenny.
Haven Milhenny.
Child of Rice Davids.
Mrs. Dr. Nicholson
Mrs. Jane Woodlock.
Two unknown.

Two children of Mrs. Wright.
Mrs. Leon Cleary and three children.
James Sylvester.
Three negro men.
Two unknown negro women,
Louis Domengeux.

Foreman Kirby, with fourteen white men.

Rev. Father Keene.
L. W. Perry.
"Sam" Bliss.
Mrs. Parker and granddaughter.

Mrs. Mary Proctor, of Rosenberg, killed in Santa Fe wreck.
The number of those known to have met death outside of Galveston aggregated 1,000.


Augustine, Pasquila and wife.
Anderson, Nelson.
Agin, George and child.
Anderson, Henry.
Alexander, Annie and Christian.
Almeras, children of Thomas.
Alpin, Geo., and v/ife.
Amundsen, Emil, wife and child.
Anderson, Ned, wife and two children.
Anderson, Amanda, colored.
Anderson, Mrs. Carl, and four children.
Anizen, Mrs. Frank, and two children.
Armstrong, Mrs. Dora, and four children.
Azteanza, Captain Sylvester.
Alaway, Fred, and family.
Bradford, F. H., and family.
Boygoyne, Mrs. Francis, and son.
Burke, J. G., and wife.
Burns, Marco, wife and four children.
Bernervllle, Mrs. Antonio, and two children.
Badger, Otto.
Balliman. GUs, Irene and John.
Balseman, Mrs.
Barns, Mrs. Louise.
Barry, Mrs., and six children.
Balje, Otto.
Batteste, Horace.
Baubch, William, wife and two children.
Bell, George, wife and four children.
Bell, Miss Mattie.
Bell, Henry (colored).
Berger, Theodore, wife and child.
Bergman, Mrs. E. J., and daughter.
Bierman, Frederick.
Blackson, baby of William.
Block, son of Charles.
Blum, Isaac.
Borden, J. M., and wife.
Blum, Sarah and Jennie,
Bornkessel, T. C. of United States weather bureau, wife and child.
Boske, Mrs. Charles and two sons.
Bowen, ___
Branch, Allen (colored).
Brandies, Fritz, wife and four
Brandon, Lottie.
Britton, James (colored).
Brooks, J. T.
Brown, Adolph, wife and two children.
Bryan, Mrs. L. W. and daughter.
Buckley, Selma and Blanche.
Burgoyne, Douglas.
Bourke, J. K,
Burrell, Elivie and two children (colored).
Bureel, Mrs. C. (colored).
Baxter, Mrs. George and two children.
Chambers, Ada.
Curtis, Jane, two children and her
mother-in-law (colored),
Cleary, Mrs. Dan and five children.
Chenivere, Mrs.
Christian, Paul and wife.
Clancy, Pat wife and three children.
Clauson, Katie.
Cleary, Mrs. Leon and one child,
Cleveland, George and wife.
Cleveland, Roy and Seneca.
Close, J. M.
Coleman, Mandy and child (colored).
Connell, William.
Cook, W, S., wife and six children
Cornell, Mrs. Porter and two daughters (colored).
Cort, infant of E. L. (colored).
Cramer, Miss Bessie.
Credo, child of Anthony.
Cromwell, Mrs. and three daughters.
Curtis, Mrs. J. C. and one child (colored).
Curtis, Lula (colored).
Cushman, John Henry.
Daniels, Mrs. E., three girls, one son, two grandchildren.
Davis, Annio N.
Davis, Henry T. (colored).
Daley, Nicholas.
Darby, Charles.
Davis, Irene.
Deegan, Haddy.
Delaney, Joe.
Delano, Asa P., wife and children.
Deltz, M. and two sons.
Dempsey, Mr, and Mrs. Robert.
Dixon, Mrs. Louisa and children.
Dinsdale, wife and two children.
Dittman, Mrs. F., and son.
Dore, , an old Frenchman.
Dore, Deo, Jr., wife and tv/o children.
Garrene, Mr. and Mrs., and two children.
Dorsett, B., and family of five.
Dotto, Mike, wife and six children.
Doyle, Jim.
Drecksniith, D.
Dreckschmidt, H.
