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Lampasas County, Texas

Confederate Pension Applicants


The Index to Confederate Pension Applications provides the names,
counties of residence, and pension numbers of 54,634 approved,
rejected, and home pensions issued by the Texas government between
1899 and 1975.

Source: Texas State Library and Archive Commission
Contributed by Veneta McKinney

Absher, John 2489 Lampasas    
Alexander, C. P. (Mrs) 36792 Lampasas Alexander, William Riley  
Allen, J. E. (Mrs) 15867 Lampasas Allen, Hiram 8058
Allen, John R. Rejected Lampasas    
Altman, Eliza 49117 Lampasas Altman, John Israel  
Altman, W. A. (Mrs) 32359 Lampasas Altman, Josiah  
Anderson, W. Carroll 23517 Lampasas    
Applewhite, James Bloodworth 18001 Lampasas    
Archey, D. T. 17999 Lampasas    
Armstrong, V. M. 26694 Lampasas    
Arnold, William H. 8749 Lampasas    
Axley, Elizabeth 23511 Lampasas Axley, John  
Babcock, James E. 47916 Lampasas    
Baird, Mary D. 39127 Lampasas Baird, William Cleveland 27749
Baker, Eliza 10131 Lampasas Baker, C. G.  
Bean, Julia 50465 Lampasas Bean, William D.  
Bear, Elizabeth 26625 Lampasas Bear, William 17998
Bear, William 17998 Lampasas    
Benson, George J. 31400 Lampasas    
Benson, John W. 2490 Lampasas    
Benson, Sallie R. 34196 Lampasas Benson, George J. 31400
Berry, William Wesley 15868 Lampasas    
Bivins, E. C. (Mrs) 36236 Lampasas Bivins, Thomas C. 6760
Bivins, Ruth 33748 Lampasas Bivins, Elias  
Bivins, Thomas C. 6760 Lampasas    
Black, Agnes Adeline 41171 Lampasas Black, William  
Blackwell, Synthia Caroline 50159 Lampasas Blackwell, John Milton  
Bridgers, Maggie 35680 Lampasas Bridgers, Leonodas Moon  
Brown, Sophrona 24998 Lampasas Brown, Robert Henry  
Browning, Woodson Heard 47157 Lampasas    
Buchanan, R. W. 8748 Lampasas    
Burrow, B. C. Rejected Lampasas    
Bynum, M. B. Rejected Lampasas    
Cameron, Bettie 19441 Lampasas Cameron, William Jasper  
Campbell, Tennie B. 25616 Lampasas Campbell, William Lewis  
Casbeer, Joseph Lamar 2491 Lampasas    
Clark, J. H. 36150 Lampasas    
Colley, John Turner 15866 Lampasas    
Colley, Mattie A. 18004 Lampasas Colley, John Turner 15866
Cook, George A. (Mrs) 32343 Lampasas Cook, George A. 17822
Cosper, Columbus H. 9930 Lampasas    
Cosper, Proccer Charles Clements 11020 Lampasas    
Cosper, Rebecca A. 13128 Lampasas Cosper, Columbus H. 9930
Cowan, John Abraham 25593 Lampasas    
Cowan, Susan E. 39150 Lampasas Cowan, John Abraham 25593
Cox, J. T. 27207 Lampasas    
Cox, John Wesley Rejected Lampasas    
Craft, J. S. 19083 Lampasas    
Crass, Mark L. 20782 Lampasas    
Crumley, L. T. (Mrs) 30846 Lampasas Crumley, Benjamin T.  
Davis, J. W. 27195 Lampasas    
Davis, Philip Martin 47579 Lampasas    
Davis, Philip Martin (Mrs) 51800 Lampasas Davis, Philip Martin 47579
Denson, R. K. 9268 Lampasas    
Dick, G. A. (Mrs) 23402 Lampasas Dick, Charles Madison  
Dickerson, Nehemiah G. 12016 Lampasas    
Diesing, William Rejected Lampasas    
Dixon, Elender C. 33365 Lampasas Dixon, William Henry  
Dooley, John Bell 2492 Lampasas    
Dooley, Mary B. 30499 Lampasas Dooley, John Bell 2492
Doyle, M. C. (Mrs) 46267 Lampasas Doyle, John  
Dunn, Leah A. Rejected Lampasas Dunn, Joseph T.  
