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Uvalde County, Texas

Confederate Pension Applications Index


The Index to Confederate Pension Applications provides the names,
counties of residence, and pension numbers of 54,634 approved,
rejected, and home pensions issued by the Texas government between
1899 and 1975.

Source: Texas State Library and Archive Commission
Transcribed by Veneta McKinney

Applicant Name

App #



Husband's App #

Arnold, Emily J. 38161 Uvalde Arnold, James Madison 19617
Asher, Nellie 51254 Uvalde Asher, John Henry  
Beaumont, Sarah L. 27286 Uvalde Beaumont, William Henry  
Beeson, John Stuart 16844 Uvalde    
Beeson, S. F. (Mrs) 31042 Uvalde Beeson, John Stuart 16844
Berry, Clara Frances 13563 Uvalde Berry, Walker W.  
Bingham, Lucindy 29378 Uvalde Bingham, Harmon  
Black, Mark Anthony (Mrs) 49435 Uvalde Black, Mark Anthony  
Boales, James A. 6888 Uvalde    
Bowles, William Augustus Rejected Uvalde    
Boyce, Mary A. 49004 Uvalde Boyce, Milton Carroll 25173
Boyce, Milton Carroll 25173 Uvalde    
Breeding, Columbus Patton 45475 Uvalde    
Breeding, Mollie E. 49539 Uvalde Breeding, Columbus Patton 45475
Burkham, Mary A. 31275 Uvalde Burkham, Thomas Jefferson 26370
Burkham, Thomas Jefferson 26370 Uvalde    
Burney, Belinda McNair 46120 Uvalde Burney, Madison Weir  
Burns, G. D. (Mrs) 50366 Uvalde Burns, Henry Luther  
Cavender, Mary Jane 35228 Uvalde Cavender, George Washington 27725
Chaney, M. M. 16843 Uvalde    
Chapman, F. T. Rejected Uvalde    
Chism, Fannie 30448 Uvalde Chism, Daniel Washington  
Cocke, H. D. 4148 Uvalde    
Coleman, Ary A. (Mrs) 26947 Uvalde Coleman, John Enos  
Cornett, M. M. (Mrs) 21381 Uvalde Cornett, William  
Cosper, Lue Braddock 48065 Uvalde Braddock, Joseph D. 10222
Cox, E. T. (Mrs) 25781 Uvalde Cox, William David  
Crane, M. J. (Mrs) 29575 Uvalde Crane, William Ambrose  
Daniel, Mary Ann Rejected Uvalde Daniel, J. W.  
Dehart, James Monroe 23046 Uvalde    
Despain, Laura M. 30166 Uvalde Despain, James Wilson 8382
Dillard, Allan B. Rejected Uvalde    
Dilliard, Allen B. 11676 Uvalde    
Downs, Edwin L. 39640 Uvalde    
Dugat, Joseph A. Rejected Uvalde    
Dunlap, A. W. (Mrs) 10228 Uvalde Dunlap, M. M. 6589
Dunlap, M. M. 6589 Uvalde    
Dye, B. F. 12659 Uvalde    
Ealy, D. M. 31076 Uvalde    
Fenley, Charles D. 35729 Uvalde    
Fenley, J. M. 50503 Uvalde    
Forbes, R. C. Rejected Uvalde    
Friday, W. M. 18493 Uvalde    
Garrett, J. E. 30094 Uvalde    
George, Isabell 50754 Uvalde George, James Redman 32605
George, James Redman 32605 Uvalde    
Gibson, R. P. Rejected Uvalde    
Giesler, George Rejected Uvalde    
Haggerton, Charles 10227 Uvalde    
Hardeman, William Fawcett 25291 Uvalde    
Harper, Eliza Jane 27145 Uvalde Harper, Ulysses  
Hatch, Amma 37649 Uvalde Hatch, Amos Simon 35687
Hatch, Amos Simon 35687 Uvalde    
Herring, Henry T. 37007 Uvalde    
Hill, G. W. 28036 Uvalde    
Hollingsworth, M. M. (Mrs) Rejected Uvalde Hollingsworth, Daniel  
House, Martha Washington 50841 Uvalde House, John Lorenzo  
Hughes, James Gagsby 32179 Uvalde    
Hughes, Sarah Jane 36188 Uvalde Hughes, James Gagsby 32179
Johnson, Samuel 7358 Uvalde    
Johnson, Thomas J. 32769 Uvalde    
Jones, William Monroe 32672 Uvalde    
Keith, Nicholas W. 32896 Uvalde    
Kelley, Elizabeth 27294 Uvalde Kelley, Elijah Leak  
Kelley, Mary 39108 Uvalde Kelley, Joseph Alexander  
Kelso, Alson Algene 12179 Uvalde    
Kelso, Mary C. 35128 Uvalde Kelso, Alson Algene 12179
