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Index of Confederate Pension Applicants
The Index to Confederate Pension Applications provides the names,
counties of residence, and pension numbers of 54,634 approved,
rejected, and home pensions issued by the Texas government between
1899 and 1975.
Source: Texas State Library and Archive Commission

{Submitted by Veneta McKinney}
Applicant Name App # County Husband Husband's App #
Barbee, Tennie 19180 Orange Barbee, Joseph Hamilton  
Beaman, Harriet Abney Hester Rejected Orange Beaman, William Green  
Belden, Martha Ann 9815 Orange Belden, John C.  
Berwick, Mary S. 28777 Orange Berwick, Gilbert  
Bland, David 34625 Orange    
Block, Frederick William 3203 Orange    
Block, Louisa 39559 Orange Block, Charles Lewis  
Block, Mary A. Rejected Orange Block, Frederick William  
Bolin, M. J. (Mrs) Rejected Orange Bolin, William R.  
Bolin, William R. 21281 Orange    
Brewer, Mary 3202 Orange Brewer, John D.  
Burton, Frederick Abbey 36185 Orange    
Burton, John G. 3201 Orange    
Burton, Owen W. 35636 Orange    
Carmichael, Flem Rejected Orange    
Chandler, J. M. 37334 Orange    
Childers, Candace 3204 Orange Childers, J. P.  
Cochran, Lucinda C. 3205 Orange Cochran, Jacob  
Cooper, Frank M. 10174 Orange    
Cooper, Frank M. (Mrs) 45787 Orange Cooper, Frank M.  
Depew, Nancy 11014 Orange Depew, J. N.  
Duhon, Cellise 25919 Orange Duhon, Joseph F.  
Duhon, J. F. 18218 Orange    
Ford, Eugenia R. 50910 Orange Ford, Henry Harrison  
Fredrick, Mary 34844 Orange Fredrick, Tresuino (treseno) 13480
Fredrick, Treseno (Tresuino) 13480 Orange    
Freeman, Irene 20010 Orange Freeman, Thomas Franklin 8807
Frick, Lucinda 18221 Orange Frick, Mike  
Gentry, Jesse Rejected Orange    
Goodman, Francis Hannah 27039 Orange Goodman, Charles G.  
Granger, Michael 10445 Orange    
Green, Sarah E. 19179 Orange Green, John Walter  
Griffin, Elizabeth 34564 Orange Griffin, James Washington  
Grubbs, Columbus Hamilton Rejected Orange    
Hargraves, Joseph 27401 Orange    
Harmon, Barney 17140 Orange    
Harmon, John 43426 Orange    
Harris, Alford Rejected Orange    
Harris, Alfred 28634 Orange    
Hart, Sue E. 37189 Orange Hart, Thomas W.  
Hart, Thomas W. 11597 Orange    
Heard, Demarius Virginia Rejected Orange Heard, John William  
Hebert, Caesar 20722 Orange    
Hebert, Cassindania 49630 Orange Hebert, Manuel Demnie  
Hoard, Ransom P. 19173 Orange    
Holden, Rachel 12095 Orange    
Holder, Rachel Rejected Missing Orange    
Hollis, Francis D. 35277 Orange Hollis, Jesse H. 27494
Hollis, Jesse H. 27494 Orange    
Horne, T. J. Rejected Orange    
Howe, Ernestine Renett 49390 Orange Howe, Charles Perry  
Hubbard, Fredonia 51644 Orange Hubbard, George Humphrey 46366
Hubbard, George Humphrey 46366 Orange    
Jones, Joseph H. 17139 Orange    
King, W. J. 43558 Orange    
Koff, Emilie C. 34668 Orange Koff, William  
Landers, J. R. 04297a Orange    
Landers, Joanna 11593 Orange    
Lavine, Mahala 50672 Orange Lavine, William  
Levington, S. H. Rejected Orange    
Lewis, W. J. 10175 Orange    
Lillard, Josephus 28516 Orange    
Linscomb, Caleb L. 9964 Orange    
Linscomb, Joseph 12567 Orange    
Lyons, A. B. Rejected Orange    
Lyons, Ambrose 11596 Orange    
Lyons, Minerva 08435 Missing Orange    
Manuel, Julian 19451 Orange Manuel, Adam  
Matthews, Clara E. Canarian Rejected Orange Matthews, Adam  
McClain, Isabella 08434 Missing Orange    
McCorquodale, Ida J. 31685 Orange McCorquodale, David Duncan  
McDaniel, Alex 43855 Orange    
McDaniel, Alice Rejected Orange McDaniel, Alex 43855
Merriman, Carrie 45018 Orange Merriman, Thomas Berwick 21334
Merriman, Thomas Berwick 21334 Orange    
Meyers, F. C. Rejected Missing Orange    
Michel, Adrian 10444 Orange    
Morris, W. M. 19178 Orange    
Moss, Julia 47613 Orange Moss, Florence  
Myers, Frank C. Rejected Orange    
Myers, Jemima Simmonds 43801 Orange Myers, Frank C.  