Drew, H. A.
Duffard, A.
Duffy, Mrs.
Dunant, Frank, Sr.
Dunton, Mrs. Adelaide.
Dunkins, Mrs.
Duntonovitch, John and Pinckey.
Darkey, John and wife and daughter Belle.
Edmonds, Mrs.
Eberhard, F., and wife.
Eberg, Mrs. Kate.
Eckel, William, wife and son.
Edmondson, Fred and father.
Eichler, W.
Eichler, Mrs. A.
Elsmann, Howard.
Ellis, John, and family of four.
Ello, Joseph, wife and two children.
Englehart. Louis
Englehart, Mrs. Ludwig.
Englehart, G. C.
Evans, Mrs. Katy and two daughters.
Everhart, J. H., wife and Mias
Lena and Guy.
Ferrell, Mrs., wife of Rev., and three children,
Falke, Joseph, and three children.
Faucette, Mrs. Robert.
Feigle, John, Sr., and wife.
Feigle, Mabel.
Flanagan, Mrs. Martin, and child.
Foreman, Mrs. Mamie, Cassia, Thomas, Amos, Webster.
Franklin, George.
Franck, Mrs. Augusta.
Freidolf,___ , wife and son.
Freilag,___ , and son Harry.
Frohne, Mrs. Charles and two children.
Frye, Mrs. W. H.
Fryer, Bessie Bell.
Gwynn, Mrs. D.
Gordon, Sol and two children.
Gabell, Mr. and Mrs. (colored).
Gaines, Mrs. Tillie J. and two daughters.
Gallishaw, five children.
Garrett, Ed.
Garrigan, James.
Garrigaa, Joseph.
Garth, Johnnie and Gussle.
Genter, Robert.
Gensen, four children.
George, first sergeant of Battery O.
George, Charles and wife.
Gillis, Dan.
Gordon, Asker and baby.
Grant, Fred (colored).
Grant, Mamie E. (colored).
Gother, Mrs. Fred.
Grumberg, Alex, supposed to belong
to life-saving station.
Haag, three children of Mrs. B.
Hagen, George W.
Hall, Joe and family (colored).
Hansel, Dick, wife and three children.
Harris, Tim.
Harris, Thomas, wife and three children.
Harris, Robert, wife and one child.
Harris, George.
Harry, Mrs. (colored).
Harris, Mrs W. R. and son.
Hayes, cbild of Mrs. Eva of Taylor, Texas.
Helfstein, John, Jr., (child).
Helfatein, Sophie and Lily, children of W.
Hemann, Mrs. R. M. and child.
Hess, Bugler.
Hester, Charlie.
Hoarer, Martin, wife and son.
Hoch, Mrs. and three sons, Miko, Willie and Louis.
Holland, James H., wife and son Willie and grandson Otis.
Holland, ___(colored).
Holland, Mrs. James.
Holmes, child of Laura (colored).
Hubner, Edward and Antoinette.
Hudson, Mrs.
Hughes, Mrs. Mattie.
Hughes, Stuart C.
Hughes, John.
Hull, Charlie (colored).
Huzza, Charles, wife and four children.
Hyman, Anthony.
Hybach, Charles and son.
Jaeger, Mr. and Mrs. and two children.
Jackson, Mrs. J. W. and two children,
Jamoneck, Ed., wife and two children, all of Dallas.
Jasper, two children of Perry (colored).
Jefferbock, Mr. and Mrs. Augusta.
Jerrel, J., wife and four children and mother-in-law.
Jones, Frank, son and Fred (colored).
Jones, Mrs. Matilda and daughter.
Johnson, Peter, wife and five children.
Johnson, Mrs. P. and children.
Johnson, R. D., wife and two children.
Johnson, Mrs. Genevive and daughter.
Johnson, W. J., wife and two children.
Johnson, Mrs, Ben and three children.
Johnson, Mike, wife, child and mother-in-law.
Johnson, Harry.
Johnson, Mrs. H B.
Johnson, A. S., wife and six children
Junemann, Charles, wife and daughter.
Kunker, William, wife and child.
Kace, Mrs. John and four children,
Kennedy, Benton, wife and JLhree children.
Kemp, Pearl C. (colored).
Kemp, Mrs. (colored).
Kerpan, Mr. and Mrs. Paul.
King, Mrs. (colored).
King, Rosa J. (colored).
