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Real County, Texas

Confederate Pension Application Index


The Index to Confederate Pension Applications provides the names,
counties of residence, and pension numbers of 54,634 approved,
rejected, and home pensions issued by the Texas government between
1899 and 1975.
Source: Texas State Library and Archive Commission

Transcribed by Veneta McKinney

Applicant Name

App #



Husband's App #

Bell, Elijah 28286 Real    
Boone, C. N. 42662 Real    
Bort, John W. 40256 Real    
Brice, Bettie 34971 Real Brice, John Nuton (newton) 11339
Buchanan, Frances 42282 Real Buchanan, William Andrews 37735
Buchanan, William Andrews 37735 Real    
Bullard, Mary Ann Rejected Real Bullard, Christopher Columbus  
Bunton, Thomas H. 32601 Real    
Freeman, Ida P. 38952 Real Freeman, Joseph Hays 25614
Freeman, Joseph Hays 25614 Real    
Godbold, M. E. (Mrs) 39218 Real Godbold, Thomas Jefferson 35521
Godbold, Thomas Jefferson 35521 Real    
Horton, James Graham (Mrs) Rejected Real Horton, James Graham  
Hutcherson, William David 32864 Real    
Hutcherson, William David (Mrs) 34133 Real Hutcherson, William David 32864
Lea, Mary A. Rejected Real Lea, Edward Payon  
McFadden, L. D. (Mrs) 30644 Real McFadden, Nathan Asnett  
Orrell, Bettie Rejected Real Orrell, R. P.  
Petty, Gabriel Ray 50442 Real    
Ray, Malinda E. 50435 Real Ray, William Riley  
Riddle, Jack 32005 Real    
Roberts, Joseph Emery 24546 Real    
Shackelford, E. E. (Mrs) 34518 Real Shackelford, Thomas Benton  
Simmons, Clay (Mrs) 33020 Real Simmons, Clay 27733
Stanford, N. A. (Mrs) Rejected Real Stanford, C. C.  
Stillwell, Charles Henry (Mrs) 46142 Real Stillwell, Charles Henry 11894
Strickland, Ophelia 51186 Real Strickland, George  
Watkins, Martha Ann 42710 Real Watkins, S. W.  
Willingham, R. T. 24353 Real    
Wofford, Malon (Mrs) Rejected Real Wofford, Malon  
York, Thomas Jefferson (Mrs) 40567 Real York, Thomas Jefferson  




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