Gillespie County, Texas


"H" Death News and Obituaries


Galveston Dispatch says:
The finding of the dead body of a baby in a bale of cotton at Manchester (England) Mills is believed to be the solution of the disappearance of a 2-year old son of George P. Hartmann in Gillespie county, Texas last December.  The boy had accompanied his father to a gin where the father had several bales of cotton pressed.  The child was lost and never found and the father spent all he had searching for tidings of his child, without result.
 It is now surmised that in some way the child got into the cotton press and was crushed to death in a bale of cotton. The Hartman's moved from Texas to Louisiana a few months ago.  The description of the body and clothes answered to that of the Harman child. The English cotton mills traced the bale to a broker in Texas, who in turn traced it back to the gin and to the fact that it was the product of Gillespie county. (Daily Bulletin, Brownwood, Tex., May 24, 1909 - Transcribed by Veneta McKinney)

Mrs. Joseph Heep, nee Helene Enderlin, died at her home near Luckenbach on Thursday of this week after a short illness caused by pneumonia.  The deceased lady was 41 years, 11 months and 3 days old at the time of her death.  She is survived by her husband and several children, and other relatives who reside in this county.  The funeral was held on Friday and burial made in the Catholic cemetery near Luckenbach.  The bereaved family have the sympathy of a large number of friends.  [Fredericksburg Standard; Saturday, 2 Feb 1918; died 31 Jan 1918; transcribed by Jimmy Davis]

Mr. Paul Heep son of Mr. and Mrs. John Heep of Stonewall, died at the family home on Monday might of this week after a short illness produced by Spanish influenza.  The young man was 21 years, 6 months and 3 days old at the time of his death.  The funeral took place from the residence of Mr. Theo. Heep in Fredericksburg, Thursday morning, and burial was made in the Catholic cemetery.  Rev. Father Gerlach conducting the funeral service.  The parents and family have the sympathy of a large circle of friends in their sad bereavement.  [Fredericksburg Standard; Saturday 19 Oct 1918; died 14 Oct 1918; transcribed by Jimmy Davis]

Mr. Wilhelm Herbort, a prominent stockman and farmer of Gillespie County, died at the home of his daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Klett, in Fredericksburg on Thursday morning of this week at the age of 62 years, 6 months and 4 days.  Mr. Herbort had been ill for about a year and a half, and came to the city for medical attention.  Prior to his illness he was a prominent stockman and farmer of the Gold community in this county and was regarded as one of our most highly respected and substantial citizens.  He is survived by several children, namely Mesdames Frank Knaapp, Albert Klett, Alfred Gold, Ad. Stahl, Alvin Stahl. The funeral was held at the Cave Creek cemetery on Friday, Rev. Hannemann conducting the funeral service.  [Fredericksburg Standard; Saturday, 9 June 1917; died 7 June 1917; transcribed by Jimmy Davis]

Mr. Theodore Hohenberger a prominent citizen of Gillespie County, died at his home near Grapetown on Monday evening of this week after a short illness at the age of 63 years, 1 month and 12 days.  He is survived by his wife and eight children, namely, Karl, Edwin, Helmuth and Benno Hohenberger, and Mrs. Hy. Kirchhoff, Mrs. Otto Tatsch, Mrs. Walter Kott and Mrs. Robt. Johnson.  Surviving are also two brothers, Messrs. Robt. and Wm. Hohenberger both of this county.  The funeral was held at the Grapetown cemetery Wednesday afternoon and was conducted by the Sons of Hermann Lodge of Fredericksburg, Editor Robt. Penniger reading the impressive funeral service of the order.  Several other members and friends of the family went down to attend the funeral.  The banners of two shooting clubs were also carried by members from each club and Mr. Schnelle's mixed choir sang two beautiful songs during the funeral service.  The bereaved family have the sympathy of a large circle of friends.  [Fredericksburg Standard; Saturday, 22 Dec 1917; died 17 Dec 1917; transcribed by Jimmy Davis]

Not quite one score of years old beautiful Miss Minna Emma Helene Hopf, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Hopf on Wednesday, June 28, at noon succumbed to the ravages of that merciless destroyer of human life, tubercular consumption. She contracted the disease about eighteen months ago, and despite all careful nursing and scientific help her primeval flowering womanhood faded until the reaper death stepped in as a rescuer from great suffering.  Miss Minna was born near Luckenbach, Gillespie County, on September 26, 1896.  She grew up to be a beautiful beam of sunlight in the home; her musical talent being a source of enjoyment for her parents, her relatives and friends.  Several years ago she with her parents moved into town where they had a lovely cottage built on the elevation of ground, south of the depot overlooking the town.  Minna leaves her father and mother, an only sister Adele, her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Enderlin, and many other kinfolks in great bereavement.  The sympathy of the whole population is extended to them in their great loss.  The funeral was held Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock, and was conducted by Rev. Konzack, interment being made at the Union Cemetery.  The assemblage of mourners was very large; sympathizing friends having come from all parts of the county, and beautiful and many were the floral offerings.  The "Arion" of which Mr. Ad. Hopf is the musical conductor, sang two beautiful selections at the grave Mr. E. H. Riley leading.  The STANDARD joins the many friends of the family in the expression of sympathy and condolences.  [Fredericksburg Standard; Saturday, 19 Oct 1918; transcribed by Jimmy Davis]



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