Kindlund, Edgar.
Knowles, Mrs. W. T. and three children.
Kimley, Mrs. John and family.
Kinsell, E.
Kreza, Joseph, wife and three sons.
Kurpan, Paul and wife.
Kaiser, Louie, wife and three children.
Kehler, Mrs. Fred and two sons.
Keiss, Mrs. John.
Keiss, Miss Judie.
Keiss, Mrs. Louise and four children.
Keiffer, wife and daughter.
Kelsy, James.
Lackey, Miss Pearl.
Lackey, Alma.
Lackey, Robert.
Lackey, Mrs., four children and daughter-in-law.
Lafayette, Mrs., and two children.
Lapierce, James, wife and five children.
Larson, H. and two children.
Laukhuff, Genevieve.
Lashley, Mrs. Dave.
Lausen, August and three children.
Lawson, Mrs. W., and Miss Oralie.
Lawson, Mr. and Mrs. and child.
Legue, three children of Mrs. Lillie.
Lee, Captain G. A, and wife.
Lenker, Tom.
Lennard, Fred.
Lemira, Joseph, wife and four children
Leon, and two children.
Leslie, Miss Gracie.
Lewis, Mrs. C. A. (colored),
Lewis, Mrs, Jake, and six children.
Lewis, Agnes (colored)
Lindgren, John, wife and seven children. (Miss Lillie, eldest, saved).
Lloyd, Buck and wife.
Locke, Mrs. Mary.
Lockhart, Mrs. Charles, and two children.
Losica, Mrs. F., daughter, three children and .-son-in-law.
Lucas, Mrs. William and two sons.
Lucas, two children of Mrs. David.
Lucas, John and two children.
Ludke, Henry, wife and son.
Ludewig, E. A. and mother.
Lumberg, Will and Lena.
Lumber, Gus, wife and nine children.
Lynch, A.
Lynch, James and wife.
Lynch, Ed and family.
Lyster, W. W.
Miller, Joe and children.
Munn, Mrs. S. S.
McCauley, J. B. and wife.
Macklin, W. L., wife and three children.
Maudy, Mrs. and daughter (colored).
Matson, Grace and three children (colored).
Martin, Frank, wife and son.
Maquelte, Mrs. Pauline.
Maxwell, Mrs.
McAmish, S. A., wife and two daughters.
McAughlar, Ira (colored).
McCulloch, A. R. (colored).
McManus, Mrs. W. H.
McMillan, Mrs. M. J.
McNeill, Mrs. and baby.
McNeal, Mrs. James and child.
McPeters, wife and two children.
McPherson, Robert (colored).
Merley, Mrs. John.
Mealy, Joseph.
Megna, Mrs. Joe.
Megna, child of Mike.
Menzella, John, wife and five children.
Merle, Eugene and mother.
Meric, John, wife and children.
Mestry, Charlotte (colored).
Meyer, Chris, missing.
Miller, wife and six children.
Moran, James and wife.
Morrow, Mrs. and four children.
Meore, Mrs. Nathan.
Moore, Estelle (colored).
Moore, ___
Morley, D. and wife
Morris, Harry, wife and three children.
Morton, Hammond and four children.
Mott, B. F.
Mulcahey, two children of J., of Houston.
Mulholland, Mrs. Louise.
Mullock, Henry, wife and child.
Mundyne, Mrs. Meria.
Murie, Mrs. Annie and daughter.
Meyer, Herman, wife and son Willie.
Myers, Mrs, C. J, and one child.
Napoleon, Henry, wife and sister (colored),
Otis, Charlotte (colored).
O'Dowd, D, J.
O'Keefe, C J. and wife.
Olsen, Ed,
Oterson, A. A. and wife.
Ostermayer, Henry and wife.
O'Shaughnessy, Pauline.
Perry, Mrs. H. M. and son Clayton, Houston,
Puesnutt, Mrs, Fred and three children.
Paetz, Mrs. Lena.
Paskall, August and wilte.
Pashelag, Miss Louisa.
Pashelag, Mrs. E, and three children.
Paysee, Mrs. Henry and two children.
Pauly, Mr, and Mrs,
Peetz, Mrs. Captain J. J. and eldest
and youngest daughters.
Pellenze, Mrs. and mother.
Perkins, Albert (colored).
Perkins, Arthur (colored).
Perkins, wife and grand-son (colored).