Dupree, S. L. 15865 Lampasas    
Durham, John 2493 Lampasas    
Earnest, H. J. (Mrs) 36047 Lampasas Earnest, John Wesley  
Eaton, Isaac 22568 Lampasas    
Eaton, Nancy T. 34860 Lampasas Eaton, Isaac 22568
Edmondson, Johnathan 2494 Lampasas    
Edwards, Joel Vinson 13923 Lampasas    
Edwards, Victoria I. 36549 Lampasas Edwards, Joel Vinson 13923
Elder, Elizabeth 18005 Lampasas Elder, William Joseph 4559
Escobado, Justo 7279 Lampasas    
Farris, Rebecca Jane 25579 Lampasas Farris, Andy  
Faught, Jesse H. 2495 Lampasas    
Fischer, Etta 40509 Lampasas Fischer, William F. (fisher) 7887
Fisher, William F. (Fischer) 7887 Lampasas    
Flanagan, John Daniel 2496 Lampasas    
Fowler, Ellen 25106 Lampasas Fowler, Samuel McDade  
Fulton, Mary Lee 47708 Lampasas Fulton, Charles Edwin  
Futrell, Amanda 14080 Lampasas Futrell, John  
Gaddy, Mary Ann 31796 Lampasas Gaddy, David Gordon  
Gholson, Benjamin F. 29133 Lampasas    
Gholson, Jane A. 50702 Lampasas Gholson, Benjamin F. 29133
Gibson, Mary Clementine 45851 Lampasas Gibson, Joshua Robert  
Gilmer, Pamelia Wyatt 25911 Lampasas Gilmer, William Elijah 21158
Gilmer, William Elijah 21158 Lampasas    
Goff, Marshell C. 8602 Lampasas    
Goins, Adeline 19377 Lampasas Goins, James C. 9188
Gracy, William Jasper Newton 28857 Lampasas    
Greenwood, Edwin W. Rejected Lampasas    
Greenwood, Georgina 28778 Lampasas Greenwood, Joseph Jordan  
Greenwood, Mary F. 10130 Lampasas Greenwood, Edwin W.  
Grimes, William P. 13409 Lampasas    
Grimlan, Annie 37150 Lampasas Grimlan, Ole (grimland) 28492
Grimland, Ole (Grimlan) 28492 Lampasas    
Gwin, Nancy E. 2497 Lampasas Gwin, Jesse J.  
Hale, Minerva J. Rejected Lampasas Hale, Jonathan  
Hambrick, Thomas J. 08384 Missing Lampasas    
Hammer, Mary A. 2499 Lampasas Hammer, William L.  
Harris, Joseph Henry Rejected Lampasas    
Harrison, Emma Rejected Lampasas Harrison, James H.  
Harrison, Emma 50494 Lampasas Harrison, William Henry  
Harrison, James H. 17118 Lampasas    
Harrison, W. H. 21795 Lampasas    
Hawthorn, Joseph F. 2498 Lampasas    
Haynie, Thomas Hoxey 23355 Lampasas    
Hereford, Sarah Annminerva 51540 Lampasas Hereford, Harden Staples 40220
Heslep, W. I. 15864 Lampasas    
Hewett, Jesse Warren 12960 Lampasas    
Hibdon, Annie 40104 Lampasas Hibdon, Thomas  
Hicks, Sarah M. 36311 Lampasas Hicks, J. H. 18857
Higdon, Martha R. 19402 Lampasas Higdon, John B.  
Hill, Nannie A. 31012 Lampasas Hill, Thomas C.  
Hollingshead, Florence D. 43371 Lampasas Hollingshead, W. A. 32886
Hollingshead, W. A. 32886 Lampasas    
Hooten, M. A. (Mrs) 30574 Lampasas Hooten, James Walker  
Huffaker, J. P. 18736 Lampasas    
Hughes, Lizzie P. 47559 Lampasas Hughes, William Robert  
Hurley, Frank V. 27368 Lampasas    
Ivey, Alexander Capers 17119 Lampasas    
Ivey, Alexander Capers (Mrs) 33286 Lampasas Ivey, Alexander Capers 17119
Jackson, E. E. (Mrs) 47607 Lampasas Jackson, Benjamin Franklin  
Jackson, Florence E. 46365 Lampasas Jackson, Peter Crawford 38191
Jackson, Peter Crawford 38191 Lampasas    
Johnson, Lucy Ann 29192 Lampasas Johnson, George Washington  
Jones, H. E. (Mrs) 24081 Lampasas Jones, Orrin Newton  
Keathley, John S. 27962 Lampasas    
Kerley, John J. 9931 Lampasas    
Ketchum, S. C. (Mrs) 10680 Lampasas Ketchum, Zenus W. 4734
Ketchum, Zenus W. 4734 Lampasas    
Kirby, Elizabeth 49336 Lampasas Kirby, Andrew Jackson  
Knight, F. M. 45922 Lampasas    
Knight, F. M. (Mrs) 46716 Lampasas Knight, F. M. 45922
Lansford, Wyatt Rejected Missing Lampasas    
Larue, Annie 47409 Lampasas Larue, Thomas Davis  
Latimer, Thomas A. 18000 Lampasas    
Lawson, William Lewis 15863 Lampasas    
Lay, T. F. 26758 Lampasas    
Lee, W. H. S. 27988 Lampasas    
Lewis, Henry Green 9267 Lampasas    
Lewis, John F. 11519 Lampasas    
Lewis, Nancy Jane 31126 Lampasas Lewis, Henry Green 9267
Liggett, J. B. 19422 Lampasas    
Lockwood, William M. 2500 Lampasas    
Loveless, I. N. 34575 Lampasas    
Lowe, Jacob 4781 Lampasas    
Lunsford, Sallie 7863 Lampasas    
Lunsford, Wyatt Rejected Lampasas    
Lytton, Martha 35256 Lampasas Lytton, John Thomas 11761
Mace, Emma 34414 Lampasas Mace, John C.  