Myers, Rachel 11595 Orange Myers, Robert C.  
Myers, Robert C. Rejected Orange    
Myers, T. C. Rejected Missing Orange    
Nemits, Arabella A. 37540 Orange Nemits, Charles Henry  
Peveto, John 43745 Orange    
Peveto, Martha 50327 Orange Peveto, John 43745
Peveto, Sarah Rejected Orange Peveto, John  
Pevoto, Emily 7925 Orange Pevoto, Samuel  
Pevoto, John 3207 Orange    
Pevoto, Robert Rejected Orange    
Phillips, Kate 29857 Orange Phillips, Zachariah Collett 3206
Phillips, Zachariah Collett 3206 Orange    
Pinkerton, Martha Virginia 43342 Orange Pinkerton, Hugh Pickens  
Ratcliff, John Van 21176 Orange    
Ratcliff, Kate 46314 Orange Ratcliff, John Van 21176
Ratcliff, Leroy 9090 Orange    
Ratcliff, Mary M. 36050 Orange Ratcliff, William Gordon  
Reese, James Monroe 3209 Orange    
Reese, Mary Ellen 31172 Orange Reese, James Monroe  
Richardson, Mary Ann 3210 Orange Richardson, Jacob A.  
Richey, Martha W. Rejected Orange Richey, Thomas Cope  
Rogers, Sarah A. 18220 Orange Rogers, Augustus M.  
Rosenbaum, Henry D. 3208 Orange    
Russell, Beulah C. 43303 Orange Russell, Henry Hays  
Sholars, Kate Shaifer 45913 Orange Sholars, Samuel Wallace  
Simmons, Mary Jane 47484 Orange Simmons, William Neal 27493
Simmons, William Neal 27493 Orange    
Singleton, George Washington 3212 Orange    
Slaughter, Piercy Ann Delila B. 51173 Orange Slaughter, Henry Puloski  
Smith, Hannah Few 6115 Orange Smith, Osborn R.  
Stallings, Jeptha 39371 Orange    
Stallings, Jeptha (Mrs) 46995 Orange Jeptha, Sr. 39371
Stephens, Benjamin Anderson 47453 Orange    
Stephens, Olie 50929 Orange Stephens, Benjamin Anderson 47453
Stephenson, Gilbert M. 21581 Orange    
Stephenson, Josephine 50537 Orange Stephenson, Gilbert M. 21581
Street, William D. 27941 Orange    
Strickland, J. H. 3211 Orange    
Tatum, Joshua Perry 30936 Orange    
Thomas, M. E. (Mrs) Rejected Orange Thomas, Benjamin B.  
Thomas, Margarett Ellen 25584 Orange Thomas, Bennett B.  
Trimme, Jemima 38328 Orange Trimme, Francis 2256
Tucker, Thomas C. 3213 Orange    
Turner, B. C. 25499 Orange    
Walea, Catherine 45791 Orange Walea, James 12566
Walea, James 12566 Orange    
Walker, Fannie 34066 Orange Walker, Jasper Newton 16917
Walker, R. M. Rejected Orange    
Walker, Robert Melton 11015 Orange    
Walker, S. M. (Mrs) 18645 Orange Walker, Robert Melton 11015
Wall, Elizabeth 45110 Orange Wall, Francis Loveless  
Watson, Joseph 3214 Orange    
West, John 7524 Orange    
Wilkinson, Moses W. 18219 Orange    
Willey, Elizabeth A. 30607 Orange Willey, Brazilla  
Williamson, Joissine Demaret 10720 Orange    
Williamson, William Rejected Orange    
Wilson, Richard G. 34648 Orange    
Wingate, R. P. Rejected Orange    
Winn, Fannie C. 34538 Orange Winn, William Henry  
Young, Francis 11594 Orange    
Young, Thomas 3215 Orange    


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