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Kimble County Texas

 Kimble County is situated in Southwest Texas, 100 miles west of Austin. It was created out of a portion of Bexar County in 1858 and organized in 1876. Generally speaking, the surface is mountainous, but with broad and beautiful valleys lying along the water courses, covered with a luxuriant growth of mesquite grass, which affords pasturage the year around. The chief kinds of timber are pecan, white oak, walnut and elm. near the water courses, and live oak, cedar and shin oak on the uplands. Kimble is one of the best watered counties in the State. The North Llano comes in from the northwest, the South Llano from the southwest and unite just below Junction City, to form the main Llano, which courses its way in an eastward, direction through the central portion of the county. The tributaries of the South Llano, above Junction City, are Cedar Creek, Bailey, Chalk, Kyak and Big and Little Paint: of the North Llano, above town, Bear Creek, Copperas, Mavnard and Bois d'Arc. East of town are Johnston Fork, Gentry, Red Creek, James and Devil Rivers. The facilities for irrigation are unlimited. There are five steam pumping farm irrigating plants and one other small plant, watering in all about 2,000 acres of cultivated land. All water is supplied from streams. Raw lands are selling for $5 an acre, cultivated lands from $10 to $50 an acre. The principal farm crops with their average yields per acre are as follows: Corn, 25 bushels; alfalfa, one ton per cutting, five cuttings each year; wheat, 20 bushels: oats, 50 bushels; rye, 20 bushels; milo maize, Kaffir corn and sorghum, one to three tons each. Cotton ordinarily produces one-half bale per acre, but the boll weevil has discouraged the general planting of this staple. Peaches, plums, grapes and apricots are successfully grown for home use. Pecan nuts are gathered in immense quantities. Truck farming is successful, all kinds of vegetables growing in profusion, but with no local railroad facilities, little or none are grown commercially. Until a few years ago cattle raising was the chief industry; this has gradually given way to the raising of sheep and goats and to agriculture.  [Source: "Texas Almanac and State Industrial Guide for 1910"; pub. by the Galveston-Dallas News; 1910]

The county seat is Junction.
The county is named for George C. Kimble, who died at the Battle of the Alamo.

Photo by Billy Hathorn via CC BY_SA 3.0


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[source: wikipedia.org]

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