Mace, S. V. 30344 Lampasas    
Maners, Caroline T. 4732 Lampasas Maners, John A.  
Mankin, Emma Rejected Lampasas Mankin, William J.  
Maxwell, R. J. (Mrs) 27754 Lampasas Maxwell, Harvey Lewis  
McCurdy, William D. 13926 Lampasas    
McDowell, James Polk 23441 Lampasas    
McDowell, S. S. 33540 Lampasas    
McGee, W. H. 49791 Lampasas    
McGonagill, Mary 32311 Lampasas McGonagill, William Darrill 27054
McGonagill, William Darrill 27054 Lampasas    
McGuyer, A. J. 24644 Lampasas    
McLeon, John 24403 Lampasas    
McMorris, G. W. 34700 Lampasas    
Meeks, William J. 2501 Lampasas    
Miller, John F. P. (Mrs) 35026 Lampasas Miller, John F. P. 18037
Milton, Benjamin Franklin 11302 Lampasas    
Milton, Kate P. 25040 Lampasas Milton, Benjamin Franklin 11302
Moore, Sallie F. Rejected Lampasas Moore, John William  
Morgan, J. E. 41896 Lampasas    
Morris, Emma Francis 15862 Lampasas Morris, William  
Morris, Mary E. 19705 Lampasas Morris, David J.  
Murphy, W. H. 31131 Lampasas    
Murray, M. C. (Mrs) 38805 Lampasas Murray, Luther W. 24839
Nichols, John 12524 Lampasas    
Nichols, O. B. 24243 Lampasas    
Norris, Barbara E. 12959 Lampasas Norris, John B.  
Parker, R. B. 40450 Lampasas    
Patterson, L. L. (Mrs) 50350 Lampasas Patterson, Johnathan Marion  
Payn, Elizabeth 46269 Lampasas Payn, Larkin W. 31351
Payn, Larkin W. 31351 Lampasas    
Peacock, James M. 32409 Lampasas    
Pearson, L. J. (Mrs) Rejected Lampasas Pearson, Richard Marion  
Peeler, Abner 50640 Lampasas    
Peeler, M. Frances 51622 Lampasas Peeler, Abner 50640
Phelan, Ezra 37712 Lampasas    
Phelan, Jesse 26972 Lampasas    
Phelan, Jesse (Mrs) 33497 Lampasas Phelan, Jesse 26972
Phelps, James Nelson 27013 Lampasas    
Phelps, M. M. (Mrs) 35136 Lampasas Phelps, James Nelson 27013
Pierce, S. A. (Mrs) 22507 Lampasas Pierce, John Harvey 315
Pitt, Martha Elizabeth 25582 Lampasas Pitt, Thomas Jefferson  
Poole, G. W. 35916 Lampasas    
Pouncey, George W. 2502 Lampasas    
Preston, Mary Ann 9266 Lampasas Preston, Bennett Bull  
Prickett, Thomas Paine 12525 Lampasas    
Rainwater, Jeanette 49273 Lampasas Rainwater, W. A. 47023
Rainwater, W. A. 47023 Lampasas    
Read, Kate A. 27014 Lampasas Read, William Francis  
Reed, James Edward 49673 Lampasas    
Reed, Jerry M. 29232 Lampasas    
Riffe, Parmelia Rejected Lampasas Riffe, John  
Robbins, George L. 7864 Lampasas    
Robertson, Henry 2503 Lampasas    
Rogers, Early Crawford 34005 Lampasas    
Rogers, Ellen 28537 Lampasas Rogers, James Burleson 9269
Rogers, James Burleson 9269 Lampasas    
Rogers, Sallie P. 34719 Lampasas Rogers, Early Crawford 34005
Rossen, Elizabeth S. 13925 Lampasas Rossen, W. M.  
