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Wharton County, Texas
Index of Confederate Pension Applicants

The Index to Confederate Pension Applications provides the names,
counties of residence, and pension numbers of 54,634 approved,
rejected, and home pensions issued by the Texas government between
1899 and 1975.

Source: Texas State Library and Archive Commission

{Submitted by Veneta McKinney}
Applicant Name App # County Husband Husband's App #
Anderson, B. F. 18523 Wharton    
Badgett, R. S. Rejected Wharton    
Barnard, I. Nace 23241 Wharton    
Barnes, Kathrine Rejected Wharton Barnes, Fredrick C.  
Barnett, A. E. (Mrs) Rejected Wharton Barnett, Wood Fork  
Barnett, James Alfred (Mrs) 47280 Wharton Barnett, James Alfred 31917
Benner, George Rejected Wharton    
Bodenhamer, Christian Shiares 10234 Wharton    
Bonds, A. B. 4371 Wharton    
Boone, B. H. 4370 Wharton    
Border, Sid 4369 Wharton    
Bowen, Elizabeth Rebecca 39142 Wharton Bowen, John Rankin 34178
Bowen, John Rankin 34178 Wharton    
Bowen, S. A. (Mrs) 19328 Wharton Bowen, William Roe  
Branum, Sarah F. 32994 Wharton Branum, James M. 186
Brazzil, William Nicholas 43714 Wharton    
Brewton, Samuel 4368 Wharton    
Britton, Carrie 29851 Wharton Britton, James Alfred  
Brown, Robert M. 22600 Wharton    
Carroll, C. G. 35760 Wharton    
Chandler, Sallie 29067 Wharton Chandler, William A. J.  
Choate, Zelda 14474 Wharton Choate, J. M.  
Clampitt, George Washington (Mrs) 41577 Wharton Clampitt, George Washington  
Clapp, Carrie V. 16958 Wharton Clapp, Alfred Henderson  
Clapp, Suffield 4372 Wharton    
Clapp, Suffield (Mrs) 42321 Wharton Clapp, Suffield 4372
Cobb, William Benjamin 4382 Wharton    
Colburn, A. H. 4373 Wharton    
Compton, Henry Thomas 30908 Wharton    
Corder, S. M. P. 13575 Wharton    
Corder, Susan V. 18525 Wharton Corder, S. M. P. 13575
Damon, Jane 4374 Wharton Damon, Warren  
Daniels, John W. 9770 Wharton    
Delano, Mary Hellon 16957 Wharton Delano, Oliver  
Delno, M. H. (Mrs) Rejected Wharton Delno, O. H.  
Denton, Benjamin Franklin 18524 Wharton    
Denton, Benjamin Franklin (Mrs) 35543 Wharton Denton, Benjamin Franklin 18524
Dunlap, M. G. 16959 Wharton    
Engbrock, William 29948 Wharton    
Ferril, Charles Henry 28218 Wharton    
Ferril, S. C. (Mrs) 51639 Wharton Ferril, Charles Henry 28218
Ford, William Harrison 37704 Wharton    
Foster, Katie 32483 Wharton Foster, Andrew Jackson  
Glaze, N. D. 22197 Wharton    
Glazner, John M. 36882 Wharton    
Henderson, Daniel 20699 Wharton    
Henderson, Sophronia F. 33106 Wharton Henderson, Daniel 20699
Hensley, S. T. (Mrs) 21570 Wharton Hensley, J. W. 7188
Holcomb, Joel 5145 Wharton    
Huston, Emma Carlock 30587 Wharton Huston, Peacher Gratton  
Ireson, Maggie E. Rejected Wharton Ireson, Lansford Orville  
Jackson, John Henry 46634 Wharton    
Jackson, Sarah Elizabeth 51747 Wharton Jackson, John Henry 46634
Jenkins, J. C. 7677 Wharton    
Johnston, E. J. (Mrs) 4375 Wharton Johnston, T. J.  
Kelley, E. H. 9769 Wharton    
Koening, August Rejected Wharton    
Kreigel, Charles 29783 Wharton    
Lackey, John Rejected Wharton    
Lannheiser, Alexander 08516 Missing Wharton    
Laurence, Belle 37104 Wharton Laurence, James 19794
Laurence, James 19794 Wharton    
Lee, Emma L. Shelman 23856 Wharton Lee, Baldwin Pearce  
Lewis, Hettie M. 26136 Wharton Lewis, James Madison  
Mauldin, Carrie 19329 Wharton Mauldin, William Hayden  
McCauley, Robert Henry 9367 Wharton    
McClain, J. H. Rejected Wharton    
McIver, James Evander 13576 Wharton    
McLain, J. H. 22831 Wharton    
McMahon, M. W. (Mrs) 27750 Wharton McMahon, George White  
McMaster, Carrie 16960 Wharton McMaster, John 8013
McMaster, John 8013 Wharton    
Mehrens, Herman 5139 Wharton    
Meneley, Virginia 4376 Wharton Meneley, W. M.  
Moore, A. G. 12196 Wharton    
Newsom, Fannie McCamely Gordon 39937 Wharton Newsom, James G.  
Peter, Karl A. 5146 Wharton    
Phillips, Maggie L. 26682 Wharton Phillips, Jack  
Prosser, Reuben A. 31775 Wharton    
Pugh, Mattie A. 38848 Wharton Pugh, Reason  
Raley, C. M. 4377 Wharton    
Roberts, Mary Jane 50134 Wharton Roberts, Anon  
Roberts, Mary R. Rejected Wharton Roberts, Thomas Jefferson  
Rogers, John Daniel 32426 Wharton    
Rogers, Mary Jane 39626 Wharton Rogers, John Daniel 32426
Rowe, J. E. 22048 Wharton    
Rugeley, Mary E. 6592 Wharton E. S., Sr.  
Sanders, John D. 24604 Wharton    
Sheffield, Sarah Jane 6225 Wharton Sheffield, Peter M.  
Smith, Henry Parsons (Mrs) 39042 Wharton Smith, Henry Parsons 13346
Smith, J. S. 6226 Wharton    
Smothers, C. C. 4378 Wharton    
Stinnett, James 4379 Wharton    
Teague, John W. 24296 Wharton    
Tennil, J. T. 23894 Wharton    
Thompson, Cassie B. 45484 Wharton Thompson, William Lafayette  
Thornton, Addison 38294 Wharton    
Tucker, A. P. 4380 Wharton    
Turner, Mary Jane 36623 Wharton Turner, William Dunlap 29004
Upchurch, Mary E. 37304 Wharton Upchurch, Oliver H. P.  
Vantreese, Benjamin Franklin 5147 Wharton    
Watts, Amanda M. 37368 Wharton Watts, Octavius  
Whitten, William S. 26633 Wharton    
Wilson, H. C. 19327 Wharton    
Wilson, Henry Pendleton Taylor 08515 Missing Wharton    
Wilson, Mary Ann R. 18526 Wharton Wilson, Henry Pendleton Taylor 08515 Missing
Wright, C. L. Rejected Wharton    
Wygal, James S. 28336 Wharton    



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