Peterson, Mrs. J. and children.
Peterson, K. C, wife and child,
Pettit, W, B,
Pettingill, W. H. and wife and three sons, Walter W., James and Norman (missing).
Pllford, W., Mexican Cable Company, and children, Madele,
Willie, Jack and Georgianna.
Quowvich, John and four others unknown.
Quester, Bessie.
Quinn, Thomas.
Quinn. John, engineer (missing).
Rockford. William and wife
Ryan, Joseph, wife and child.
Raleigh. Miss Lelia.
Rayburn, Crawiord.
Rattisseau, A. and wife and three children.
Rattisseau, Mrs. W. L. and three children.
Reagan, Mrs. .John J.
Reagan, W. J., wife and three children.
Rein, wife and daughter.
Reinhart, Agnes and Helen,
daughters' of John.
Rhone, Lulu L. (colored).
Richardson, S. W. and wife.
Richamderes, Mrs. Irene and baby.
Riley, Mrs. W. and two children.
Rimmelin, Edward H. and wife.
Riordan, Thomas.
Ritzeler, Mrs.
Rhymes, Thomas, wife and two children.
Roach, Annie.
Roberts, "Shorty."
Ritchford, Ben and wife.
Roemer, C. C. and wife.
Roemer, Elizabeth, wife of A. C.
Roehm, Mr. and Mrs. William and two children.
Rogers, Blanche Donald, niece of D. B.
Ross, 9-year-old child of Mrs.
Ross, of Houston.
Rosse, Mrs. L. and three children.
Rossalee, B., wife and three children.
Roth, Mrs. Kate and three children.
Rowe, Mrs. and three children.
Rudder, Robert, wife and four children.
Rudger, C, wife and child.
Ruenbuhl, Johnnie.
Ruther, A., mother and father.
Ruhrmond, Prof., wife and two children.
Rust, Henry and three children.
Redelli, Angelo, wife and four children.
Sanford, Southwick, wife and child.
Schmidt, Mrs. F. and son Richard.
Schmidt, Richard J.
Schneider, J. F., wife and six children.
Schoolfield, (colored).
Schoolfield, Isaac.
Schutte, , wife and two children.
Schutze, Mr. and Mrs.
Scott, Hugh (colored).
Seals, Wallace D. (colored).
Seats, Sarah N. (colored).
Sedgwick, child.
Seibel, Mrs. Julius.
Seibel, Lizzie.
Seibel, Mrs. Jacob and son Julius.
Seixas, Mrs. E., Arma, Lucille, Cecilia.
Severt, John and wife.
Shaper, Henry, wife and two sons.
Sherman, Albert.
Skelton, Mrs. Emma and two children.
Sharke, Charles F.
Smith, Jim, prize fighter.
Simerville, S. B. and wife (colored).
Sourbien, Battery O.
Slayton, Mrs. Carey B. (colored).
Steeb, J. and wife and two children.
Stevens, Frank, Leo, Jerold and
Edward, sons of T. J.
Stewart, Captain P. and family.
Stilkolitch, Mannie.
Stimman, Robert, wife and ihild.
Strabe, Nick and family, except one.
Strickhausen, Mrs.
Strunk, William, wife and six children.
Sudden, Clara (colored).
Swartsbach, child of A. Swickel, mother and three sisters of John Sylvester, Miss.
Simms, two children of H. G.
Thomas, Miss Daisy.
Tavinette, Antoinet.
Terrell, Mrs. Q. V. and four children (colored).
Thomas, Newell and Nathaniel.
Thompson, Mr., wife and three children.
Thurman, Mrs. (colored).
Tiggs, Lavlna and daughter (colored).
Tilsman, Robert, wife and five children.
Tinbush, and family.
Trickhausen, Mrs.
Trostman, Mrs. and three children.
Tucker, Mr. and Mrs. and one child.
Turner, Mr. and Mrs.
Udell, Oliver, wife and child.
Uhl, Mrs. Christopher and six children.
Ulridge, Val, Mrs. and six children.
Van, Miss Mary.
Vining, Mrs. Annie and four children.
Viscavitch, Magdelena, daughter of Mrs. Wemberg,
 Wemberg, O. M., wife and five children.