Royal, George H. Rejected Lampasas    
Rumbo, T. J. 11520 Lampasas    
Russ, James W. 2504 Lampasas    
Sadler, Victoria C. 31994 Lampasas Sadler, Thomas Rowland  
Sale, Annie 28555 Lampasas Sale, Lucius Woodford  
Sanders, Mark B. 4733 Lampasas    
Schrimpsher, Nancy 23914 Lampasas Schrimpsher, Joshua Wiley  
Scott, William W. 12017 Lampasas    
Seale, Cazewell H. 6489 Lampasas    
Serratt, I. E. (Mrs) 38616 Lampasas Serratt, Samuel Rankin 29119
Serratt, Samuel Rankin 29119 Lampasas    
Sharp, Mary K. 31287 Lampasas Sharp, Anthony Franklin  
Sims, Jennie 18006 Lampasas Sims, John Thomas  
Singletary, May 49062 Lampasas Singletary, Snowden Thomas  
Sisson, Charles T. 2505 Lampasas    
Skaggs, Cordelia 29216 Lampasas Skaggs, William Augustus  
Skinner, J. F. Rejected Lampasas    
Smith, Mary C. 28132 Lampasas Smith, Henry Claiborne  
Smith, Mary J. Rejected Lampasas Smith, Phillip  
Smith, Mollie 34351 Lampasas Smith, Phillip  
Smith, Preston Newton 15861 Lampasas    
Smith, Sallie J. 4731 Lampasas Smith, James E.  
Smith, W. L. Rejected Lampasas    
Smithwick, Laura 36599 Lampasas Smithwick, Thomas A. J. 2506
Smithwick, Thomas A. J. 2506 Lampasas    
Snell, Velvy Ann 2507 Lampasas Snell, George W.  
Sparks, Martin Van Buren 22872 Lampasas    
Sparks, Martin Van Buren (Mrs) 30057 Lampasas Sparks, Martin Van Buren 22872
Spruill, G. J. 22093 Lampasas    
Stanley, J. T. 27199 Lampasas    
Stephenson, E. A. (Mrs) 19413 Lampasas Stephenson, Joseph W.  
Stockston, Laura V. 31355 Lampasas Stockston, Robert Blakey  
Stockton, Lucy Emiline 42356 Lampasas Stockton, Porter  
Stokes, R. S. Fulton (Mrs) 47821 Lampasas Fulton, James Samuel  
Stone, Adam W. 8925 Lampasas    
Stone, Sarah E. 9722 Lampasas Stone, Adam W.  
Sublett, J. B. 28530 Lampasas    
Sumrall, Levi 43273 Lampasas    
Supple, Mary F. 34420 Lampasas Supple, John Benjamin Brooker  
Swinney, Sarah A. Rejected Lampasas Swinney, Wilson Ransom  
Taylor, James 18003 Lampasas    
Taylor, Jane 29230 Lampasas Taylor, Paschal Harrison  
Taylor, John J. 47161 Lampasas    
Taylor, P. H. Rejected Lampasas    
Thomas, Jennie L. 34218 Lampasas Thomas, Dewitt Clinton  
Tillman, Nancy E. Rejected Lampasas Tillman, George Luther  
Toland, N. S. (Mrs) 10127 Lampasas Toland, J. F.  
Tubb, Sarah Frances 45532 Lampasas Tubb, John M. 5897
Turner, C. C. 47181 Lampasas    
Walden, D. W. 10128 Lampasas    
Walker, Paralee 39737 Lampasas Walker, John Grimes  
Walker, Sue 50467 Lampasas Walker, Newton  
Ward, Evie 28656 Lampasas Ward, Martin Van Buren  
Whigham, Annie J. 49151 Lampasas Whigham, Thomas Galloway  
Whitaker, America Rejected Lampasas Whitaker, O.  
Wilkes, Ann E. 2509 Lampasas Wilkes, Franklin C.  
Williams, M. A. Martin (Mrs) Rejected Lampasas Martin, John  
Williams, Martha Elizabeth 47584 Lampasas Williams, John Barnet  
Williams, William A. J. 2508 Lampasas    
Williamson, Mary E. 48052 Lampasas Williamson, William Riley  
Wilson, O. F. 36389 Lampasas    
Wimberly, Orlena P. 13924 Lampasas Wimberly, A. W. 13048
Witcher, Julia 47410 Lampasas Witcher, Charles N.  
Womack, David G. 15869 Lampasas    
Wooten, Amos J. 18002 Lampasas    
Wyatt, C. D. Rejected Lampasas    



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