Kennedy, John H. 28178 Uvalde    
King, Benjamin Franklin 32449 Uvalde    
Kirby, William Rejected Uvalde    
Lankford, Dan J. 13566 Uvalde    
Lewis, William (Mrs) 50093 Uvalde Lewis, William  
Lock, Amanda Melvina 51865 Uvalde Lock, William Pharis 40676
Lock, William Pharis 40676 Uvalde    
Luxton, J. M. 28665 Uvalde    
Lyons, S. J. (Mrs) 12180 Uvalde Lyons, Alfred  
Maberry, Susie D. 46532 Uvalde Maberry, James Monroe  
Marshall, Delitha Rejected Uvalde Marshall, John James  
Mayberry, Susie D. Rejected Uvalde Mayberry, James Monroe  
McClellan, Nellie 35100 Uvalde McClellan, Addison Emmett 32609
McFarland, Mary J. 24054 Uvalde McFarland, John Sample 17694
McGlasson, Henry Clay 31270 Uvalde    
McNair, Charles Taylor 41646 Uvalde    
Meriwether, Lucy 18495 Uvalde Meriwether, William Thomas  
Millikin, William John Fenner 34867 Uvalde    
Mimms, Eliza 19308 Uvalde Mimms, Valentine  
Mitchell, R. M. 43293 Uvalde    
Murrell, Willmuth 50083 Uvalde Murrell, John Montgomery  
Neal, Clara Reno 49076 Uvalde Neal, John Freeman  
Neatherlin, P. M. Rejected Uvalde    
Perkins, Susan Ann 36339 Uvalde Perkins, William Washington  
Pingenot, Minnie 50210 Uvalde Pingenot, C.  
Poor, Addie Elizabeth 50094 Uvalde Poor, David Morrill  
Raney, E. B. (Mrs) 11309 Uvalde Raney, I. C.  
Rawlinson, W. L. 18494 Uvalde    
Reagor, John F. 24533 Uvalde    
Red, Marshack Rejected Uvalde    
Reinemer, Ann 51752 Uvalde Reinemer, Philip 41199
Reinemer, Philip 41199 Uvalde    
Reynolds, John 28475 Uvalde    
Roberts, M. A. (Mrs) 37154 Uvalde Roberts, Cornelius Benton 10701
Robertson, Edna Lysanious Rejected Uvalde Robertson, Amos Hezekiah 34736
Robinson, George Washington 24508 Uvalde    
Robinson, George Washington (Mrs) 43375 Uvalde Robinson, George Washington 24508
Robinson, J. F. 26874 Uvalde    
Robinson, James Allen 40020 Uvalde    
Robinson, M. P. (Mrs) 34187 Uvalde Robinson, John Francis  
Robinson, T. C. (Mrs) 43942 Uvalde Robinson, James Allen 40020
Rogers, Mary Ann 40974 Uvalde Rogers, Henry Elliott  
Rogers, William Lafayette 13564 Uvalde    
Routh, Amasira Rejected Uvalde    
Saunders, Jennie 41070 Uvalde Saunders, Harrison Taylor  
Scoggin, Ellen L. 50621 Uvalde Scoggin, John Wesley 50208
Scoggin, John Wesley 50208 Uvalde    
Shane, Sarah Jane 49666 Uvalde Shane, Henry  
Sharples, Roxana Rejected Uvalde Sharples, James Alexander  
Slover, Isaac 5497 Uvalde    
Smith, Sarah A. 6590 Uvalde Smith, George W.  
Storey, J. F. 7675 Uvalde    
Stuckey, Mary 22401 Uvalde Stuckey, Calvin  
Swanson, Sallie E. 50801 Uvalde Swanson, John Addison  
Taylor, C. E. (Mrs) 32522 Uvalde Taylor, Thomas Edward  
Taylor, Hulda 33737 Uvalde Taylor, James E. 26042
Taylor, James E. 26042 Uvalde    
Tiner, John F. 13565 Uvalde    
Titsworth, Tennessee C. 16845 Uvalde Titsworth, Thomas Payton  
Turner, Pascal Randolph 31503 Uvalde    
Vaughan, N. E. (Mrs) 25206 Uvalde Vaughan, James Franklin  
Vinson, Dola Lee 49516 Uvalde Vinson, Henry Benjamin  
Wall, Eunice J. Rejected Uvalde Wall, George Allen 24142
Walling, Vance Rejected Uvalde    
Wallingford, Thomas G. Rejected Uvalde    
Ward, Mary E. 41459 Uvalde Ward, William Carrol  
Ware, J. C. 29518 Uvalde    
Ware, Martha J. 28535 Uvalde Ware, Richard Murphy  
Ware, Mattie Belle 50612 Uvalde Ware, J. C. 29518
Watson, M. (Mrs) 5446 Uvalde Watson, William Carson  
Whaley, Thomas Floyd 34283 Uvalde    



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