Winn, Mrs. and grandchild.
Wallace, Scott and Earl.
Wade, Mrs. Hillie (colored).
Wade, Hettie and husband (colored).
Walden, Samuel, son of W. H. (colored).
Waldgren, Mr.
Walker, Mrs. H. V.
Walter, Mrs. Charles and three children.
Walsh, Joseph, wife and three children.
Walters, Gus.
Waring, Mr. (colored).
Warrah, Martin.
Waters, three nephews of James.
Watkins, child of P.
Watson, Judge, wife and two children.
Webber, Mrs. and family.
Weber, W. J., wife and two children.
Wester, George and Joe.
Weidmang, Frita and wife, Paul and mother.
Weiss, Prof.
Walsh, Mrs.
Westaway, Mrs. George.
Westerman, Mrs. A.
Westman, Mrs.
White, Jamea, wife and babe.
Wlcke, Lena.
Wilke, C. O.
Wilcox, child.
Wilde, Miss Freda.
Williams, Mrs. Mary.
Wilson, Bertha (colored).
Withey, H.
Witt. C. H., wife and two children.
Wood, Mrs. R. N.
Wood, Eddie and Burley (colored).
Wood, Mrs. Caroline and two daughters, Mary and Kate.
Wuchnach, M., wife and two children.
Young, Mrs., two daughters and one son.
The following, previously reported dead, were saved:
Coddou, Alex, Jr., Ray and Eugene, whose father and three brothers were lost.
Cato, William.
Kunter, Mrs. J. J.
Sommer, Miss Helen T.


