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Victoria County, Texas

 Index of Confederate Pension Applicants

The Index to Confederate Pension Applications provides the names,
counties of residence, and pension numbers of 54,634 approved,
rejected, and home pensions issued by the Texas government between
1899 and 1975.

Source: Texas State Library and Archive Commission

{Submitted by Veneta McKinney}


Applicant Name App # County Husband Husband's App #
Alewine, B. J. 10502 Victoria    
Anderson, Sarah M. 10521 Victoria Anderson, Isaac 2522
Anthony, Bersheba 32835 Victoria Anthony, Robert Henry  
Arnold, Abner E. 28657 Victoria    
Ayres, John T. 18504 Victoria    
Bauer, H. 08508 Missing Victoria    
Bauer, Kate 13109 Victoria Bauer, Herman  
Berry, Lucy A. 9118 Victoria Berry, William J. 4259
Berry, William J. 4259 Victoria    
Bielstein, Minnie 32383 Victoria Bielstein, August  
Bornefeld, Hermania 47967 Victoria Bornefeld, Julius Albert  
Braun, Fredericka 19898 Victoria Braun, August Fernand  
Brazzil, Winnie E. 51164 Victoria Brazzil, William Nichols 43714
Broom, Nancy C. 16893 Victoria Broom, William Alexander 5918
Broom, William Alexander 5918 Victoria    
Byers, William Riley 16894 Victoria    
Chamblee, Louise 18701 Victoria Chamblee, Andrew Jackson  
Chambles, Louise Rejected Victoria Chambles, Jackson  
Cole, Julia A. 4260 Victoria Cole, Gabriel  
Craig, Blanche 50113 Victoria Craig, William Johnson  
Dame, Valentine Rejected Victoria    
Delgao, Servera 08533 Missing Victoria    
Dooley, George Travis 08509 Missing Victoria    
Duncan, Jessie L. 47569 Victoria Duncan, Thomas Green  
Dunn, Fannie 33245 Victoria Dunn, Uriah H.  
Durham, Nancy Jane 36534 Victoria Durham, Green Harvey  
Ernst, Joseph 22384 Victoria    
Ernst, Sophie 36126 Victoria Ernst, Joseph 22384
Espetia, Fernandes 43197 Victoria    
Espitia, Felipa R. De Rejected Victoria Espitia, Fernandes 43197
Fields, Ella L. 48049 Victoria Fields, Thomas McGilton  
Foster, Irene Carsner 39830 Victoria Foster, Kinard  
Garrett, B. H. (Mrs) 40711 Victoria Garrett, James Byce 13558
Garrett, James Byce 13558 Victoria    
Gervais, Susie 50152 Victoria Gervais, Herman  
Gillean, William Elliott 25105 Victoria    
Goehring, Louis 32334 Victoria    
Gonzales, Antonio 7545 Victoria    
Halfin, Haidee Nancy 36795 Victoria Halfin, Soloman Bowman  
Hamilton, A. F. 49210 Victoria    
Hill, John H. 9119 Victoria    
Jaschke, Ernestine 43440 Victoria Jaschke, Joseph 30299
Jaschke, James 30299 Victoria    
Jennings, R. A. (Mrs) 5917 Victoria Jennings, Samuel G.  
Johnston, Ella Cornelia 45078 Victoria Johnston, James Clayton 41813
Johnston, James Clayton 41813 Victoria    
Kern, George Allen 20077 Victoria    
Kern, Mary Eva 20940 Victoria Kern, George Allen 20077
King, Elizabeth Ann 28679 Victoria King, Edward Armstrong  
Kowald, Andrew 10776 Victoria    
Lambertson, Julius Cicero 18505 Victoria    
Lambertson, Lou Ella 34369 Victoria Lambertson, Julius Cicero 18505
Littleton, Annie S. 25076 Victoria Littleton, James Alexander 13084
Lomax, Josephine 26382 Victoria Lomax, Charles Hannibal  
Mahon, Cora 50078 Victoria Mahon, Peter Francis  
Manning, Marietta 18029 Victoria Manning, Adoniram Judson  
Martin, George S. 26063 Victoria    
Martin, George S. (Mrs) 37589 Victoria Martin, George S. 26063
Maurer, Bertha 50029 Victoria Maurer, John Jost  
McBride, Ann 38551 Victoria McBride, Wright 28303
McBride, Wright 28303 Victoria    
Meyer, Jacob 10501 Victoria    
Meyer, Rosa Fimbel 20644 Victoria Meyer, Sebastian 16895
Meyer, Sebastian 18506 Victoria    
Meyer, Sebastian 16895 Victoria    
Mullins, Nannie 5916 Victoria Mullins, J. H.  
Musselman, Abraham 8202 Victoria    
Noble, Mary Coffey Rejected Victoria Noble, Albert Edwards  
O'Riley, H. L. (Mrs) 5811 Victoria O'Riley, Ed. B.  
Owens, Ben 12191 Victoria    
Pela, Victor Rejected Victoria    
Polka, Frank 30300 Victoria    
Priesemuth, Fritz 12190 Victoria    
Priesmuth, Caroline 13557 Victoria Priesmuth, Fritz  
Randolph, Maria L. 51619 Victoria Randolph, William Duval  
Rawley, Sarah Elizabeth 34888 Victoria Rawley, Robert Pinkey  
Reeves, Leaona Willemin 51743 Victoria Reeves, Zacharia Taylor  
Ruebush, Abraham Christ 19318 Victoria    
Sample, Gussie J. 47966 Victoria Sample, Wellington  
Schuchert, Ludwig 4261 Victoria    
Sigmund, Martin 4262 Victoria    
Sitterle, Blaise Rejected Victoria    
Skidmore, Calvin A. 23787 Victoria    
Sloan, Isabell 47562 Victoria Sloan, Robert Benjamin  
Smith, J. D. R. 8006 Victoria    
Smith, Laura E. 46008 Victoria Smith, Sterling Stevens  
Stafford, Sarah Ann 51015 Victoria Stafford, John Thomas  
Sullivan, Mary Frances 41838 Victoria Sullivan, Henry Dewitt  
Sutton, Laura E. 16896 Victoria Sutton, William  
Swartz, Charles A. Rejected Victoria    
Taylor, Medora C. 24443 Victoria Taylor, Thomas Lewis  
Underwood, Callie Rejected Victoria Underwood, Andrew  
Underwood, Elijah M. 19527 Victoria    
Walker, Medora Guilminot 49299 Victoria Guilminot, August  
Weaver, Alexander A. Rejected Victoria    
White, Albert Allberte 14469 Victoria    
White, Elizabeth Jeanette 27697 Victoria White, Albert Alberson (allberte) 14469
White, J. D. Rejected Victoria    
Williams, William Wesley 23671 Victoria    
Wright, George Frederick 16892 Victoria    
Wright, Joseph 19745 Victoria    
Wright, Mary L. 22455 Victoria Wright, George Frederick 16892

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