Allen, Mrs. Kate.
Allen, Mrs. Alex and five children.
Anderson, Mrs. Dora.
Anderson, Mrs. Sam (colored).
Anderson, Nick and two sons.
Andrel, Mrs. and three children.
Anlouovich, Eddie.
Baker, Florence (colored).
Baker, Mrs. and three children (colored).
Baldwin, Sallie (colored)..
Bastor, Mrs. Clara.
Bostford, Edwin and wife.
Bcstford, Kate.
Brady, and wife.
Brandus, Fritz and wife and four children.
Burns, Mrs,
Bushon, Hisom.
Boyd, Andy and family, on beach.
Brophey, M., and mother of Peter.
Calvert, George W., wife and daughter.
Campbell, Mrs. Emma.
Caroline, Mrs. Alice and three children.
Cheles, William and wife.
Chester, Paul and wife.
Christian, John.
Grain, Anna M.
Grain, Charles.
Craln, Maggie McCree.
Grain, Mrs. C. D.
Carter, A. J.
Garter, Mrs. Celeste.
Davis, B.
Debner, William, wife and three children.
Doherty, Mrs.
Dagert, Mrs. and children.
Floehr, Mrs.
Hoesington. H. A.
Hurt, Walter, wife, two children and two servants.
Iwan, Mrs. A.
Jones, John A. and wife.
Johnson, Leonard, wife and four children.
Joughin, Tony.
Jones. B, B.
Kaufman, Mrs. Eliza.
Keller and family.
Kolbe, infant of C. B.
Kleiman, Joe, wife and two workmen,
Kroener, Will, Sophie and Florie.
Kupper, ___
Larson, H. and two children.
Luckenbell, B. E. and wife.
Lott, Walker C, wife and two children.
Martin, Miss Annie.
Manly, Joen, Sr., mother and two nieces.
McCauley, J. and wife.
Neuwiller, William, wife and three children.
Newton, Mrs. J. M. and child.
Oakley, F.
Poland, Ed. and sister.
Pryor, Ed., wife and four children, of St. Joseph, Mo.
Patrick, Mariah.
Powers, Carrie V.
Patter, C. H. and baby.
Quinn, Mrs. Frank and son Claude.
Ripley, Henry.
Roberts, John T.
Scholea, Richard, wife, son Frank and adopted daughter, Tilla Meyer.
Sommer, Joe, wife and child.
Spaeter, Mrs. Fred.
Spaeter, Otilla.
Slayton, Mrs. Carrie (colored).
Steeb, , wife and child.
Steinbunk, Edward, George and Arthur.
Sweikel, mother and three sisters of John.
Steinforth, Mrs. Emma.
Stillman, Lily.
Stevens, Frankie and Lee, two boys of T. J.
Stewart, Miss Lester.
Swenson, Mrs. Mary K.
Simons, two children of H. G.
Tavenett, Anton.
Thompson, Milton.
Thompson, wife and four children.
Tickle, H. P., wife and two children.
Told. Subie.
Torr, T. C.
Toothacre, Miss Etta.
Tozen, Mrs. G. M. and Miss Bella.
Washington, John and five children.
Wiede, wife and five children.
White, Willie.
White, family of Walter.
Williams, Ed.
Zickler, Mrs. Fred and two children.
Zinkie, August and two children.
Zwansig, Adolph, Sr., Richard, Herman and three daughters of Adolph.


Andrews, Mrs.
Allen, William, wife and three children.
Allardyce, Mrs. R. L., and three children.
Allen, Claude.
Allen, Herbert,
Allen, Lucy.
Bradfoot and wife.
Brown, William.
Briscal, Alfred, and two children.
Burkhead, Mrs., and daughter.
Burns, Mrs. P., and daughter Mary.
Byman, Mr. and Mrs. George.
Clancy, Pat, wife and five children.
Colsberg, Frank G.,wife and baby.
Chester, Frank, Ellen and Mary (colored).
Christianson, Miss Annie, of
Shreveport (who was visiting George Dorian).
Costly, Sanders, and wife and child of Alexander Costly (colored).
Cowan, Isabella, and daughter.
Calloum, Antona, Tvife and four children.
Cornell, Mrs. Eliza.
"Dago Joe" and wife Mary.
Dearing, William, wife and six children.
Devoti, Joe, and three children.
Devoti, Mrs. Julia, and two children.
Devoti, Louis.
Devoti, "Doc."
Durrant, Frank.
Dumond, Joseph, and wife.
Dazet, Mrs. Leon, and child.
Eaton, F, B.
Fachan, family gone; he is alive.
Falk, Mrs. Julius, and five children.
Falk, Gustavo.
Felsmann, Richard (blacksmith),
wife and five children.
Fritz, wife and two children.
Graus, wife and two children.
Hall, Chase (colored).
Harris, John, wife and two children.
Haucius, Mrs., and one child.
Hermann, W. J.
Herman, Mrs., and five children.
Hylenberg, Jacob, wife and child.
Jerrel, J., wife and four dliildren.
Jordan, Charles.
James and children.
Jackson, wife and daughter,
Kaper, August, wife and one child.
Keogh, John, wife and four children.
Keogh, Mrs., and three children.
Koch, William, Sr.
Kothe, William Q.
Leagett, Mrs., and three children.
Leaget, Mrs. Celia, and family of six.
Letts, Captain, wife and two children and sister.
Lynch, Peter.
Mackey, Mrs. W. G., and four children.
Maclin, J. D., wife and seven children.
McCann, Billy, wife and four children.
Maupin, Joseph.
McDonald, Mrs. Mary, and son.
McEwen, John.
McGraw, Peter, and wife.
McNeil, Hugh, and baby and Miss Jennie McNeil.
McPeters, Mrs., and two children.
McVeigh, Miss Lorena.
Miller, Frank.
Miller, wife and four children.
Midlegge, August, wife and five children.
Mellor (better known as Miller), Robert.
Meyer, Henry, and four children.
Moore, Cecelia, Loraine, Vera and
Mildred, children of Mr. and
Mrs. Louis Moore.
Morseburger, Antonia, and wife.
Moserger, ____
Middleburger, George, wife and three children.
Middleberger, John, wife and three children.
Miller, E. 0.
Moore, Mrs. Dock.
Neal, a fisherman.
O'Neill, James and Frank, sons of James.
O'Neill, Lawrence.
O'Neill, wife and five children, an oysterman. with four hired men.
Piatt, Mrs. S.
Peterson, George, soldier, wife and four children.
Peters, Robert.
Peters, Rudolph.
Potter, C. H., and little daughter.
Praker, William.
Preussner, Mrs., and three children.
Pischos, Mr. and Mrs.
Quinn, Robert, wife and six children.
Rattiseau, P.A.
Rattiseau, J.B., wife and four children.
Rattiseau, C.A. wife and seven children.
Rattisseau, Mrs. J. L. and three children.
Raw, Mr.
Ray, Miss Susie.
Roberts. Herbert M.
Mrs. Rose's baby.
Rosen, Mrs., and four children.
Rudireker, and three women.
Ryan, Mrs. Mary.
Scarborough, Harry, a fisherman.
Scott, Hughie (colored).
Ricker, John.
Speck, Captain.
Summers, Mrs. M. S.
Tian, Mrs. Clement, and three children
Tripo, an oysterman.
Turner, Angeline (colored).
Wallace, and wife.
Warnke, Mr. and Mrs., and three
Washington, Johnnie, and family,
Weit, Mr., and three children.
Walker, L. D., stepson and W. J.
Weeden, Lou, wife and four children.
Wurzlow, Mrs. Annie.
One laborer at Dr. Fry's dairy.
Anderson, C. L., wife, and children.
Burns, Mrs. M. E., and daughter.
Boening, William, wife and three children.
Burwell, T. M.
Buren, Larzen, wife and five children.
Bernardoni, John.
Chouke, Mrs. Charles and child.
Connolly, Mrs. Ellen.
Cook, Mrs. Ida (colored).
Cook, Henry (colored).
Deboer, P. G., and wife.
Doyle, James.
Dickinson, Mrs. Mary, and children (colored).
Ellis, Mrs. Henry (colored).
Edwards, Mrs. Jane, and daughter (colored).
Falco, J. A. C.
Fagan, Frank.
Fager, Mrs. Frances.
Frank, Miss Anna.
Calmer, H. H., and wife.
Geist, wife and daughter.
Colmer, H. H., wife and five children.
Heusse, W. A., and wife.
Hoch, Mike.
Heare, L., wife and twelve children.
Homburg, Joe, wife and four children.
Homburg, William, wife and five children
Hurlbert, Mrs. Victoria, Miss Minnie,
Walter and Hattie (all colored).
Hass, Professor Carl, and family.
Johnson, A., and wife.
Johnson, Dan (colored).
Jay, J. J.
Kessner, August, Lena, Emma and James H.
Keats, Miss Tillie.
Lemere, T., and wife.
Lisbony, Mrs. W. H., Jr., and Miss Eunice, daughter of C. P.
Lehman, Charles and son.
Mitchell, W. P.
McConnelly, H,, and wife.
McQown, Jim.
McVeagh, Mrs. J. M.
Manning, Mark.
Mead, James.
Neimeier, Henry, wife and five children.
Patterson, H. J.
Patterson, Miss S. (colored).
Perkins, Lucy and Lotta (colored).
Perkins, Mrs. L., and two children (colored).
Parobich, Michael, wife and four children.
Pruessne, Henry.
Panleick, Matthew.
Rose, H., and wife.
Radeker, Mrs. Herman, and child.
Rehm, William, wife and two children.
Reymanscott, Louis.
Richardson. William.
Ruther, Robert, wife and six children.
Steerholz, W., and wife.
Seible, 0. J., Jr.
Schroeder, Mrs. Lottie A.
Swan, George, wife and four children.
Terrell, G., and wife.
Varnell, James, wife and six children.
Vuletach, Andrew, wife and daughter.
Warren, Mrs. Flora.
Wilkinson, George, wife and son.
Wilson, Mrs. Julia Anna (colored).
Zurapanin, Mrs. N., and eight children

Source: The Complete Story Of The Galveston Horror Written by Survivors Edited by John Coulter 1900


**Note from Joyce Louis:

Here are some other names to add to the list of Deaths:

Mary Ellen Casey Shepherd, wife of Thomas Wm. Shepherd Jr., of Cedar Bayou, died with her l year old daughter, Margaret Velma.  They were visiting Galveston for the day.  Her brother, Capt. James Casey, and his wife Annie, also were lost in the storm.

      Thomas Shepherd buried an unidentified woman and an unidentified toddler in the Cedar Crest Cemetery, having said "If I can't bury my own, I will bury someone else's."  The marker says "Deceased Shepherd."



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